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Wakarimasen comments

Posted in: American Airlines raising bag fees and changing how customers earn frequent-flyer points See in context

Kind of shrinkflation. Airlines really have been aggressive with prices and worse amenities

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Posted in: Youth appetite for gold rises as Chinese economy loses luster See in context

Gold is a must. Especially with the storm coming

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Posted in: Another exec with Japan's top oil company Eneos fired for sexual harassment See in context

Finally a watashi ni movement here

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Posted in: Robots and happy workers: Productivity surge helps explain U.S. economy's surprising resilience See in context

Hmmmm. Bit dubious. Manufacturing is less than 30% of the US economy. I think huge government spending and cheap energy are more likely causes of the economic "resilience"

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Posted in: Iran sends Russia hundreds of ballistic missiles, sources say See in context

Doesn't matter. Ukraine still clearly on course to win this. Kamalas speech in Munich told it how it is.

just needs a little more money

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Posted in: Hardliners on both sides threaten to sink deal averting U.S. debt deal See in context

And 14th Amendment is also a total red herring. My guess whatever happens the debt continues to go up somehow.

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Posted in: Hardliners on both sides threaten to sink deal averting U.S. debt deal See in context

The whole "debt default" mantra is total BS. Tax receipts are more than enough to cover interest payments on the debt. What needs cutting are the myriad useless programs and give aways (student debt relief?) that are in the budget. Debt ceiling continually being raised shows what a Ponzi the US public finances are.

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Posted in: Ukraine says counteroffensive delayed; Britain sending cruise missiles to Kyiv See in context

I wonder if they are capable of mounting any kind of offensive. Stalemate seems the most likely option. Until Europe finally tires of supporting this awful conflict.

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Posted in: Debt limit fight: Biden meeting with Congress leaders put off until next week as staff talks proceed See in context

The ponzi continues. Just keep borrowing and call it meeting their financial commitments. Trump may be awful but he is right on the fact that America can't keep spending like this. Something has to give.

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Posted in: Why First Republic failed. Are other banks to follow? See in context

I think more to follow. Especially if rates continue to rise.

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Posted in: U.S. says 20,000 Russians killed in Ukraine war since December See in context

No mention of Ukrainian losses?

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Posted in: Dreaming the impossible dream: The 1.5 C climate target See in context

The assertion that we have more extreme weather events remains contentious

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Posted in: Hugh Grant: Romantic comedies are a 'big fat lie' See in context

Revelation. Actually his career went a bit off after his liaison with a hollywood streetwalker. Nice to see him back as a villain

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Posted in: Do you think Japan has apologized enough for its colonial past concerning South Korea? See in context

How many sorrys are required?

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Posted in: New Zealand tells China its concern on lethal aid to Russia See in context

China must be quaking in its boots

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Posted in: Biden lay out his budget plan; challenges GOP to follow suit See in context

More tax and spend is not the answer.

The constant need to raise the debt limit shows what a ponzi US government funding is.

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Posted in: France faces massive strikes over pension reform See in context

Entitlements were established when people died younger and the ratio of earners to receivers of benefits was more sustainable. Unfortunately in a democracy the ability of the state to fix this is limited. Sad for the retirees , but id]f benefits not addressed then they will end up paying thru the current bout of high inflation.

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Posted in: 40% of firms want BOJ to scale down monetary easing: survey See in context

Because they see the awful impact of this lunacy

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Posted in: BOJ chief nominee sticking to familiar playbook, at least for now See in context

Because they are all cut from the same cloth. Lunatics

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Posted in: The plan is insane. What we need is to cut tuition fees. See in context

Education subsidies and loan forgiveness plans both have the unforseen consequences of driving the cost of tuition up.

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Posted in: Russian shelling hits Ukrainian town; Bakhmut battle rages See in context

Sad but seems Ukraine strategy is failing. Bakhmut appears to have been a disaster for them.

I think that Russian losses are being grossly exaggerated by our media. They have been using artillery and similar to achieve their objectives. Sure they are losing troops, but poor Ukraine losing more and have less manpower reserves to draw on.

we were told Bakhmut was going to be a bloody nose for Russia. That does not appear to be the case.

Shades of Afghanistan just before the collapse there?

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Posted in: U.S. seeks allies' backing for possible China sanctions over Ukraine war See in context

Jeez. Do these people never learn? Sanctions have been all but useless and will end up causing more harm to the world economy.

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Posted in: Ukraine clings to Bakhmut but time may be running out as Russians advance See in context

Sitting in a fortified town like this was never a sensible military strategy. Turned into a meat grinder where Russia could just bombard the place and inflict huge casualties. Sad for Ukraine, but the overwhelming manpower and material advantage the Russians have will finally prevail.

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Posted in: Japan to give Ukraine $5.5 bil, host online G7 summit plus Zelenskyy See in context

All this money will unfortunately not replace the dead and help Ukraine in this war. Russia appears to have the upper hand and Ukraine will struggle to fend of the coming attacks.

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Posted in: South Korea court convicts 'comfort women' activist of embezzling donations See in context

Unfortunately so many of the reparation or compensation movements attract grifters

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Posted in: Russia strikes Ukrainian power grid and gains ground in the east See in context

Feels lime the end game. Poor Ukraine sacrificed on the altar of geopolitics.

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Posted in: Fierce battles rage in Bakhmut as Ukraine calls for planes See in context

Beginning of the end. More stuff won't save the poor Ukrainians. They need more people. And they are running out of those unless NATO directly intervenes.

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Posted in: Republicans criticize Biden for waiting to shoot down Chinese balloon See in context

Total nonsense story. Another distraction from what really matters to the world.

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Posted in: FIFA mostly wins big but loses some trust at Qatar World Cup See in context

Trust? Surely that was lost a long time agon

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Posted in: Cars and dolls for all: Spain tackles toy gender bias See in context

Critical issue. Well done Spain for tackling this threat to humanity

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