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wanderlust comments

Posted in: Wing tips of 2 JAL planes come into contact at Haneda airport See in context

No wing-walkers, or they were visually impaired.

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Posted in: Sony says focus is on creativity, with games, movies, music, sensors, IP, and not gadgets See in context

Sony repair service is also notoriously poor, unless you are associated with a broadcaster such as NHK.

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Posted in: Japan's new whaling factory ship sets sail on first hunt See in context

The large RESEARCH sign is missing from the side of the ship.

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Posted in: Locals in central Japan near Mount Fuji count on UFO craze for tourism See in context

Competition here too - Japan itself has its own history of UFO sightings. Stories of a hollow saucer-shaped ship landing off the coast of northeastern Ibaraki Prefecture, where Mount Senganmori is located, date as far back as 1803, over a century before the sightings in Iino, known for many UFO sightings, unexplained lights, and mysterious events.

The Iino UFO Museum is located in Iino in southern Fukushima City. The museum was opened in 1992 and contains a wide range of documents and exhibits relating to UFOs and other mysteries, a 3D virtual theatre, and onsen facilities with a view over the local area.

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Posted in: U.S., Japanese banks lead fossil fuel financing See in context

A lot of the financing goes towards researching and providing safer mining, cleaner burning, less pollution, and greater environmental protection, but the SDG crowd ignore that, along with China, India and Russia's pollution.

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Posted in: Accountant admits to false reporting in LDP funds scandal trial See in context

Fall guy, whipping boy, sacrificial goat, call it what you want. This beyond retirement accountant is probably looking forward to a suspended sentence, a nice pay off, and a public apology with much shallow bowing.

And justice will be seen to have been done.

Until the next time...

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Posted in: 'Mount Fuji convenience store' issues apology for bad tourist manners, adds multilingual signs See in context

We want the tourists' money, just not the tourists! Same in Kyoto.

Yet equally popular Hiroshima seems to have no problem with tourists there, it's very welcoming, and organised.

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Posted in: 12% of Japan convenience stores don't open 24 hours due to labor shortage See in context

In parts of Tokyo, you'll find 3 of them within 100m of each other. Why not set up a rota?

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Posted in: Have smartphones created an ‘anxious generation’ among teenagers? See in context

It's the obsession with numbers of views, likes and followers, upvotes, unfriending, ghosting, etc., that is causing the problem, not the phones. The instant self-gratification from posting something, then subsequent anxiety from not seeing responses, votes, views. The phone is just the delivery medium,

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Posted in: Japan to trial AI scheme for spotting bears as attacks on humans rise See in context

The 35 mm eyeball and a modicum of common sense used to work well.

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Posted in: Japanese ramen restaurants under pressure from new yen banknotes See in context

Many vending machines accept Suica, Pasmo and other similar cards for payment, why not ramen ticket vending machines?

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Posted in: Japan's declining attractiveness from the perspective of foreign talent is starting to become reality. Companies must improve salaries and other benefits. See in context

Lethargic and inefficient banking system, low quality housing, excessive bureaucracy, import/ export difficulties, crowded transportation system...

It's not just working in Japan, it's living here and having a decent work/ life balance.

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Posted in: Court orders compensation to 26 unrecognized Minamata victims See in context

A District Court Ruling, so expect an appeal to a higher court. This will take years to settle, by which time the plaintiffs will have passed away.

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Posted in: 63 doctors, dentists sue Google for keeping reviews they say are unfair See in context

One problem with the anonymous reviews left on google is that you cannot contact the reviewer, often it is just a one-off comment or poor rating out of spite or someone disliking you, and the reviewer disapears after making the comment or rating. Google should improve the way ratings and reviews are managed.

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Posted in: Nissan says it will make next-generation EV batteries by 2028 See in context

Meanwhile, sales of electric vehicles are decreasing, as infrastructure/ charging facilities lags behind, cold weather has revealed distance shortcomings, and repair/ battery replacement costs are expensive. Toyota's hybrid model looks a safer bet than pure EVs until the above issues are addressed.

