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Posted in: Paralympics expected to help promote understanding of disabilities: survey See in context

Earlier articles this year on barrier-free support for the 2020 games stated that some hotels and other venues were planning to remove them after the Olympics! So much for understanding of disabilities and improving life.

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Posted in: Can Tokyo's efficient rail system handle Olympic strain? See in context

We're explaining to all the companies and the media, asking people not to work during those two weeks," Nishinari said. "Just enjoy the Olympics."

This guy is totally out of touch.

1) Tickets unavailable, except at very high prices. Only way to watch it is on TV.

2) Not working means no income for many, and even less chance of buying a very expensive ticket.

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Posted in: Traffic reduction falls far short of target in Tokyo highway test See in context

They achieved reduction, but the cost was chaos on the local roads. It was a mess on Wednesday afternoon in South Yokohama. An obvious non-driving oyajii gave the order and they totally blocked, not restricted, 4 consecutive entrances to the expressway, so no-one could get on it, leading to a mass of cars suddenly turning around, reversing, changing lanes and trying to go to Haneda or Tokyo by local roads. 

And that was at a quiet time!

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Posted in: 2020 Olympic organizers test heat countermeasures in sweltering Tokyo See in context

So make sure that you carry at least one change of dry clothing with you, as by the time you you arrive at the office you'll be soaking wet from walking under the sprinklers, unless of course you are one of the lucky few able to work from home.

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Posted in: Nissan to cut 12,500 jobs globally after Q1 profit drops 98.5% See in context

Very poor integration between Nissan and Renault. Incompatible systems. No concept of future planning or order taking. Excessive pressure on small vendors and supplies. Mitsubishi hardly get a look in. Layers of useless managers from all over the world unable to work together, but bound by the corporate language 'Nissango'. Their sports cars were their only distinguishing feature, whilst Nismo is now just a couple of red stripes, body panels and a spoiler, the classic go-faster look. They had better get Ghosn back!

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Posted in: MAX jetliner grounding crisis pushes Boeing to biggest-ever loss See in context

Unapologetic Dennis Muilenburg still claims he is the right man to run Boeing...though so far he's running it into the ground, while his planes have flown into the ground!

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Posted in: TEPCO to scrap 4 more reactors in Fukushima See in context

Experience with decommissioning reactors in the UK shows that they usually end up taking much longer than planned, and incurring massive budget overruns. This is for reactors that had planned cessation of operations. The ones at Fukushima Daiichi, with their sudden, unpredicted, explosive shutdowns will be worse.

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Posted in: Tokyo holds test to ease highway traffic during Olympics See in context

It was chaotic this afternoon in Yokohama. An obvious non-driving oyajii gave the order and they totally blocked, not restricted, 4 consecutive entrances to the expressway, so no-one could get on it, leading to a mass of cars suddenly turning around, reversing, changing lanes and trying to go to Haneda or Tokyo by local roads.

And that was at a quiet time!

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Posted in: Smoke spread so fast at animation firm victims couldn't open rooftop door See in context

Kyoto Animation lawyer Daisuke Okeda said there were keys in two places, adding that he was aware of media reports the door was open but he did not know if it was.

It should not need keys to open it, just a simple push.

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Posted in: Toyota rugby player indicted over cocaine, marijuana possession See in context

Fired relatively quickly - so no longer a Toyota Rugby Player. Misleading heading. SOP for Japanese companies who fear for their reputation, and possible negative impact on sales.

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Posted in: Japan's 2 imperial heirs to fly on separate planes to Bhutan See in context

SOP - many organisations do not allow key staff to travel together.

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Posted in: 'Let's see them aliens': 1.3 mil people sign up to storm classified Area 51 See in context

The guards, also known as the 'camo dudes' are private contractors, and are licensed to kill. Military and police back up from Nellis Air Force Base and Las Vegas is less than an hour away. The terrain and scrub with the joshua trees is not easy to walk across, let alone run, and most of these people have never been on the ground there; I was there a few years ago. The place is crawlng with detection equipment.

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Posted in: King coal rules for power utilities in Japan See in context

Japan does not use its geothermal capacity...

The Ministry of the Environment protests each time geothermal is proposed, claiming they will ruin the environment and threaten National parks, and a veiled threat to tourism.

A simple fact finding trip to New Zealand would demonstrate that geothermal power has a tiny impact on the land, is easily hidden, and contributes 17% of the country's electricity, around 900MW. There is potential for at least double that. However their Resource Management Act is a bureaucratic nightmare, contributes to delays and increases initial costs.

