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Posted in: Utilities perform high-wire balancing act to avoid shortages See in context

"the electric grid throughout Japan seems to have made it through the summer without a single blackout, brownout or obligatory conservation measures, such as the rolling power blackouts that crippled parts of the greater Kanto region in the immediate wake of the March 11, 2011 disaster."

The fact is that Japan has plenty of generation capacity without the nukes. The government was desperate to hide that from the public, which is why it concocted the conservation measures. That said, Japan should use less, as warispeace astutely notes. If people had to pay the full cost of electricity from conventional and nuclear sources, they would use less and reduce the consequent environmental damage.

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Posted in: Tokyo gov't tries cloud seeding to cope with water shortage See in context

The device they were using cannot project the substances high enough to be of any use, according to a meteorologist quoted on TV. The rain that did occur was forecast before they employed the device. There is considerable controversy about the extent of this method's utility, even when done from the air. If it were that easy to make rain, it would be done much more often.

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Posted in: Japan economy may have bottomed out in late 2012: government panel See in context

The BoJ has doubled the money supply and the effect has been slight at best.

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Posted in: Thyroid cancer risk for 2,000 Fukushima workers: TEPCO See in context

The Soviet Union did not immediately initiate a monitoring regime under which an increase in cancer could have been detected, so it is unclear when the incidence actually increased. Four years seems to be commonly mentioned. But such a figure emanates from data collected and then permitted release to the world by the government of the Soviet Union. Some sources, using Soviet data that the WHO cites, suggest evidence of an increase from the third year:http://www.rri.kyoto-u.ac.jp/NSRG/Chernobyl/JHT/JHT9602.html

Regarding the supposed threshold exposure for cancer in children:


"And scientists have found rates of thyroid cancer in children in Cumbria, the worst-affected part of England, rose 12-fold after the catastrophe - and blame fallout from the radioactive cloud that spread from the stricken reactor. This confounds government assurances at the time that the radiation in Britain was "nowhere near the levels at which there is any hazard to health".

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Posted in: Major eruption could cause Mt Fuji’s new life as Cultural Heritage Site to be short lived See in context

An eruption could easily bring traffic in Tokyo to a halt, clog all manner of air filtration devices, damage electronic equipment throughout the Kanto region. And one might add that the Tokyo and Osaka stock exchanges have been united just in time to ensure maximum damage to Japan's and the world's economy in such a scenario. The danger has been known for centuries. Do the people in charge of anything have a plan for this?

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Posted in: Woman sues yakuza boss, seeking protection money refund See in context

Naturally, the court has served the yakuza boss with a subpoena and read it to him, including the plaintiff's real name and current address.

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Posted in: No evidence Dreamliner fire linked to batteries See in context

As smithinjapan indicates, this means there is more than one potential cause of fire in this aircraft. And eight hours after it was parked. Unless it was arson or the cleaning crew was smoking at work, this sounds quite serious for the operation of the 787.

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Posted in: Japan vows action over claims of fabricated drug data See in context

Concerning the falsification of data, don't forget Moriguchi Hisashi, an erstwhile Tokyo University researcher, with no medical degree and merely a nursing license to his name, who published papers and claimed to have succeeded in clinical trials with iPS cells.


“Scientists, journalists and regulators here need to be especially careful not to let their pride in Yamanaka’s achievement affect their critical faculties, or overwhelm them in national fervour," says Douglas Sipp, who researches stem-cell ethics and regulation at the RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology in Kobe, Japan.

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Posted in: Japan wins 1-0 to end Iraq's World Cup hopes See in context

I would expect Japan's bench to defeat Iraq at least three nil. As a Japan supporter, I hope Mr. Zaccheroni is taking notes.

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Posted in: Gov't denies ghosts keeping PM out of residence See in context

The tabloids are blaming his wife. Does he have secure communications capability at home? Think of the security risk he's presenting to his neighbours, the police presence in his neighbourhood.

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Posted in: 4 researchers exposed to radiation at Tokaimura lab See in context

"51 other researchers and workers were engaged in the experiment at the facility and may also have been exposed to radiation."

Not 4 researchers, mates. 51 researchers were exposed. Only 4 were checked. The rest went home as usual to their families...

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Posted in: Farmers resume planting rice near crippled Fukushima site See in context

Japan has fallow rice fields nearly everywhere due to manpower shortages in ageing and depopulating hamlets. There is no reason whatever to grow rice or anything else 15 km from the disaster whilst such a situation exists. The rice is being checked for radioactive contamination by producers' associations that have a financial interest in finding their products are within the levels Japan's government considers safe. The rice will be mixed or used in processed foods to avoid the necessity of labelling the site of origin. This has been done since 2011.

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Posted in: Turning the hiring world upside down See in context

This is an interesting article on what seems to be an innovative approach. New ideas frequently attract objections but firms should by all means be open to them where and when they might gain an advantage. This method deserves further attention.

"Because we have already asked all the high performers how they think, we already know what answer is a high performer’s answer. Applicants don’t."

My question would be with what criteria and by whom is "high performer" defined? Further, has this firm actually devised a means to ask "all of the high performers" how they think? Or might we assume it has instead gained data from a statistically significant sample of people defined by someone's criteria (or it's own) as high performers in certain fields of employment?

