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Posted in: Weakening typhoon slams southern Japan See in context

With winds topping 162KPH, it's still quite capable of doing a bit of slamming.

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Posted in: Gang leader's bodyguard shot dead in Kobe See in context

"But guns are ILLEGAL in Japan"

"Safety Japan" strikes again.

At least they weren't lobbing grenades at each other this time.

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Posted in: Police, relatives mark 21st anniversary of murder of Sophia University student in 1996 See in context

That's messed up. I had my old apartment in that very area, Kameari.

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Posted in: Hurricane Irma nears Florida with devastating winds, storm surges See in context

Anyone ON the beach at Fort Lauderdale in this mess is CLEARLY NOT from Fort Lauderdale, lol.

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Posted in: Miniature dachshund receives award from police for stopping intruder See in context

GaryPen; EXACTLY ! CAUGHT, RED HANDED, B & E, and gets OFF.

He'll just go out and do it again.

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Posted in: Sexism and culture: Japan’s obsession with 'kawaii' See in context

I think the whole "Problem" with the "Kawaii' " Culture is the PERCEPTION of it from WESTERNERS.

People don't do it for YOUR Amusement / Entertainment / Motives. It's NOT All About YOU.

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Posted in: Trump ends 'Dreamer' immigration program; places onus on Congress See in context

What's "Pathetic" here, is that people are allowed to STAY in the USA; simply because:

"Oh, well, we've BEEN living here (ILLEGALLY) for YEARS.

THAT'S the Pathetic part.

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Posted in: Should monuments, such as statues to controversial historical figures who are revered by some but despised by others, be removed? See in context

If you go through with tearing down "Confederate" monuments, you are no different than ISIS or the Taliban.

Try tearing down the death camps in Germany, see how that goes. You could only get away with this demented mentality in the USA. Like them or despise them, they are there to make you THINK. Good or bad.

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Posted in: Moving on: Finding love just before I started anew In Tokyo See in context

So; what I gather here, is the epitome' of a "Western Woman" (refrence today's main headline). What you REALLY wanted was always, RIGHT under you nose, and you IGNORED it until it was too late.


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Posted in: What is femininity? Western and Japanese women weigh in See in context

Wow....there are so many different / clashing opinions stated here, and for the most part, they are ALL right.

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Posted in: Right-wing gathering in San Francisco fizzles out amid crackdown See in context

Start making signs that say: "I'm a criminal; I'm White". Then, go back to wherever your grandparents are from, if you're so ashamed of being what you are. Pathetic.

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Posted in: Police dog awarded for locating gun that led to yakuza arrest See in context

Puppy Platoon

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Posted in: 2 police officers stabbed in Kanazawa See in context

MethHead / "Sha'Bu" .

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Posted in: Trump to visit Texas Tuesday to survey storm damage from Harvey See in context

If he DIDN'T go, you'de be whining about THAT too, so, what's the difference ?

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Posted in: Japan remains on high alert after latest N Korean missile launches See in context

The TwitDumbiLL is trying desperately to get Japan and specifically, the USA to show HOW the THAAD will function / perform, that's what all these toy launches are about.


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Posted in: Review: 'Death Note' gets lost in translation See in context


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Posted in: SDF begin 3 days of live fire drills near Mt Fuji See in context

It's actually pyrotechnics to ward off missles or rockets.

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Posted in: Trump defends response to Charlottesville violence; hints at pardon for Arizona sheriff See in context

It appears lots of people STILL don't have jobs, otherwise, who would have the TIME to run around like this ?

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Posted in: U.S. Navy relieves Seventh Fleet commander after collisions in Asia See in context

Don't be surprised to hear that these billion dollar systems have been HACKED and fed DIS-information / Data, CAUSING this stuff to happen....ridiculous ?, maybe,....just one idea.

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Posted in: Ex-cashier pleads guilty to theft from U.S. Navy base in Japan See in context

Scum sucking vermin.

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Posted in: U.S. appeals court revives suit over U.S. military base in Japan See in context

" However, they determined there was NO Significant impact from the GOBS & GOBS of Trash that is thrownin the same waters, day after day ".

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Posted in: Hiroshima marks 3rd anniversary of deadly landslides See in context

You don't have to be a Structural Engineer to look at where all kinds of building are already standing and know they should NEVER have been built.

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Posted in: U.S. Osprey takes part in joint drill in Japan despite safety fears See in context


The US Military was not "Thrown Out " of the Philppines. (Shows how much you know what you're talking about). They LEFT when Mount Penetubo BLEW up and covered the place in ash.

Sorry, you'll have yo actually READ a bit to find out when THAT happened.

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Posted in: Filmmaker Michael Moore says Trump will 'get us all killed' See in context

Yup, yup. Right, everything is Trumps' fault. The Barcelona attack is Trumps' fault. Let's see....what else is Trumps' fault? Oh yeah, he gave the Reactors to North Korea to make bombs...no wait, that's CLINTON'S fault.

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Posted in: Japan's trade surges in July on strong demand in China, U.S. See in context

" Japan's Trade Surplus Surges"; Yeah, of COURSE it does, because as SOON as anything IMPORTED starts SELLING WELL ( US & Aussie Beef ) you jack an ADDITIONAL 50% Import Tax on it!

Economics 101 in Japan.

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Posted in: Philippine police now say 32 drug suspects killed in 1 day See in context

That's GREAT!; now, start in with the CORRUPT Politicians....ALL of 'em.

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Posted in: 4-month-old girl killed after being thrown out of car by impact of crash See in context

Yeah, the baby was in the child seat, NOT BELTED IN.

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Posted in: Peruvian family files lawsuit against deportation order See in context

Good LUCK with THAT Spongebob. You could get away with that in America, but not in Japan. Start packing your bags.

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Posted in: 2 dead after small plane crashes in Nara mountainous area See in context

Since1981; ...and close all airports to General Aviation to keep this sort of thing from happening.

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Posted in: Man served arrest warrant for allegedly killing Chinese sisters See in context

P O S; Hang 'em HIGH.

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