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Posted in: Tokyo in 2050: Futuristic super-hub or graying has-been? See in context

All cities burn its just a matter of when.

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Posted in: Tokyo in 2050: Futuristic super-hub or graying has-been? See in context

Smoking pile of rubble id say. Sooner or later a quake will bring it all down and its doubtful japan can afford to rebuild all that quickly. If a quake doesnt get it terrorism will. Much easier to whack tokeyo and indirectly fubar the us the it is to fabar the us attacking any us city.

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Posted in: Lemurs See in context

I suspect that they put the heater out to attract the cute fuzzballs out of some sort of shelter so people can see em.

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Posted in: How would you evaluate George W Bush's presidency? See in context

Was it bush who outted all out spies and left us without the info needed to know what saddam was realy up to?

Was it bush who made it nearly impossible to get any solid info from those we capture even tho 100s maybe even millions of lives depend on that info?

Was it bush who bought 10s of millions of suvs big screen tvs power hungry consoles and power gulping gaming computers?

Was it bush who loaned out zillions of dollars to people who couldnt possibly replay it.. and then threatened banks that didnt want to do so?

Was it bush who didnt get the bleep out of the way of a major hurricane and then didnt have anywhere near enough manpower or money to deal with the result of the debacle that resulted?

Was it bush who was stupid enough to live in hurricane alley without a car and not check to make sure there was a way to get out or a truely safe place to weather it out?

Was it bush who was stupid enough to think the us was strong enough economicaly to prevent global warming quickly?

Was it bush who got in the way of nuke power for sooo long and thus kept the behcing coal plants running far beyond the time they should have AND THEN screwed things up 1000x worse by making it IMPOSSIBLE to upgrade those old plants thus making them even worse?

Was it bush who made this world what it is today or was it us? Are our leaders leading us or are we leading them and in either case why am I in this handbasket and why is it getting so hot?

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Posted in: Japan struggles to boost homegrown food See in context

If a small thing of local grown rice didnt cost more then 50lb sacks in usa it might be different...

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