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Posted in: Extension of Hokuriku Shinkansen line opens, boosting tourism hopes See in context

I hope that they improve the ticket office staffing queues too. Travelling over the last few days to Kyoto and Osaka from Shin Yokohama, the waiting time to buy a ticket was around one hour at each station, during the midde of the day. Half of the sales booths had no staff.

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Posted in: Wronged UK postmasters to have convictions quashed See in context

Let's see what compensation is offered to them, the original offer was a pittance, and I doubt any of the PO staff and Fujitsu employees who received massive bonuses for their actions will ever return any of their ill-gotten gains.

Fujitsu still have numerous government contracts in the UK, so I'm sure the government does not want to upset them too much.

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Posted in: Sabalenka, Gauff advance; Osaka ousted at Indian Wells See in context

Emma Radacanu is too busy with promotional work, parties, photoshoots, events, and changing coaches to focus on playing tennis. But kudos to her for making the most of her single US-Open title, she is financially set up for life now.

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Posted in: Projection mapping at Tokyo gov't HQ recognized as world's biggest See in context

Ten years ago, it cost more than 80 million Yen to illuminate and map Himeji Castle for a few weeks, including content creation, rental of equipment, staff and power.

How much will this extravanaga cost over one year?

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Posted in: Diet panel on funds scandal to be held for 2 days from Wednesday See in context

They are very busy writing the script for everyone to follow.

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Posted in: Emperor turns 64; mourns Ishikawa quake victims See in context

However why did it take so long for the emperor to address the nation after the earthquake disaster ?

Jishuku -自粛 - or voluntary self-restraint - limiting or avoiding extravagant or ostentious behaviour, when other peple are suffering.

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Posted in: Gov't to issue correction order over data rigging at Toyota affiliate See in context

Interesting to compare 'action' here with those that happened with Volkswagen in Europe, with their emission testing rigging.

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Posted in: Digitalization drive proving tough for Japanese school teachers See in context

On the TV this morning, one subway line in Nagoya last September removed their printed timetables, and replaced them with signs containing only QR codes. You'll need to be digitally aware now.

But nowhere in sight are any charging facilities for Smartphones.

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Posted in: Vending machine in Yokohama sells bakery bread set to be thrown away, reducing food waste See in context

Worried about safety and hygiene? Responsbility for food poisoning?

It's just bread. Sold for around 4-5 hours the same day.

Re-filled and almost certainly cleaned every 24 hours.

Can't see food poisoning developing from that.

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Posted in: Kishida asks LDP to organize Diet meeting on slush funds scandal See in context

Who will pay for the meeting?

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Posted in: No lunch in Ginza: Japan's scaled-back spending helps push economy to recession See in context

Hotels and conference/ exhibition markets are very busy; high occupancy rates, with many overseas visitors going out to eat/ drink and take short tours. Maybe they are just not going to Ginza.

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Posted in: Safety panel urges Fukushima nuclear plant operator to better communicate with public See in context

The nuclear power industry has a history and culture of lies, falsifying and/ or deletion of data, cover-ups, and generally hiding what really goes on from the general public.

The utilities are shielded from legal claims from the plant workers through 6-7 layers of personnel agencies, all disclaiming any responsibility for any wrong doings, plausible denial for the top layers.

A well-meaning urge from an expert panel will have little to no effect on the ingrained corporate culture.

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Posted in: Paris Olympics set for gold medal in luxury promotion See in context

some critics ... argue that the modern Olympics have become tainted by corporate money.

It's ALL about the money - just ask Tokyo, and numerous other cities awarded the games.

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Posted in: UK beauty chain The Body Shop goes into administration after years of struggles See in context

Yet another business ruined by an equity fund purchaser, also known as asset strippers.

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Posted in: Scandal-mired Toyota group automaker Daihatsu reshuffles leadership See in context

Daihatsu has said its workers were under heavy pressure to meet tight deadlines. 