I would also advise "statsguy" that his argument might elicit greater support were he correctly to spell the name of his profession, statistician.

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Posted in: Kawaguchi censured in upper house for extending China trip See in context

Remember that even university employees in Japan must submit a request to travel abroad that includes their destination, contact information, and departure and return schedule, even when traveling during school holidays on private business. It does make them look foolish to a public unschooled in parliamentary procedure. There is a fundamental problem at issue in that they at least wish for the LDP to follow existing parliamentary regulations, however. What chance will the opposition have to submit any voice in any matter before the Diet after the LDP defeats them in July, and changes the constitution to make the emperor the seat of national authority, and justifies anything else it wants on that basis, if the Diet has no rules at all?

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Posted in: Reign in Spain See in context

Good show, mate. If they let him play for himself and not Japan, he can join the top ten.

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Posted in: Professor says teaching and practice of dentistry in Japan needs radical reforms See in context

They make Japanese patients come back time and again for a simple filling that could be done in 30 minutes in the UK.

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Posted in: Darvish loses perfect game with 2 outs in 9th See in context

Sorry to see him come so close but glad that the ball went right to him and wasn't misplayed by another bloke. I'd hate to see someone else blamed for costing him a perfect game. He'll have another chance, I'm sure.

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Posted in: Gov't presses 2 utilities to lower planned rate hikes See in context

I would certainly prefer no rate hikes. But would they not assist the incumbent regime with its desperate and misguided attempts to increase inflation?

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Posted in: Abe vows to change constitution, reestablish 'proud Japan' See in context

Ask a group of about 50 Japanese university students how many want to see Japan have a stronger military. I did and about 35, about 3/4 raised their hands. Then ask them how many of them are willing to serve in the military themselves. I did and none raised their hands. Where was Mr. Abe when he attained adulthood? Where was his hawkishness then? He'd have had no chance of hearing a shot fired in anger and still he declined to serve. None of Abe's relatives, nor Ishihara's nor Ishiba's nor Maehara's, nor Hashimoto's will ever serve in the military no matter what the constitution says and no matter what kind of idiotic mess the inept government either starts or follows the Americans into.

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Posted in: Chan hangs on to claim 3rd figure skating world title See in context

Congratulations to Denis Ten. Coming from a nation not known as a traditional skating power, he performed very well.

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Posted in: U.N. adopts plan to combat violence against women See in context

Might I ask how Japan, which arrests fewer than one in ten stalkers, voted in this regard?

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Posted in: 19,920 stalking cases reported in 2011, NPA says See in context

"19,920 stalking cases were reported nationwide in 2012...arrests were made in 1,504 cases"

So a stalker's chance of being arrested is less than one in ten. The other 90% of stalkers are still at large.

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Posted in: China installs cabinet of party vets, technocrats See in context

"to staff a cabinet charged with overhauling a slowing economy and pursuing a higher global profile for the country without triggering opposition."

"completes a once-a-decade transfer of power"

Both of these statements remind one of Japanese politics, except that China experiences a transfer of power once a decade, unlike Japan which experienced brief transfers of power twice since 1955.

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Posted in: Cabinet approves child abduction treaty See in context

I genuinely hope this does come to pass and becomes an effective way to prevent kidnapping. But I fear it will have as many loopholes as the TPP negotiations.

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Posted in: 126 U.S. military members to sue TEPCO See in context

"worlds leading experts on Nuclear science and radiation poisinong, Dr Graham Allison"

I'm not sure what this means, but perhaps the gist of it is that the owners of nuclear power plants call this person one of the "world's leading experts on radiation poisoning..." He is no more objective about the situation than these American sailors. I doubt that their current problems are caused by exposure from Fukushima but future problems may well be. It is clear that they got a higher dose than the American government expected or intended. Anything that keeps the pressure on Japan's government is welcome.

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Posted in: Abe says nuclear plants need tighter anti-terrorism measures See in context

The primary threat they face is that the yakuza are in charge of personnel recruitment for Japan's nuclear industry. They could easily extort money for not causing any accidents, if they are not doing so already.

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Posted in: Panel says there was no cover-up at Fukushima nuclear plant See in context

“We don’t have anything to hide,” Now this is a new one to go along with "I love you" and "The check's in the mail." If it's true, it means they've already destroyed the evidence.

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Posted in: Abe to visit Saudi Arabia to secure stable oil supply See in context

He's going to sign a "pact", is he? And in the event of a terrorist situation that pact will insure Japan oil?

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Posted in: China's navy seeks to 'wear out' Japanese ships in disputed waters See in context

"How dumb could Japanese and Chinese military officers possibly be?" Dumb enough, believe me.

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Posted in: Nestle to open cafes in 250 retail outlets See in context

I think they'll recover a larger fraction of their investment if they give it all to me and I promise to purchase their product from time to time. In fact, I promise to buy a cup everyday. Japan has Starbucks, Doutor, Tully's, Cafe de Crie and many others. Even McDonalds is trying to sell coffee. With the population ageing so rapidly, I don't think retail coffee is a growth niche.

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