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Posted in: Japan blasts Chinese bid for U.N. recognition of Nanjing massacre See in context

Teaching right from wrong is different from forcing your rival country's descendants to accept guilt. In fact doing so will only be counterproductive as they will never feel compassion because of the animousity.

That is why Japan is honorable to Taiwan. Taiwan could argue many claims with Japan if it were so compelled to, but it doesn't in a way that opens old wounds. China has a scab, a rash, that it is addicted to peeling and scratching, in a sick obsessive way.

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Posted in: Japan summons China envoy over 'dangerous' flights See in context

He uses regrettable because that is what zannen means.

Westerners use the word unfortunate instead. To a Japanese, what does the word fortune have anything to do with feelings that remain?

Look past the diction and see this occurrence for what it is. China is begging for a war.

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Posted in: New engine, new rules and new sound for F1 in 2014 See in context

The cars are even faster with these changes and more sensitive! It is the responsibility of the pinnacle of motorsport to advocate greener technologies because politicians are lousy at convincing the general public. If the FIA says F1 is to be greener, more fuel efficient, and what the hey, a hybrid, then mainstream gear-heads will have no choice but to accept the status quo.

@JohnBecker- i disagree. Conservation of tires, pit-stop and re-fuel strategies are paramount to TEAM RACING. The driver is but one instrument in the ensemble. There have been championships decided by blown tires and running out of fuel on the last lap. The point is that fuel is not limitless. You have to finish the race to win.

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Posted in: Poulter calls Matsuyama idiot for damaging green See in context

He's a young man and he'll learn from this. I don't think Poulter's remarks were necessarily unwarranted, but I agree he didn't need to take to social media. It's really an embarassment to both of them because it can't be taken back. If it had been face to face then neither would have been embarassed. Lesson learned.

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Posted in: Asian hornets seen for first time in Japan See in context

I remember seeing giant hornets in Shizuoka as a kid. Not once did I have a run-in with one.

While the Japanese subspecies is probably less aggressive it is not an entirely different species from the Asian hornets.

Maybe the mainland Asian hornets are more aggressive toward humans there because the humans there are less respectful of the hornets and their nests. Or maybe something on the mainland makes everyone more aggressive!

The japanese honeybees are some smart little critters. That they can cook their attacker with vibrational heat is nature and evolution on display.

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Posted in: Abe seeks trilateral summit with S Korea, U.S. See in context

That NY Times article is political propaganda. Never trust a column where the author's name is not mentioned. It is an opinion piece, in which the person who's opinion has been been masked behind the opinion board. Chances are it isn't the opinion of the "editorial board" but more so that of a Korean nationalist, or a western sympathizer skewed by the opinions of their korean peers.

"Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's brand of nationalism is a becoming an ever more serious threat to Japan's relations with the United States." (note the incorrect grammar here: "is a becoming", clearly a common mistake made by Asians..).

This author is intentionally trying to stir up trouble by trying to make it seem that Japan is turning against the US. How low will these pro-korean writers go? It's a shame that news today is 95% sensationalism stirring up controversy or a distraction to the real problems at hand. Freedom of speech is one thing, but there should be a law against defamation and libel. Oh wait, there is : Defamation, Libel and Slander Law. Koreans use this to sue people left and right, up and down, inside and out.

Japan doesn't need to have a summit with Korea, but it is willing to in good faith with it's ally in the US. Japan is not a threat to the US. However, Korea on the other hand, is increasingly friendly with China and talks about a re-unification with the North should raise alarm that once unified, Korea/China will come knocking on Japan's shores. The irony is that North Korea, in some bizarre ways, favors Japan over the South. A unified Korea would most likely be unstable and burden South Korea and its "reputation". South Korea is stuck in a rut where they can't do anything but badmouth Japan, and Japan is stuck in a rut where it constantly has to defend itself against defamation. That Japan is willing to have a summit with Korea despite all the libel and slander shows how mature and willing it is to reconcile.

Japan ought to concentrate on South-east Asia, India, Turkey, Pakistan, and Israel and improving economic and sociopolitical relations with them. Japan and these countries have mutual respect for each other and much to gain from bilateral trade and cultural exchange. I'm afraid at this point such a relationship with Korea is a lose-lose situation for Japan.

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Posted in: Japanese lawmakers call for revision of wartime sex slavery apology See in context

more sensationalism and hype for page views, Have to make the title skewed and controversial right?

Just like most nations out there, the people and government have very different interests.

One lawmaker does not represent all lawmakers nor does it represent an entire nation's sentiment. To try and blanket all Japanese into one ideology is merely convenient and, well, spiteful.

