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Posted in: Japan missile defense drill aims to ease concern over North Korean threat See in context

Abe's on the ropes at the moment. Prepare for the north korean boogeyman to take on a life akin to the invisible wmds in Iraq!!

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Posted in: No. of foreign visitors to Japan reaches 2.29 mil; record number for May See in context

You know you've lived in Japan too long when the sight of visitors spending hard earned cash is considered a nuisance. The irony is fantastic!!

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Posted in: Trump's son-in-law Kushner has 'productive' talks with Israel PM See in context

Lol,yeah thanks!

As long as they hold on to the apartheid era like treatment of Palestinians,this is just theater for the clueless!!

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Posted in: Trump's son-in-law Kushner seeks to revive Mideast talks See in context

Trump's incompetence in foreign affairs never seizes to amaze me!!

Face it, this is simply another pretentious show of support for the Palestinians that have been under an apartheid heel for as long as I can recall!! And don't even get me started with the american basket case that is the UN. Talk about useless waste of resources!!! For the love of salty nuts, the Golan heights are still illegally occupied!! Nothing of worth will materialize. Move along folks, nothing to see here!!

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Posted in: File implies Abe's specific instruction given in 'favoritism' scandal See in context

Despite releasing the document, the ministry repeatedly denied that the remarks were actually made by Hagiuda

Lol, let that spin sink in!

Abe's Liberal Democratic Party refused Tuesday a request by the main opposition Democratic Party for a special parliamentary session to tackle the claims outside of the Diet sitting schedule.

My way or the low way!!

the staff who wrote it.

Patsy already being prepped

Lol, how I love blatant corruption from the so-called leading democratic nations. And yet, the next play for dear leader is some false flag or worse yet natural calamity. By the time everyone wakes up, it will most assuredly be too late!! Word to the wise, better have an impeccable plan B if you plan on setting up shop long term!!

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Posted in: 1st antiterror drill held at nuclear plant for drone attack See in context

There are also at least 150,000 North Koreans or North Korean supporters living here

You do know they've been here for a long, long time right? This is more fear mongering that's taken a page from americas scare mongering playbook!!

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Posted in: Abe under fire over shady dealings claims See in context

Ho ho, it's only the beginning folks. Hang on to your breeches!!

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Posted in: Education ministry finds documents apparently supporting Abe favoritism claims See in context

Western morality

Im sorry what's this mystery you speak of?

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Posted in: Japan aims to cut suicide rate by 30% in 10 years See in context

 feeling of admiration of their courage.

I think the word you were looking for is selfishness,courage is standing up to all sorts of odds that desire to wreak you and overcome, it's running headlong in to dangerous situation because someone or something was in trouble, that's courage!!

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Posted in: Republican lawmaker shot, others wounded in Virginia See in context

Many of the posts here by "the left" are just shocking to me.

Couldn't agree more!!

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Posted in: Republican lawmaker shot, others wounded in Virginia See in context

 if he's unhinged,

The crazy angle hasn't been spun yet.

people who support easy access to guns shot by gun

Ahh yes. Right on cue. The callous attitude towards​ violence against the opposition. Classy!!

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Posted in: 'Conspiracy' law enacted through rare Diet tactic See in context

Haha, Japan's only taking a script from america. And just as I suspected in the link posted above, the first and probably real targets, whistleblowers are being given their summons. And yet the majority will continue to be docile seeing as in their minds, this truly does not affect them. Until one day it does and it's too late to change anything. George is definitely doing spins in his grave!!

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Posted in: Republican lawmaker shot, others wounded in Virginia See in context

The ever so 'tolerant' left strikes again!!

Its disgusting that people have to lose lives before the realization that democracy was and is not meant to make everyone pleased. You win some, lose some. The whining lefties need to grow up,work towards the next circus cycle.

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Posted in: Japan aims to cut suicide rate by 30% in 10 years See in context

 bolster measures related to bullying in schools and overwork

Now unless government is willing to overhaul the entire cultural mindset of blind obedience through rigorous reeducation, nothing is going to materialize from this endeavor. In other words, this is a monumental waste of time!!

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Posted in: EU sanctions Hungary, Poland, Czechs over refugees See in context

And that said far right and neo nazis tarnish the reputation of genuine migrants.

We will always have racists. They're basically every where. Even in Mass gatherings that support controlled immigration. Face it. People have finally woken up to the charade. Europe is in tatters from the massive uncontrolled immigration and no one wants part of that anymore!!

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Posted in: EU sanctions Hungary, Poland, Czechs over refugees See in context

 Yet the far right and neo nazis seek to tarnish their reputation. 

