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Posted in: Announcement of Don Quijote’s beloved mascot being changed has shoppers in shock See in context

If they change their jingle, the world may well end

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Posted in: Jan 6 panel calls for insurrection, fraud charges against Trump See in context

Will be surprised if this doesn't flop, just like all the previous attempts to convict him of somethung.

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Posted in: After FTX collapse, cryptocurrency sector fights back See in context

Prime example of the investment bubble. More to come.

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Posted in: UK budget predicted to be a nightmare before Christmas See in context

Money printing chickens coming home to roost

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Posted in: Trump launches 3rd campaign for U.S. presidency See in context

Can he just not go away? Watch him lose again because so many people viscerally loathe him

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Posted in: G20 considers resolution condemning Russian invasion See in context

Joey B is there so everything will be alright. Crisp clear messaging and handshakes all round.

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Posted in: Number of new coronavirus cases in Japan surges to 102,829 See in context

Close borders. Social distance. Masks. More boosters. etc etc......

All those measures worked perfectly before.

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Posted in: Cambodian PM tests positive for COVID after hosting summit See in context


Turns out none of the others worked either.

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Posted in: Binance proposes fund to save crypto from future failures See in context

All built on thin air so any such attempts will end in the same disastrous way.

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Posted in: Jeff Bezos says he will give away most of his fortune See in context

To add.

They give it away so they can give to their pet causes and feel virtuous rather than paying properly and allowing workers to lead a better life.

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Posted in: Siebel Newsom, wife of California governor, accuses Harvey Weinstein of rape See in context

Entertainment industry condoned this type of behaviour from its luminaries for years. Good that many are being held accountable now.

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Posted in: Hobbs wins Arizona governor’s race, flipping state for Dems See in context

US politics is an absolute mess. Poor the populace who suffer under this bunch of charlatans - from both parties.

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Posted in: Cambodian PM tests positive for COVID after hosting summit See in context

He should have worn a mask.....

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Posted in: Africa's mega-cities look to mass transit to ease growing pains See in context

China can help them build these.

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Posted in: Zelenskiy, visiting Kherson, vows to drive Russia from all of Ukraine See in context

The headlines are great, but the reality on the ground feels like it is getting more and more desperate - if not militarily, then for the people of Ukraine. winter is coming and they lack food and fuel and security....

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Posted in: Jeff Bezos says he will give away most of his fortune See in context

Agree, why not start now by paying your workers a bit more?

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Posted in: To mask or not to mask? G20 gathers nations with divergent COVID rules See in context

It is incredible that after all we have learned and with hard stats as to efficacy of masks, this debate still rages. Covid really did cause some form of mental dysfunction in our leaders (and, by extension, many of our fellow humans).

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Posted in: Kuroda says BOJ will maintain easing, watch impact of global tightening See in context

Lunatic policy continues. All these developed economy central bankers are following this mantra - lost decade becomes lost 2 decades and now almost 3. Even with some of the others ẗightening, monetary policy is still far too loose. and likely to get looser as recession bites again.

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Posted in: Chinese cities including Beijing report record COVID cases See in context

Lockdowns and tough restrictions certainly the way forward. Evidence is clear that they work.

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Posted in: Kuroda says he has no desire to be reappointed BOJ governor See in context

The last decades of monetary policy coupled with fiscal indiscipline have ruined Japans prospects of ever getting back to some form of economic stability.

He likely wants to be long forgotten when the inevitable consequences ensue.

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Posted in: China's COVID restrictions intensify as cases surge to highest since Shanghai lockdown See in context

At the same time they announce potential relaxation of travel quarantines, causing markets to soar. These people are either crazy or very very cunning.

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Posted in: U.S. keeps Japan, 6 other economies on currency watch list See in context

Central Banks are all manipulators. Why we can just let rates and exchange rates find their own levels based on economic activity etc is unclear to me. I guess governments cant help themselves and bureaucrats love the power.

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Posted in: Japan reports 78,577 new coronavirus cases See in context

Time to lock it all down?

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Posted in: Biden to discuss N Korea nuclear threat with Japan, S Korea leaders See in context

Bound to be a fruitful discussion. Surely the nuclear threat horse has already bolted?

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Posted in: Kishida to address food, energy crises, condemn Russia at summits See in context

Should take this moment of Russian weakness as an opportunity to take back Hoppo Ryodo. Not like Putin can point a finger given his invasion of Ukraine.

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Posted in: Japan given infamous 'fossil' award at climate change conference See in context

Too silly. Japan remains one of the most energy efficient developed nations......

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Posted in: Why some people think fascism is the greatest expression of democracy ever invented See in context

This really is a pretty weak article. The author displays strong biases and a startling lack of logic or citing of any facts to support his weird conjectures.

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Posted in: Nissan's quarterly profit falls amid computer chip crunch See in context

The GTR remains an achievement we can credit to Ghosn. And remains a top class vehicle.

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Posted in: Biden says Musk's foreign ties 'worthy' of scrutiny over Saudi stake in Twitter See in context

EM has put himself in the crosshairs. Expect this type of attack to be relentless. Bit like poor Orange.

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