JT readers ought to know by now Korean press is merely for international propaganda and the Japanese leaders took the bait. Now they're on the defensive and the Koreans are cleverly luring the Japanese right-wingers to throw punches. Unfortunately for Abe and co they simply can't turn a blind eye or "ignore" the decades of victim-card diplomacy with Korea. Japan had continually tried to do its part to make amends with Korea in the past both diplomatically and financially. Anyone who denies this is simply a Japan Hater or just can't get it to sink in.

In the end Korea will realize they will ultimately fail in trying to make any Japanese feel personally GUILTY and RESONSIBLE for their grandparent's generation. Current day Japan can't take back the actions of it's Imperial past. But with the way the Korean press pound it in regularly in foreign press and soil, they are breeding hate in Asia. Korea really wants a fight. The only real way Korea can be appeased is to get even. Japanese "leaders" probably recognize that their country is vulnerable to a joint strike by China and South Korea. It's not like China and South Korea haven't invaded or tried to occupy Japan in the past. I wouldn't be surprised if any of the countries do again within the next hundred to thousand years. I also wouldn't be surprised to see Japan regress and seclude itself from the East and perhaps even the West. Japan's closest allies of the next century may end up being India and a good part of south east Asia.

For now, Japan needs to take the moral high ground with the best apology Japan can reasonably repeat: "We're sorry for the suffering and animosity the Emperor and his cabinet-ruled imperial forces caused during its immoral and unjust conquest of Asia. Please accept our sincere regret and remorse." And like that, we'll have to wait for the next prime minister to be elected to do the honors.

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Posted in: Time running out for former Korean sex slaves See in context

I want the Japanese (emperor) to come here, kneel before us, state everything that they did wrong to each one of us and apologize.

I would have to agree that the emperor IS the only person who the apology would matter. He should do it on the world stage on world-wide broadcast, on youtube, on every online video website known to netizens.

It doesn't matter how sincere it is coming from a "politician" or Prime Minister, even if it was sincere(and came with $800 million).

It has to be the emperor, even though he was merely a child and played no part in his father's imperial conquest. His father died not having settled the issue and left the country in its current state today.

In one version of the formal apology, Emperor Hirohito, the Japanese monarch, is reported to have said to General MacArthur: "I come before you to offer myself to the judgment of the powers you represent, as one to bear sole responsibility for every political and military decision made and action taken by my people in the conduct of the war."[3]

In a second version of the formal apology, Patrick Lennox Tierney, claims that he was an eye-witness when the Emperor came to the Allied Supreme Commander's headquarters to present this apology. Tierney was in his office on the fifth floor of the Dai-Ichi Insurance Building in Tokyo. This was the same floor where MacArthur's suite was situated.[2] Tierney reported that when the emperor arrived, MacArthur refused to admit him or acknowledge him, and the pivotal moment passed.

Many years later, Tierney made an effort to explain his understanding of the significance of what he claimed he had personally witnessed: "Apology is a very important thing in Japan. [...] It was the rudest, crudest, most uncalled for thing I have ever witnessed in my life."[2] Issues which might have been addressed were allowed to remain open, and unanticipated consequences have unfolded across the decades since then.[4][5]

An apology on a world-wide stage won't be deniable, and will have Korea looking like an opportune victim card holder if it raises the issue later on. In terms of compensation, the comfort women really need to be angry at their own people for denying them distributions that were supposed to be allocated to them.

The question is, will the emperor's apology be enough for Korean politicians and netizens raised on decades of hatred and spite toward Japanese? Probably not. The korean media will say, emperor said sorry, but politicians won't. So, the emperor's apology is insincere and does not count. Or perhaps after his passing the next "emperor" will also have to apologize, however old he may be, however many times in his lifetime. What's really sad is that the korean media keep bringing these ladies up as poster-women for their propaganda and defamation of Japan. They want koreans to feel every japanese man, women, and child to feel guilt and responsibility for the actions of their great grandparents.

From wikipedia :

In negotiations, the South Korean government initially demanded $364 million in compensation for Koreans forced by into labor and military service during the Japanese occupation; $200 per survivor, $1,650 per death and $2,000 per injured person.[71] In the final agreement Tokyo provided an $800 million aid and low-interest loan package over 10 years.[72] In 1994, the Japanese government set up the Asian Women's Fund (AWF) to distribute additional compensation to South Korea, the Philippines, Taiwan, the Netherlands, and Indonesia.[73] Each survivor was provided with a signed apology from the then prime minister Tomiichi Murayama, stating "As Prime Minister of Japan, I thus extend anew my most sincere apologies and remorse to all the women who underwent immeasurable and painful experiences and suffered incurable physical and psychological wounds as comfort women."[74] However, many former comfort women rejected the compensations because of pressure from a non-government organization known as the Korean Council for the Women Drafted for Military Sexual Slavery by Japan, or "Chongdaehyop", and because of media pressure.

