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Posted in: Mother cycling with 2 daughters run over at crossing; both children die See in context

I feel sorry for the Family and children it is very sad because I found even with the best rules and safety the nature of space and time is so exact even we cross the lights are going to red and the cars are ready to go that and a hurried driver going and thinking any second they will change spells disaster there are many excellent drivers in Japan I do not drive but they are patient and also people in a hurry, narrow roads no are little space for error.

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Posted in: Aum's reincarnation still recruiting new adherents See in context

Does anyone Know healing circle my wife tried to get me to Join before we divorced they do mhand power massage and explode breath on my daughter and my wife paid 50,000 for 4 litres purified healing water.

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Posted in: Clinton urges Japan to take action on child abduction issue See in context

Today I went to the Family court, they asked me Why Why Why do want to see your children. I said Why do you not want me to see my own kids. She would not give me an application form so I looked her in the eye and said to myself I pray to Allah to help me see my kids I said to her I will see my Kids not I would like to because I will never ask anyone if I can see my own flesh and blood. She finally handed the paper after consulting with a lawyer LOL

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