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Posted in: Foreign brands still minnows in Japanese car market See in context

Slumdog - Korean cars are available, only people dont want to buy them, few years back they were cheap copies of Japanese models but now they are making better cars, but in a country where u have like ten makers already and a limited population, why would people risk their money to buy Korean cars which not popular and gives u no advantage on Japanese cars!! US cars still sell lot more here compared to Korean cars, but those US cars sales number are still tiny when compared to what other brands sell here like Audi, Benz or BMWs! Japanese car consumers are basically two types, first group is looking for economical car who get lots of choices of 660cc kei cars from local companies or hybrid like Prius or Aqua and Japanese are top makers of economical cars worldwide, they hardly get any competition!! Even just compare new Mazda CX-5 diesel with others, its best economical SUV! The second group is looking for luxury cars and they prefer to buy foreign brand to show off they are rich, and there is no limit what many rich people can spend, thats the reason people with deep pockets prefer imported German cars which not only cost lot more to maintain but visit mechanic for troubles lot more than Japanese cars!

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Posted in: A unique getaway in Nikko: Zen hostel See in context

Get a rental car if u dont own one, its lot more fun in Nikko, been there many times and is one of my favorite places to visit! Going around bus is the only option if u go on train but u lose a lot of time waiting buses and u have to wait very long to get on next bus.

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Posted in: Congress pulls U.S. back from brink, averts default See in context

What a joke this is.....why wait till last hour? Looks like pre-planned move for investors and bankers!! Poor just keep getting poor.....

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Posted in: With Obama out, other leaders take APEC main stage See in context

“Now we can wipe out the doom and gloom atmosphere in the Japanese economy,” Abe said.

Really?? Cost of life for average people is rising up with same salary! Only benefit is for large scale exporters!! And then increase in sales tax.....God help Japan

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Posted in: Line, WeChat: Asian social networks move to conquer Europe See in context

Dude, whatsapp may be not good for you but millions of users in different countries still use whatsapp and they dont even know the name of Line or Kakao Talk.......

And what the hell is WeChat? Lol

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Posted in: Once infertile Japanese woman gives birth after surgery See in context

I agree with ControlFreak very much!! When they are young and have good body condition to give birth to babies is when they are enjoying night life and dont have time to raise (or give birth) to the babies, when they realize that they are old and its too late is when those ladies will come to abuse these breakthroughs......and getting a baby delivered is sure a joy of lifetime but raising and taking care till they can live on their own is another topic. I hope and pray that we dont see more infanticide in Japan because of this new unnatural creation of human being.....

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Posted in: Man jumps onto car of wife's underwear thief; holds on for 2.5 kilometers See in context

Hats off?? Seems like a good adventure but he could have killed himself if that old pervert would have been a nut....the comments would have been 'what a stupid, he should have called police' if he was dead doing this act of bravery!!

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Posted in: Nippon Steel says it will accept South Korea slave labor ruling See in context

Slap on wrist......Nippon steel makes big cash on every deal and this amount is trip to Hawaii for them!! Poor Korean slaves, they get the money when are few years away from death bed.....we live in such a ugly world

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Posted in: Fujitsu, Microsoft to equip Meiji Yasuda's 30,000 advisers with Windows 8 tablets See in context

Surface?? Article doesnt mentions Surface anywhere!! I think hardware will be provided by Fujitsu and OS by MS

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Posted in: Miyazaki's new film sounds a warning for Japan See in context

Similarities...gimme a break!! So people seriously think that Japan can afford to go on war??? No way! And China is not same as it used to be!! If Japan and China could afford war then we would have already been in middle since the senkaku problem arose!! Its a nice animation with real story mixed with animation.

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Posted in: Acid attack on two British women in Zanzibar See in context

AKBfan not sure why acid attacks ppear to be more common in Islamic countries.

These attacks take place everywhere on this planet, please stop relating everything with Islamic countries, yes I would have agreed if you relate suicide bombing with Islamic countries!! (Am not a muslim but Islam is a good religion in hand of few bad muslims)

nandakandamanda No question in my mind as to who did this.

Such actions spit in the face of Allah.

How can you be so sure that culprits are muslim??? Could you read a muslim cleric was attacked by acid too!!! Zanzibar has one of the worst episodes of slavery!! What if it was a racial attack against white community, or just for some personal reason!! Or may be politically motivated to hurt tourism....

The girls were not tourists but living on the same island, we should wait for outcome before making harsh comment on a religion or country or community!!

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Posted in: Truck rear-ends car, killing man, 2 children See in context

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that this is what happened. The truck was tailgating the car. The car developed difficulties and slowed down, but the truck was so close that the driver couldn't see anything but the roof of the car, and was way to close to stop. Result, 3 dead.

Frungy, please get your information correct before you post such comments. The car was already stopped in between of highway when the accident happened, can you imagine yourself in a car standing in middle of a highway??? Secondly, there was a car between the truck and victims car, so there was no tailgating. Its a bad and tragic accident.

For people crying about safe distance, safe distance is maintained between moving cars. The victims car was parked in middle of highway, 10 ton trucks could never stop so easily and its always a bit late before truck driver realizes and applies brakes! And regarding maintaining safe distance, I tried to drive with safe distance many times (my car has radar cruise control which can drive and maintain safe distance automatically) but whenever you make safe distance there comes in a new car between making you go back and again and again until you decide to get closer to car in front of you.

