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Posted in: Female Osaka school clerk's pay docked over tattoos See in context

To all the people making sweeping generalizations about what other people do with their bodies, I urge you to look up Enson Inoue. Enson has many tattoos and this past summer he walked the entire country of Japan with two of his friends all the while raising money for tsunami victims. After completing the walk he personally delivered goods and donations to orphanages and displaced people in Tohoku.

You may have read that millions of dollars in aid came from all over the world and only a small percentage of that made it to the people that really needed it. Typical and completely expected from "respectable men in suits" Mr. Inoue personally saw to it that people would get goods that they desperately needed by making the deliveries himself. He made the holiday season a less grim one for many orphans.

What have you done? What gives you the right to judge others for a choice that they made by tattooing their bodies? You don't have to like it but seriously take a break from judging people you know nothing about and mind your own business.

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Posted in: Zushi to ban loud music, alcohol at beach See in context

@Magnus Roe Rights should not be infringed upon because of a majority's uneasiness. The right to public beach access should not be infringed because that beach does not belong to the government or any one individual which makes it a PUBLIC beach.

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Posted in: Zushi to ban loud music, alcohol at beach See in context

So much talk about other people and their tattoos lately here on JT. Wouldn't it be great if everybody just minded their own business? If somebody has a tattoo it is none of your business. NONE. I would say much of the vile crime that goes on in the world is conducted by men in suits. So if you are so ban happy there is a start. Ban suits. Ban everything. Or don't...how about a sensible approach?

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Posted in: Female Osaka school clerk's pay docked over tattoos See in context

"If you want a profession where you can look hip and cool and show your lemming ink to everyone, make my Long Macchiato's for me."

Tamarama I am curious what you do for a living. My best friend is a tattoo artist here in Japan. He makes ¥15,000 an hour. Far from serving YOU anything.

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Posted in: A Japanese perspective on traveling in the U.S. See in context

One poster suggests good food can't be found in the U.S. really? did you even think about that before you typed it? The country is huge and has no shortage of quality food establishments. Or how about this "Obviously, tipping is mandatory in American restaurants" It is expected but it is NOT mandatory. One person experiences inadequate water pressure in a hotel and somehow you think the headline "12 disappointing things for Japanese people traveling in the U.S." is appropriate? absolute garbage!

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Posted in: U.S. warns of al-Qaida threat; orders 22 embassies closed on Sunday See in context

Is this the same Al-Qaida that the U.S. runs guns to? or another Al-Qaida?

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Posted in: Former U.S. sailor extradited to Japan on drug-smuggling charge See in context


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Posted in: Japanese driving pet peeves: Not so different from other countries See in context

As a cyclist here's mine.

Drivers tend to look only one way before accelerating.

Stopping in the bike lane/crosswalk rather than stopping before it, checking for pedestrians and then proceeding.

Driving into the crosswalk at a high rate of speed only to slam on the breaks in the middle of the crosswalk blocking pedestrian traffic.

Abruptly accelerating only to have to stop a short distance later at another light.

Watching T.V. talking on the phone, checking the phone...pretty much any other activity other than driving.

Running red lights.

I have been hit by cars three times since living here and the last one resulted in a little payday for myself as the old bag blew through a red light without looking and plowed into me riding my bike. She had the nerve to try and blame me too.

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Posted in: Do you think airlines are sneaky about fuel surcharges, fees for extra baggage and other charges for various services? See in context

I would love to see the complete fare up front. No. 1 travel will advertise a flight from Japan to the U.S. for 49,000 yen. To get the real price you have to call them up which is horribly inefficient. If the price isn't right I am not going to be tricked into purchasing with a teaser rate only to find that the actual flight is going to cost me three times that.

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Posted in: S Korean media slam Abe's 731 jet photo See in context

This is an outrage indeed! Unit 731 is enough of an atrocity but it doesn't end there. 7+3-1=9 7+3+1=11 9/11 What kind of sick code is this? hahahahahahah

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Posted in: Royal gathering See in context

Kings, Queens, Princes and Princesses. What do they contribute to society?

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Posted in: 3 stabbed in drunken brawl between Japanese, non-Japanese outside station See in context

There are a few commenting on this story that don't seem to understand that race and nationality are not the same thing.

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Posted in: Police get tough on cyclists violating traffic laws See in context

I suspect the cops will be out in full force writing citations for two weeks and then will disappear. Outside my window I watch cars run the run light all day long. I should record it sometime. It happens all day long.

