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Posted in: No dogs culled in Ibaraki Prefecture, but issues remain See in context

Don't buy, adopt."


many farmers had allowed their dogs to roam and breed freely, 

that sounds like an issue

Eh, sounds to me like a farm dog."

Spay and neuter your pets and there are much fewer problems. They are much less aggro when they don't have all those hormones and they cannot breed.

You make a valid point.

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Posted in: Ukraine's capital bans Independence Day festivities, fearing Russian attack See in context

If Ukrainian foreign intel were going to use it's limited opportunities and resources, it wouldn't waste them on a ditz like her. There are multiple other higher-value targets.

News reports say the young woman,s father was the intended (high-value ) target, and they decided to switch cars at the last minute. This " ditz" as you insultingly call the young lady killed, was not the target.

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Posted in: Kishida's support tumbles, hit by questions over Unification Church and COVID See in context

*Then go to South Korea and Thailand. Who cares what you want? When it come Japan's borders it is want the *Japanese people want. AND right know we dont want you!'

I,m shocked and disappointed to read such racism on Japan Today comment board. Many Japanese people working in tourism and running own businesses would welcome overseas tourists. Mr. Kishida please re open Japans borders so we can visit.

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Posted in: Once-close royal brothers William and Harry now estranged See in context

This is very sad turn of events...such a relationship breakdown between the brothers.

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Posted in: Variant-adapted COVID vaccine wins first approval in Britain See in context

However, the correlation between neutralizing antibody levels and vaccine effectiveness against disease - in particular severe disease - remains unclear.

Hmmm....that's a bit of a pickle then.

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Posted in: Nearly 370 mil disposable cups used by coffee chains in Japan in 2020 See in context

Never once have I brought my own cup to a coffee place, and I never ever will.

Same here.

Why not? ...that is a very environmentally unfriendly stance to take.

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Posted in: Peach Aviation launches 'tabikuji' (lucky trip fortunes) that decide your destination with one shake See in context

A slight variation of the "mystery flight" then.

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Posted in: Make pancakes fluffier and healthier with this Japanese recipe See in context

Looks quite tasty , has anyone tried this?

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Posted in: Source of Britain's River Thames driest ever as drought nears See in context

Yes, rivers are drying up not just around Thames, but also in many other parts of the globe currently.

Drought used to be a common phenomenon in poor countries, now it seems to be fast emerging everywhere."

Yes, quite concerning.

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