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Posted in: Japan to send vice justice minister to Lebanon to discuss Ghosn See in context

They were given a reasonable 30 days to provide evidence to the Lebanese authorities of his wrong doings.

Maybe Hiroyuki Yoshiie, a deputy to Justice Minister Masako Mori, will carry them in a large envelope with him?

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Posted in: Nissan ordered to pay ¥2.4 bil fine over Ghosn pay scandal See in context

*...the company's underreported remuneration of its executives for four years...*

Not just Ghosn then!

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Posted in: Abe says gov't ready to protect economy from coronavirus impact See in context

19th arrow?

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Posted in: Virus to cost world tourism at least $22 bil: global tourism body See in context

Beyond tourism; business meetings, conferences, interpreting services, audio-visual lighting and staging providers, PR agencies and designers, hotels, food and beverage, transportation, entertainment, in fact nearly everyone involved are all facing months of cancellations and/ or postponements. There will be more than a few companies laying off staff or going bust as they do not have cash to cover 4-6 months of overheads, expenses and salaries with no operating income.

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Posted in: Many events for long weekend cancelled or postponed amid virus fears See in context

Many events and small conferences are continuing, but without overseas attendees; and instead, video links or webstreaming are being set up for them.

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Posted in: Couple at center of Abe cronyism scandal found guilty over fraud See in context

Whipping boys - they'll be compensated for their pain later....

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Posted in: Nissan net profit plunges 87% for 9 months to December See in context

They wheeled out 3 Indian accountants during the conference, who tried to talk about cash flow, how a big push in 4Q would solve their problems, and how one of them would go to the US auto show and promote Nissan personally! No talk of any concrete strategy, plans or anything that would convince people that they were doing something right. Circling the drain...

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Posted in: My scariest thing before I became a porn star was that people would judge me and also fear of what my mom would think. I love porn. I'm a little bit of a naughty girl. See in context

She's certainly had an active career outside of Japan, where censorship is not an issue. She's either had or due to have a bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction for breast cancer, diagnosed in 2018, so have to see the impact it will have on her future career. Good luck to her!

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Posted in: Nissan files ¥10 bil damages suit against Ghosn See in context

In the meantime, Nissan sales are dropping steeply; as the new executives struggle to find any sort of coherent strategy for their future. The 'Nissan Way' does not seem to have any impact, nor constant cries of 'ganbarimasu'.

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Posted in: 66 more people confirmed with coronavirus on cruise ship in Yokohama See in context

It's just one big floating viral incubator...expect more and more cases. But big difference between those testing positive (carrier) and those showing clinical symptoms (severe pneumonia and breathing difficulties.

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Posted in: Mitsubishi Aircraft to delay jet delivery to 2021 or later See in context

Delay No 6?

Niwa, with long engineering and aviation business experience, will replace Hisakazu Mizutani, who will become chairman to oversee governance matters and relationships with All Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines Co, it said.

Niwa - on the production line? Hasn't worked with airplanes for a long time...

Mizutani - looking for customers - these two may be the only ones?

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Posted in: Toyota raises annual forecast on cost cuts, healthy sales See in context

So much profit! How about raising wages to match?

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Posted in: Convenience stores urged to shorten hours, lower labor cost burden See in context

Better distribution of the stores would help. In some towns and cities, they are few and far between; in others, you can find 3 or 4 within 100 metres of each other. Choice is fine, but maybe two stores operating successfully and profitably with adequate staffing, is better than four in difficulties.

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Posted in: No. of court interpreters falls in Japan despite increase in foreign defendants See in context

Kanagawa used to have a group of volunteer interpreters who supported court cases. Most, if not all of them, cited that it was very hard to remain neutral and interpret due to the action of the prosecutors and court officials, as described above, and they often wanted to go beyond the interpreting role to help the accused. They all agreed it was the worst type of interpreting job to do in Japan.

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Posted in: Panel says Fukushima water release into sea best option See in context

Any radioactive water dumped off Fukushima will be picked up by the Kuroshio warm water current, and carried clockwise around the North Pacific Ocean gyre, and end up coming back to Japan and all of Pacific Island countries. At some point it will mix with the equatorial counter currents, further diluting but spreading radioactive materials even further around the Pacific.

Just wondering if J-Gov/ TEPCO have done their calculations properly, and informed all of those countries?

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Posted in: Prosecutors issue arrest warrant for Ghosn, 3 Americans over his escape See in context

The J-prosecutors still have not presented evidence of Ghosn's guilt to the Lebanese authorities. They were given 30 days to do that, ample time to run their photocopiers and delivery the papers by courier. Until they do that, the Lebanese will not contemplate taking any measures against Ghosn.

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Posted in: High court orders Shikoku Electric to suspend Ikata nuclear reactor restart See in context

Don't keep appealing - fix the problems!

