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Stranger: I'm reading some of the post and most are saying Trump is full of it, but its proven by your own liberal leaning news paper that in fact illegals are voting and can make a differenec in elections. Im not a Trump supporter I think he is a fool but facts are facts.

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Acording the the Liberal Washington Post, Illegals are voting and enough that they can make a difference in elections. So why are you Liberals trying to justify something that is against the law.


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If the United States Leaves Japan, then Japan has no choice and has to have manditory enlistments in its military. I think that should include foreigners who live here and are permenant residents. You will be forced to join their military. GOOD LUCK! oh by the way why do you really think the chinese VP wanted to visit the japanese emperor. MMMMM! yeah china is not going to do anything hu. keep on thinking that.

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They need to put him away for about 10 or more years, he probably is the same person who hurt these other kids. I agree with some of these comments. its time japan and its culture change when it comes to kids walking to school by themselves. I told my wife that I would walk with my son and she told me that that was not the japanese way. I said to hell with that, I believe in safety. I am teaching my son how to box and I will also teach him not to speak to strangers and if one trys anything to scream loud and start kicking and punching, then run as fast as he can until he sees allot of people or the police.

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Posted in: Man gets 17 yrs for fatally abusing girlfriend's 2 daughters See in context

no way! 17 years he should of gotten the death sentence. Japan has to change its ways. We are hearing so many stories about murders here in Japan. it is starting to get scary.

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I drive taxi we have several drivers over the age of 75 and even one who is like 85. customers complain all the time that they are to slow and some of them have health issues. my company does nothing about it. two years ago they had an accident in which a older driver had a heart attack while driving, he had a head on with a passenger. not good. japan needs to change its laws, they have the best transportation system in the world. the should help the elderly and set an age limit on drivers.

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