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Posted in: Prosecutors seek 2-year jail term for Kelly See in context

Who’s into the Stock Market Professionally?

What has Nissan’s Stock price done through all this ?

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Posted in: Woman arrested after stabbing boyfriend in head with knife See in context

There it is again: Katsushika Ku….I lived in both KitaSenju & Kameari, & BOTH are in Katsushika’ Ku…where EXACTLY did this happen ?

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Posted in: Royals join cast of new Bond film for glitzy London premiere See in context

I have a question: Unless James Bond Dies and is Reincarnated, how exactly do you explain him changing from white to black ?

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Posted in: No. of murders rose 30% in U.S. in 2020: FBI See in context

It’s a lovely place to visit, bring your favorite Side Arm.

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Posted in: China's Xi warns of 'grim' situation with Taiwan See in context

Yes, it will be a grim day for china, when it realizes the world isn’t you to LAY DOWN for it. We’re all going to FIGHT BACK Xi.

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Posted in: China sends 19 fighter jets towards Taiwan in show of force See in context

It’s just about time, I’d say. It’s inevitable

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Posted in: Tensions grow as U.S., allies deepen Indo-Pacific involvement See in context

The bully is about to get bit

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Posted in: Japan court rules in favor of Sri Lankans over rights to fair trial See in context

Nothing to see here, move along…move along.

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Posted in: LDP president candidates vow to double spending on children See in context

Those balloons have me convinced they’re sincere.

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Posted in: Melbourne shuts construction sites after violent anti-vax protest See in context

It could be YOUR Town Next.

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Posted in: Johnny Depp film sees Minamata pollution issue as cautionary tale See in context


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Posted in: Japanese message in a bottle washes up in Hawaii ... 37 years later See in context

Too cool…like still being able to listen to Radio Australia

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Posted in: One-of-a-kind anime banner stolen from 72-year-old Tokyo public bath See in context

I had a nice Hata from the side of the road in Beppu

Hurricane winds tore it up

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Posted in: Man arrested for smuggling gun parts from U.S. See in context

Interesting (and unfortunate) that when Japan lost in WWII, both Cannabis and Firearms were Outlawed

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Posted in: Philippines' Duterte will not cooperate with ICC drug war probe See in context

The word is, his family is IN the Business…go against him, buying or selling, and you end up dead.

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Posted in: Pandemic-hit travel agency JTB sells Tokyo HQ to raise funds See in context

I had many a bargain travel trip thanks to H.I.S. / #1 Travel.

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Posted in: 10 Afghan evacuees arrive in Japan; more expected to come See in context

I did a one year Contract at the base in Qatar where everyone flying out of Kabul landed first.

Ironically this was originally a Clandestine base for Bombing the Taliban.

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Posted in: 10 Afghan evacuation seekers enter Pakistan to head for Japan See in context

I was at that base three years ago by Contract. Was supposed to go back in January and was refused Secret Clearance just prior to leaving; Game Over.

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Posted in: Strong typhoon increases in force as it heads toward Taiwan See in context


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Posted in: Biden announces sweeping new vaccine mandates for 100 million Americans See in context

It Just Gets Better & Better.

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Posted in: Man dies in Japan after receiving dose of recalled Moderna vaccine See in context

No surprise there…

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Posted in: China’s 'Little Kyoto' shut down by government after complaints of Japanese culture invasion See in context

Like I would spend ¥10 to visit China

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Posted in: Man arrested for stealing woman’s underwear from laundry See in context


Haven’t you ever seen a used underwear VENDING Machine?

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Posted in: Mural of murdered Japanese doctor in Afghan capital erased See in context

The Shape of Things to Come…don’t say you didn’t know this would start up, all over again.

Good Luck World.

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Posted in: Man with pickaxe attacks vehicle carrying Beat Takeshi See in context

He’s still alive?

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Posted in: British aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth makes 1st port call in Japan See in context

Next stop Taipei ? That’ll tick somebody off.

How about offshore Okinawa for a while and do some diving…off the Deck !

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Posted in: California law seeks 'gender neutral' toy aisles See in context

It’s only going to get worse.

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Posted in: New Zealand police kill man after he stabs 6 people at supermarket See in context

Good work

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Posted in: Couple arrested after 18-year-old girl found dead in Yamanashi See in context

You will get yours.

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Posted in: Man arrested after urinating in drink bottle of woman coworker because 'he liked her' See in context

I always thought telling a girl you like her, and asking her out usually works.

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