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When a country has a socialized style of health care I notice that people start worrying about what other people are doing to themselves. IT IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. If we are to make it our business then tax everything from high calorie food and drink to fat people themselves. The modern male is such an effeminate nelly whinging about his or that. I don't like tobacco smoke. If I go to a bar I deal with it. I don't want the whole bar atmosphere to cater to me and ban it altogether. I can't remember a time when I was eating out and was subjected to tobacco smoke. Pick a better establishment or deal with it. Most people are probably unaware of GMO and chemicals in plastics of food they consume and yet freak out over brief exposure to second hand smoke.

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Alan, I find avoiding smokers is quite easy. I don't make a habit out of standing within close proximity of people exhaling smoke in my face.

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I don't smoke but I also don't care what other people do to their bodies. So many people concern themselves with what other people are up to and are quick to want to "tax" a behavior they don't personally agree with. If more people minded their own business the world would be a better place.

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@sillygirl They don't test for AIDS they test for HIV.

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You are posting rumors as fact. "Apple readies iPhone with bigger screen" "Apple was not immediately available to comment."

Since Apple doesn't make information about new products public you are merely speculating. "people familiar with the situation" as a source doesn't quite cut it.

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Straight out of the NWO playbook. This is just an initial step. Soon they will ease people into sterilization. The plan is so very clear. Ease people into being completely dependent on government and then dominate them. They are already doing this in India trading T.V.'s , cars or cash in exchange for vasectomies.

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The things that the Japanese concern themselves with never fail to amaze me.

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Unplug the vending machines lining my street. My Air Con stays on.

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pamelot you have a point. I have read several news article the past 12-18 months on how people don't need this test or that test anymore and it has led me to think what is the agenda here?

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Japan is on the decline. There is nothing new here. What amazes me is people that could bring on change seem stuck in their ways. The birth rates alone are disastrous. People are way too self centered here to concern themselves with starting a family. It will be interesting to see how a generation who has known little to no hardship will react. I suspect an increase in suicides.

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JapanGal Do you suggest vigilante justice? If so I ask that you reconsider what that would entail.

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Ms. Alexander why should he feel lucky he is not in prison? Has he been tried and convicted of a crime? Or is he guilty in your mind because of media bias? Were you there? I wasn't that is why I reserve judgement until the facts come out. If his side of the story is correct should he have just let somebody bash his head in? Would you?

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kaminarioyaji can you not read? During police questioning, the 57-year-old bar manager told officers the man had become violent when presented with the check, TBS reported. He was quoted by police as saying that he used too much force and went too far.

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Nobody is saying the world is going to end. There are questions though as to how the U.S. can afford it.

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I don't like either party but what baffles me is that there are people that approve of how Obama is handling the country. When you spend the country into crippling debt, you are doing it wrong. The man was elected because of one speech and because he's black. Now that the novelty has worn off let's try someone new. It certainly couldn't get that much worse. Actually arguing about this is pointless whatever figurehead empty suit that gets thrown in there is only going to do what the puppet masters tell them anyways.

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Reading sushisake's comments make my head hurt. Please tell me how Republicans wish to revoke the rights of minorities. You clearly have a very limited understanding of American history. Please enlighten me....

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I get these done annually here in Japan for about 19,000 yen!

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Let's not forget that she is a scholarship student making her financial burden that much less. She can afford contraceptives. Anybody who thinks she isn't there for disruptive purposes is not being honest with themselves.

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I'd still like somebody to tell me why it is a colleges responsibility to pay for a woman's birth control. I don't get it. People have gone mad.

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It seems most Americans also are confused about what exactly Separation of Church State actually means. But it is no wonder seeing the quality of education offered in the U.S.. The only thing that Separation of Church and State says is that no government can establish an official religion. During the time this was enacted some states and municipalities had established official religions. It mandates that anybody can practice whatever religion they want. That is it.

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A 30 year old able bodied woman enrolled in a top tier school and receives a scholarship to go there but that isn't enough. She also wants free contraceptives. How can anybody intelligently defend her? She is precisely what is wrong with many people in my age group. But lets not lose sight of the real issue. She chose this school to be an agitator. Why else would she as a "reproductive rights activist" choose to go to a Catholic School over all other options available in the U.S.? If your answer was to agitate then you have the answer right.

Who cares what Rush Limbaugh has to say anyway? To the person calling for him to be fired get real. Wouldn't you want him to be heard? Then you know exactly where he stands. He isn't going anywhere. Are you aware of how much money that man makes per year?

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I am willing to bet the farm that the guns used were obtained illegally yet this will not stop fools from spouting off about gun control. It happens every time and never ceases to amaze me.

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He shouldn't have apologized and she misrepresented herself. It has now come to light she is not a 23 year old student but rather a 30 year old Democrat plant. a professional agitator. Very typical. Why would anybody be responsible for paying for her birth control but her? Americans and most westerners have such a sense of entitlement that it boggles the mind of a normal person with common sense.

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What is the viable alternative to nuclear power in Japan? I would like some of the complainers to answer this honestly and come at me with some alternatives. Fukushima was subjected to a rare devastating tsunami and given that I would say the outcome isn't nearly as bad as it could have been. It also provided massive amounts of power for years.

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@Disillusioned Jobs ads looking for people of a certain nationality aren't racist. Nationalities are not races. It pains me to have clear this up. People are so quick to make claims of racism so much that they are used when they do not apply and not used enough when they actually matter. Please don't cheapen the term.

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The problem with Softbank is while they tell you their service can be used with no limits for a flat fee, the truth is they severely throttle your speeds if you go over a certain limit per month. Oh and you will never ever actually get speeds of 110 megabits per second.....not even close.

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@Daijoboots Making blanket statements about somebody's nationality are we? Tell an American to their face that they lack critical thinking skills. I'd welcome the opportunity to be that guy.

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Now if they would only bring certain Mac features to the iPad.

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I have little doubt that had Jeremy Lin who is an American grown up in China his sports talent would be stifled and he would be made instead to focus on test scores. Jeremy Lin: A real American success story.

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The One World Government types want to reduce the world population. Welcome to one of their new methods.

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