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Posted in: Toyama woman in her 70s loses ¥50 mil in gold investment scam See in context

Children and grandchildren need to educate the older folk about this kind of thing. Especially in Japan, where everyone is so trusting. So many spam mails trying to get me to click on things and enter passwords. To younger folk (hehe, I'm 60) this is obvious, but to the generation above, not so much. The number one rule is never click a link in an email, but go direct to the website concerned. In my case, Amazon, Amex, my website provider, Amazon and Rakuten in the past couple of weeks.

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Posted in: Binge drinking is a growing public health crisis See in context


I agree.

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Posted in: Binge drinking is a growing public health crisis See in context

opheliajadefeldtToday  02:19 pm JST

I have never even tasted or drank any thing alcoholic, I have always felt it was just so pathetic and a complete waste of time and money. I met many people like this at Uni and mostly they were very obnoxious and arrogant, and coud not give a dam about any one else. I never go to bars or clubs because I do not want to mix with any drinkers and nothing will ever change my mind on this matter.

Your point? Why are you replying to a post about something you have never experienced nor have any interest in doing? Or are you suggesting that no one should drink?

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Posted in: Law change lets Japanese police crack down on rule-breaking cyclists See in context

They need to do something about cyclists zooming up behind us on pavements. Make them use the damn road like in the UK.

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Posted in: Musk confirms Twitter has become X.com See in context

Bob FosseToday  08:27 am JST

Congrats to Musk, the only true social media platform where FREE speech truly reigns supreme and all sides are heard as the well it should. Just love the platform

Spend more time there and less here.

Those damn dissenting views, eh! Guess X won't miss you. What is now your echo chamber of choice?

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Posted in: Binge drinking is a growing public health crisis See in context

I tried Naltrexone a while back. It made my drink taste like water because it stops the rewired feedback. No buzz at all.

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Posted in: Binge drinking is a growing public health crisis See in context

Not sure why every medical article has to have a women's angle shoe-horned in. Where are the articles about prostate trouble and things they can't do that to?

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Posted in: Red, yellow, green ... and white? Smarter vehicles could mean big changes for the traffic light See in context

Japan needs roundabouts, not another light.

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Posted in: Oscars Academy, at pivotal point, launches $500 mil fundraising drive See in context

Sign me up. I'd hate for those millionaire actors and directors to be held accountable for supporting their industry.

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Posted in: Fewer domestic travelers seen in Golden Week See in context

The traffic is the reason I avoid GW travel.

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Posted in: Switzerland's Nemo wins Eurovision Song Contest See in context

'The Code' is about the journey I started with the realization that I am neither a man nor a woman," Nemo said.

So what the hell are you? Oh, right. You identify as a clownfish.

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Posted in: Japan city councilor quits over harassment of Australian mayor's daughter See in context

Sh1mon M4sadaToday  09:04 am JST

The discrete nature of reporting this story is meant to limit shock and embarassment for the victim.

Yeah, I don't think you know what victim means.

Get over the minutia please,

You mean details? Some of us don't always skim read.

just know that this kind of behaviour does not belong in any international relation context.

No one said it does and it's not even what's being discussed, but I realize you couldn't avoid some virtue signaling.

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Posted in: JAL looks to diversify workplace, businesses under 1st female CEO See in context

A la Peter Neil, until I knew what Diverity™ was, I had lived 40+ years without ever noticing or caring about what anyone I encountered was or did, socially or work-wise. Then some bored, petulant liberal busybodies decided things were getting too peaceful and started demanding unrepresentative advantages - anything other than ability - as a way to give it to the Man.

StrangerlandToday  07:56 am JST

And are you of the opinion that because this is your experience, it must be everyone's experience, and no one else might have a different experience?

I would. If no one had heard of diversity, no one would be hand-wringing now. If I go to the doctor and he's, say, Indian, is it now reasonable for me to demand a white, middle class, Church of England, heterosexual doctor, and hope they've got one?

Talk about a manufactured problem.

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Posted in: Japan city councilor quits over harassment of Australian mayor's daughter See in context

A lot of female JETs experience similar issues. 


You extrapolated one to many. Give us many links then we'll listen.

Quo PrimumToday  10:12 am JST

JeffLee Today  06:46 am JST

What?! A bit more explanation is needed to determine the nature of the alleged harassment.

Given the shape of the object in question, the anatomical area near where it was being held, the reaction by the family and their calling it "inappropriate," and the councilor's subsequent apology?

Really? You can't figure it out yourself?

Could the article not have put it clearer? Neither the journalist nor readers are children.

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Posted in: JAL looks to diversify workplace, businesses under 1st female CEO See in context

I wonder if female 'dinosaurs' will get as much flak as their male counterparts.

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Posted in: Panda memorial See in context

If you love animals that much, why lock them up in a zoo? Have you seen Japanese zoos? No idea about Tokyo, but the one's I've been to... How the hell are they still legal?

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Posted in: Djokovic struck with bottle from stands after winning Rome opener See in context

I guess a video link is too much work.

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Posted in: Man arrested for smearing bodily fluid on acquaintance's car in Iwate See in context

Ah_soToday  03:50 pm JST

Well, not so sure. I could read words like "semen" with no ill effect, but I'm not sure if I'd want my wife or servants to be reading such words.

Ha! Nice one.

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Posted in: Japan enacts revised law for swift removal of defamatory online posts See in context

So one big safe space. Prison time for being negative?

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Posted in: Coppola and Trump biopic lead star-packed Cannes film fest See in context


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Posted in: Coppola and Trump biopic lead star-packed Cannes film fest See in context

The luvvies are adorable.

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Posted in: Two things to do, and two things not to do, when leaving a traditional Japanese inn See in context

The staff are paid to clean the rooms and it has - and never will - occur to me to do their job for them. I don't deliberately make their life more difficult, but it's not like the place is kindly putting me up for free. It's all included in the price. Relax, guys.

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Posted in: Japanese cafe has perfectly innocent reason for its startling-looking name See in context

In northern English areas (in England), the F-bomb and Fukuoka are pronounced the same ( 'フック’).

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Posted in: New era for pot regulation leaves old problem: Many cannabis companies can't find a bank See in context

The J govt owns at least ⅓ of Japan Tobacco's stock. How the hell can it take itself seriously with its stance on cannabis?

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Posted in: Summer movies: 5 breakout stars to watch in 'Sing Sing,' 'Quiet Place, 'Horizon' and more See in context

As much as Lindsey Bahr is, no one else is interested in the personal (criminal) histories of actors. We just want to know: ARE THEY GOOD MOVIES? Your fluff pieces mean nothing to anyone except you.

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Posted in: Japan child population shrinks for 43rd straight year See in context

Short-term pain for long-term benefit.

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Posted in: Electric air taxis are on the way – quiet eVTOLs may be flying passengers as early as 2025 See in context

As long as they don't ban them after the first accident. Imagine if they'd done that after the first train or car accident.

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Posted in: Paris Olympic athletes will feast on freshly baked bread, select cheeses and plenty of veggies See in context

Forget raw fish - that is real food!

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Posted in: Kishida calls for speeding up debate on revising Constitution See in context

BertieWoosterToday  08:48 am JST

"It is not possible to protect the peace with military power."

Exactly! Well said, Tamura-san!

Tell that to Japan's ex-colonies and see how far that gets you.

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Posted in: Brazil's Lula invites Kishida to eat his country's beef See in context

@ Tortoise

The article is referring to Japan importing Brazilian beef, not building criminal-led shanty towns...

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