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Hachikou, a brief lesson in simple politics.

Every failing leadership that clamors for power resorts to fear mongering. This is tried and true method. Abe in the most grotesque display of leadership is using the kidnapped victims to play on people's emotions to score extra points for the snap elections meant for next year. It's really that simple. Just have to open eyes and mind to actually see him for what he is, a clueless, entitled snake oil salesman!!

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Posted in: Toshiba to sell chip unit to Japan-U.S.-South Korea group See in context

How long must zombie companies be held afloat? Is status quo really greater than future indentured servitude?

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Pre-election propaganda created by ruling party. Expect more news like this.

Spot on!! No idea how everyone keeps falling for this ploy over and over again.

Good news, hopefully we can see some of that surplus revolving around back in Japan


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Posted in: N Korean crisis gives Abe a boost: analysts See in context

 No, in the sense that it is really a crisis

Um no it's not.

This is not the first or last time to sabre rattle.

This time round, heats taken off the scandal ridden Abe. That's why there's snap elections coming to a kuyakusho near you.

Democracy in Japan? Wake up!!

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Posted in: Japan welcomes Trump's rebuke of N Korea's abduction of Japanese See in context

If you look up embarrassing in the dictionary, those two faces should be pasted there!!

I'll ask once more, could one please consider the timing? Syria about to be delivered from carnage and the scandals overwhelming both incompetent shmucks. The so called belligerence from nk literally helps them save face.

And now, as I predicted when all this started, right on cue, expect snap elections soon to further muddle the Democratic process.

Fear truly is the last refuge of a floundering regime.

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Posted in: Anti-Assad nations say no to Syria reconstruction until political process on track See in context

The United States, Britain and other countries opposed to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad will not support the reconstruction of the country until there is a political transition "away from Assad,

Lol, translation, until we prop up another stooge to march to our tune.

Colonialism never left. It evolved!!

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Posted in: Abe likely to pledge something for everyone in election campaign See in context

But but, it's democracy!!!

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Posted in: Antimissile battery deployed in Hakodate after N Korean missile tests See in context

Lol slowly but surely we are realizing the grand nightmare. Hang onto your hats!!

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Posted in: Abe says he'll decide timing of election on return from U.N. trip See in context

Lol, gotta love the 'democratic' process

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Posted in: Urban warfare drill See in context

But but...they're only for self defense no?

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Posted in: 3,000 stage rally against conspiracy law See in context

Lol but but, it's democratic country!!

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Posted in: Trump to meet leaders of Japan, S Korea for urgent talks on N Korea See in context

Unless Russia and China back their play, this is all hot air from a fledgling empire!!

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Posted in: N Korea has Guam in mind, says Japan's defense minister See in context

I see. Parroting same BS as dictated by the boss. Do we still have competent leadership?

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Posted in: Behind shinkansen diplomacy, Japan and India seek to counter China See in context

Hahaha, joke of the week. After all the ground work China's done for over a decade in various nations? Good luck!!

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Posted in: U.S. says it has military options to deal with N Korea See in context

Lol sure..... This is what happens when a nation is too drunk from the effects of manifest destiny. The last kick from a dying empire. It's inevitable. All things eventually come to an end.

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Posted in: U.S. base worker's trial for rape, murder to begin Nov 16 See in context

I hope he hangs!!

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Posted in: Atomic Energy Commission supports nuclear power despite Fukushima See in context

Money,money money.....MONEY!!!

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Posted in: More lawmakers to desert Japan's ailing main opposition party See in context

Koike, on the other hand, can really capitalize on this. If she creates a party that is fresh with progressives and not stuffed with the same old conservative dinosaurs, she can really win and implement real and lasting change in Japan.

Lol!! The same koike that's a kaigi card carrying member?? Wake up!!

True change does not, I repeat. Does not happen in Japan. Ever!!

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Posted in: N Korea threatens to sink Japan, reduce U.S. to ashes and darkness See in context

Questions that everyone needs to ponder about.

