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wavelength comments

Posted in: 3 foreign-born residents sue over racial profiling by Japanese police See in context

As a white male in Japan for almost 15 years, I've been stopped once. I was riding a motorbike and a cop car was behind me at a red light. Copper got out of his car, told me to show my licence, took a glance at it, and let me go. It made me angry that I was profiled and didn't actually commit a driving violation. More power to these 3 guys if they succeed in the lawsuit.

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Posted in: Taiwan demands apology from WHO chief over virus 'slander' See in context

Simple to solve this problem...get doctors from WHO into China and see what they determine. If everything sounds as legit as has been reported up to now in China, time to create a WHO 2.0. Exclude China and Ethiopia.

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Posted in: Mother, 3-year-old daughter knocked off bicycle by car; child remains unconscious See in context

I agree with @Silvafan...everyone, especially cyclists, feel that going to their destination is more important than the next person's. It's a dangerous place to drive and to ride. There's no solution to this problem until police start enforcing the rules. As a driver myself, I've noticed that drivers run more red lights now than they did 10 years ago. It's a free-for-all these days. Be careful is all I can say. Don't walk across until you visually see cars stop before you.

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Posted in: Vast majority of women in survey say no to guys who smoke See in context

Similar to CapnSinbad, the Mrs. smokes under the kitchen fan. Every time I go into the kitchen and see her there, I tell her to put it out, how it's bad for her health and mine. She always says the same thing, "shouganai." But when I tell her she's killing herself, that I'll be a widow and have to find another wife in a few years, she tends to put it out a little sooner. We go through this each and every day. So frustrating.

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Posted in: Anti-Korean stickers posted at several points along Shikoku pilgrimage route See in context

"wavelength" ... a belated reply to your question above concerning information on the Shikoku trek.

My favorite map/information guide is "Shikoku Japan ... Pilgrimage to the 88 Sacred Places ... Guide Map." It is >published by the Shikoku Tourism Promotion Association. Its URL is: http://www.shikoku.gr.jp/

I picked up my copy at a tourist information center in Takamatsu, Kagawa Prefecture.

That's just great. Cheers, mate!! I probably won't be getting to all 88 then, but I'll give it a try.

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Posted in: 'Hunger Games' top winner at MTV Movie Awards See in context

I rarely follow hollywood anymore since its movies have turned to shite long ago. Talked with a friend in the business and he said they target moviegoers between 18 and 34...anyone else is S.O.L. That said, watched "gravity" while away on business, and almost fell asleep...agree with JoiceRojo that it was a sleeper

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Posted in: Anti-Korean stickers posted at several points along Shikoku pilgrimage route See in context

edojin, did you have any good guides to get you going on the "henro?" I was thinking taking a sabbatical and spending a couple of months in Shikoku sometime this year or next. Any advice?

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Posted in: Addition of Korean name for Sea of Japan becomes law in Virginia See in context

So except for Virginians, the majority would not know it goes by a second name. Make sure you study your elementary textbooks just in case it's a "Final Jeopardy" question.

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Posted in: AKB48 creator joins Tokyo Olympic board; petition against him circulates See in context

34 on board now. 14 more to hire and we got us a new group, JOC48. Can't wait to see their performance.

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Posted in: Anne Frank vandalism not very Japanese: Israel embassy See in context

I'm guessing the book is in Japanese, no? So there's a good chance a person from Japan did it.

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd, whalers trade ambush accusations See in context

Thanks for the restraining order link, CH3CHO. Too bad this can't be enforced because both the whaler and SS tempers are rising. It's all fun and games until...

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd, whalers trade ambush accusations See in context

The whalers have found a "scientific research" loophole to whale, yet are constantly being intimidated by these terrorists. Until the SS can find a way around that loophole, legally, there's no reason why their ships should be in the vicinity of the whalers' ships. If there's such a thing as a restraining order on a group or organization in International/territorial waters, Japanese whalers should jump on that opportunity. Stay 500 yards away, I say. Or get the friggin' loophole changed!

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Posted in: Interesting things will happen for consumers at midnight March 31 See in context

I'm going to just throw this out there, but a 3% increase in the price of one's bento is about 14 yen. I don't think open rioting is going to occur over 14 yen. And if it does, the incensed customer needs to be slapped in the face with a wet fish.

It's the bigger ticket items where we're going to see the biggest impact. People aren't going to riot. They're just going to stop spending

And the much ballyhooed "Abenomics" is going to grind to a sad, ignominious halt.

True, 14 yen for one's bento won't cause a stir, but after 20 bento's per month, adding it up for the year will take a toll on one's wallet. Add to that every fruit/vegetable you buy throughout the week, and there won't be any money left for any of those 'big items'.

I, for one, will be watching my spending, only buying things I that are absolutely necessary, because on top of electric/gas/water bills, I don't have much free spending to begin with.

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Posted in: New gender options for Facebook users See in context

Ridiculous is all I can say. You are in a public area and need to use the restroom. Which one do you go into? Answer solved.

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Posted in: Life sentence for Chinese dumpling poisoner See in context

@ House... Even though I haven't seen your link, I can only imagine what they sell for street food in China. But living in Japan, I have no problems buying food made in China because they must go through intense procedures/testing to make sure it is safe for the Japanese public. I am more concerned about my health with Japanese produced food sold domestically because they don't have as rigid testing as they do the imported foods. Especially after the nuclear meltdown, I go out of my way to buy imported food rather than domestic.

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Posted in: Saitama couple use kids to steal from electronics store See in context

I'm really getting tired of "saitama" comments, because I live in Saitama, and I don't see any of this around where I live. Saitama is a big place with wonderful, caring people. You are looking at a sample of 4 people and generalizing and it's unfair to all of us who live there.