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Posted in: Runaway dog bites 4 people in Tochigi Prefecture See in context

XL Bully cross breeds, derived from pit bulls, a particularly vicious animal, esp. when poorly trained, have been implicated in the deaths and serious injuries to many in the UK, and now have to be registered, or will be destroyed.

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Posted in: 82% of 2025 World Expo entities see low public interest as challenge See in context

When the Expo is over, they plan to have an integrated resort for gambling next to it, utilising much of what was built for the Expo. Concrete has already been laid, with Autumn 2030 the planned completion date. That's why is has to go ahead and be completed.

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Posted in: LDP punishes 39 members over funds scandal, urging 2 to leave party See in context

The factions are not actually being disbanded, but simply being renamed to 'Focus Groups'.

J-style punishment indeed.

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Posted in: Kashiwazaki nuclear plant better coped to deal with terrorism: IAEA See in context

The NRA approve the future use of nuclear power plants based on building plans and written proposals, not actual construction and validated testing. Not very scientific!

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Posted in: Shizuoka governor to resign after gaffe insulting vegetable sellers See in context

Expect his replacement to do a 180 degree turn on groundwater issues in the Ikawa area, with a new finding/ research paper to support the position, and a subsequent go-ahead with the linear shinkansen, all 8.6 km that traverse Northern Shizuoka.

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Posted in: Record 63% of Japanese in financial stress, poll shows See in context

Now repeat the survey to non-full-time employees, where a family/ household might have a combined income closer to ¥4,000,000, and then you will learn what financial stress is.

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Posted in: Fukui court allows 5 aging nuclear plants to continue operations See in context

The two yearly 'shakken' check on all automobiles is stricter than then '20 yearly check' on a nuclear power plant.

Brittleization of metals due to radiation, thinning of turbine pipes due to pressure, heat and flow anomalies, all limit the life of a nuclear power plant. In one NPP at Mihama they never even measured the thickness of the pipes, relying on data from a similar reactor plant nearby, which unfortunately then burst, killing 5 and injuring 6. Official report found the failing pipe had been omitted from an initial inspection plan and quality management systems were ineffective.

Safety Japan...

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Posted in: Takarazuka theater admits to all harassment claims in death of actress See in context

Finally they admit what everyone suspected...but don't expect much to change, it's too deeply ingrained in the culture here.

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Posted in: Emperor, empress visit quake-hit area of Ishikawa Prefecture See in context

@seesaw7 - a lot of people wrote a similar statement.

Usual explanation is Jishuku - 自粛 - a period of self-restraint - avoiding ostentatious behaviour when others are suffering.

But I agree with you that his father would probably have been more pro-active.

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Posted in: Local governments supporting elderly by promoting cashless payment systems See in context

Is is any wonder when there is a huge element of distrust towards digital money, from the numerous data leaks, scams, banking crashes, phone outages, etc.. Don't forget the 'My Number failure.

As @speed has pointed out, these apps are a great way of making you spend more, and lose control of your finances. This is a marketing campaign for PayPay, as aggressive player in the digital money arena.

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Posted in: LDP heavyweights urged to speak as sworn witnesses over funds scandal See in context

sworn ... unsworn...does not make one iota of difference. Loss of memory, misunderstanding, are the usual excuses, and even an accusation of perjury has to be proven.

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Posted in: LDP amends party rules to toughen penalties for fund violations See in context

Rule Number One: Make sure that you don't get caught!

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Posted in: Extension of Hokuriku Shinkansen line opens, boosting tourism hopes See in context

I hope that they improve the ticket office staffing queues too. Travelling over the last few days to Kyoto and Osaka from Shin Yokohama, the waiting time to buy a ticket was around one hour at each station, during the midde of the day. Half of the sales booths had no staff.

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Posted in: Wronged UK postmasters to have convictions quashed See in context

Let's see what compensation is offered to them, the original offer was a pittance, and I doubt any of the PO staff and Fujitsu employees who received massive bonuses for their actions will ever return any of their ill-gotten gains.

Fujitsu still have numerous government contracts in the UK, so I'm sure the government does not want to upset them too much.

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