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Posted in: Renault to reduce stake in Nissan, rebalancing alliance See in context

20 plus years after the 'Alliance' started, their respective IT systems still can't work together; stock control, ordering, vendor management is a mess.

And what of Mitsubishi - the third partner?

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Posted in: Police, tech firms hold response drills to counter attacks ahead of G7 summit See in context

Not someone has hijacked the fax machine, or stolen the USB drive?

That would be tech - J-style.

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Posted in: New Zealand counts cost of Auckland floods; more rain forecast See in context

One of the dead was just 25, kayaking down a flooded road, got trapped in a culvert and drowned. RIP.

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Posted in: 72% of foreigners in survey say they’ve been disappointed by bad breath in Japan See in context

Salarymen on the morning train, after a night at a yakiniku restaurant, then smoking and drinking at a bar. Phew....give them a very wide berth!

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Posted in: Dentsu officials admit to Tokyo Olympic test event bid rigging See in context

Back in 2014, Dentsu had 2-3 floors of their office block dedicated to the Olympics, a few years before the events in this article. The were very well prepared and well briefed.

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Posted in: French rugby president Laporte resigns ahead of World Cup See in context

Rugby is following the Olympics, World Football and Athletics into the world of corruption, bribery, shady agreements and dubious influences, as the sport focuses more on the advertising, money and sponsorship than the game and players.

Too bad, it was once a great game.

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Posted in: Japanese power firms seek price hikes, adding to household burden See in context

This will kill off any chance of an economic recovery, and hurt all but the rich. The rise in electricity cost will lead to price rises in everything that uses or is made with electricity, as businesses seek to cover the second large increase.

These power utilities are full of greatly overpaid useless oyajis; window-seat administrators and others parachuted in from the same ministries that used to over see them, in return for 'past favourable consideration.'

Few would know anything about power generation or distribution.

J-Gov should step in and limit the rise, but no doubt the bureaucrats will pass it, and many will end up working for the same utilities in 3-5 years time. Amakudari - descending from heaven yet again.

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Posted in: Japan planning to establish zones to give vacant homes new life See in context

Why not look into why these places are empty? Or why people have moved away?

Lack of jobs, facilities, transportation, schools, and deaths of owners.

Jobs nearby, even WFH, are needed to enable people to afford to live in these places,

as well as the basics to build a community and life.

Promotion of tourism, cafes, lodgings... more Go To Trouble?

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Posted in: Kishida warns Japan on brink of social dysfunction amid falling birthrate See in context

It was around the time of PM Hatoyama in 2009, that companies moved to use temporary workers in place of full-time staff, more than 50% of their work force, spawning hundreds of personnel agencies with millons of workers on benefit-less contracts, giving them freedom of movement in return for no financial security.

The companies benefitted from lower wage bills, flexible workforce, and being able to get rid of some older workers on higher pay.

Problems quickly arose when the temp workers doing the same job as full-time employees, found themselves on much lower salaries, no benefits, and no job security. Work could not be extended due to regulations, unless with a different agency. Companies were also in disarray every March, as they tried to secure a work force for the next year. Even government ministries had more than half of their staff applying for their own job every year with a different personnel agency.

Now with low salaries, job insecurity, no benefits, etc., no wonder few want marriage, family and children.

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Posted in: Boeing ordered to be arraigned on charge in Max crashes See in context

After their 'merger' with MD, they went from an organisation focusing on engineering excellence to one that only looked at the bottom line, driven by accountants.

Now they are paying the price.

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Posted in: Acquittal upheld for ex-TEPCO execs over Fukushima nuclear crisis See in context

Nuclear power generation was Japan Government (LDP) Policy since the 1960s. They are not going to prosecute their 'own people' for doing their job, no matter how incompetent, corrupt and dirty it was, and despite overwhelming evidence that it could have been predicted.

T I J - This Is Japan. At least the LDP's Japan.

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Posted in: Kishida pledges that Japan will play leading role in diplomacy in 2023 See in context

Take care of Japan first!

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Posted in: Public faces ¥1 bil annual maintenance bill for privatized National Stadium See in context

Send the bill to Dentsu!

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Posted in: Japan to upgrade N Korea missile alert system after malfunction See in context

In the meantime, they will fax a message to the Cabinet in Nagatacho, asking what to do; and they in turn will hold a meeting to discuss an agenda to plan counter-measures to deal with the threat.

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Posted in: Reconstruction minister quits over election law violation allegations See in context

4 down, how many more to go?

A number of them will be worried that improper links and ties will be found, illegal donations uncovered, politicial violations exposed, the usual political machinations!

