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Posted in: Justice minister orders probe of Vietnamese intern abuse case See in context


I've heard of South American trainees or interns returning home with a 'mechanic's certificate' from a leading automaker here, but when applying for jobs, they were told that it was worthless!

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Posted in: Australian man killed after explosive vest detonates while he was driving car See in context

They used to be called an 'Own Goal!'

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Posted in: Taliban pledge all girls in schools soon See in context

Taliban desperate for economic support to keep their country going, make token gesture to satisfy overseas governments. Let's see if it is indeed implemented, and for how long it lasts.

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Posted in: Sumo association probe finds 2 wrestlers gambled illegally: source See in context

Back in July , 2010, Japan Today reported on "gachanko" in an article entitled 'Scandals expose sumo's shady underbelly'. Sumo has been associated for years with money and the Japan underworld.

Pot Black Kettle!

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Posted in: Djokovic in Australian Open draw as visa saga continues See in context

Aussiewood - where all the Hollywood 'talent' and their 1,000s of film-making staff have flown frequently in and out of; seems to have managed to stay under the critics' radar, despite by-passing and avoiding the restrictions and quarantine that the general public must comply with.

Worldwide, there seems to be two sets of Rules, one for the talent and celebrities, sportspersons, diplomats and other so-called elites, and the second for Joe Public.

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Posted in: Hong Kong to create more national security crimes See in context

Once one of the most important gateways for doing business with China, a major trade umbilical; Hong Kong SAR is slowly dying, as the rich leave, the poor are squeezed, and the corporates who once drove the economy move to friendlier countries.

That 1898 lease with China for 99 years looks so remote now.

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Posted in: Djokovic admits 'errors' in urgent fight to avoid deportation See in context

Looks like he has been doing a bit of creative time-traveling, like Dr. Who!

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Posted in: Oscar winner Sidney Poitier dies at 94 See in context

They call me Mr. Tibbs!

Tremendous delivery of that immortal line to Rod Steiger.


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Posted in: Japanese actress Ryoko Yonekura to make her third return to 'Chicago' on Broadway See in context

As Daimon Michiko - I never fail!

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Posted in: Masked stranger in Tokyo secretly takes down someone else’s Christmas lights, puts them away See in context

Traditionally, Christmas decorations should be removed by the 12th night, i.e. Jan 6.

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Posted in: Kishida calls for aggressive wage hikes in push for wealth redistribution See in context

Need measures to support the Small- and Medium-sized industries, who have seen business decline over the last two years, squeezed by the large corporations, with bankruptcies and companies just dissolving and disappearing.

They are barely able to pay current wages, let alone offer a rise. There is also the large pool of freelance and part-time workers who underpin factories, service industries, hospitality and entertainment venues, and shops, who have lost income, help for them would be appreciated too.

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Posted in: Regional banks to monitor ship-to-ship cash transfers to combat money laundering See in context

Will probably be extended and make more paperwork and trouble for individuals legally transferring small sums of money, and totally ignore the massive laundering at corporate and big-bank level.

All post offices and banks here have large posters warning of terrorism and money-laundering, you sometimes feel like you are in the middle of a massive criminal state.

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Posted in: Ratings for NHK's year-end 'Kohaku' music show hit record low See in context

Just before Christmas, the Head of NHK did write that he was thinking of cutting this show.

Time to do more than think!

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Posted in: Kishida promises boosters, new measures against Omicron See in context

Additional measures against the Omicron variant and further infections (a new Cameroon variant just identified) - might be appreciated, but measures to support the Small- and Medium-sized industries, as well as the large pool of freelance and part-time workers who underpin factories, service industries, hospitality and entertainment venues, and shops, who have lost income would be appreciated too.

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Posted in: Beijing seals off its Olympic 'bubble' See in context

The IOC will still take every Yuan out of Beijing that they can, just like they did with the Yen in Tokyo last year.

