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Posted in: BOJ's Kuroda says Japan market conditions improving See in context

I can see problems ahead, if imports are now 10 to 25% higher but still Cineese etc food stuff is 1/3 the price of Jns grown / made , commodities such as energy rise. Wages are not rising so who is better off?

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Posted in: 20 words of English origin that Japanese people often mistake for real thing See in context

Gpan. Zipan. jeans pants = Denim Jeans - Gjam . Zjan. jan is from jumper = Jeans Jacket = Denim Jacket.

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Posted in: 20 words of English origin that Japanese people often mistake for real thing See in context

Geman Potato Jaman Potato -- Potato Wedges Grilla - Gorilla Grill. Love Hotel. Lub hotel - Hotel rened by the hour, not for Business or vacations. Soap Land - Sopu rando. Redlight district. Bussroom - Basuroumu Bathroom - Toilet.

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Posted in: 20 words of English origin that Japanese people often mistake for real thing See in context

Great Story JT here are our additions so far, so many but har to think of just at the moment. .

Location Free - rokeshion furii. To work from any place / location.

Free Address - furii adoresu. To be able to use - any office desk available.

Hamburg - hamubarg. The meat with out with out the bun.

Terabi. - terabi - TV

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Posted in: Australia to tackle Japan on whaling at U.N. world court See in context

Less whale more ozy beef!

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Posted in: JR East train travels 48 kms with door open See in context

Good to see they kept it moving.

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Posted in: Japan blames sabotage for record low whaling haul See in context

This means there will be less hungaku sushi - half price sushi at the super.

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Posted in: Author Murakami to give rare public speech in Japan See in context

I have read two of his books and didn't like them, I'm still wondering what the fuss over the author is, the are many better writers that don't get the recognition this one dose. I guess it's the lack of Japanese writers than can produce more than manga and 100 pages.

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Posted in: Police get tough on cyclists violating traffic laws See in context

How is this possible when the cops ride down the wrong side of the road and footpaths?

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Posted in: Narita Airport operating hours to be extended until midnight in some situations See in context

It's a joke that it closes

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Posted in: Two stabbed to death in Chiba home See in context

I haven't seen ANY crime in Chiba or any rampants.

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Posted in: Police to launch national cyber crime force See in context

A good start but a drop in the ocean I suspect compared to other national governments and som company's.

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Posted in: TEPCO takes blame for Fukushima nuclear crisis See in context

This iis a step forward. A bit like admitting your an alcohlic, the 1st step in a journey to recovery.

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Posted in: White House seized by North Korean terrorists in film thriller See in context

I thought they made a movie about the Greek economy before I read the article.

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Posted in: Easter Island statue to give hope to tsunami-hit town See in context

Seems a strange gift, such a thing from an extinct race of people long gone leaving only stone monuments that no one is quite sure how they were built on a deserted island that suffered environmental disaster that probably forcing the population to fight and starve to death and evacuate or migrate. VERY STRANGE.

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Posted in: Ten IC cards become compatible for trains, buses nationwide See in context

Now we can be tracked in more places than ever before and our spending lifestyle habits and movements can be monitored for our convince, it's a brave new world on the google card, I feel so comforted knowing that some one is looking after me and YOU.

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Posted in: Cash-strapped man stabs passerby in bid to live in prison See in context

By injuring someone gives authorities a reason to take him off the street as a danger to society, while smoking Js or knocking off stuff is not a threat to life. I can see his resoning. When The education and societal system develops its citizens to become dependant on it, when a few people can not fit in such a system the choices become limited by there interlect or circumstance.

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd sues Japanese whalers in Netherlands for piracy See in context

If whales were cute we wouldn't be having this conversation.

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Posted in: U.S. senators want no exemptions for Japan over TPP See in context

As Flalsflastaf - the onlo losers will be the small growers and manufactured. This serves big business, global corporate culture and destroys individuals creating a monoculture of goods and products. Tarris serve to protect culture as well as industries. If there was t a buck in it for politicians then this discussion wold not be happening.

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Posted in: TEPCO partially restores power to cooling systems at Fukushima plant See in context

At least the public is informed, perhaps next time with a preventative would be better PR.

JT could rephrase the story to reduce confusion. From. including one that treats water contaminated with radioactivity. To. including one that treats radioactivly contaminated water.

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Posted in: Masked wrestler city councilman forbidden to wear mask during sessions See in context

As much as I hate that stupid pro wrestling I must give my consent to him wearing a mask, if a woman can wear make up in chambers to change her appearance then all is fair, there is no issue of exposure or modesty so what's the problem. I don't know how politicians keep a strait face any way, but that's another matter.

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Posted in: Japan gives Canada $1 mil for tsunami debris cleanup See in context

People gave tsunami support governments are lining pockets, albeit only 1m. Japan will buy coal and gas from Canada so there are working together on many fronts.

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Posted in: Japan's auto giants to give workers a bonus boost See in context

So the value of the Yen went down 10 to 20 % and SOME workers got 3% rise, sounds fair

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Posted in: Panel says there was no cover-up at Fukushima nuclear plant See in context

I feel safe now that I have been told it was just ANOTHER mistake.

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Posted in: China plans to send surveyors to disputed islands See in context


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Posted in: China plans to send surveyors to disputed islands See in context

I hope japan can just email a copy of there maps to China for a reasonable price.

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Posted in: BOJ chief nominee rules out foreign-bond buying See in context

No body wins a price war but in reality the yen has no future as a global currency. Abe nomics is just mindless spending to leave shrinking generations paying more for today's mistakes.

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Posted in: Emperor, empress lead tributes on 2nd anniversary of disaster See in context

Some days it feels like yesterday,and some it feels so long ago, and because the of no pysical evidence in Tokyo on other days it feels like it never happend. I guess some politicians have a simmilar feeling to the latter, or have no vested interest in the outcome.

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Posted in: Flooding complicates clean-up at Fukushima plant See in context

Thanks JT for keeping the issue in view. It seems most other news sources are replaying the Tsunami and not this serious on going situation.

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Posted in: China's navy seeks to 'wear out' Japanese ships in disputed waters See in context

China continues to push Japan the next step is to place permanent structures on the island, use it or loose it. (Perhaps nuclea waste storage )

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