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Posted in: Vienna Ball See in context

Where's Bruce Forsythe? Is this the warm up for S"trictly".

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Posted in: Pachinko man See in context

What's the lady holding up - a model of the first mobile phone, is she undertaking a periscope trial for the Japanese Navy or what?

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Posted in: Sumo See in context

40 inch, B cup should fit most of them.

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Posted in: Sony type P See in context

Meanmutha needs glasses. The one on the left has a large posterior for the regular J girls of 16 years ago who I knew when I was living there.

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Posted in: Fuji sunset See in context

I know it's a volcano but does anyone know what causes the flame like effect at the top of Fuji in this photo?

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Posted in: Akina Minami See in context

What's that on her index finger. Looks as if she's been picking her nose.

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Posted in: YOSHIKI See in context

No Wottock it's not just you I bet it's a girl.

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Posted in: Tokyo Midtown See in context

Did they bring their own seat?

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Posted in: Beauty consultants See in context


The same way they choose Miss World!

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Posted in: Lavenders See in context


Yellow lavendar is only grown in Japan!

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Posted in: Farewell concert See in context

Want to see the legs? Type in Yui Okada in google and use the image option. Yes nice legs!

See what you mean.

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Posted in: Bush urges Congress to lift ban on offshore oil drilling See in context

If the Gulf of Mexico isn't offshore USA where is it. They have drilled for oil there and are producing loads. They need to increase the price of gassoline in the USA to European levels, that wuld cut their comsumption and getting rid of those big car gas gusslers would help

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Posted in: Hostesses See in context

Has the one in the black and white dress got a matching white nose!

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Posted in: Fans injured during Kanjani Eight concert in Yokohama See in context

Gypsum is a compound used to make plaster and gypsum board is plaster board which can be used to construct inner walls in houses in UK. Were've u bin for de last 40 years. Plastered at some baseball game getting bored. English can be confusing at times.

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