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Posted in: Aso's reading blunders spark study spree See in context

I'm illustrating a point with all the italics - see explanation at the end.

First let me admit that I live in the USA and I know very little Japanese, and most of what I do know I've gotten from watching anime... but anyway, I understand the desire to simplify a difficult writing system. English writing is similarly difficult, because even though it's based on an alphabet, almost nothing is spelled as it is pronounced, and literacy depends on memorizing the letter combination for each individual word, much like memorizing radical combinations for Kanji. It would be beneficial to simplify such a difficult system. But there's also the argument that Kanji shouldn't be eliminated because of all the tradition and history tied in with their use. Perhaps more frequent use of furigana would be a good idea.

Now an important question: Why are people suggesting the removal of loan words from Japanese? Loan words are just as much a part of any language as are native words. Take English for instance - more than half of the words in the language are of foreign origin, and if you removed all loan words from the language, you would not be able to express yourself at all. Loan words from my message here are all marked with italics to demonstrate just how important they are! Now if English can have so many loan words and yet still be English, why complain about a similar situation with Japanese?

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Posted in: Teacher forces female student to wear maid's costume in Akita See in context

Under 20 = Child.

Yeah, I have to kind of laugh at that one... In the US, people say «Under 18 = child» and where I live a lot of people say it's under 16, the age of consent. Different people and different governments have all kinds of standards for what makes a child, and nobody can agree. But the practical effect is that kids who are below the legal age where they live can blackmail adults just by claiming some form of abuse.

I find this story to be rather amusing... one of those «Only in Japan» kind of news stories!

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Posted in: TBS turns viewers off with its topless T-shirt project See in context

Nudity plus underage children at school plus socially conservative Islamic and Hindu countries.

Okay, some people have a hangup over nudity. I understand that. But frankly, who gives a rip about the standards of Islamic and Hindu countries? As oppressive as they can be towards women and life in general, I don't think we have any obligation to go pussy-footing around their fragile sensibilities.

As for the «underage children» part, I only can laugh at the idea... is nudity only appropriate with «over-age children»?

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Posted in: Obama's plan to raise taxes on wealthy meets fierce opposition See in context

Tax increases only serve to slow an economy even more, by taking more money out of the private sector and putting it into Big Government, which will use it to make itself even bigger and more stifling. It's a vicious cycle that must be stopped. Government should not be allowed any more money - in fact, they should have their revenue cut sharply, and with it there should be drastic cuts in the size of government itself. Get Big Government out of the way and let the people do what they are good at!

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Posted in: Teacher forces female student to wear maid's costume in Akita See in context

For those who say the teacher should have been fired: Are teachers that easy to come by that they can be fired over just any little thing? Pressuring a girl to dress up in a maid costume might be going a bit far, but certainly it doesn't seem like a firing offense.

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