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Posted in: No rift over cost of U.S. troops in South Korea if Trump elected, says former Trump adviser See in context

Report by Forbes today with some more detail.

Biden Vs. Trump 2024 Election Polls: Trump’s Lead Widens In Almost Every Post-Debate Survey

Former President Donald Trump leads President Joe Biden in 11 of 12 national surveys taken after their consequential June 27 debate, according to Real Clear Politics’ poll tracker—though surveys are split on whether potential Biden replacements would outperform the president against Trump.Key Facts

Trump leads Biden by 3.3 points in Real Clear Politics’ poll tracker, a 1.8-point swing in Trump’s favor since the debate, and is up by 1.6 points in FiveThirtyEight’s poll tracker.Trump is up by three points over Biden in the latest poll by Emerson College, taken July 7-8, and leads by two in Morning Consult’s weekly survey.

Trump leads Biden by six points in a New York Times/Siena College survey conducted Friday to Tuesday, a three-point swing in Trump’s favor since a poll a week earlier, and Trump’s widest lead in any poll by the groups since he launched his first presidential campaign in 2015.

A Wall Street Journal survey conducted after the debate also found Biden trails Trump by six points, Trump’s widest lead over Biden in Journal surveys dating to 2021 in a two-way matchup, and a four-point increase in Trump’s lead since February.

A CBS/YouGov post-debate poll taken in the seven crucial battleground states likely to determine the winner of the election found Trump leads Biden by three points, after trailing him by one point last month.

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Posted in: Far-right wins first round in France election, as run-off horse-trading begins See in context

Vive la France !

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Posted in: Paris prepares to refashion Olympics with urban look See in context

Interesting idea, however swimming in the river Seine does sound rather unappealing.

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Posted in: Biden's shaky Trump debate alarms Democrats, raises questions for his campaign See in context

After watching the debate, nobody in their right mind can say Joe Biden should be the next president. It is obvious he is no longer mentally capable despite his supporters claiming otherwise.

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Posted in: Kishida vows to focus on issues that cannot be postponed See in context

Kishida san has done next to nothing to focus on these issues until now. Obviously nothing will change. His words are as empty as the average Japanese worker wallet.

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Posted in: U.S. puts Japan back on currency manipulator watch list after 1 year See in context

Lol, US complains that Japan is trying to bring the yen level up?

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Posted in: Japan inflation rises to 2.5% in May See in context

BoJ continues to do nothing as usual. Consumers suffer.

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Posted in: Diet wraps up regular session; Kishida's reelection bid in focus See in context

Was Mr.Kishida even in attendance? He seems to prefer going on overseas trips instead of solving domestic issues.

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Posted in: Japan seeks more visitors despite overtourism problems See in context

Few if any western economy can now compete internationally in manufacturing or even resource exploitation in their own countries.

Service industry in the USA is 70% of the economy, France 82% etc...

The service industry includes Tourism with around 3% in the USA but by state some it is 80%, France 10% and similar numbers in Italy etc...

Japan is behind the rest of the developed world in developing services including tourism.

The days of producing products for export are long gone in the developed countries and this is not sinking into the heads of many old people in Japan

This is true.

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Posted in: Japan says it is seriously concerned over Russia-N Korea military cooperation See in context

Several times Putin looked like a double.

It would be wise for Putin to use double on occasions.

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Posted in: Japan says it is seriously concerned over Russia-N Korea military cooperation See in context

That the Soviet Union's seat is better off with a non-fascist country like Ukraine.

Ukraine a member of UN Security Council? Ridiculous and not well thought through suggestion.

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Posted in: Tokyo governor race begins with 56 candidates running See in context

The campaign has already received orders from potential buyers for about 900 locations, mainly in the bustling Chiyoda and Chuo wards, according to the party.

Who are the buyers ?

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Posted in: The Olympics are more than fun and games. They're a billion-dollar business with political overtones See in context

They're a billion-dollar business with political overtones

It is mostly about money and politics these days. Sad.

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Posted in: Japan says it is seriously concerned over Russia-N Korea military cooperation See in context

They should kick Russia out of the UN Security Council.

This would be based on what ?

