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Posted in: Police officer in koban stabbed to death in Sendai; attacker shot dead See in context

The "Wild West" in Japan.

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Posted in: Pop singer Amuro gives final performance in Okinawan hometown See in context

You wouldn't understand; unless you've lived the life;

Chatan / Ginowan; Okinawa / Sunabe Sea Wall

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Posted in: Pop singer Amuro gives final performance in Okinawan hometown See in context

Good to see a Home Girl.

Live the Life; Ginowan


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Posted in: Trump claims Hurricane Maria death toll rose 'like magic' See in context

It's Magic; obviously.

"Black" Magic. Yall come down 'n give it a try;

Bring your flak jacket & USGC approved flotation.

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Posted in: Visit to Turkey See in context

The Turkish Fighter Jet Pilots on this "Coalition" base I'm on, in the Middle East,

may beg to differ.

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Posted in: Russia says U.S. dropped phosphorus bombs over Syria See in context

Yeah?; and what about the BARREL BOMBS being shown on Al Jazeera today?

on CIVILIAN homes...is THAT o.k. ?

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Posted in: Tokyo riot police officer arrested for molesting woman on street See in context

Maybe he's a member of the Black Flag Battalion too.

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Posted in: New book by Woodward says Trump wanted Syrian leader killed See in context

Works for ME; but don't know it that would really be a "Good Thing",

any more than it was to get rid of Saddam Hussein. Although he was a "Tyrant", he kept

everyone "In Check", much like the Soviet's did in Yugoslavia after WWII.

As soon as they LEFT (and Hussein was removed)...well, we all know what happened.

Hard to say.

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Posted in: Police officer cleared of indecency charges after riding train with pants’ zipper open See in context

Yup; GUILTY, but not without UNDERWear on !

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Posted in: Tochigi man arrested for shoplifting animals from hardware store to feed to his cat See in context

I guess it's better than chopping off the heads of kittens, as has done before, or his own cat.

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Posted in: 5 unnecessary things tourists do when traveling in Japan See in context

Bothering to speak Japanese. As soon as you start to speak Japanese to someone, they start speaking English, Spanish, French, .....

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Posted in: Japan braces for likely landfall from strong typhoon See in context

YuBaRu: "But I wanted to see if it was COMING yet". Lol.

You know they're STILL going to do it.

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Posted in: Tests begin to run bullet train at faster speed inside tunnel See in context

SURE; why NOT ?


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Posted in: 18-year-old arrested over hit-and-run death of cyclist See in context

I got hit by a car while riding my bike to work in Tokyo some years ago.

The guy SAT in his CAR, and DIDN'T even BOTHER to come over and help me

in the least, I literally COMBAT CRAWLED out of the street to avoid being run over,

all the while the guy just sat in his car.

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Posted in: Okinawa retracts approval of landfill work for U.S. base transfer See in context

“Voice of Okinawa”; LMAO.

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Posted in: Disaster prevention drill See in context

Now teach them to "Don & Clear" an NBC Mask, and they'll be HALF set.

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Posted in: Florida shooting suspect was twice hospitalized for mental illness See in context

First of all, this psyco is / was from MARYLAND, NOT Florida.

Secondly, he had been hosptalised for mental illness, I agree with whoever said it should be THEY

who report this to some register, hence, there would have been NO LEGAL sale of any firearm(s).

Yup, sounds like the "System" is STILL broken to me. Fix it.

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Posted in: 3 dead, including gunman in shooting at video game tournament in Florida See in context

Welcome to my town, if you don't like it; LEAVE.

I've lived there off an on for fourty years, aside from the decades living in and out of Japan / Okinawa.

Not ONCE have I ever seen even so much as a FIST fight, but there is crime everywhere.

Simply put, be aware of your surroundings ANYwhere in the world (Paris, Barcelona, Belgium), or you're asking for trouble. Of course, you COULD always wander around with your face burried in your cell phone, it's your choice.

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Posted in: 25-year-old woman arrested for abandoning corpses of 3 infants in Sendai apartment See in context

With the birthrate at an all time historical LOW in Japan, is there not a system in place that unwanted

babies can be left at hospitals or fire stations (as I understand there IS, in the USA), so that this sort of this does not happen ?

If not, there SHOULD be.

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Posted in: Madonna gets no respect for Aretha Franklin VMA tribute See in context

LMAO...she / it stopped getting any "Respect" with that pink knit hat she & her groupies wore a couple years ago, if not before.

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Posted in: 4 Japanese basketball players sent home from Asian Games after spending night with prostitutes in hotel See in context

Can you say "Set Up"?

Was it simply a "Coincidence" that she was at the RIGHT place, at the RIGHT time ?

Consider THAT angle.

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Posted in: American man arrested for urinating on another passenger on flight to Japan See in context

"Sorry Charlie"; that excuse only works if you're a local.

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Posted in: Vienna tops 'world's most liveable city' ranking; Osaka 3rd, Tokyo 7th See in context

LMAO....ROFL....tell that to my friend who's from Shinjuku, that looks for an excuse to "Escape Japan"

and come to visit, every chance she gets.

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Posted in: Airplane theft shows potential dangers from airline workers See in context

I'm guessing there's no "LOCK out, TAG Out" system for aircraft on the ground.

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Posted in: U.S. launches airstrikes as Taliban attack Afghan city See in context

Just haven't used enough bombs yet.

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Posted in: 2-year-old boy fatally hit by motorbike while returning from fireworks festival See in context

I rode a motorcycle in Okinawa for six years. I ALWAYS EXPECTED EVERYONE to do the WRONG thing. It became apparent this was the right way to ride when I watched a little girl BREAK from her mom's hand, do a 180* and run RIGHT INTO the path of my motorcycle, which I LOCKED UP and had to lay it down. The mother KNEW it was the KID's FAULT, NOT mine....I just looked at her, said nothing, and left. That kid was VERY LUCKY I ride the way I do.

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Posted in: Businesses see hot demand from sweltering heatwave See in context

Don't be fooled.

Japanese companies ARE of course mainly concerned with PROFITS.

They ARE boasting about profits.

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Posted in: Envoys from 85 nations to attend Hiroshima A-bomb memorial ceremony See in context

Yeah; and um; NORTH Korea ? Are THEY coming ?

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