  1. Who benefits most from this bluster?

  2. Why now? What's changed?

  3. Why the continuous refusal by the us to sign an official peace treaty?

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Posted in: LDP to come up with rough draft on revising pacifist Constitution See in context

The moment Japanese people welcome this, it will be proof of nothing learnt from attrocities past and any and all afflicted nations should claim reparations immediately after the fact!!

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Posted in: LDP to come up with rough draft on revising pacifist Constitution See in context

But of course... all we will hear is silence and capitulation muffling the occasional voice of reason.

Oh you didn't get the memo? Reason is they subconsciously support it. Otherwise you'd see a Korea style March down Shibuya. But won't happen. And one day, it will be too late to turn back!!

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Posted in: Koreans in Japan wary of tensions with North, worry about backlash See in context

"Americans and others have long observed cooperation between these two rogue regimes. You don’t need to be a trained missile expert to notice the design similarities between North Korea’s home-built Rodong and its Iranian clone, the Shahab 3. Or the Rodong B and Shahab 4.

Iranian nuclear scientists were present at Pyongyang’s first nuclear test. Iran-allied Syria modeled its nuclear plant (later eliminated by Israel) on a similar North Korean one. Rather than violating the Obama deal by experimenting at home, Iran can advance its nuclear program by observing North Korea’s and contributing to its progress."

I see. So basically, you're trying to tell me that iran, which is under a microscope 24/365 pulled one over the entire EU and US, and got away scot free with a nuclear agreement in tow? Come on man. Come on!!

These sovereign nations feel threatened by the war mongering empire. Face it. Thanks military industrial complex that the great general warned us about won out in the day. With the war winding down in Syria, empire needs another boogeyman to keep them coffers overflowing. Wake up man!!

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Posted in: Koreans in Japan wary of tensions with North, worry about backlash See in context

Anyone who cheers the psychotic NK regime shouldn't live here.

It's a good thing you're not in charge of immigration seeing as your take on freedom of expression is rather skewed.

All you need to do, is take the propaganda blinders on and actually read about the mass attrocities committed against NK. History is muddled with so much disinformation. It takes alot stepping out of your comfort box and actually thinking for yourself. You should certainly try it.

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Posted in: Koreans in Japan wary of tensions with North, worry about backlash See in context

The United States has not "threatened" North Korea since the Korean War ended in an armistice. I

Propaganda is quite an elixir.

Where to begin?

Categorization as an 'axis of evil'

Increase in mock attacks against a sovereign nation guised as 'exercises'

There's no nation on this planet that wouldn't look out for it's safety by obtaining this destructive deterrent.

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Posted in: Japanese lawmaker Inoki meets N Korea's top diplomat See in context

Interesting how majority on here prefer violence over dialogue. If you'd take a moment to actually study about the reasoning behind all this mess, the mass attrocities committed, duplicity etc. You'd have more information to make clear judgments free of spontaneous emotional reactions.

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Posted in: Trump rejects N Korea talks but key nations split on strategy See in context

Yeah expected a change in tune the moment he surrounded himself with war mongers. The military industrial complex needs it's pound of flesh!!

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Posted in: Japan must proceed with unpopular sales tax hike: Kishida See in context

Lol if at first you don't succeed, try try the exact same thing again!!

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Posted in: 'Star Wars: Episode IX' loses writer/director Trevorrow over movie vision See in context

The mouse strikes again!!

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Posted in: Allowing nuclear weapons in Japan could defuse N Korean threat: policy makers See in context

He asked not to be identified because of the sensitivity of the issue.

And that makes it credible? Here I'll try, a government source revealed Kim has a penchant for anime but refused disclosure due to sensitivities lol smh

Point is, scandal riddled abe and his ilk have failed the economy,with next quarter growth expected to be less than 0.2% kishida still wants that tax hike tho lol

And like all despots before him, once you run out of bread and circus, find yourself a boogeyman and ramp up the fear factor.

Hang onto your hats!!

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Posted in: New exhibition in Tokyo focuses on Japanese 'comfort women' See in context

Prostitution, rape, and forced sexual slavery has been a constant throughout history especially with military conquests.

Making this time less of an issue huh? Flawless logic(intense sarcasm)

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