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Posted in: How to stop your umbrella from getting stolen in Japan See in context

what a cool idea and great it reaches the headlines in Japanese crime.

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Posted in: Man stabbed, robbed of ¥2 mil outside Naha apartment See in context

it all sounds rather fishy to me.

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Posted in: Japan seeks to remember its war dead as individuals in new memorials See in context

I like this news. Japan does have this right to remember all those who perished.be it someone who fought or a civilian.

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Posted in: China’s 'Little Kyoto' shut down by government after complaints of Japanese culture invasion See in context

How ridiculous, just leave it open and let people enjoy. what is the world coming too?

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Posted in: Man arrested after urinating in drink bottle of woman coworker because 'he liked her' See in context

something peeed him off

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Posted in: Woman outwits phone scammer pretending to be her son See in context

such a numb nut, where do these people get the audacity to try and pull of stupid tricks like this. god only knows

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Posted in: Man arrested for molesting elementary school girl in bookstore See in context

such a degenerate, these guys should be chasing their thrills by opening the internet.

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Posted in: Japanese sandwiches give foreign reporters culture shock at Tokyo Olympics See in context

just shows how mundane their diets must be for them to be shocked at a sandwich containing peanut cream

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Posted in: Bunch of grapes fetches ¥1.4 mil, hitting record for 3rd straight year See in context

I hope the ruby roman tasted nice

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Posted in: Tokyo hotel criticized for 'Japanese only' notice for elevator use See in context

what a wonderful way to welcome your guests

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Posted in: Japan's vaccination rollout reaches daily rate of 1 mil See in context

well done Japan, its good to hear positive news, keep up the good work

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Posted in: Wakayama man stealing uniform from school caught by mysterious man in restroom in middle of night See in context

crossdressers for sure, having a midnight frolic

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Posted in: Man’s body left in house since Jan; wife, 2 children arrested for collecting pension See in context

they all need must be psychotic to leave their dad rot in a futon in a room next door.

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Posted in: Akihabara observes 13th anniversary of deadly stabbing rampage See in context

they should not be delaying his death sentence. hang him out to dry.

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Posted in: Major companies, universities apply for on-site vaccinations See in context

well done Japan, keep it up, we are heading in the right direction

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Posted in: Members of media from abroad covering Olympics to be tracked by GPS See in context

great, don't let them out of sight, you never know what will happen

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Posted in: Scholar learns remains of Tojo, other war criminals scattered in Pacific See in context

I don't think anyone should be putting energy into this. what is done is done, past is past.

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Posted in: Gov't to decide Friday on extending state of emergency See in context

just lock these places down, if its not in the constitution then make it happen, tired of listening to the same crap each week.

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Posted in: Okinawa to be placed under state of emergency until June 20 See in context

Tonight we have over 200 guests swimming and enjoying, I don't think will stop anyone coming down for their weekends of enjoyment

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Posted in: Man arrested for kidnapping 14-year-old girl after meeting her on social media See in context

guys like this need to get their heads sorted out, dirty outcast

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Posted in: Scientists race to study variants in India as cases explode See in context

lock India down, bathing in the river ganges isn't really helping at all

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Posted in: Japan prepares to inoculate adolescents aged 12-15 against COVID See in context

give it to everyone, this new strategy is nonsense

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Posted in: Southwest Japan islands set to become World Heritage site See in context

Its nice to hear positive news for a change, I wish this was the case every day.

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Posted in: Clothes in Japan help emit 95 mil tons of CO2 a year, mostly overseas See in context

half of Africa is running around with only the rags on their back, why cant the clothes be donated instead of being burned, doesn't make sense

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Posted in: Cruise ship returns to Yokohama after one passenger tests positive for COVID-19 See in context

such a shame how one person slipped through and spoilt the golden week holidays for others

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Posted in: Golden Week travel begins despite pleas from governors to stay home See in context

welcome to Okinawa and have a fun weekend, just follow the protocol and you will be fine

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Posted in: Father arrested for abusing one-year-old son See in context

horrible man, this is awful, wonder what's crosses peoples mind to do such acts. He doesn't deserve to have kids.

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Posted in: Osaka reports record infections, as gov't eyes tougher measures for Aichi See in context

I work in hospitality in one of the largest company's in Japan and believe me, closing the doors at 8PM doesn't stop people eating and drinking as we all know, drinking in hotel rooms with groups of guys and ordering room service is a trend.

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Posted in: Police find 424 stolen items at suspected underwear thief’s home See in context

too many knickers sniffers on the loose. not a good sign.

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Posted in: ANA provides luxury meal experience on parked airplane in Tokyo See in context

May be this is helping those having phycological issues with flying?

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