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Posted in: Trains run as usual, some retailers shorten hours during state of emergency See in context

. It's like the state of emergency was a mere formality

It was. It's the art of doing something while doing absolutely nothing at all.

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Posted in: Trains run as usual, some retailers shorten hours during state of emergency See in context

The users of public transport in Tokyo were down to only 10% of normal on Monday. I'd expect further reductions now - likely down to 6-7% of normal usage.

Im thinking the notion of too little too late is lost on so many.

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Posted in: Record 49% proud of Japan's history, traditions: gov't survey See in context

Or go back earlier to why was Japan in Manchuria?

Why did they set up a puppet Manchuko regime?

What was the Mukden incident and how did it define Japan's intent and relations with the countries it was occupying or other countries observing?

Who invited the IJA into China proper?

Who asked the IJA to take Shangai?

Who invited the IJA to lay siege upon the capital of a sovereign country - Nanking?

Oooff!! When smacked with logic, the mental gymnastic gears break up and off they scuttle away. Good job.

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Posted in: Japan to boost Avigan drug stockpile to fight coronavirus See in context

Who cares about birth defects? There's money to be made!!

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Posted in: Girl under one year old in serious condition after virus infection See in context

For god’s sake take the gloves off abe, test,

I think you give him way too much credit.

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Posted in: Health ministry taps Tokyo Girls Collection for coronavirus awareness campaign See in context

What timeline is this? I want off.

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Posted in: Japan to give face masks to 50 mil households to fight virus See in context

The spin on this story is hilarious. Two masks to 'fight the virus'? Comedy gold!!

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Posted in: Experts warn of health care collapse in Japan if virus keeps spreading See in context

Experts? Is it still April fools?

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Posted in: Ruling party seeks ¥100 trillion stimulus to battle coronavirus See in context

While many lawmakers sought cuts in the national sales tax that went up to 10% last October, Kishida said that would be hard, citing the difficulty of returning the tax to the current level once it had been cut

Yeah no way they'd do that. If they did, the plebs would demand for lowering it even more hence the 'its difficult' line.

The size of the measures would reach 16-17% in terms of Japan's GDP, bringing it on a par with U.S. measures totaling $2.2 trillion

Copying merica? Why am I not surprised? Why not go two trillion better?

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Posted in: Tokyo confirms 63 new coronavirus cases, a record daily increase See in context

All Govts have dropped the ball on this, China should have been shut down, 

Speak for yourself. Look up Korea's example while you're at it.

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Posted in: Japan, spared mass outbreak so far, now sees national crisis after Tokyo surge See in context

Even the German embassy in Tokyo thinks that Koike/Abe have been lying through their teeth for weeks about the coronavirus...

Yikes!!! The damage control patrol is going to claim the embassy probably works for Korea lol

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Posted in: Abe faces struggle on coronavirus, economy, after Olympics delayed See in context

Abenomics legacy

The legacy of failed arrows? That legacy?

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Posted in: Olympic delay leaves athletes village in limbo See in context


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Posted in: Rescheduled Tokyo Olympics may be held before summer 2021: Bach See in context

Lympics ain't happening. Doubters are simply living in denial.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics seem sure to happen — but in 2021, not 2020 See in context

Cancel them already and pass all the funds from selling off items to victims of 3/11 STILL waiting for better housing.

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Posted in: Finance Ministry will not probe Moritomo Gakuen scandal again: Aso See in context

What does corruption look like? What does a banana republic look like?

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Posted in: New Harajuku Station building opens in Tokyo See in context

Just in time for the Olympic Games!

Im thinking you didn't get the memo? Athletes are already asking for postponement and or cancellation. Can't have games without participants now can we?

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Posted in: Expert panel discourages large gatherings, recommends reopening some schools See in context

If the denialists on here objectively compared the reaction of all the other countries ravaged by the virus to that of japans, you wouldn't lull yourself into believing that everything is A-OK. This is a new virus that we don't know much about. Flippantly dismissing it because it's flower season is foolhardy.

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Posted in: Cherry blossom viewing parties wither away due to coronavirus outbreak See in context

Low testing is equal to low reporting. It's really as simple as that.

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Posted in: Woman sues state, former finance bureaucrat over husband's suicide See in context

What does corruption look like? What does a banana republic look like?

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Posted in: IOC says no ideal solution for Tokyo Olympics as athletes' dissent grows See in context

Postponing the Games it's not in Japan's hands; ONLY the IOC can do that.

It's mental how this FACT slips by most people. japan has absolutely nothing to do with the IOC decision. And postponement is out of the question because other world sports event don't evolve around the olympics. The olympics WILL be cancelled. Period.

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Posted in: Abe could be big loser if Tokyo Olympics canceled, postponed See in context

Hes always been a loser. Nothing new.

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Posted in: Japan Olympic Committee deputy head has coronavirus See in context

Whats even more appalling is people not reacting to the existence of the pandemic in japan but requesting him to step aside fast so someone else can take charge. Baffling.

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Posted in: IOC says no need for any drastic decisions on Tokyo Olympics See in context

The IOC is simply living in denial while skirting responsibility. Just a matter of time before reality sets in.

Japan is about the only country among G7 that's successfully fending off the Coronavirus. 

By forcing doctors not to test people with symptoms? Is that the success you're referring to?

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Posted in: Sales tax cut emerging as option as gov't battles coronavirus fallout See in context

Safe to say 'abenomics' has failed. Now if only he'd slither off into the dustheap of history, japan would be better off.

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Posted in: Coronavirus fears shut bars, borders; WHO urges world to ‘test, test, test’ See in context

Ok Sunday Japan had over 60 cases with 107 tests, so they immediately suppressed testing to only 43 on Monday and “lowered” daily cases to 33.

Great observation.

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Posted in: Doubts growing in Japan over Tokyo Olympics See in context

Ill reiterate one more time. Those speaking of postponement are day dreaming. The signed contract between those concerned stipulates cancellation NOT postponement. And the decision to do so rests solely on the IOC NOT japan. Anything else is hogwash.

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Posted in: 3 company execs accused of exporting bio-agent producing device to S Korea See in context

 to say the company was exporting a bio agent device is nonsense.

Ahh but didn't you hear? abe will say anything to inflame inorder to deflect from the impending corona deaths and economic decline. Expect more of these stories in coming days.

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Posted in: Abe, Johnson to work closely over coronavirus response See in context

Hilarious that it's still hasn't sunk in yet for these clueless louts that there can't be any olympics given the state of the planet. But seeing the state of the country and how decision making happens at snail pace, can't say I'm shocked.

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