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Posted in: Oscars: the show must go on... without a host See in context

The WHAT’s?


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Posted in: Tsunami-hit town demolishes old office despite preservation calls See in context

I thought there was actually a LAW that if someone died in a building (from un-natural causes), it had to be brought down...sounds ridiculous, but someone told me that once...any truth to that?

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Posted in: Netflix has no plans to cut 'Bird Box' scene despite outcry See in context

Hay, why NOT ? If it sells; right ?

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Posted in: Sony Music drops U.S. singer R. Kelly: reports See in context

This is the whole CULTURE of the "Music".

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Posted in: Chinese ambassador warns Canada to stop rallying allies See in context

Or WHAT ?!

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Posted in: Trump stops Pelosi from using military plane for overseas trip in shutdown fight See in context

LMAO...yup, he's STILL YOUR President, whether you LIKE it or NOT

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Posted in: Many boats likely from N Korea left neglected on Sea of Japan coast See in context

Yup, you got that right BeerGuy.

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Posted in: Many boats likely from N Korea left neglected on Sea of Japan coast See in context

Burn baby, burn.

”We’ll dance around ‘em like wild ‘En’jins’ “.

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Posted in: 24th anniversary of Great Hanshin Earthquake observed See in context

I was in Tokyo at the time, and believe me, there was nothing "GREAT" about it.

I think we could feel it in Katsushika' Ku at about a 3 or 4 in magnatude.

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Posted in: More people identify as LGBT as social awareness grows in Japan: study See in context

Gambare: Yeah, that's a RARE one...shoulda' taken a few pictures.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for attempted murder of 14-year-old daughter See in context

News Flash genius, it just got WORSE.

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempted murder of 47-year-old daughter See in context

Mocheake; You KNOW WHY.

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Posted in: Spa! magazine apologizes for women's university 'sex listing' See in context

Look!; it's time to get "Offended" by something, AGAIN.

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Posted in: Spa! magazine apologizes for women's university 'sex listing' See in context

You really are a pathetic excuse of a man, if you have to result to this to find a girl.

I’m no movie star and had no trouble meeting women in Japan....but unfortunately there are plenty that read this trash as scripture.

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Posted in: U.S. to hold missile drill on Okinawa: report See in context

Not to worry there Kenji, one good bombing mission and those Sand Bars will be just that again.

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Posted in: U.S. to hold missile drill on Okinawa: report See in context

Yippie Kai’ Yae’;

I’ll come back to Okinawa and charter my friends’ boat to go watch THAT.

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Posted in: Taiwan reunification with China 'inevitable,' says Xi See in context

If they're allowed to take Taiwan, they'll of course they can take Okinawa too.

Good LUCK with THAT Spongebob.

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Posted in: Bartenders, hairdressers among top undateable male professions in Japan See in context

Lol...when I worked in Nishi-Azabu, I didn't even NEED to "Date". :)

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Posted in: Penalties for drivers using cell phones to be toughened with jail terms See in context

When I was driving for "AAFES" on Okinawa (a small 2Ton truck) virtually EVERY DRIVER on the road was either Texting or Talking on their phones. Yes something needs to be done.

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Posted in: Xi warns no one can dictate China's path See in context

That's GREAT...REMEMBER you SAID That:

"In OTHER News"..


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Posted in: Man arrested for stabbing woman near train station in Tokyo See in context

Yes Tim; probably...or they don't want to go to a city office and apply, because

it's embarrassing....better to go STAB someone....guess he considers that "Work".

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Posted in: Five foreigners arrested in Bali drug sweep See in context

Smuggle Drugs ?

Time to SWING. "Can't you READ the SIGN" ?

"DEATH to Drug Smugglers".... at your LAST destination.

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Posted in: Suspected Christmas market gunman named; had long police record See in context

Well worded Zones 2 Surf;

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Posted in: Foreign couple detained after newspaper set on fire at Yasukuni Shrine See in context


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Posted in: 2 shots fired at house in Toyama See in context

Just be glad they didn't lob a grenade....like they were doing in Kyushu a while back.

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Posted in: 2 Japanese arrested in China alleged to have violated anti-spy laws See in context

Lol, GyGene.

I won’t spend a nickel to go to china.

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Posted in: Irish singer Sinead O'Connor converts to Islam See in context


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Posted in: Man arrested for beating girlfriend to death See in context

DeadBeat is the usual term..in this case, it’s an occupation.

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Posted in: Trump says — without evidence — that Democrats are behind migrant 'caravan' See in context

The USA, where ENFORCING Immigration is “Immoral”, but anywhere ELSE

on Earth is o.k.

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Posted in: 21-year prison term upheld for ex-NHK reporter found guilty of raping 3 women See in context

Look at this objectively: He had plenty of opportunity to be with women....if he’s guilty, fine....Lock em up.

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