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Posted in: U.S. activist barred from Taiji Whale Museum files suit See in context

Don't know much about Dolphins but sure this guy is come to make a fast buck. Please clean your backyard before pointing fingers. Lets not go back to the old cliche about "Empty vessels make the most noise". Amen

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Posted in: China says U.S. must be objective about Asia tensions See in context

I do not think the Chinese people are that bad but the Communist party is sure rotten to the roots. China needs to respect other countries and maybe get back respect in retrospect. Asia is becoming one of the biggest Economies in the world and China is not helping by land grabbing. We should all work together as Asians. If you claim land according to history then might as well set an example by giving back Ughyer's and Tibetans their land first. China is already a capitalist market, it will not be difficult to turn to a democratic government where the Chinese people have freedom of speech and basic human rights. I have many Chinese friends who are awesome, one of the best. Lets not generalize all Chinese because of a few commies in Mao suits. Peace.

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Posted in: Hundreds of Chinese families seek wartime compensation from Japan See in context

China is taking it too far. Japan should not bend in this time. If they want to dig up old war issues then there a millions to take care of, leave the past behind and try to concentrate on peoples life at both sides. Some mentioned that its got nothing to do with the government and its a civil law suit. I remember reading somewhere that an Italian court had summoned Chinese leader Jiang Zemin and Hu Jintao for crimes against Human rights. So if the Chinese plaintiffs want the Japanese to pay, we would also like to see the two Chinese leaders present themselves to the Italian court. Then I would say its all fair and love.

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Posted in: How come China is involved in so many maritime disputes with Japan, Vietnam, the Philippines and Taiwan? See in context

China is a bully simple. It has been bullying since Mao came to power. How come they are so concerned about WWII when no one is talking about recent activities like Tiananmem massacre or the cultural revolution where the death toll is more than what Japan did. They try to impose Chinese culture in the the Tibetans by destroying their monasteries and culture but since it did not work, they have eventually accepted it. China needs to grow up if they want respect at the world stage.

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Posted in: Why is anti-Japanese sentiment remaining from the World War II era almost non-existent in countries like Taiwan, the Philippines and Indonesia, unlike in China and South Korea? See in context

Japan has paid for its misdeeds during WWII by being the only country in the world to experience Atomic bombings and that too,2 of them. Millions of civilians died but do we see Japanese crying foul and asking the US to apologies and pay compensation. Japan is also one of the biggest contributors to the United Nations with no strings attached. China and Korea have received billions of dollars as ODA assistance to rebuild their countries without that money, they would not be where there are today. The other Asian nations realize that Japan has indeed shared their wealth while China and Korea are still trying to get more. If China is not careful they are surely going to break down like the old Soviet Union.

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