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Posted in: Japanese firms adopt AI dating app to help staff find love amid pandemic See in context

Some lines missing from my earlier post - The Root of the Issue.

Promotion meant long working hours and Toyoshima was concerned about her personal life as a majority of women in higher positions then were single with hardly any time to pursue romantic interests.

"Companies want their employees to show initiative at work, but the truth is that employees are tired as a result of overwork and have no time for their personal lives," a factor that hinders the company's growth, said Toyoshima.

Fix this first!

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Posted in: Japanese firms adopt AI dating app to help staff find love amid pandemic See in context

"Dipping Your Pen in the Company Ink" is generally not recommended.

And with this 'App', the risk of sexual harrassment, stalking, and general abuse is likely.

But going back to the root of the issue:


Maybe the company(s) should review the employees' conditions and corporate lifestyle, before adopting a matchmaking service which will only serve to maintain the poor working condtiions.

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Posted in: 84% of firms in Japan see economic growth in 2022, survey shows See in context

Real growth and recovery to 2019 levels, the last 'normal year' probably won't happen until 2024 at the earliest, assuming no more global problems, such as war, pandemics, supply chain issues, financial breakdowns and other societal collapses.

Another couple of tough years ahead.

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Posted in: Princess Kako turns 27; duties still restricted due to pandemic See in context

Definitely the best-looking of any of the imperial family children.

She looked quite envious when her sister left for the USA!

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Posted in: 50% of single-parent households in Japan struggle financially: study See in context

There are many dual-parent households with children who are also struggling.

One or both in irregular employment with little to no benefits, rent/ mortgages, utilities, healthcare and pension payments, then food and education. The minimum wage that many earn is pitiful.

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Posted in: Foreign minister-linked election case referred to prosecutors See in context

10% drop in salary for three months, six if they think he's been a really naughty boy!

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Posted in: Yamagata University finds drug effective in treating ALS See in context

So it worked in some mice...great!

But let's see how it works in humans first before the dramatic headlines.

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Posted in: Emperor Emeritus Akihito turns 88 See in context

Happy Birthday! He certainly looks healthier and appears more active than his son, who is rarely seen nowadays.

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Posted in: Japan Post reveals more lost personal info affecting 290,000 clients See in context

Stick to faxes, and leave USB memory sticks to the next century.

Information Security in a nutshell.

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Posted in: Billionaire Maezawa says his space trip 'amazing' See in context

He's gone a lot further than Branson and Bezos, who barely scraped into space for 3 minutes, beyond the von Karman line, 100km above the surface.

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Posted in: 金 chosen as kanji character best representing 2021 See in context

Or '金' could represent how the gold and silver that the IOC sucked out of Japan as it rode roughshod over PM Suga?

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Posted in: Glass object thrown from high-rise building hits car on expressway See in context

@Lindsay - I’ve been to cops twice with road rage footage and they weren’t in the slightest bit interested.

Same experience here. Had complete footage of a head-on collision where 4 people were hospitalised, showing the car in front changing lanes, and going straight into a car coming in the opposite direction.

'We're busy, come back later'.....

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Posted in: Empress Masako turns 58 See in context

Happy Birthday. Poor woman - 18 years on medicines for this so-called "adjustment disorder." Maybe she needs a second opinion, or a medicine review, as the treatment does not appear to be very successful.

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Posted in: Japanese drugmaker Shionogi mulls developing vaccine for Omicron See in context

By the time it comes to market, they will have exhausted the Greek alphabet, and probably moved on to Thoth or Klingon!

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Posted in: How do you feel about all the surveillance cameras being used in public and private spaces? See in context

They don't seem to prevent or deter crime, but they do enable some criminals to be caught after the act. However, the Dutch had a project with 300 cameras that were equipped with microphones and software that detected increased voice levels and higher pitch, that could indicate potentially aggressive behaviour, prompting police to investigate. They claim it detected 70 alarms, and led to 4 arrests.

A real-life version of pre-crime from Minority Report!

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