BTW, has it occurred to anyone that a small LCD TV can be stolen, be it Tokyo, Kanagawa, or Saitama, by a small child? I love my neighborhood...I would choose Saitama over Tokyo any day because of its people, and its buildings and surroundings. Caring next door neighbors and concerned communities all around me!!! Grow up, you 1 word posters!!

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Posted in: Abe's Fukushima under control remark backfires at home See in context

@ Bertie

Isn't it about time to get rid of this bald faced liar. He's done enough damage already. Time for a new PM, Japan.>

Even before reading the comments, I had the exact same thought. I'm appalled the way in which we go through prime ministers like a roll of toilet paper, but I'd be happy to see this liar and his other fiasco 'abe-nomics' go down the pipes.

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Posted in: Hashimoto cancels trip to U.S. See in context

I wonder what he thinks to himself when he wakes up in the morning. Time to sleep in Mr. Hashimoto and don't bother coming to the office again...ever!!

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Posted in: Red Cross in Hiroshima offers blood donors a limited edition poster See in context

I'd be more than happy to donate my blood but being a foreigner here, it seems the Red Cross thinks I have bad blood.

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Posted in: Car insurance in Japan See in context

What did I just read? Do I take it the author has some issues regarding auto insurance in Japan?

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Posted in: 3D printer wows crowds at world's top high-tech fair See in context

Hope I can start printing un-matched pairs of socks after doing the laundry. Hopefully will save me a lot from buying entirely new pairs. But, same as @rickyvee I wonder how much the plastics would cost to print out a sock.

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Posted in: Quickie See in context

I look forward to trying them. I usually can't wait for the 3 minutes "Cup noodles" usually take to soften the noodles up. As for the 'talent', looks like she had an...ahem..."quickie" a few months back.

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Posted in: Some convenience stores may remove adult magazines from shelves See in context

Times and media are changing. Not taking away much of your freedom; you just have to look further down the road for your fix. When I was in senior high school, Suzanne Somers did a spread in Playboy. Every place I went, I was asked for ID and walked away with a red face. Until my 6 foot, low voiced classmate offered to buy it for me for a 5 dollar cut. That was money well spent!

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Posted in: A month after download law, consumers spending less on music: survey See in context

@Reza Rahman

Wavelength - that's illegal. If you convert your music to mp3/wmv you must keep to the originals. I disagree with the law, but that's how it is.

I don't get it. Why must I keep the originals? Unless I throw them out in moeru-gomi, I don't see what's illegal about it. And if they ask me where my originals are, I give them directions to my neighborhood Tsutaya or library. Let them find the originals.

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Posted in: A month after download law, consumers spending less on music: survey See in context

@DeDeMouse Might I suggest you rip your CDs into a high quality mp3 or wmv format. I did that to all my CDs 5 years back, triplicated on multiple hard drives and threw the CDs out.

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Posted in: A month after download law, consumers spending less on music: survey See in context

As of 1 October this year, knowingly downloading copyrighted music and video in Japan became punishable by up to two years in prison and a 2 million yen (US$25,000) penalty.

Is the artist compensated in any way if you knowingly download copyrighted music? Last CD i bought was of Adele's 3 years ago, in the U.S. I agree that music is overpriced and the quality (musician's) is less than stellar in Japan. Ever try iTunes Japan? Why is a single almost double the price as its American counterpart? Take a look at your greed first "Japan music industry."

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Posted in: Quality of nursing can make major difference in hospital stay See in context

Never had to be an inpatient here. knock on wood. But, once, while having an asthma attack, the clinic doctor prescribed me an inhalant entirely different to what I was used to. I told her, I don't think that's what I need, but I trusted her because she was the doctor. Taking the med @ home, I went into a severe asthma attack and had to go to the local drug store to help alleviate the attack. The following day, visiting the same doctor, I told her to give me the medical compendium, and had to show her which drug I needed and wanted. I believe she initially gave me a cortico-steroid, whereas i needed a bronchodilator. That experience has cured me from my attacks! @.@

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Posted in: Online bank 'phishing' scams on the increase See in context

@cleo Thank you. I guess checking what has come in and out is worth sitting at home, instead of running to the bank with your passbook and do a passbook update once a month. And yes, my earlier message was regarding 2 accounts (Mitsui Sumitomo) at 2 different branches in Tokyo. I can't remember the amount charged but they said to transfer funds between accounts would cost ~3,000 yen if under 100,000. Free if over.

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Posted in: Samsung sells 30 mil Galaxy S III smartphones worldwide See in context

There was a question on this forum a while back which asked why the big Japanese electronic firms aren't able to compete in the market. The answer is lack of innovation. Apple marketed and created innovation many years ago. Now, like when they nearly failed a decade or two ago, their innovation has flat-lined and by re-packaging the same old hardware and charging an arm and a leg for their products is not in the consumers best interest. Other companies are leading the way to continue the innovation. I have an ipad and an itouch, but not seeing anything new from Apple in a while, I will take a stroll to the Samsung/competitors kiosk to see what all the hype is.

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Posted in: Online bank 'phishing' scams on the increase See in context

@JapanGal What do you do with internet banking? I, too, have it but have never used it. I often transfer funds from 1 account to the other, by going to an ATM with passbooks and bank cards in hand. The other day, while talking to a bank clerk, and thinking my life will be easier doing this fund transfer at home, asked if I can do that online, and the clerk said, of course, but a fee will be incurred if the transfer is anything less than 100,000 yen. wt...?

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