The emperor should apologize directly with the remaining comfort women and what families they have, despite a trip to Korea being unsafe for his well-being. He need not apologize to any korean politician or government as they are irrelevant. It may bring shame to many japanese to have their emperor bow down, but really, it is a feud that HIS family lineage and the imperial house of japan have dragged on, and I'm not just talking about only ww2, it goes back centuries, if not all the way back to the Three Kingdoms.

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Posted in: 'Japan's Beethoven' admits using ghost composer See in context

A good song is a good song. Doesn't matter who made it. If a song is considered good just because it was made by "somebody famous" then you're not a fan of music.

I agree that the real composer be given credit. Lady Gaga wrote so many songs that other people are famous for. Perhaps this imposter felt the shadow composer was going to reveal himself or felt the urge to be honest after feeling guilt.

Though if he truly had a big heart he might as well just came out and said who actually composed his masterpieces.

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Posted in: U.S. urges Japan, S Korea, China to overcome historical animosity See in context

The title ought to be "U.S. urges S Korea, China to overcome historical animosity toward Japan"

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Posted in: NHK governor praises rightist's suicide in 1993 as glorifying emperor See in context

is falling meekly into line with Prime Minister Abe's aggressively nationalist agenda

And who's opinion is this? Surely this is not reporting of "news".

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Posted in: Japan: Business as usual, but not for Olympus whistleblower Michael Woodford See in context

Ofcourse nothing has changed. How can it when the white-dominated business culture of Goldman, leighman, etc go on with business like usual. What he exposed is the culture of the business world itself. The irony is that Japanese companies place puppet white executives in order to have a white face for B2B liaisons. What they didn't realize is that they won't be loyal like a Japanese exec would be. this whistleblower sought revenge for his demotion and capitalized on the notoriety he received. Not to mention he ruined the lives of many Olympus employees and investors trying to make an honest yen.

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Posted in: Japanese women reveal their biggest expenditures ever See in context

Buying an LV bag that can decay and rot is a waste of money. Especially if it goes out of fashion. To equate an expensive timepiece to a cellphone just to tell time is a shortsighted comparison on the part of the writer. A quality timepiece serves multiple purposes, especially those that stand the test of time and can become an heirloom. For this reason jewelry and timepieces are ok by my book. So are skincare/health products. Saving money or investing are also good ideas, especially for planning for retirement. But most of all, you have to keep your spirit and soul happy. For the most part if you earned your money you have all the right to spend it, donate it, or throw it away any way you like. Just don't do it at the expense of others. If you do it to show off or make yourself look/feel better than others then you've got insecurity in yourself and your status.

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Posted in: Foreign men share their reasons for divorcing Japanese wives See in context

Women lose their sex drive, men retain it forever(seemingly). There is nothing foreign or Japanese about it. Some foreigners might have the wrong pretext of what a Japanese woman is, based on what they think of them through anime and x rated films. Japanese women aren't their foreign husband's sexslaves. Just like any decent man, you need to romance your way into bed. A good start is a foot massage with oil. remember, sex is never free!

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Posted in: Rodman offers to take jailed American's place in N Korea See in context

While you're at it bring back the Japanese who were kidnapped too.

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Posted in: Honda profit doubles; sales get weak yen boost See in context

Honda has its mojo back. The return to formula 1 not only will reignite passion in Honda fans in Japan but also in the US,UK,Mexico,and Brazil. Those who were bashing the bean counters are silent now. With profits up and motorsports participation revving up, expect sports oriented cars to make its way back into the line up. Honda has what it takes to be a 100year company and it doesn't need a zaibatsu,chaebol, or bailout to get there.

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Posted in: U.S. to jail Japanese auto execs over price-fixing See in context

It's so JT to have a title like this, as if to insinuate that the big Japanese 3 are at fault. They are auto parts supplier execs, not Japanese auto execs. stir up controversy for the sake of views and to make Japanese autos look bad. Defamation at work.

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Posted in: Yen in sweet spot for economy, but U.S. watching See in context

It's time to see products with Made in Japan recognized as top quality products. I'm not talking rubber sandals or middle-tech manufacturing like tvs and smartphones. We need to see more products recognized by the world as being uniquely Japanese and high tech. Medical devices and instruments to name a few, nanotech, and microtech. Problem is Japan needs to be careful in how they release and patent their secret tech, otherwise the two neighbors will be copying and marketing their products as their own innovations with the allure that it is profitable due to cheaper materials and products that are almost as good.

