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2013, the rise of Abe. 2014, the fall of Abe. Happy New Year, everyone!

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Soon we won't need movie theaters. Um, take a look at the photo of the two ladies standing to the right of the TV... why does the woman on the left HAVE NO FEET?? Her left leg is crossed over her right and comes down to... nothing is there... empty space between her dress and the floor. w..t..f?

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China, both Koreas and Japan = bickering children. This is getting old and a lot of these issues should have stayed in the 20th Century. Japan and China are each other's greatest trading partner so this saber rattling is just to improve weapon sales. I wonder how much stock Chinese/North Korean politicians have in Raytheon (Patriot Missle), Boeing (Osprey), Northrop Corporation (B-2 Stealth Bomber)...

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