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Posted in: Japan startup SkyDrive aims for flying taxi service at 2025 World Expo See in context

Move the disaster that is personal car owner ship up into the air for an all new disaster. You would think by now sustainable environmentally friendly development would have hit home.

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Posted in: Apple patches exploit attributed to hacker-for-hire firm See in context

Nice story, Scorpion.

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Posted in: Epic Games appeals ruling in lawsuit alleging Apple monopoly See in context

Apple invented the smartphone which has dramatically changed the way ordinary people live--and mostly in positive ways.

Epic make games and are crying that they don't like the shop the sells their games.

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Posted in: Denmark becomes only European country with no COVID restrictions See in context

"All citizens being treated fairly with equal access to public spaces and services."

After a successful mass vaccination, of course.

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Posted in: Elon Musk’s Tesla Bot raises serious concerns See in context

This guy is all mouth.

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Posted in: Putin calls absence of Russia-Japan peace treaty 'nonsense' See in context

Those islands are actually in danger from the sea and in great need of tetrapods. Only Japan can do that. Give 'em back!

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Posted in: YouTube Music tops 50 million subscribers See in context

Google, the ultimate me too company. If they can't succeeding by copying, they just buy the competition.

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Posted in: UK to hold 1st talks with TPP members this month to join trade pact See in context

Quality headline.

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Posted in: Has Delta killed the herd immunity dream? See in context

"The narrative is constantly changing."

It's a virus, not a story. That's what viruses tend to do.

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Posted in: Nissin Foods says 50 billion Cup Noodles have been sold worldwide See in context

The world needs more polystyrene and junk inside it.

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Posted in: Station in Tokyo becomes first in the city to install an inclined elevator See in context

"It’s yet another great example of Japan’s attention to “people friendly movement” in public spaces,"


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Posted in: Man gets 11 years in prison for abandoning body of fatally beaten man outside Chiba Hospital See in context

We all know the justice system here is seriously messed up--and scary.

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Posted in: Schools take action against rising pandemic-linked student suicides See in context

"But let the rest of us make our own choices."

Most people have made their own choice: to live collectively in society and do everything we can for the safety of ourselves and everyone around us.

Another choice is to move out and live in the woods. I suggest Alabama.

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Posted in: Toyota launches new Land Cruiser with beefed-up car security See in context

These cars are shocking examples of the trend towards bigger and bigger models. Do two little humans really need something the size and bulk of a tank? Is there no such thing as global warming. What a disgusting thing the human species has become.

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Posted in: Saitama man repeatedly steals food from store by making his phone say 'PayPay♫' See in context

"it’s hard to deny the cleverness"

Only Soranews could think this is clever in any way, shape or form.

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Posted in: Olympic Games organizers admit to wasting about 4,000 boxes of food See in context

Probably on the exact same day we were bike riding in distant tokyo subburbs when we came upon an old women we often see hanging about, trying to find shade (no air-con at home) and someone to talk to. Perhaps because I am a foreigner she was able to whisper that she had not eaten for 3 days and did we have some small food? We actually had packed lunch and gave it to her. She almost cried.

Read quick this will surely be removed as "off topic!"

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Posted in: Russian PM to visit disputed isle off Hokkaido See in context

They were occupied by the Japanese as they pushed up into Hokkaido and subjugated the Ainu. Now the Russians have them. This, and indeed the rest, is history . . .

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,763 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 5,020 See in context

Mr. Hakman:

"There was a grand total of four COVID deaths in Japan today. 


I wonder what you would say if one of them was your mum, or son. God forbid it was YOU.

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Posted in: Asylum-seeking Myanmar soccer player to join Japanese club as trainee See in context

6 month. The government certainly welcoming him with open arms (and crossed fingers).

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Posted in: Emperor wishes Olympians best in meeting with Jill Biden, Macron See in context

It's the carpet that troubles me.

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Posted in: Japan’s honor system unstaffed produce stands get a stylish upgrade See in context

Someone forgot to turn out the lights. And stylish? Even trashy Ikea would shudder.

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Posted in: Hong Kong police arrest former Apple Daily senior editor See in context

I also love the place and the people have not changed. Boycott HK is like stabbing the patient so he doesn't die of the poison running through his veins. I will go back and support HK by doing so.

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Posted in: Japan's exports, imports zoom amid world pandemic recovery See in context


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Posted in: The 10 best places for young, single people to live in and around Tokyo See in context

In actual fact, for those who hate cities and all those downtown areas listed, there are places in western tokyo where you can ride your bike to buy free range eggs and see the chickens outside rooting around, fill up your bottles with natural spring water, ride beside farmers fields, see Japanese raccoons many an evening etc etc etc. All this and only 30 mins by train from Shinjuku.

So I would say if you take your time you can find exactly the type of environment you want in greater Tokyo.

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Posted in: Johnson resisted 2nd lockdown as 'most of those dying were over 80': ex-aide See in context

"When I’m 80 my grandkid will sit on my lap and transfer one of the countless viruses that are harmless to them but deadly to my old frail body to me and I will die.

But that is the natural cycle of life."

Yes, who need medicine, right?

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Posted in: Japan mulls extending maximum reactor lifespan beyond 60 years See in context

Fukushima was hit by a freak wave. Not relevant to this discussion. For all those dogmatic about closing plants after an arbitrary 40 years, please turn off all electrical devices in your home for 48 hours and get back to me.

Power doesn't fall from the sky like rain.

Let the downvotes proceed :)

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Posted in: Fans or no fans, U.S. swimmers aim to be fast in Tokyo See in context

Amazing and shocking headline. Can it be true? 3 2 1

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Posted in: Man arrested after assaulting visitor to nextdoor apartment for being noisy See in context

Japanese hate noise but this is the nosiest country I know. My tiny local station has at least 6 machines the repeatedly speak, bleep or squeak. It also has a highly synthesised sound of a bird whistle that shrieks out from two different locations with such annoying regularity it sets the nerves on edge--and this is supposed to calm people and deter jumping off the tracks under a train. It actually makes me consider it.

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Posted in: Over 6 million EU citizens apply to settle in post-Brexit UK See in context

Funny.. They left the EU because too many "foreigners" we moving there. Now it's "proof" how great the county is.

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Posted in: Nissan to make new electric cars, batteries in Britain See in context

Obviously government subsidies keeping Nissan there. Europeans must be smiling.

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