Hneck, Japan's cellphones of the past were far more interesting, unique, and novelty to today's "smartphones".

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Posted in: Moody's cuts Sony's credit rating to junk See in context

There are two types of Sony products - mass production and elite/top of the line products. Sony mass production products are about on par with Samsung and LG. Sony top of the line products are equal to Apple.

You get what you pay for. If you aren't buying Sony's top end models you don't know Sony or want Sony. They are professional/industry/medical grade. Those who bicker about them being too expensive or have quality beyond what middle class consumers need can just continue to purchase other brands every 2-3 years.

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Posted in: Things Japanese women love (and hate) about Japanese and foreign guys See in context

To say that nationality and culture is what shapes a man/woman's behavior would be short-sighted of the individual's true nature (upbringing). If you want to have a successful relationship with anyone be it foreign or of the same "nationality", date their parents and friends first. Find out what their favorite romance flicks are. Or if they are into romance flicks. There's a saying "Only Fools Rush In".

I find the "statistic" that more japanese men marry foreign women quite surprising, but perhaps this is because this number is of couples in Japan? Most of the interracial couples involving a Japanese that I know of or am acquainted with usually is an American man and Japanese woman (greencard purposes?). But you also may find that the "type" of American man who marries a foreign woman isn't your typical macho American with ATVs and BBQ trailers. Really, men come in all shapes, sizes, and flavors. To attribute kindness/thoughtfulness to a nationality/culture is a convenient way for people to fault others.

My wife cooks, does the dishes, screws in lightbulbs, records all receipts etc. She actually isn't that romantic unless its one of those special designated days like V-Day or X-Mas. I on the other hand would rather be romantic all the time and don't need a special day to show her that she's special. Some women are suspicious of romantic men as well, wondering if they are like that with all women, or if they are trying to make up for some infidelity. The point is, be straight, honest, and yourself, and stick with the person who likes you that way. It has nothing to do with being Japanese or foreign. My wife is my queen and Cleopatra - I'll never let her get on her hands and knees to scrub floors or clean toilets ( I hated the sight of my mother cleaning up after my brothers and I). Maybe that's why she picked me over the other japanese guy.

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Posted in: Deciding whether or not to help a crying child is complicated in Japan See in context

How is this specific to Japan?

A helping hand may be completely misinterpreted. If a crying child is approached by a stranger, then to any other stranger it may appear that the first helping hand caused the child's distress, which may cause fuel for other later bystanders to call police on him. Even with the best of intentions, a helping hand may be pushed away or even taken advantage of. Misunderstandings can always happen, particularly to men. He may be seen as an abductor or molester, especially if the distressed child is a girl.

The best course of action is exactly what he took. Call the police, have a uniformed officer escort the child, or have the uniformed officer get in contact with the child's school, parents/caretakers. An ordinary citizen may want to help, but even the parents of the child may feel "its none of their business" and they'd be 100% right. Just because you want to give doesn't mean they want to receive. It doesn't only apply to children. A homeless man rejected apples and sandwiches only to say " i dont need you to feel sorry for me nor do I need your food! Just give me money so I can buy booze and cigarittes." Sure, that is one example, and certainly not a child, but it has deterred me from offering anything to any homeless person. Some children may even be worse "monsters" than the homeless person. If you aren't directly related like a family member or of kin, it's best to contact those who are socially recognized to aid in those situations. A patrol officer, school assistant/teacher, or if near a store or place of business, a representative of that establishment to notify the police. If anything, if you're male, try to seek out help from an adult female.

This is not a phenomena special to Japan or Japanese people. To think so is very naive.

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Posted in: Why Japanese TV shows have become boring See in context

I beg to differ. No one is forcing anyone to watch "boring" tv shows.

There are plenty of food shows, documentaries, sporting events and educational (for children) shows that are certainly not boring. Japanese food and documentaries do a stellar job of covering non-japanese food, with specials that cover cuisines from all over Asia. Many of them are inspiring.

I would not give western television that much credit. There is a lot of crap on American television. And most of those shows that sell either contain violence, sexuality, or are politically controversial. It's all to rack up ratings.

Living here in the states, I have access to hundreds of cable network channels, but 90% of the time its tuned to TVJapan. Admittedly, public broadcast television is pretty sorry in Japan, but so is public broadcast television in the US. Fictional TV shows are purely entertainment and in my opinion a waste of time. If you aren't going to learn something factual or useful from the TV programming you're watching its not worth watching to begin with.

