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Posted in: Skating rink opens near Tokyo Station See in context

Unfortunately, I won't be able to get back to Japan until after New Years :(

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Posted in: Japan considers buying up to 500 U.S. Tomahawk missiles until FY2027 See in context


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Posted in: 3 death-row inmates file suit to end hanging as inhumane execution See in context

Too bad, should have thought about that before becoming a murderer.

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Posted in: Japan holds missile interceptor drill near Fukui nuclear plant See in context

Yup, they’re useless, so you should “Go Home” before anything happens

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Posted in: WHO renames monkeypox as mpox, citing racism concerns See in context

Yup, yup, everything is “Racist”, that’s what you need to worry about while the next infection is killing people

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Posted in: Australia argues against 'endangered' Great Barrier Reef status See in context

Those two pathetic pictures is all you could come up with for The Great Barrier Reef ?

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Posted in: Japan births at new low as population shrinks and ages See in context

I volunteer to assist with that troublesome situation

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Posted in: City employee kills wild boar with spear on elementary school grounds See in context

Wild bore and dangerous and lethal.

If that’s all he had to kill it with, so be it.

Otherwise you would be writing / complaining that a kid was killed and no one did anything about it.

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Posted in: Processing overseas loss and grief as an expat See in context

Try having an immediate family member in your Japanese family suddenly die, and then give me a call.

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Posted in: Turkey launches air raids against Kurdish militants in Syria, Iraq See in context

Not good news, since I just arrived over here in Jordan.

There goes the neighborhood, again

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Posted in: Princess Nobuko undergoes successful breast cancer surgery See in context

Excellent, all was successful.

Very sad to hear this for her, my aunt was not so lucky.

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Posted in: Myanmar to free ex-British ambassador, Australian adviser, Japanese journalist among nearly 6,000 See in context

Lol, the military is still in charge. It’s still Burma.

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Posted in: Man shoots fireworks through crowd at Shibuya scramble crossing See in context

You couldn’t do it anywhere except Shibuya Crossing ? Drrrf.

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Posted in: Myanmar to free ex-British ambassador, Australian adviser, Japanese journalist among nearly 6,000 See in context

Why would you be stupid enough to go to Burma in the FIRST place.

Everyone I ever met from there, I would congratulate on their escape and they would laugh.

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Posted in: Mandarake used bookstore branches banned from selling adult entertainment items for 180 days See in context

Nevermind this trash and find a human to spend your time with.

I’m sure you will both enjoy not being alone

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Posted in: 78-year-old man arrested for beating 50-year-old son to death See in context

In somewhat agreement with all the above statements, we need the Paul Harvey “REST of the Story” before making any kind of analysis.

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Posted in: Tom and Jerry have been given an ultra kawaii redesign in Japan for a new animated series See in context

Change them back and uncutify them.

It’s like hearing Charlie Brown or Daffy Duck / Buggs Bunny talk without their original voices.

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Posted in: Anime shop offering ¥300,000 reward to anyone who can help them catch graffiti vandals in video See in context

That’s hysterical, it’s a mouse crawling along the top of the steel beam.

This video is useless for ID’ing purposes, and remove all the tags from around the video itself, it takes away from the point of the video and looks ridiculous.

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Posted in: 2-year-old girl dies after being left inside car for 9 hours See in context

In Japan, if you don’t do it yourself, the Ho’EKu’en will do it for you.

Just stay home with your kids, it’s safer for them.

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Posted in: Fed up young climate activists: 'Adults aren't listening' See in context

Isn’t that cute ?

Tell it to china, that’s who’s not listening, but wait: Protesting there will cause you to disappear.

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Posted in: Laws and customs in Qatar ahead of 2022 World Cup See in context

Don’t get in a car crash or Heaven forbid you CAUSE one. A local was filmed by someone I know beating a Contract worker and doing that can get you deported / arrested.

Take a Taxi, don’t drive.

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Posted in: No. of foreign tourists in Japan in October up 15-fold from Sept to 288,900 See in context

I don’t imagine that’s terribly difficult to accomplish seeing that Immigration was virtually CLOSED for almost three years. Do YOU ?

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Posted in: Jane Fonda: Nonprofit’s work ‘far more important’ after Roe See in context

Nobody cares what Hanoi Jane says.

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Posted in: Outgoing Russian ambassador blames Japan for strained relations See in context

Yup, everything is everyone ELSE’s Fault, not yours.

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Posted in: Japanese Justice Minister Hanashi dismissed over execution comments See in context

This guy said nothing different than thousands of others were thinking and not brave enough to admit.

Apparently, there’s plenty of Lib’s in Japan, like the rest of the world, that think if you murder someone, you still have the “Right” to live.

Obviously plenty of us don’t go along with that “Narrative”.

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Posted in: Putin will not go to G20 summit in Bali See in context

Too bad, maybe something could have happened to him while there.

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Posted in: Qatar, here we come See in context

Bring a mask, and it’s not for COVID use, or plan on eating some dirt every time you go outside

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Posted in: Nissan's quarterly profit falls amid computer chip crunch See in context

Nissan ? They’re still in business?

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Posted in: U.S. basketball star Griner on her way to Russian penal colony, lawyers say See in context

That’s a shame.

Did you LEARN anything from your experience?

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Posted in: China wary about Japan joining NATO cyber defense center See in context

I bet they do

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