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Posted in: 50 crows found dead in Tokyo park See in context

They are ravens, not crows.

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Posted in: Honda unveils power storage apparatus for camping See in context

Because camping with a rice cooker and electric blanket is so important.

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Posted in: Japan Railways to offer new three-day unlimited pass for Tokyo and east Japan See in context

Great deal (not). Convenient window of opportunity (not).

I wish we could just get the real pass that foreign tourists are allowed. These days bullet trains are double the airlines' prices.

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Posted in: Google adds voice-activated shopping, taking on Amazon See in context

Google, the ultimate Me Too company,

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Posted in: Trudeau says Canada will continue to take refugees See in context

Americans would do well to take a trip over the border and see what a civilised caring country actually looks like.

Go America!

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Posted in: More than 2 mil retail power users switch to new entrants See in context

Anyone changed? I also would like to know which providers have the best pricing.

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Posted in: Serial foot licker apprehended in Kyoto See in context

She's a sucker and he's a licker.

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Posted in: Man arrested after showing up at police station with woman's body in his car See in context

There are very few laws here that fit act crimes. That's why killing ten cats in a park will get you arrested for "disrupting business."

Pissing off the platform in a train station will get you nothing more than a damp leg because it's business as usual.

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Posted in: 8 reasons Japan is so clean See in context

Japan is dirty and most beaches are disgusting.

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Posted in: 6,588 taken to hospital for heatstroke in week to Aug 7 See in context

Many people, including the old, cannot afford to run aircon.

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Posted in: What do you think of Japan's health insurance system? See in context


You obviously don't know much about the world of health care. Japanese is not bad. But even a poorish country like Thailand is more affordable for its population, less wasteful and of a high standard.

I will not mention Canada and Europe because there is no comparison.

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Posted in: Pink Floyd to put out unreleased tracks in box set See in context

Apart from a few good tracks, the rest is probably rubbish. That's why they never released it when they actually were a band.

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Posted in: Samsung extends lead over Apple in smartphone market See in context


your comment innovation pool seems already empty.

Find a new hobby horse.

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Posted in: Teen couple arrested for burying newborn baby in park See in context

The post about adoption was on the nose; however, any comment with "Japan" included is ridiculous. This kind of thing occasionally happens here and in most countries. They are teens. They are confused. They made a bad choice.

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Posted in: Japan latest battleground in Airbnb home-sharing war See in context

We have all kinds of problems with noise and antisocial behaviour around our house. They are all Japanese idiots causing the problems. We call the police almost weekly. They do nothing.

We also do Airbnb. None of our guests have disturbed anyone by even the smallest degree.

There is a lot of hot air in this thread, some of it ironically smelling of racism--and all of it from people, as usual, with zero personal experience.

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Posted in: Nissan fends off union pressure in U.S. state of Mississippi See in context

The idea of democracy is a good one; but there are downsides. People vote for Abe, for example. So I say, no more democracy.

Can we have a vote on that idea?

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Posted in: 14-year-old girl arrested for strangling grandfather to death See in context

"Try her as an adult and throw away the key, please"

Words like this are cheap. Thinking requires some expenditure. Please.

First, perhaps we should investigate the holders of the keys. She went to the police asking for help.

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Posted in: Pokemon Go seen making billions for Apple See in context

Since they started the whole mobile app revolution and also the online app store, I'd say they deserve every penny.

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Posted in: Trump: France, others hit by terror may face more screening See in context

As far as gun killings are concerned, just look north to Canada where they are quite strictly controlled. Especially hand guns. Deer do have to be careful though.

In terms of murders in general, you will discover that Montreal, for example, is a safer place to live than Tokyo.

And you will also notice they have a very welcoming immigration policy.

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Posted in: Smartwatch market slips on Apple decline See in context

Most people telling everyone how it is a waste of time and money don't have one. I have one. If you have many appointments during the day it is very handy to check time place and details. If you are on the move for much of the day and receive many text messages and emails, it is extremely useful. You glance at it and within 4 seconds have the information you need.

It also tells you the time without fishing in your bag for your phone.

Of course, it is unpractical if you never had one or used one. And of course, people who don't have things but take the time to write on the internet about how useless those things are, well certainly they are the kind of people we can respect and trust.

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Posted in: KFC offering all-you-can-eat fried chicken in Japan every Wednesday starting in mid-summer See in context

Factory chicken meat. Treating living sentient beings as bits and bobs on a production line. Even more disgusting than the colonels original (salt + salt) recipe.

Hopefully the customers will gorge on this great deal and vomit in the stylish plastic tabled restaurant to the merriment of other patrons.

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Posted in: 820 treated with heatstroke symptoms, one dead See in context

Many old people, especially in the countryside, don't have the money to use aircon. And they are not working in the fields for a hobby.

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Posted in: Google brings Earth into better focus See in context

"Maybe the device you are using can't support the resolution they are supporting.

Or are you thinking that they are lying about this?"

Mr Strangeland, do you really need to be so belligerent so often with so many people? Try to find some inner peace.

Yes I think they are lying and I am using my 1986 MacPlus.

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Posted in: Hidden paradise: Oki Islands geopark reveals Shetland-like secrets See in context

Every beach offers unobstructed views of delightful tetrapod walls. And I mean EVERY beach. Comparing it to the Shetlands is fanciful.

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Posted in: Google brings Earth into better focus See in context

I use Google Earth Pro weekly to plan my cycle camping trips. From what I can see the resolution has not change at all. Even in areas such as Noshiro, Tohoku, which has new images acquired in June, the quality seems the same.

So I am puzzled by this press release.

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Posted in: Hong Kong becomes world's costliest city for expats: Mercer See in context

My point was that, as the title indicates, this ranking has very little meaning for most people who go there on holiday; though many people reading it would be put off. My goal was simply to clarify that this ranking has a very narrow focus and is not applicable to people simply wanting to visit HK. I am sure those arguing are so smart they don't require such clarification.

And the fact is, HK is cheaper than Tokyo for most things normal people want. Including hotels and erm, beer.

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Posted in: Hong Kong becomes world's costliest city for expats: Mercer See in context

An OK Italian meal was $150.

The people who go to hong kong and eat italian food for 150 dollars are the people who say HK is so expensive. Try eating the same as the locals. And a can of beer is 50 yen. Watch out for the champagne though.

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Posted in: Hong Kong becomes world's costliest city for expats: Mercer See in context

I go there every year and it is much much cheaper than Tokyo. The cost calculation includes a 3 bedroomed house in a central location etc which is just ridiculous. So, yes, it can be very expensive you are stupid or your company pays everything.

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Posted in: Tokyo gov’t sets up committee to prevent bicycle accidents See in context

How many are caused by idiot drivers with their faces in their smartphones, I wonder?

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Posted in: Smartwatches are getting smarter, though not quickly enough See in context

I have an apple watch. If you are often on the move with many messages, emails and appointment, it is very handy. Don't comment if you don't have one because obviously you don't actually know what you are taking about.

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