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Posted in: King coal rules for power utilities in Japan See in context

The big four and the 'white goods' manufacturers continue to push Voice controllers, AI and remote controlled electronic devices out into the market place, all powered by electricity in the theme of labour- and time-saving, yet without a thought to where the power comes from? Their standby modes all consume a little power, but added up, makes a considerable impact on the electricity usage. Maybe time to go back to manually switching things on and off, and getting out of the sofa or off the tatami to do it?

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Posted in: Scent of vanilla helps to ease pain: Japanese researchers See in context

2 seconds longer. Was this 7 secs compared to 5 secs, or 62 secs compared to 60 secs?

Do inform us how significant these 2 seconds were please.

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Posted in: Anti-NHK party accuses Japan’s public broadcaster of concealing 'car-sex adultery' See in context

@kurisupisu If the employees are having sex in a car in Japan this must mean a horrendously low salary!

At least one of them can afford a car, a parking place, gasoline, highway fees, road taxes and shakken!

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Posted in: We hope the skyscraper will become a new landmark of Shibuya, and bring more energy to the district by attracting customers. See in context

@reckless: Shibuya station has been "under construction" the entire 10 years I have lived in Tokyo

More like 30 years! Have never known it to be free of scaffolding and barriers.

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Posted in: Japan population declines at fastest pace to 124.8 million: gov't See in context

The megapolis draining the rest of the country of its resources is not limited to Japan. Look at Manila, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, etc., they are just like Tokyo, only 20-30 years behind.

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Posted in: High court nixes call to halt nuclear reactors in southwestern Japan See in context

@vinarius Are the deciding panel Japanese too?

Yes. It is a Japanese Court.

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Posted in: High court nixes call to halt nuclear reactors in southwestern Japan See in context

The courts will only follow official Japanese policy. That's what they are paid to enforce.

What is ridiculous is that some of the power utilities have only submitted plans to improve the standards of the nuclear power plant, and yet have already received approval to restart. Elsewhere, you 'd have to have completed the improvements before you could get approval.

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Posted in: Gov't not to appeal against damages awarded to leprosy patients' kin See in context

Hansen's Disease (Leprosy), Minamata disease, Itai-Itai, Yokkaichi Asthma, Niigata Minamata disease. All these issues comprised reluctance to admit the cause, appeals to avoid payment, delays in payment, and a general disregard for the suffering of people. As always; too little, too late.

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Posted in: Japan lawmakers' average income in 2018 hits 16-year high See in context

This is why they do not have a clue what life is like for the average citizen or resident of Japan. And this is only the official income. It does not include all the shady brown envelopes and donations that pass for influence, or the lucrative post-government advisory posts where they can boost their generous pensions.

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Posted in: Report discovered detailing Japan's wartime use of nerve agents See in context

Mark Felton is a respected military historian, and has specialised in WW1 and 2. He produces well-researched 10-15 minute documentaries on some overlooked topics, and has also made number of them on Japan and Vietnam.

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Posted in: Ancient Japanese tombs added to UNESCO World Heritage list See in context

Encourage more tourists on the way to see it! But we have too many tourists! Japan had better make its mind up just what it wants.

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Posted in: Boeing makes $100 million pledge for 737 MAX crash-related support See in context

Around US$290,000 per victim - a bargain for Boeing - their 2018 profit was $10.5bn. This US$100mn is just less than 1% of their profits.

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Posted in: Bangladesh court sentences 9 to death for '94 Hasina attack See in context

They'll probably carry out the executions quickly, unlike here.

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Posted in: IOC, Tokyo 2020 Olympic organizers to clamp down on videos on social media See in context

They should be encouraging the use of social media to personalise and promote the games, not to forbid it. As grassroots support for these massive, expensive, wasteful, construction vanity projects (aka Olympic Games) decreases, any measure that displays and promotes the games to a wider audience should be looked at positively. It might even help to popularise them again, and make cities want to hold them, and reduce the number of protests. After all, it is the Lords of the Rings income and survival that is at stake.

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Posted in: Airports in Japan to introduce facial recognition for foreign visitors See in context

@papigiulio Will this shorten the time going through customs or just an added step to get everyone's info?

It's for Immigration, specifically Departures - nothing to do with Customs which are checked on arrival after Immigration.

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Posted in: Abe offers Saudi crown prince help in reducing oil dependency See in context

He can't fix Japan's own dependency on oil; what can he really do to help the Saudis?

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Posted in: Olympic spectators may be allowed to bring own drinks to beat heat See in context

It was nothing to do with security, it was pure commerce and greed, as befits the Lords of the Rings. Sponsor-only permitted food and drinks, credit cards, film; the Olympic village protect their income like a mama-bear protects her cubs!

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