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Posted in: Wear to be seen See in context

Lucifer, they are japanese. Can't tell from the picture?

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Posted in: TransferWise gets your money moving worldwide See in context

Ok, so from your bank, you would transfer the funds to their bank which would already incur you charges, and then for a fee, they would transfer that money to the recipients bank.

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Posted in: Witness says Philippine president ordered killings when he was mayor See in context

Senator Cayetano, Duterte's running mate for VP who lost, was trying to grill the Senate witness about which senator belongs to which party and if, for example, Duterte gets ousted, who will replace him --- for chrissakes, the guy was busy shooting, strangling and killing people, cutting up bodies and digging graves, slicing and opening them up like dried fish to be thrown into the sea for disposal just a few minutes off Davao City, so please, excuse his ignorance, if he cannot answer questions about succesion in government.

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Posted in: Duterte declares 'state of lawlessness' after bomb kills 14 See in context

More like "State of Lunacy and Chaos". The guy is drunk on power. He already beat Escobar's homicide rate at more than 300 persons a year. Versus Duterte's administration in 2 months? More than 2000 dead already.

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Posted in: Japan spots 230 Chinese fishing boats off disputed isles See in context

Imagine at least half of China's population eating fish everyday. We're all screwed.

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Posted in: Boeing planning China factory: report See in context

Is it really cheaper to "paint" a plane in a different country?

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Posted in: British bid to genetically modify human embryos See in context

Someday people will realize they'd have to dump all that "ethics" BS to cure most diseases to healthily live past 100. The soooner the better.

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Posted in: Indonesia scraps fiercely contested rail project in favor of slower train See in context

This would make very little difference, they run on the same infrastructure.

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