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Posted in: Asahi Super Dry’s draft beer in a can, the Nama Jockey Can, is here See in context

Some people, myself included, enjoy being upside down. We are waiting for the one where you can remove the bottom, NOT the top. Then we will be impressed.

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Posted in: Hands-free: Monkey plays video game - with its brain See in context

Strike me as unnecessary animal cruelty.

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Posted in: Gov't to release Fukushima nuclear plant water into sea despite fishermen's objection See in context

In reality, there is actually no other choice. I think most people can understand this and so no-one is surprised by the decision, only how long they took to make it.

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Posted in: Apple to argue it faces competition in video game market in Epic lawsuit See in context

When Apple INVENTED the first smart phone, this closed method of getting and installing apps was to ward against the prevalence of viruses in Windows as well as to a much lesser extent, Macs. I think most people are happy to buy from a single source knowing there are no risks.

When Google actually invents something, let me know and we can check what they do.

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Posted in: Apple to argue it faces competition in video game market in Epic lawsuit See in context

LOL that's like saying Sony has a monopoly power over Sony TVs.

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Posted in: U.S. Supreme Court sides with Google in copyright fight with Oracle See in context

There' a reason google dropped their do no evil tag line a few years ago.

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Posted in: LG becomes first major smartphone brand to withdraw from market See in context

There's the first smartphone in the world, iPhone and then . . . the rest. All run by Google's me too flagrant copy.

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Posted in: McDonald’s Japan brings back its duo of Samurai Mac burgers as regular menu items See in context

Disgusting crap. I'd rather eat my socks.

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Posted in: Coronavirus cases rising in 42 of Japan's 47 prefectures See in context

Well they always use a photo shot with an extreme telephoto lens which results in compressing near and far object. So this street was not, in reality, very crowded. So I think we can still congratulate people living here for not ignoring matters of social distancing.

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Posted in: Some of Japan’s most iconic vending machines will soon be no more See in context

So many people care about their own convenience rather than the health of the planet. What a hopeless world we seem to live in.

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Posted in: Some of Japan’s most iconic vending machines will soon be no more See in context

Yes to Tokyo-m.

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Posted in: British citizen arrested for dumping bento trash in mailbox See in context

Japan has ten times more litter than UK. The beaches here are often disgusting, as are riversides. Up in the hills people throw tvs etc out of their cars.

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Posted in: Putin gets COVID-19 vaccine; Kremlin silent on details See in context

He wants to protect his tough-guy image and having cameras record him wince at that baby needle would not be good.

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Posted in: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey sells digital version of his first tweet for $2.9 mil See in context

As the money will be given to charity, what is the problem exactly?

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Posted in: Tsunami scars linger a decade later in Tohoku region See in context

Rebuilding on higher ground, for one thing, would negate the need for all the concrete pouring for those giant sea walls etc. That would not do. The construction industry would not allow that.

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Posted in: 7 shot near transit station in north Philadelphia See in context

Lucky Americans can buy guns at walmart and carry them around to protect themselves from things like this.

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Posted in: Why are some people in Japan paying big money for an old cassette tape? See in context

No surprise the source of this story.

"Curiously, some of these cases are labeled with price tags that outstrip the cost of an overnight ferry trip across the country. "

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Posted in: GM teams up with Microsoft on driverless cars See in context

Brings a new meaning to blue screen of death.

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Posted in: Japanese architectural craft approved as UNESCO intangible heritage See in context

Well houses are made of plastic now so . . .

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Posted in: Apple unveils headphones that cost twice as much as AirPods See in context

Not sure why everyone is complaining. I have a pair of very expensive Gado headphones. Are you angry with me? Are you angry with Grado? Have you listened to these Apple headphones and determined they are low quality for high price?

Or maybe you just hate on everything Apple?

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Posted in: Russia deploys missiles to Pacific islands claimed by Japan See in context

Japan will never get them back but if it did, tetrapods would be the first thing to happen. Then concrete hillsides. At the moment they are still pristine.

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Posted in: 85-year-old man arrested over death of 80-year-old wife See in context

Social services of every kind can only do so much. If we become sick, in pain, immobile etc. at some point we may need release.   Legal euthanasia is a sign of a caring society.

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Posted in: 85-year-old man arrested over death of 80-year-old wife See in context

The reason we need legal euthanasia.

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Posted in: Controversial Kumamoto dam project approved after disaster See in context

Every river in Japan is damned with a damn dam. Or multiple. Let's damn well keep building more dams.

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Posted in: Textile maker hopes 'Demon Slayer' anime will promote tatami industry See in context

Japanese generally don't want tatami any more; and those that do choose a plastic version that is very "convenient."

Myself I think tatami is fantastic and luckily we have two room with it.

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Posted in: Face mask distributer imprisoned in sex shop by yakuza for 11 hours See in context

This is Soranews so the headline told the whole story without the endless meandering. and verbosity.

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Posted in: Studio Ghibli’s new anime keeping its setting in UK; has official premiere date See in context

Seems they ran out of ideas and are now on life support.

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Posted in: Hayao Miyazaki asked, while picking up trash on street, for opinions on 'Demon Slayer' See in context

SoraNews24 lol. What do you expect?

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Posted in: Passenger injured by pepper spray in Tokyo subway following argument over face mask See in context

Monte Bell (spelling?) sells pepper spray. And no, a bear bell is not enough.

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Posted in: Lake Biwa and the creatures inside: Fishing in the largest lake of Japan See in context

It's the biggest lake. And after the first sentence, it goes down-hill from there.

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