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Posted in: Japan says it is seriously concerned over Russia-N Korea military cooperation See in context

Looking at photos of Putin during his trip, he certainly did not appear to be having a good time.

Kim is holding what seems to be a long speech in his hands, Putin seems bored, the rest at the table too. Or maybe unflattering photos have been chosen by AP on purpose. Probably both.

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Posted in: Japan seeks more visitors despite overtourism problems See in context

There is no reason Japan cannot ultimately replace France as the most visited place on earth -

Don't think so, simple geography - an island country with access only via air ( and limited cruise ports ) vs one in middle of Europe surrounded by well off EU population connected via air, rail, road.

If and when JPY improves from the current too low levels, demand will level off.

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Posted in: What's behind the weekly magazines' current infatuation with Japan's royals? See in context

Weren't weekly magazines always infatuated with the royals?

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Posted in: Renho campaigns See in context

One energetic lady, good luck!

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Posted in: Putin signs deals with Vietnam in bid to shore up ties in Asia to offset Moscow's growing isolation See in context

And yet Vietnam never asks for reparations because they are adults. Also the US is hugely popular in Vietnam:

Americans like to overestimate their own popularity around the world, especially when it is according to their own research, chuckle. Quite puzzling.

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Posted in: Sunak 'incredibly angry' about election date betting allegations See in context

Did Sunak party colleagues really need that extra cash from the bets?

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Posted in: South Korea will consider supplying arms to Ukraine after Russia and North Korea sign strategic pact See in context

We all need to be supplying arms to Ukraine.

You can donate and send as much of your hard earned as you want, I want our taxes spent here on social services, health, education, infrastructure and the rest not more weapons for distant wars.

This really is about Us against Them,

No, it isn't. Its about Russia against Ukraine.

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Posted in: Do you think political correctness will be the death of comedy? See in context

Hopefully not, but the PC crowd is trying hard.

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Posted in: Japan seeks more visitors despite overtourism problems See in context

Translation: Despite the old people and xenophobic locals complaining and living in the past! Japan needs the outside money!

You're a good translator mate!

I second that :)

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Posted in: Japan seeks more visitors despite overtourism problems See in context

There is no reason Japan cannot ultimately replace France as the most visited place on earth -

Not gonna happen, simple island geography. Also the yen will not stay in this gutter forever , despite the govt and BoJ impotence. The numbers will plateu and fall off when that happens. Despite that Japan will stay a popular destination I think.

Hey Gajin, Gajijn tourist is less than 1 % of GDP.*

Just under 1% of GDP per 1 gaijin? Those are some mighty gaijin individuals, imagine if a dozen more such gaijin come, Japan's GDP growth will be phenomenal and envy of the world once again, just like in Showa era.

Another gaijin idiot.

That sounds like a rant of a demented person.

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Posted in: No dogs culled in Ibaraki Prefecture, but issues remain See in context

Don't buy, adopt."


many farmers had allowed their dogs to roam and breed freely, 

that sounds like an issue

Eh, sounds to me like a farm dog."

Spay and neuter your pets and there are much fewer problems. They are much less aggro when they don't have all those hormones and they cannot breed.

You make a valid point.

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Posted in: Ukraine's capital bans Independence Day festivities, fearing Russian attack See in context

If Ukrainian foreign intel were going to use it's limited opportunities and resources, it wouldn't waste them on a ditz like her. There are multiple other higher-value targets.

News reports say the young woman,s father was the intended (high-value ) target, and they decided to switch cars at the last minute. This " ditz" as you insultingly call the young lady killed, was not the target.

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Posted in: Kishida's support tumbles, hit by questions over Unification Church and COVID See in context

*Then go to South Korea and Thailand. Who cares what you want? When it come Japan's borders it is want the *Japanese people want. AND right know we dont want you!'

I,m shocked and disappointed to read such racism on Japan Today comment board. Many Japanese people working in tourism and running own businesses would welcome overseas tourists. Mr. Kishida please re open Japans borders so we can visit.

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Posted in: Once-close royal brothers William and Harry now estranged See in context

This is very sad turn of events...such a relationship breakdown between the brothers.

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