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Posted in: Gundam promotes Tokyo 2016’s Olympic bid See in context

The outside world is probably more familiar with the pretty boys and buffed up abomination mecha from the Wing and Seed series (Yeah I would've loved to see Deathscythe in the place of existing one in the picture)

♪VESTIGE -TM Revolution

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Posted in: Elderly Saitama couple arrested for killing son, claiming he abused them See in context

I once heard or read that the most dangerous place to be in Japan was a Japanese home, and that most crimes are committed in the family here. Sadly, that's true in this case.

Nah, this incident just happened in a town along the Takasaki Line again as some other poster put it in a related crime article.

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Is this sushi place near the Yoshinoya on the main avenue or is it the other one near the Mansei bridge?

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Posted in: Brazen NZ parrot steals tourist's passport See in context

A replacement passport from the British High Commission in Wellington could take six weeks and cost up to $250

Sheesh, for a Welfare State that's quite steep. I got my non-Brit passport for 9000 yen

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