Pray tell. How did you surmise that everyone for controlled immigration is far right / neo nazi? SMH!!

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Posted in: Macron says 'door always open' for UK to stay in EU See in context

By the way, Merkel is the leader of CDU since 2000, chancellor of Germany since 2005 and she wants to run for another term. Why you do not joke about Germans who like "tsar-like ruler controlling their country"?

Thanks Asakaze. Apparently as long as you're 'voted' in, you can go as long as your legs can carry you. A truly disgusting farce!!

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Posted in: EU sanctions Hungary, Poland, Czechs over refugees See in context

 for refusing to take in their share of refugees under a controversial solidarity plan.

Question to the bleeding heart liberals is, are these nations rabid racists or are they simply looking at the current state of europe and practicing caution?

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Posted in: Macron says 'door always open' for UK to stay in EU See in context

Now watch as the ultimate will of the majority is destroyed​before your very eyes. Democracy? Ba! Hamburger!!

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Posted in: Crown prince says he will devote himself 'body and soul' to job as emperor See in context

At this point, it's difficult to judge about future foreign travel.

What a sad life she lives. I deeply empathize.

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Posted in: Macron's party set for huge French parliamentary majority See in context

Macron is going to make some painfully needed changes to France that people are not going to like, but I think it's a pill that people will be able to swallow considering the alternatives.

In other words, no change, shut up and take it again, ad infinitum!! I look forward with anticipation at the whining in the very short run!!

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Posted in: Syrian government troops, allied forces reach Iraqi border See in context

Do we still have international laws or can anyone just do whatever they want? Why hasn't america been sanctioned by the UN yet? Do people now realize the absurdities of having the headquarters in NY? Do we live in a twilight zone?

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Posted in: Abe hosts Ramadan dinner for envoys from Muslim world See in context

Islamophobia is as ridiculous a word as pastaferianophobia, chrstianophobia, etc, the news cycles are inundated with pictures of individuals with this religious beliefs ending lives of other people. If one freaks out at the sight of a moslem , its due to this very fact. Growing up ages ago, no one ever made a fuss because the level of fear was not as high as it is now. And for the billionth time, criticising this religion for the terrible entity it is is at par with criticizing any other mind washing cult, its not dislike of individuals seeing as they're victims, but the sickening ideologies they adhere to. Simple as that!! That said, politics and religion must always and forever be kept separate seeing as both serve the same purpose of division and conquering!!

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Posted in: Comey says Trump fired him to undermine FBI's Russia investigation See in context

So..much..waste..of..time. The left/right divide is only set to grow wider!!

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Posted in: LDP gives gov't plan to protect public from N Korean missiles See in context

It also calls for new shelters to be built in Japan, and to carry out evacuation drills making use of underground facilities in densely populated areas.

The plan also proposes that the government set up a television advertising campaign


I called this months ago!! When all else fails, like all tyrants before him, drum up the fear factor!!

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Posted in: Trump suggests support for isolation of Qatar See in context

The shock here is how there's no reprimand from both parties regarding supporting the very criminal entity that was involved in the 9/11 attacks as well as the perverse exportation of violent wahabism on this planet. Does saudi arabia own the entire government structure of america? Or is it just inundated with disgusting cowards willing and ready to bend over backwards and forwards to appease terror peddlers for coin?

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Posted in: British police reveal names of London attackers; say one investigated before See in context

I feel very strange that no person representing Moslem religion appears on TV and speak. Should not the world medias bring them up on TV and let them explain? Are they not responsible?

Lol!!! Have you read their 'holy' text, its like the bible, minus the revised new testament. Move on folks. Nothings going to change. Like sadiq said, its the new normal.

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Posted in: Trump criticized for tweet on London mayor after bridge attacks See in context

Let's not kid ourselves. Until western nations seize and dissist from coddling the largest known exporter of terrorism aka saudi and its ilk, this is going to be a frequent occurrence. No amount of facebook profile changes and empty words aimed skywards is going to amount to any real change. There. That's the solution!!

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics to cost twice initial estimate: Why? See in context

Its stories like these that end regimes. Not here tho.

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Posted in: U.S. begins sending arms to Kurdish fighters in Syria See in context

fulfilling a pledge that has infuriated Turkey.

america yet again proves that its in its waning days. When all else fails arm some individuals you know almost nothing about,cross your fingers and hope they don't bite you in the future. I loath turkey however its a case of the devil you know. Arming groups considered terrorists in an 'ally' state is tantamount to an act of aggression!! Its not rocket science!!

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