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Posted in: Most people in Japan know acronym LGBT but understanding limited: survey See in context

LGBTQIAPK is the current full version; details here:


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Posted in: Honda CEO seizes the wheel as quality crisis hits profits See in context

Subaru decided to make this same move years ago, and have already moved on to a global platform, with many of its parts interchangeable between all models; with the exception of the high-performance EJ20-engined WRX STI, which is due for an overhaul and possible move to the global platform in 2020, eagerly awaited by buyers.

Nissan have similar issues to Honda, but are unable to resolve many of them, due to the complexity of their alliance with Renault and to a minor extent Mitsubishi, their unintegrated business systems, and of course the ongoing distraction with the Ghosn court case and reputational damage.

Good that Honda are taking decisive action.

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Posted in: Former top farm ministry official admits killing reclusive son See in context

He's in the magic circle of the J-gov - expect a suspended sentence, if it even gets to that, just like the ex-bureaucrat who moved down some pedestrians, that finally went to court around 8 years afterwards.

And for those asking for help, Tokyo English Life Line (TELL) is available as well as Inochi No Denwa, a service for the Japanese. Interestingly, a very large number of Japanese call TELL, especially those who have lived abroad and have problems when they return here.

Tokyo English Life Line (TELL)

https://telljp.com OR Call 03-5774-0992

Inochi No Denwa (いのちの電話


http://www.inochinodenwa-net.jp/ OR Call 03-3264-4343

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Posted in: Teenager, 2 men referred to prosecutors over online uranium trade See in context

Big difference between high-grade and enriched uranium; and natural or depleted uranium, the latter of which is considered safe enough to use for tank armour and even for shielding other radionuclides, being more effective than lead. The main risk of exposure to depleted uranium is chemical poisoning by uranium oxide rather than radioactivity, uranium being only a weak alpha emitter.

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Posted in: Seven-Eleven failed to pay some overtime wages to at least 30,000 employees for years See in context

The 'miscalculation' was being caught...as always!

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Posted in: Japanese firms brace for economic contraction after Olympics See in context

2025 Osaka Expo - 2030 - Sapporo Winter Olympics (bidding?) - and a goal of 40 million tourists annually wanted for their money and unwanted for their picture taking and lack of culture. The next 10 years for Japan.

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Posted in: Japan plans harsher road rage penalties after high-profile incidents See in context

The police tell you to report tailgating, but you can't use a phone at the time, unless there is a passenger in the car with you; and most drive recorders don't have rearward facing cameras to capture the evidence. End result, nothing happens, no-one is prosecuted.

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Posted in: Dentsu again found violating rules on overtime hours See in context

Dentsu is the Japanese establishment, with its tentacles deeply inserted into government, business and bureaucratic circles. They are virtually untouchable, as was demonstrated with how they got the 2020 Olympics for Tokyo. Work for them at your peril.

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Posted in: Japan had over 8,000 deaths related to drug-resistant bacteria in 2017 See in context

Many hospitals overseas have antibiotic policies, with restrictions on what can be prescribed: with physicians/drugs classified into three grades; junior/ restricted drug use; senior/wider but still restricted use; and specialist microbiologists, who are the only ones able to prescribe certain 'stronger' antibiotics, which can only be used after taking proper culture and sensitivity tests.

Antibiotics may also have their use rotated over 6-12 month periods, as data has shown that sensitivity returns over time, and resistance decreases.

All this takes discipline, and proper application of policy, with no exceptions.

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Posted in: Details confirmed for Tokyo Olympic marathon, race walks See in context

Although the IOC may have been overbearing with their decision to move the events to Sapporo, against the wishes of Mayor Koike, it is sometimes better to ask for forgiveness than ask for permission.

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Posted in: Abe slammed for revealing operator of document shredder was disabled See in context

Just how long does it take to shred a guest list? A couple of minutes?

The PM has learned the lesson from the Nagano Winter Olympics; the first thing to do after winning a bid is to buy a good sized document shredder!

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Posted in: Japan promises $3 bil in funding to ASEAN nations from 2020 See in context

Investment and loans = Marketing and Promotion for products made by Japanese companies. JICA have been doing this for years with pharmceuticals and white goods companies. Makes sense...

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Posted in: Nissan's new CEO reaffirms alliance, promises revival See in context

The three companies that comprise the 'Alliance' Nissan, Renault and Mitsubishi (remember them!), do not work well together; and many of their business systems are incompatible. Until that is addressed, serious recovery is a long way into the future, and mouthing platitudes to the media and sound bites for investors won't help.

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Posted in: Japan considers withholding tax system on casino winnings by foreigners See in context

Guess the same 'oyajis' who made the confusing partial consumption tax rise from 8% - 10% are working on this; only they could contemplate and complicate such a proposal.