Just like all of the other car manufacturers here, including Toyota, from where this 'company saving veteran' comes from. Just a 30 second saving on assembling one part can save millions of yen on the production line over a few months, and workers are pressurized to find more.

Don't expect too much from this 'shuffling of the deck chairs...'

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Posted in: Japan OKs bill to ease burden on truck drivers amid labor shortage See in context

Add some driver education to this move too, and enforce the current rules.

Tailgating on the highways, speeding in the towns and villages, parking on the slip roads to highway exits and car parks, pulling out and then indicating their intention, etc..

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Posted in: Japan maglev train project being derailed by Shizuoka stalemate See in context

There is already a lot of construction at Sengoku on the Oi river, Hayakawa and Hirokawara on the Uchikouchi River, for drilling inclined shafts, removing debris from the tunnel, and for planned emergency exits. They should have sorted this out before the work began!

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Posted in: Data rigging scandals threaten to undermine Toyota's growth See in context

A few more bows, 10% salary reductions for three months for a few scapegoats, and then life is back to normal.

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Posted in: TEPCO apologizes for radioactive water leak at Fukushima plant See in context

Just a 45 degree bow - not very sincere - basically contempt for the public whom they have contaminated.

Expect 10% salary reduction for 3 months, and a cut in their next bonus.

What is needed is worker and manager education, adherence to SOPs, and proper accountability.

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Posted in: 1 in 5 Japanese university students do not want children: survey See in context

They might not want children, but with their very limited knowledge of contraception and family planning, many of them will end up with a little Taro or Kumiko.

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Posted in: Americans have saddled themselves with credit card debt See in context

They will keep your limits low if they suspect you don't understand the bill paying part.

If you don't use your card and spend, you don't receive a good credit rating, no matter how high your income or how expensive your property.

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Posted in: Heavy snowfall hits Tokyo area; traffic disrupted See in context

Kanagawa/ Yokohama shut down the highways at 13:00, when you could not even see the snow on the road.

Drivers struggled to find an alternate route, but all were closed, and there were queues of nearly 45 minutes at the toll gates, as people tried to exit the highway.

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Posted in: The decline of regional areas will affect the overall strength of the nation, including Tokyo. See in context

Nuclear power plants were the only hope for Japanese countryside areas.

Massive grants, subsidies, road building, well-paid jobs at the plants and in the towns supporting them,

taking over the labour markets used for fishing, farming, mining and timber.

Now they struggle with fake tourism, pitiful grants to try to entice young couples back to the countryside, dubious tax breaks, a large numbers of run-down hotels and buildings, and old locals stuck in their ways.

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Posted in: JAL net profit jumps fivefold to ¥85.87 bil in April-December See in context

Good time to pay back the government loan that they received to bail them out of bankruptcy.

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Posted in: Toyota group company plant raided in test cheating probe See in context

Management orders - Lost In Translation - that's a new excuse!

Japanese managers unable to communicate with Japanese workers, in Japanese!

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Posted in: IAEA reaffirms Japan's treated water release in line with standards See in context

Now get the IAEA to go and check the South Korean and Chinese NPP discharge outlets! Will make for an interesting comparison.

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Posted in: Japan to host 2025 Expo as scheduled despite quake-hit area's need for building materials See in context

The Expo is the lead up to the building of the Integrated Resort (Casino) in Osaka, which will utilise the facilities and developments cheaply afterwards, and that is BIG money. The usual suspects don't want to upset that.

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Posted in: Kishida says gov't will do 'everything possible' to boost household income See in context

Nothing is also possible ... therefore they will do nothing.

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Posted in: Toyota chief apologizes for cheating on testing at group company – again See in context

"Just in Time" production, workers pressured to cut seconds off the work process, miniscule improvements that add up to quicker production and greater profits, but at the price of quality, safety, integrity and workers' quality of life. W E Deming did not expect this outcome of his work philosophy.

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