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Posted in: U.S. 'medical tourists' seek cheap health care abroad See in context

"U.S. Republicans ought to be ashamed of themselves for opposing universal health care."

We Taxpayers can't AFFORD it, because we're already paying for all the ILLEGAL ALIENS that are in the country getting what WE can't.

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Posted in: Uruguay rugby players assault staff, damage Kumamoto restaurant See in context


Looks like they knifed the bear from behind. Sounds about right.

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Posted in: Money, hatred for the Kurds drives Turkey's Syrian fighters See in context

 As a result, they publicly said they would not support legal immunity for any American troops.

Speaking of Falsehoods: There is no IMMUNITY with SOFA status. It gives you certain legal RIGHTS,

that a US Citizen would have on US Soil. NOTHING more. You are not IMMUNE to crimes. Period.

I was in Iraq when we were all ordered out of the country. We LEFT because of this & wa-la' : ISIS.

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Posted in: Typhoon death toll climbs to 72, as scope of damage spreads See in context

This is precisely why, whoever you are,

get your Amateur Radio License (especially if you live in the sticks).

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Posted in: 'Sesame Street' tackles addiction crisis See in context

Next, Elmo will be taking Methadone and showing how to administer it.

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Posted in: Starting small: Tips for creating a sustainable life in Japan See in context

First off, don’t go DRINKING every night.

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Posted in: Iran says oil tanker struck by 2 missiles off Saudi Arabia See in context


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Posted in: Naomi Osaka picks Japanese citizenship with eye on Olympics: NHK See in context

WTF: My daughter has two. It’s legal.

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Posted in: Rihanna blasts Trump in new Vogue interview See in context

People that are nothing more than entertainment are just that.

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Posted in: Thief steals $840,000 watch from Japanese man's wrist in Paris See in context

Lol...do people still wear those?

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Posted in: Man arrested for molesting woman as she walked home in Tokyo See in context

OMG! What a perv...too many pornos...buddy, that’s not how you embrace a girl.

Try again....no wait, don’t.

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Posted in: Supermarket throws away bench because of sales tax hike See in context

I love this comment:

“Great, taxes are literally killing people now.”

Sounds like something I would say.

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Posted in: Skeletal remains found in suitcase near river in Aichi Pref See in context

Wow, that little tidbit was left out, thanks Educator.

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Posted in: Driver of car that killed 2 toddlers in Shiga also arrested on stalking charge See in context

Why is it, when these nutjobs DO something, the app they used is mentioned?

Is it necessary?, suffice to say: ”Dating App / On-Line”? I notice the app utilized by this perp just happens to be from a country deeply embroiled in a trade war @ the moment.

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Posted in: Organizers warn about illegally resold tickets as hundreds turned away from World Cup matches See in context

Ill come just to hang around outside and check out the scenery.

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Posted in: Two Irish men arrested over heroin possession in Tokyo karaoke parlor See in context

BugleBoyZ, if you knew how bad Japanese Jail is, you wouldn’t wish it on your worst enemy.

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Posted in: Ex-Toyota rugby player gets suspended sentence for having cocaine See in context

ChipARoo: I can tell you with certainty, 1st Timers get off...but nobody said anything about Deportation .

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Posted in: Paris fashion week braces for climate change and animals rights protests See in context


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Posted in: U.S. military presenting range of options to Trump on Iran See in context

If this situation wasn’t so critical, it would almost be comical.

You ATTACK with sophisticated missles, that can’t be bought at your local

convenience store (much less need to be controlled in highly technological circumstances) and then say: “And if you FIGHT BACK, then YOU will start a WAR”.

Right...good luck with that sense of reasoning.

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Posted in: Man arrested over 9-year-old stepson's murder See in context

Saitama?, AGAIN?!

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Posted in: Trump says it looks like Iran was behind Saudi oil attacks See in context

REF: Pharsi , That’s the Intel people’s job mate, but yeah, it looks different.

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Posted in: Trump says it looks like Iran was behind Saudi oil attacks See in context

The Iranians (government / military) have been supplying weapons to whoever wants to use them. This was proven in Iraq, they supplied the materials to “Insurgents” to make what is called a Shaped Charge, to defeat the armor on vehicles (MRAPs). They supplied rockets (I actually saw the Iranian writing on a rocket that was shot down while in-coming) to attack bases.

The base I just returned from not long ago monitors the Iranians 24/7. If we’re already saying it’s them, there is likely a mountain of evidence already.

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Posted in: 73,000 households still without power in Chiba 1 week after typhoon See in context

High Tension Power Cables are strung ACROSS a major river here in Florida, straight from the power company.

Shall we bury those too?; we just had a couple major hurricanes blow through.

My power never even flickered. There are no simple answers.

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Posted in: Alcoholic seltzer craze sweeps U.S. See in context

Alcohol? No thanks. Want to be “Healthy”?, don’t drink.

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Posted in: Residents grow weary over prolonged power cuts in Chiba Prefecture See in context

How bad did Togane’ area get hit ? I know someone there I haven’t heard from

(used to live in Yachimata).

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Posted in: Driver appeals 16-year prison sentence for ramming motorbike from behind, killing rider See in context

No, No, NO:

Do NOT change his sentence...this was Vehicular Homicide, pure and simple.

I used to ride in Japan (Okinawa) for six years. Riding is difficult enough without

having to worry about a physo on your tail.

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Posted in: Man arrested for keeping body of mother at home for a month See in context

What do you expect when people can’t afford to even report such a thing.

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Posted in: 6 months past legal drinking age, actress Kanna Hashimoto reveals binge drinking See in context

Keep it up & you’ll end up like John Belushi, but with her, the substance abused is alcohol.

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Posted in: Costco bets on international appetite for first Chinese store See in context

The store I went to in Kanagawa was comparable to one in the U.S., however, I’ve never been a fan of Membership Shopping myself.

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Posted in: Father's story about parenting on a train highlights Japan’s hidden prejudice against male parenting See in context

Good one Tony; everyone knows Gai’Ji’s are all criminals.

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