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Posted in: Japan's silver savers will bear the brunt of 'Abenomics' See in context

Abe plans to spend 100 trillion yen ($1 trillion)

100 Trillion yen is closer to $1.5 Trillion or did I miss something and the $1 is suddenly trading at 100 yen?

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Posted in: Woman confesses to killing 25-year-old mentally disabled son See in context

I was very surprised to find out that most Japanese do not get screening for disorders done while pregnant. We had to contact many clinics to finally find one that would perform the screening that is standard in my home country.

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Posted in: Obama orders $85 billion spending cuts; blames Republicans See in context

Will Obama ever admit his own wrong doing in anything? It truly is amazing that he gets away with blaming others every single time. Just once I want to hear him take responsibility for something.

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Posted in: U.S. releases over 2,000 illegal immigrants from jails due to budget cuts See in context

No criminal activity? Entering a country illegally is a criminal offense.

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Posted in: Beijing restaurant removes 'racist' sign after fury, but manager refuses to apologize See in context

Since when are Japanese, Filipino, and Vietnamese considered a "race"? The word racist gets thrown around incorrectly way too much.

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Posted in: Ex-cop thought dead in cabin, but no positive ID yet See in context

Scanner audio has been released of police ordering the place set on fire. Execution by fire, no due process. They also fired more than 40 bullets into a truck that they thought Dorner was in. It was two women delivering newspapers.

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Posted in: 2 Japanese tourists killed, 11 hurt after man goes on stabbing spree at Guam resort See in context

I doubt drugs have anything to do with it. If the guy was targeting Japanese tourists, he probably went crazy because of the lack of opportunities on Guam. I am not justifying his actions but they have built up that area of Guam specifically for Japanese tourists. The rest of the island is in rough shape. I can definitely see an unstable person becoming increasingly fed up and jealous. By the way his name has been released it is Chad Desoto.

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Posted in: Apple testing smart watch See in context

Rumors reported as fact.

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Posted in: In Japan, gun ownership is a privilege, not a right See in context

@Bakakun I agree with you 100% Unfortunately nowadays people discredit the founding fathers any chance they can. Those were amazing men. Have a look at any member of the current administration, not one even measures up to the level of human being the founding fathers were.

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Posted in: At least 5 die in shootings on bloody Chicago day See in context

@Elbuda Mexicano The NRA isn't a gun manufacturer. They don't make money from the mere sale of guns. How can you be so misinformed so often?

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Posted in: From Yu See in context

Somehow I doubt he is wishing he signed with Toronto. What a silly thing to say. The Rangers had a respectable record of 93-69. The Blue Jays? 73-89 hahahhahahaha

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Posted in: Australian radio station to give $500,000 to nurse's family See in context

This is such a stupid story and it has come out that this woman was often ridiculed in the workplace. I wonder how many people jumping to this women's defense even listened to the prank. The entire length of time Jacintha Saldanha was on the phone was 6 seconds. Here is the entire "traumatizing" phone call that she was a part of.

Radio Show DJ:Hello Good Morning Jacintha Saldanha: Hello, good morning, King Edward VII hospital Radio Show DJ: Oh, hello there. Can I please speak to Kate, please -- my granddaughter Jacintha Saldanha: Oh, yes, just hold on, ma'am.


Now are you trying to tell me an otherwise stable person would be so effected by this that it would drive them to suicide? Get real people.

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Posted in: Schoolboy pitching sensation chooses Ham Fighters over MLB See in context

billyshears I agree with every one of your points. I am a huge baseball fan. I cannot stomach the way the game is played here.

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Posted in: Schoolboy pitching sensation chooses Ham Fighters over MLB See in context

Some valid points in the comments. I cannot agree that the best baseball in the world is in Japan. I am a lifelong baseball fan and I cannot watch the games here. Japan faces the U.S. in the WBC and the U.S. sends a bunch for college kids to play against NPB players. As a side note I absolutely hate that Japanese baseball ends in a tie. It's silly. I sat through a 0-0 game once here in Fukuoka. Never again.

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Posted in: Schoolboy pitching sensation chooses Ham Fighters over MLB See in context

They will destroy his arm and he will make less money. Bad move kid.

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Posted in: Japanese, Chinese citizens back Obama for second term: poll See in context

Why would anybody even waste their time conducting such a poll? Polling people on their political opinions in a country they don't even reside in especially when these people can't even vote in their own countries.

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Posted in: 3 dead in shooting near Texas university See in context

@Elbuda Mexicano Your buddy Obama and his administration willingly walked guns across the southern border. Google: Fast & Furious.

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