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Posted in: Renault chairman says there is 'real desire' to make Nissan alliance work See in context

After 20 years, their business systems still do not work with each other. Renault has no clue how NIssan works, and NIssan resents what it sees as interference in the way it works. Mitsubishi is just an afterthought.

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Posted in: Olympic rings arrive in Tokyo Bay See in context

And woe betide anyone who tries to copy the 5 rings logo. The IOC tried to prosecute a little old lady shopkeeper in the UK for knitting 5 coloured rings to hang in her shop window.

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Posted in: Ghosn used company money for private events: Nissan report See in context

Internal corporate governance matter, not a crime, as long as the expenditure was reported as entertainment, though these usually manifest themselves under marketing, PR or consulting costs to be taxed at a lower rate.

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Posted in: Ghosn's Japan lawyer quits after client's flight to Lebanon See in context

Meanwhile Lebanese authorities are waiting for Japan to supply the evidence against him, IIRC less than 27 days to go...

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Posted in: Spent MOX fuel removed at Ikata nuclear plant; 1st time in Japan See in context

Someone mistakenly pulled up the wrong fuel rods during prep work.

one of the 48 control rods in the No. 3 reactor was mistakenly pulled out during the preparation work on Sunday.

This latter error was more serious - these rods have to be inserted into the reactor vessel to moderate the fission process, removal increases it. In PWRs they are inserted from above, with the control rod drive mechanisms mounted on the reactor pressure vessel head. In BWRs, due to the necessity of a steam dryer above the core, this design requires insertion of the control rods from beneath. TEPCO's are all BWR - the poorer design.

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Posted in: Nissan denies reported plans to split with Renault See in context

After 20 years of 'Alliance' their business systems still do not align at all, even Japanese banks managed to do some sort of integration after 10 years.

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Posted in: We need to bolster efforts to call on geriatrics departments, internal medicine divisions, regular doctors and a wide range of parties involving elderly patients to be more careful in prescribing medicines and urge patients to reflect deeply on whether they really need to continue taking certain medications. See in context

Might want to start by including pharmacists and clinical pharmacologists in the process. Polypharmacy is very common worldwide, especially amongst the elderly, as physicians just keep adding medicines to their regimen, without thinking where the issues come from. Many hospitals now stop all medicines on addmission, except for some critical ones, and start evauating the patient from zero again, and often find that many of the medicines are not necessary.

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Posted in: Automakers display 800 modified cars at Tokyo Auto Salon See in context

Yaris - hatchback used with some success in motor sports, with extensive modifications

Varis - make of body modification kits for variety of JDMs

Names look very similar...

The GR (*Gazoo R***acingYaris* shown is a high-performance variant of the Yaris which is powered by a Gazoo Racing-built, turbocharged and direct/port-injected 1.6-litre G16E-GTS* engine. Toyota going outside again for engines, as with BMW for their Supra and Subaru for their GT86.

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Posted in: Nissan has to decide whether it more interested in pursuing Ghosn or fixing what's wrong with the company. It has already proved that it can't do both. See in context

If they had any decent corporate governance in the first place, the whole matter could have been sorted out internally, and many of the issues would not have even been able to occur, such as all the alleged non-reported future payments and extra payments to Saikawa, reimbursed after he was exposed. As it is, they have only just started working on it.

But the alliance and business relationship between the three members is fast deteriorating, as sales slow down, unsold cars build up, and new model development hangs in limbo; while the new chairman appears to have no strategy for the future other than "ganbarimasu."

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Posted in: Lebanon may lift Ghosn's travel ban if files not received within 40 days See in context

Japan has some of the quickest and most efficient photocopiers in the world, there should be no problem for them to provide the files in 4 days, much less than 40 days!

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Posted in: Japan asks Interpol to issue red notice for Ghosn's wife See in context

Not reported here, but elsewhere and relevant to comments on the Justice System:

Justice Minister Masako Mori has backtracked on an inflammatory comment in which she said fugitive ex-Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn should come to Japan to “prove his innocence.”

Some took the comment as a gaffe proving the businessman’s claim that under the Japanese justice system, he is guilty until proven innocent.

In a Thursday afternoon tweet, Mori apologized for saying Ghosn should “prove his innocence” during her media address and said that she meant he should “assert” it instead. The tweet, which went viral, increased the growing international debate over the true nature of the Japanese system, which critics have dubbed “hostage justice.”

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Posted in: Sharp gains for Hollywood actresses in 2019 but barriers persist: study See in context

One of the strongest female characters of 2019 was Alita, in the film adaption of the 1993 Japanese anime GUNNM, and she was 300 years old!

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Posted in: 176 killed after Ukrainian plane crashes near Tehran airport See in context

The video of the crash is horrific; it is already burning as it descends, some parts seems to separate, and then a massive explosion as it impacts terrain, almost certainly from the full fuel tanks. No-one could have survived that.

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