I have been myself driving car for hundreds of times for more than ten years on different roads and speedways. If you are driving at a reasonable speed (which is slightly more than speed limit) then there are few chances someone would tailgate you.

All I can say is, parents should have gone back to home on train or bus rather than using rental car if they are not good drivers. In Japan, rental car are basically well maintained and I doubt it was car fault of stopping suddenly in Aichi after driving from Tokyo. Truck driver should have been more careful too but all that doesnt matters when accident has to happen. My heart aches for the young kids. RIP babies

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Posted in: Lady Gaga is top earning celebrity under 30 See in context

Lady Gaga still earned an estimated $80 million in the past year

Can someone enlighten me how much tax she will pay from that amount?

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Posted in: Bruce Lee's legacy still debated 40 years after his death See in context

Bruce Lee - Legend for eternity. Its hard to believe he has no support from Hong Kong government.

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Posted in: Newly married man learns wife is working at cabaret club; asks for advice on Internet See in context

Frungy...oh yes, may be you need to learn more about Japan if you think this is a joke! In Japan the culture is different, people feel comfortable telling a lie rather than hurting someone telling how they feel straight forward, foreigners are more honest to their feelings when it comes to expression. Its not good or bad, just the cultural difference!

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Posted in: Myanmar to free all political prisoners by yearend See in context

I've been to Burma (Myannar) on business trip and I found Burmese people to be one of the kindest although most of them are living in poverty. Normally you dont feel safe walking alone on streets but Myanmar was special and I realized these people are really peaceful. But what happened in Myanmar with muslim community is really unacceptable. But what happened in Rakhine is not same everywhere in Myanmar so lets not mix up details here. Myanmar is still a wonderful country and needs international support to come out of long running military junta!

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Posted in: Leader of Mexico's Zetas drug cartel captured See in context

Everytime I read news related to Mexico, its 90% about drug warlords....dont they have any other business or creativity there? I've heard the beaches are beautiful but who will go to a country where people are beheaded like carrots.....getting this guy doesnt solve anything, his brother will kill more and then next one in line! Government should create more industry and jobs for people to leave better life than dreaming of becoming a Don

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Posted in: DOCOMO extends Xi LTE service to Mt Fuji See in context

Sorry Docomo, you lost me when you couldnt get iPhone even after Samsung created Galaxy S4....well good for Docomo users, unless you wanna climb Mt. Fuji to use your phone on top of Japan!

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Posted in: Microsoft reboots with sweeping reorganization See in context

Steve Jobs left this world with computing into a new era of devices named tablet.....so if Charles Darwin is correct then Microsoft has no options but to create a new era or follow Apple, just like Samsung and Google have done smartly!

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Posted in: Nissan relaunches Datsun in India after 30 years See in context

Datsun was name of company before it was named Nissan, so this is a bit unclear that the car name is Datsun? Or does it have a company badge of Datsun instead on Nissan? Anyway doesnt seems like a good idea to use that name after 30 years as first time car buyers are supposed to be young and they are more aware of name Nissan than Datsun! Good luck Mr. Ghosn

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Posted in: Body of baby found buried in baseball field; 17-year-old woman arrested See in context

Well well, assuming she got pregnant when she was 16, so she is a kid herself, no control on mind or body! And ofcourse no guidance from parents too.....a little bit crazy family and too much ignorant to notice their 16 year old daughter is pregnant....RIP baby

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Posted in: Man, 2 boys drown off Akita beach See in context

Mirai... It was a BBQ party, ofcourse the ignorant parents must be enjoying beer n beef as the kids swam away! Just a bad accident!! RIP all

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Posted in: Blackout in Kawasaki leaves thousands without power, causes flood See in context

Cool Tepco.....good job again

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Posted in: Philippine investigators seek to pursue charges against gambling tycoon Okada See in context

All they need is bribe to shut up......those officers wont talk about any details and he will be back in business.

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Posted in: Prince Hisahito - the future of Japan's monarchy See in context

If Prince marries to a commoner or a person of ordinary background then its ok, but if a Princess marries to a commoner then thats unacceptable....isnt that discrimination? Based on gender?? Either way the royal blood is mixed with a commoner and DNA is changed! Well I think because it is Japan.

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Posted in: Google ditches location-sharing feature in map apps See in context

Apple proved they are humans after ditching Google map and accepting their mistakes on Apple maps, lets move ahead.

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Posted in: Tablet wars intensify as prices tumble See in context

Oh yes, Nexus 7, which allows you to upload all your data to iCloud which can be spied by NSA. Good luck

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Posted in: Tsubasa Masuwaka gives make-up lecture in France See in context

She can only make money in Japan with that ugly make up! Puck.....

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Posted in: Controversial whale meat sent back to Iceland See in context

Well this is not a victory for people thinking it as a victory, the shipment should be sent to Japan or the meat should be consumed as those whales are dead already and this means they died for nothing. Victory can only be used when no more whales or sharks are killed which looks pretty impossible for the time being.

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Posted in: Abe claims Fukushima food keeps him healthy See in context

Liar liar house on fire

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