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Posted in: Japan limits scope for illegal downloads of copyrighted work See in context

In the 1960s and 70s, Japanese firms photocopied legally and illegally as much as they could of Western materials, in their thirst for knowledge, as their industries expanded globally. I knew of one Japanese drug company whose materials in the 1990s still bore a US firm's logo and publication code. Ironic now that they seek to impose restrictions on downloading, the modern equivalent!

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Posted in: Kansai Electric repeatedly gave donations to nuclear plant host town See in context

reports such donations in its securities reports as miscellaneous expenditures.

4.3 billion Yen - that's a lot of miscellaneous donations - any other company would be grilled if it was 4.3 million Yen - a 1,000 times less!

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Posted in: 80-year-old woman hit, killed by bullet train in Fukushima See in context

@concerned citizen: It's the Mini-Shinkansen, not the full Shinkansen. It runs on the wider Bullet train tracks at half the speed (approx. 130km/h), but follows the old rail line routes, and shares the line with regular JR passenger trains, though they have been upgraded to the wider track gauge too.

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Posted in: Pope urges world leaders to renounce atomic weapons See in context

Maybe he should go to Fukushima, the current Japan hotspot for radiation. They need a miracle to manage the dumping of the radioactive waste water into the Pacific Ocean.

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Posted in: Pope Francis to bring anti-nuclear message to Hiroshima and Nagasaki See in context

Perhaps His Holiness should visit Fukushima, and bless all those contaminated tanks of radioactive water about to be released into the Pacific Ocean? Maybe even reduce the radioactivity? A miracle if that happens!

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Posted in: Boeing brings back humans after automation problems on 777 assembly See in context

Another hole in Boeing's reputation. Bring back engineers to oversee the manufacturing, not fast track suits and bean counters.

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Posted in: Spectators to be allowed to bring drinks to Tokyo Games venues See in context


Or only buy inside from approved sponsors/ vendors?

The Lords of the Rings never miss a chance to get more gold!

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Posted in: Tougher penalties introduced for employers over foreign intern disappearances See in context

Immigration and the police have been turning a blind eye to people working under the radar for more than 50 years, illegals, students, trainees, interns, etc... They know that many of the small and 3k businesses require cheap young staff. Problem is employer abuse, need for medical care, housing, and other services; as well as excessive payments for meals, housing, tickets, etc., leaving the intern/ employee with next to nothing.

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Posted in: 120,000 watch emperor, empress parade in Tokyo See in context

60 million yen to modify a car that sells for 20 million yen. Good business if you can get it...

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Posted in: Kanagawa's business environment attracts foreign direct investment by hundreds of companies See in context

Kanagawa is a great place to live and work, but you'll need good Japanese skills to work with their government, tax, legal and banking offices. They are generally very helpful, but their language abilities are limited.

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Posted in: Yokohama legal firm refuses to return passport to Filipino woman See in context

Just like Saudi Arabia. Passports are kept by the employer's HR dept, and if you want to leave, they have to apply for an exit visa for you!

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Posted in: Seven-Eleven Japan to end some 24-hour operations amid labor crunch See in context

There are too many of them. In some cities, in a one hundred yard radius, you'll find a FamilyMart, a Lawson, 2 7-11s, and Mini-Stop. Competition is fine, but the sales do not support so many outlets.

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Posted in: Tokyo eyes starting Olympic marathon at 3 a.m. to counter IOC plan to move race to Hokkaido See in context

Some enterprising company will start selling night-vision goggles to athletes and any spectators that are up at 3 in the morning!

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Posted in: Tokyo 2020 marathon move decision 'final', says IOC's Coates See in context

That does not satisfy the question of why the IOC gave the games to Tokyo at the height of summer in the first place. That quite mystifies me. 

Just look up Dentsu, Singapore, Black Tiding, Tsunekaza Takeda.

French investigators are still examining $2 million authorized by Japanese Olympic Committee President Tsunekazu Takeda and paid to the Singapore-based consulting company Black Tidings and its head Ian Tan Tong Han. Black Tidings is suspected of channeling the money to Papa Massata Diack, one of the sons of the former IOC member from Senegal, Lamine Diack.

TV Sponsorship, primarily from the USA does not want any clashes with the busy and lucrative US sports schedule, so the games are scheduled for Jul/ Aug. The money involved is too big for the Lords of the Rings to turn down.

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Posted in: Typhoon-hit areas brace for more floods See in context

Two typhoons on the way - Neoguri and TwentyTwo, according to the Tropic Storm Risk website.


Big trouble for already troubled areas.

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Posted in: Abe promises special support to rebuild from Typhoon Hagibis See in context

@zichi - The newer E7 12 car units are estimated at costing 4 ¥billion for the 12 car set. News report from JR here on JT (Tokyo, Oct. 16 (Jiji Press)--East Japan Railway Co.) a few days ago said that they were looking at replacing them, not fixing them. The cost of a 16-car 700 series unit is approximately 4 billion yen compared with around 5 billion yen for a 16-car 500 series train, the most expensive Shinkansen ever made.

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