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Posted in: Actor Johnny Depp jokes about a Trump assassination See in context

Let's all go kill Johnny Depp, Madona, Kathy Griffin...hmmmm; who ELSE ?

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Posted in: After toppling Apple in China, Oppo eyes world market See in context

They are infamous for stealing Classified Military plans, and making their stuff the same way they're doing this.

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Posted in: Abused children find Japan’s shelters provide little comfort See in context

Not surprised.

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Posted in: 82-year-old man found dead at home; wife’s body discovered in nearby river See in context

Not that I agree with what this woman did, but obviously you people posting forget what country you live in.

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Posted in: 1st antiterror drill held at nuclear plant for drone attack See in context

So; have you positioned any Anti-Aircraft Batteries in the area?

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Posted in: Hibakusha present 3 mil signatures to protest against nuclear weapons at U.N. See in context

Well, surely, that will stop the North Koreans in their tracks.

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Posted in: Two children from same kindergarten in Kawasaki die; officials suspect infectious disease See in context

It doesn't take an "Infectious Disese" to cause kids to die at a daycare.

My own son was a victim of INEPT idiots at a "Day Care".

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Posted in: Manager of adult entertainment business stabbed; assailant jumps to death See in context

Forced to pay all his money

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Posted in: Worker killed by falling steel beam at Kanagawa construction site See in context

This is PRECISELY why I either LOOK UP while walking on a sidewalk with those useless metal sheets hanging over the scaffolding, or, if possible CROSS THE STREET to the other side.

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Posted in: U.S. Osprey aircraft makes emergency landing at Amami airport See in context

The Harrier is known as the Widow Maker, NOT the Osprey

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Posted in: Elementary school teacher gets drunk, visits student’s house and beats him with stick See in context

This is how that would read in USA: "Teacher does B&E (Breaking and Entering), proceeds to beat student, student grabs his 12GA shotgun; legally used for hunting and target shooting, terminates attack from violent offender". "Game Over".

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Posted in: Australian PM calls Melbourne siege as 'act of terrorism' See in context

" Police confirmed on Tuesday that Khayre, who was acquitted of a plot to attack a Sydney army base in 2009, had shot a man dead in the foyer of the building "

Obviously, he was GUILTY in the first place..if he was in JAIL, where he SHOULD have been, he could not have done THIS.

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Posted in: 1st Japan-assembled F-35 fighter unveiled See in context

Get rid of ALL the "War Machines"..and see how long your country lasts against the "War Machine" of china and North Korea..fools.

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Posted in: London attacker was family man nicknamed 'Abz': neighbors See in context

Yup, yup, WE get it..in actuality, he was just a regular schmuck, and this is all a misunderstanding.

All those people just JUMPED in front of his car, right at the same time his foot got stuck on the gas pedal.

It's all OUR fault for BEING there.

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Posted in: Spritely look See in context

It appears the ones on the end are afraid their faces will crack, if they smile.

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Posted in: Train stops 30 meters short of platform after driver dozes off See in context

Time for someone to be relieved of duty.

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Posted in: Woman, daughter, granddaughter perish in Chiba house fire See in context

Stupid idiot.

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Posted in: 68-year-old man arrested for trying to steal police officer’s gun See in context

It's likely he was there in hopes of suicide by cop.

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Posted in: At least 36 dead after gunman storms mall-casino complex in Philippines See in context

Blah, blah, blah; Trump's Fault, down with America.

RIP to the people who lost their lives.

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Posted in: One couple's mission to save date night — for themselves and other parents See in context

It's an Uber Baby sitting service, nothing more. Woopie...now just convince your WIFE, to actually go " Out on the Town" WITHOUT their kid/kids...good LUCK.

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Posted in: Abe, Moon vow to get tough on N Korea's provocations See in context


Yes, yes, I can SEE how this is ALL Trump's fault. If another Klintonista' was in the Oval Office, Lil' Kim would have simply rolled across the 38th with tanks by now.

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Posted in: Tokyo bathhouse offers 'naked school' to lure bathers See in context

Great idea, and next time I roll up into Asakusa, I'll go look for that place again (think it's in the SoapLand area, to the North of the Temple), but I still prefer my S.O.P. Get on your preferred domestic dating site, and invite the Honey's to GO to Osen with you...works every time :)

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Posted in: Former Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega dies at 83 See in context

A good friend of mine is Panamanian...we'll have to ask HIM

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Posted in: Gang member shot in Kanagawa restaurant parking lot See in context

Wasn't ME. I moved...but that's RIGHT down the street

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Posted in: N Korea fires ballistic missile that falls into Japan's EEZ See in context

I like Ron Johns Idea:

Park (no pun intended) the 7th Fleet off the coast of Pusan, and fire stuff into the waters off the coast of the "DRPK"...that should be interesting.

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Posted in: U.S. considers banning laptops on all flights into and out of the country See in context

Things that make you go: BOOM.

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Posted in: Woman found dead in Akita after apparent bear attack See in context

This is why you carry a .45 when you go in the woods.

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Posted in: Philippines forces hit militants; civilians wave white flags See in context

Bush; it's very difficult to find any Bud in the Philippines now; Duwarte has seen to that.

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Posted in: 80-year-old man arrested for setting fire on bullet train See in context


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Posted in: WBA suspends judges after disputed N'Dam win over Murata See in context

I'm sure the Yakuza is quite pleased with the result.

Who do you suppose they had THEIR money bet on ?

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