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Posted in: Decision not to indict over Sri Lanka detainee's death unjust: panel See in context

Independent Judicial Panels often find for the plaintiff, but then when the government or authorities file their inevitable appeal to the Supreme Court, the judges side with the establishment.


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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics cost 20% more than organizers reported: audit See in context

This is only for the money that has been discovered and thus been audited, and not the hidden unaccounted money. You can bet that there is much more money involved, but is buried deep, with files and documents shredded, and paper trials hidden.

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Posted in: Japan OKs highly autonomous 'level-4' driving from April 2023 See in context

This will be about as bad as an oyaji in a Kei car, holding up the traffic as he potters and weaves along at 10 km/ hr. But at least the AI should not mistake the accelerator pedal for the brake.

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Posted in: Snow piles deep in northern Japan; 3 dead See in context

Every year the same happens at winter time. During the rest of the year, you can see rows of gritting trucks, snow ploughs and heavy machinery neatly parked and being polished in large areas beside the roads, yet it seems that they are rarely used, or driven out and used in advance before the roads get covered and blocked with heavy snow.

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Posted in: Court rejects residents' calls to halt Kansai Electric's aging nuclear reactor See in context

The courts and judges will always follow the establishment or government policy.

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Posted in: Announcement of Don Quijote’s beloved mascot being changed has shoppers in shock See in context

Elsewhere, it is reported o Friday evening that there will be no change.

...Due to the backlash, Don Quijote's president Naoki Yoshida decided to hold an emergency meeting on the same day to resolve the issue. According to his tweet, he was not aware of the surprising plan to replace Donpen.

After the strong response from the general public, Don Quijote released a statement (as shown above) on Friday evening stating that it would be keeping Donpen as its mascot. 

Donpen stans can now breathe a sigh of relief. You might even want to pick up a Donpen souvenir or two the next time you’re shopping at Donki.

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Posted in: Gov't questions Unification Church for 2nd time over illegal acts See in context

Regrettable ... misunderstandings ... pledges to do better ... review actions ... organise a meeting to prepare an agenda for a plan to take decisive action in the future ... only a few involved ...

These will be the conclusions of the investigative panel.

Then carry on, business as usual.

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Posted in: Japanese gov't wants to give people an extra ¥80,000 to have babies See in context

Monthly payments of ¥80,000 might be a real incentive, but not this.

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Posted in: In Netflix series, Harry slams press, family, over 'feeding frenzy' See in context

When the whinging attacks on the Royal Family, media, and nearly everyone else have stopped, with the racism accusation based on an unsubstantiated comment attributed anonymously, what else have this ex-squaddie and Z-lister briefcase girl got to offer?

Does he still want 23 million pounds each year from his 'father' the King to support their lifestyle?

What happened to his job as 'chimpo', the Chief Impact Officer' at the on-line mental health app company?

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Posted in: Empress Masako turns 59; reflects on half a lifetime as royal See in context

Half a lifetime on medications and treatment to adjust and survive living in the Royal Family, under the supervision and direction of the Imperial Household Agency,

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Posted in: Japan's World Cup performance to bring ¥16.3 bil in economic effects See in context

As it is related to sports, Dentsu probably are involved with it, and so can provide very accurate costs.

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Posted in: Prince Harry says UK royal household plays 'dirty game' by leaking stories See in context

Keen-eyed viewers have already spotted photos used in the programme that were taken out of context, from a press event for a film years ago that Harry was not even present at, long before he met Meghan, and from approved 'official photoshoots' that are now suddenly intrusive.

It's just going to be more of the same lies, prototruths, and 'varied recollections' that they were spouting during the Oprah interview.

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Posted in: Japan lifts ban on automated drone flights over residential areas See in context

Got tired of noisy drones at cherry blossom time, Golden Week and summer time, buzzing around the trees and beauty spots; YouTubers and Social Media Influencers looking for their 10 seconds of fame. Worse than mosquitoes and crickets.

Can't someone make a silent model?

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Posted in: In many parts of Tokyo and other cities, although bars are open until late, many people who got into the habit of drinking on streets and in parks to avoid closed, crowded environments due to the pandemic, are continuing to do so, making noise and leaving trash. What do you think about this? See in context

Trash bins were removed years ago due to 'the fear of potential threats of terrorism', after the sarin gas attacks of 1995, and were never returned. Can't see the authorities putting them back for a long time.

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Posted in: IOC apparently knew how to pick Tokyo Games operators before bidding began See in context

Back in 2015, Dentsu had 2-3 floors of their Shimbashi office, and of course their staff, dedicated to the Olympics, and they had been in use for a couple of years. Nothing like planning in advance, which is of course required for a project of this size.

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