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Posted in: JoJo’s All-Star Battle Train promotes new fighting game See in context

Jojo no Daibouken was one of my favorite comics growing up. The coolest technique was Dio's "Stoppu, Za Warudo"!

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Posted in: The top 10 words to describe Japanese people (according to foreigners) See in context

@11. FAKE. Perhaps no one wanted to get to know you. Their loss right? And yet this can be applied to anyone of any ethnic background. You probably aren't the type who gives off any sign of reciprocal altruism.

As for 1-10 being surprising? Author must have had bad company or is bad company. I find 1-10 to not only be true for Japanese but also Americans, British, Egyptian, Pakistani, Indian, Vietnamese, Hispanic, Africans, Northern European, Russian, Taiwanese and ofcourse Canadians. Do I know everything about them? Obviously not but I do know them beyond a casual acquaintance pertaining to things we both share in common, are interested about, how old and how many kids they have. We don't dwell on differences or areas we disagree on. I do know some Asian coworkers who will say I hate Japanese in my face when their country loses to Japan or when a Japanese little league team wins a championship. Sucks for them. As long as you are sincerely 1-10 to others they will reciprocate it. If you are always guarded it sticks out and they will be the same to you. Sometimes you have to peck at the armor to get them to open up. And sometimes it's not worth your being to get them to.

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Posted in: The 10 most common surnames in Japan (and their meanings) See in context

There are also names that sound the same but are written differently using older style kanji. For example, the noble families of daimyo might use the old characters while their subordinates or bunke use more modern kanji. The differences are subtle and often times are wrongly corrected by those who don't know of the older, traditional characters.

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Posted in: Talks between China and Japan at G20 unlikely See in context

This comment by the Chinese official sounds just as stupid as Koreas comment that the emperor won't be allowed or welcome there if he wanted to visit. Shutting the door on diplomacy without an invitation.

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Posted in: Japan should stop sending 'confusing messages' on Fukushima: IAEA See in context

Japan is causing confusion? Don't you mean TEPCO? Quality journalism?

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Posted in: Japan could be 'main player' if Asia conflicts break out: defense minister See in context

@smithinjapan you just love being the instigator here don't you. Your rhetoric is that Japan intends to amend the constitution so that it can WAGE war. Japan would still be pacifist but it's not going to be a push over. As if Japan is going to say 'please come in' when Chinese or the Koreas military is knocking at the doors. Everyone in Japan knows China and Korea governments wants to inflict harm on Japan. They want payback and their grudge is the proof.

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Posted in: Miyazaki hints at possible 'Nausicaa' sequel See in context

I loved Evangelion episodes 1-17 though after that the rest of the series fell apart and became a psychological nightmare. The OVAs and alternate endings in the more recent versions were rushed and ill-conceived. I fear that Nausicaa 2 could suffer the same perverseness and distort the true message it delivered. As long as the story doesn't go down the EVA path there may be a lesson to be taught/learned.

Nausicaa had themes that children at first could not understand wholly until they had re-visited the film at an older age to understand the true lesson that was being conveyed. It was a direct criticism and reflection of nuclear war (weapons of mass destruction) that transformed the planet into a toxic wasteland in which the inhabitants had to endure suffering caused by their predecessors. The poison and toxic air were the results of the processes of nature cleansing and purifying the soil that humans tainted.

My other Miyazaki favorite is Laputa, Castle in the Sky, which is also a criticism of government political elite and their relentless pursuit of technology and power in the name of science, at the expense of civilians and commoners. Based on Jonathan Swift's Gulliver's travels, the floating island of Laputa is an eerie depiction of India's ancient Vhimana of legend (weapons of mass destruction that Hitler himself was obsessed over), a forbidden technology mankind should never have wielded in which man ultimately destroyed himself(Atlantis). Miyazaki's films may be controversial but the life lessons conveyed are so deep that 15 years later the films still bring tears to my eyes. The themes of "end of innocence", suffering, retribution, redemption, and recovery are masterfully intertwined on a canvas that only a few genres like anime can deliver (or gently insert into the sensitive, impressionable minds of youth). I am grateful these stories exist for they educated the Japanese youth(and adults) of the day to be peaceful and loving, and to cherish our one and only mother Earth. Lastly, like Evangelion, they stressed the importance of resting our hopes for the future in our children, that we mustn't breed hate and animosity into our youth culture (Blue Skies For Our Children). Perhaps Anno shouldn't make a sequel but instead a prequel - the events that led up to why Nausicaa's world was how it was. The VERY first scene of Nausicaa is so powerful and melancholy I cannot forget it to this day. IMO, He should [not] redo the End of Nausicaa.

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