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Posted in: Japan overwhelmingly favors CDs to digital music See in context

Oops. I meant "digital downloads" and not "digital music".

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Posted in: Japan overwhelmingly favors CDs to digital music See in context

I do purchase digital music but I usually use the downloads as samplers. If I absolutely love the music I usually will end up purchasing the CD. There is a difference in sound.

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Posted in: Lawmaker bawls at press conference over his use of public funds See in context

I (hee hee hee) can't (ahh ha ha) stop laughing (ohh ha ha). Somebody (uhh ha ha ha) give me (bwah ha ha) a box (gyaa ha ha) of tissues (hya ha ha ha). I can't (ahhhh ha ha) find (ha ha ha) the "x" button. (Ahhhhh ha ha ha ha haaaa.)

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Posted in: China complains to Japan after 2 activists land on disputed island See in context

These two need to be arrested immediately for tresspassing. BTW, how did these guys get by those "1,000" Chinese fishing boats?

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Posted in: Yakuza member arrested for stabbing 8-year-old boy in Tochigi See in context

Maybe he was going after her and he accidentally got the boy? Who knows what happened! I don't think it matters much and I do not think the yaks will go for this. People who molest, rape, or murder children are considered the bottom of the cesspool, even in prisons. This guy will not last long.

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Posted in: Japan finishes with 38 medals, including 7 gold See in context

Congratulations to all the fine athletes of the Olympics. I certainly had fun watching. I do seriously need some sleep after staying awake late all them nights.

The medal count for Japan was not at all bad. It is almost amazing that they medal at all when it comes to sports like fencing and wrestling. I say this because the majority of high schools in this country do not even have the aforementioned sports in their programs. Especially the public HSs. It is even hard to find HSs with good tennis or basketball programs. As a poster above says, the Jgov needs to put more effort into their sports programs. They are leaving so many kids out of the picture.

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Posted in: Canadians accuse referee of bias after soccer defeat by U.S. See in context

I've seen goalkeepers yellow-carded for taking too long to put the ball back into play but for the opposition to be awarded a kick was a bit of a headscratcher. But I saw a typical match between rivals: full of controversy, hard tackling, good hustle, complete with the moaning after the match. IMO, both teams left their all on the pitch.

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Posted in: Osaka police officer accused of raping teenage girl at beach See in context

This loser and his four buddies should be arrested. They had to have known what was going on. It doesn't matter how old the victim is. Intentionally getting anyone blitzed to get some is rape.

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Posted in: Fax fashion See in context

"Choose one and win a BRAND NEW MERCEDES BENZ!!!"

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