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Posted in: Medical examiner confirms Epstein death a suicide by hanging See in context

Another suicide by association. ties his own hands behind his back before hanging himself

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Posted in: Japan surpasses China as largest non-U.S. holder of Treasuries See in context

....and of course if the United States managed to get all it's NATO "Members" to pay their bills, the country would be in better shape (US).

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Posted in: China threatens retaliation if U.S. tariff hikes go ahead See in context

KC-130’s rule the sky...

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Posted in: 4 drown in waters off Kanagawa beaches; 2 missing off Chiba See in context

While living out in Chiba, I had the oportunity to use a work truck to drive to the beach any time I wanted, and from Yachimata, it doesn't take long. All the times I went in the water while living there, it was never more than knee deep, you have to look at what the water is doing, if it LOOKS rough, even if the waves are small, DON'T go IN.

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Posted in: Woman in critical condition after trying to save 11-year-daughter at beach See in context

The size of the waves is not the only concern in the water, wind, surface currents, and subsurface currents are always there. Here in Florida it is easy to forget how deadly the sea can be, nevermind the sharks.

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Posted in: Universal cancels controversial 'Hunt' in wake of shootings See in context

What if the political parties were reversed in the movie?

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Posted in: Abe hopes for win-win trade deal with U.S. at early date See in context

Yes, the deal is coming...everyone knows how to deal.

Wait for it.

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Posted in: Beatles fans come together for 50th anniversary of Abbey Road photo See in context

OMG, like Trekkies.

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Posted in: NRA head digs in against gun control See in context

Yes, America is dangerous, don’t come here.

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Posted in: High tide: Cocaine haul washes up on New Zealand beach See in context

Some heads probably rolled at P & P when this got lost at sea

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Posted in: Pentagon chief urges Japan to consider joining Strait of Hormuz coalition; raps China See in context

“.We want oil, but we won’t help”.

Let them get their OWN oil...good luck.

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Posted in: Body of man wanted over woman's murder found See in context

Glad I wasn’t there to be riding my bike along the river, as I usually did, and find this guy.

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Posted in: Japan won't contribute ships to U.S. Middle East maritime force: report See in context

Yeah, bury your head below the surf...oh, we still want the oil.

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Posted in: Man stabs woman in Daiso store; says he just ‘wanted to kill someone’ See in context

See?; just goes to show you, people are the same all over the world.

Choose your weapon:

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Posted in: At least 34 killed as Afghan bus hits bomb See in context

IED’s target EVERYONE. You don’t TARGET someone with a ROADSide bomb.

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Posted in: 1 dead, 11 others shot near Brooklyn playground See in context

“As Long as the Right People get Shot”.

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Posted in: U.S. Air Force fireman arrested for gun possession at Narita Airport See in context

He’ll have plenty of time to think about it in the brig.

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Posted in: China says it won't rule out using force to reunify Taiwan See in context

Lol...like this is something new. Yes, we know, you’ve been saying that for decades.

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Posted in: J-rock star Miyavi on mission to change Japan's tune on refugees See in context

Can I have a Resident Visa since you’re going to let “Refugees” in?

Once you get divorced, they throw you out, if you didn’t already get it.

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Posted in: Black lawmaker says white man told her 'Go back where you came from' See in context

First off, those of you writing here have no idea what a “Publix” is.

Publix was successfully sued, not once, but TWICE. It is safe to say no one would run up to prevent this in THAT store. You can all have your own visions now that you have a proper picture.

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Posted in: Sex tech in, skimpy outfits out as CES show seeks diversity See in context

Electronic Hypocrisy, it was inevitable.

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Posted in: Tokyo man arrested for underwear theft after instant, raging attraction to another man See in context

Yet another: “Only in Japan” moment.

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Posted in: 2 men get suspended sentence for death of mentally disabled man left in car See in context

And this likely happens often...just no one dying

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Posted in: 50-year-old cyclist dies after being hit by car in tunnel See in context

I was hit by someone the first time I attempted to ride my bike to work (to Ropponggi, from Katsushika' Ku) and almost made it...not good enough. Instant trip to the hospital, but at least I survived it. Locally, here in Florida, where I have been riding for over fourty years, cyclists are killed almost monthly, many are hit & runs.

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Posted in: Hokkaido ski resort tackles growing tension between Japanese, foreign residents See in context

I would say I lived in Okinawa for a solid six years, barely speaking a word of Japanese, and still managed to separate my garbage properly and drive in a professional manner.

(Gold Stripe license). Don’t see what these peoples’ PROBLEMS are....or likely they just don’t CARE to get along.

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Posted in: Guardian angels hit Montreal's clubs to tackle harassment See in context

Im glad the picture has a caption (even if it’s spelled wrong), I didn’t know what that was.

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Posted in: Scent of vanilla helps to ease pain: Japanese researchers See in context

Guess what else does a much better job of it.

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Posted in: All routes to Mt Fuji summit open for climbing season See in context

Even after breaking both legs over twenty five years ago (ironically in Japan) maybe I can still manage to pull this off.

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Posted in: Police officer arrested for possession of marijuana See in context

Yup, seems like he nicked it from the Boot Camp ? Lol.

Outrageous, get this guy to run for office.

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Posted in: 3 youths arrested over karaoke parlor assault See in context


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