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Posted in: U.S. announces Space Force plan for 'next battlefield' See in context

Deputy Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan told reporters..."I would assume it's billions,"

You totally wish to the umpteenth degree. The moment your braindead self decided to created this boondoggle of an organization, that insane idea of it of "only" costing billions (of wasted tax payer dollars) went out the window in less than a microsecond.

the president directed the Pentagon to create a "separate but equal"...

Can't dunce-ski for a moment ever get away from both injecting historically charged racial connotations, and his personal obsession with abolishing the 14th Amendment? Obviously its a stretch to think the brainiac at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has ever heard of case Plessy v. Ferguson. Obviously it wasn't on one of those Saturday morning three-minute skits of "Schoolhouse Rock!" under the "America Rock" series, as to get the gist of what the concept is about.

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Posted in: China announces $60 bil of U.S. goods for U.S. tariff retaliation See in context

Sarah Huckabee Sanders countered by telling reporters Friday that "instead of retaliating, China should address longstanding concerns about its unfair trading practices."

Well...when you willingly and knowingly put your "things" in a vise; just for the all mighty dollar, you really can't complain too much when the Chinese decide to arbitrarily get the urge to tighten it up a notch or two when you're agreeing to making a buck or two out of it.

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Posted in: U.S. told to see sense as Mnuchin pushes for EU, China concessions See in context

"The president has made it very clear to me that he supports the Fed's independence," said Mnuchin.

You better shake that Magic 8-Ball again, as a "concentrate and ask again" response isn't all that positive.

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Posted in: Diet OKs law to allow up to 3 casino resorts See in context

To address concerns about addiction, the law limits local residents to three casino visits per week and 10 per month. Admission will be free for foreigners but a set price for residents in Japan.

Fantastic - so to combat destructive compulsive disorder behaviors, folks will now empowered by the government with gambling "less often" per week powers. Yeah, that usually works out just fine as you've got four other days in the week to make a recovery.

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Posted in: Auto industry urges Trump to hit brakes on proposed car tariffs See in context

Two scams that need to be pointed out and eliminated before we go on about tariffs -

Welch said the tariffs would push the average new-car payment to $611 a month from $533 a month (over 69 months on average).

So now it takes six years before you own a car. Wow. That's just nuts - $42,159 for a car after all is said and done, and some folks want a new one after month 48 or so, and roll over that debt to the next car loan (debt trap).

Get rid of the chicken tax (no that name isn't a joke) and those assoicated NAFTA provisions that's effectively protected US auto market from any foreign competition of light truck imports for well over 55 years.

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Posted in: Trump invites Putin to Washington See in context

He wants to be an idiot a second time?

It's a challenge this this guy for him not to be an idiot for just one day.

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Posted in: Japan loses Olympic swimming final tug-of-war with American TV networks See in context

The huge sums American broadcasters pay to televise the Olympics gives them a great deal of leverage when it comes to the timing of events.

Which unfortunately this is what the Olympics has been about for the last 40 or so years - money - not sportsmanship.

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Posted in: A private onsen bath with a karaoke machine See in context

I would've thought that electronics and a hot bath were historically a bad combination? Showing my age, but didn't Eddie Murphy did this skit on SNL as a James Brown's Celebrity Hot Tub skit, and didn't end well?


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Posted in: On eve of Russia summit, Trump calls EU foe See in context

John Bolton, Trump's national security adviser, said in an interview with ABC's "This Week" that the United States would not be looking for "deliverables" and that the meeting would be"unstructured," beginning with a one-on-one session between the two leaders.

Says the Yale chicken hawk draft-dodger graduate who has never missed an opportunity to stoke tensions between nation states (from his Trump House pulpit on Fox News) to prompt military intervention from the US. So far as long as it's not Bolton's and/or Trump's family that has to suffer or be inconvenienced from his actions or words, then it's not a problem he's going to be concerned about.

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Posted in: Pyramid scheme See in context

Slick - yeah a metal / glass mold is used. Apparently it's supposedly labor intensive, but the molded melons aren't ripe enough for consumption - more for ornamental decoration.


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Posted in: Trump plays golf in Scotland ahead of Putin summit See in context

I am confident that President Trump's meeting with Vladimir Putin will put America in a better place. I think it's very important that they meet.

And if not, Trump can then proceed ad nauseam on Twitter to blame: Obama, the Democrats, Hillary Clinton, Robert Mueller, Stormy Daniels, CNN, Jeff Bezos, your neighbor...

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Posted in: California judge orders U.S. gov't to pay costs of reuniting immigrant families See in context

A U.S. judge in California on Friday ordered President Donald Trump's administration to pay the costs of reuniting immigrant parents with children separated from them...

The only thing that Trump is great at is making an absolute mess, and leaving it to the US taxpayer clean it up. I guarantee he'd whistle a completely different tune if that judge ordered him to personally pay for that mess he made out of his pocket.

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Posted in: Trump vows 'great' trade deal with UK; has tea with queen See in context

Britain's Queen Elizabeth stands with U.S. President Donald Trump and his wife, Melania in the Grand Corridor

The trophy room. How appropriate.

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Posted in: Bunch of premium table grapes fetches ¥1.1 mil at auction See in context

The products are then used for display, sold later at normal cost or served free to people.

Uh...what's "normal cost" for grapes when they were originally marked-up to nearly the price of a late model used subcompact car?

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Posted in: Trump nominates conservative Brett Kavanaugh to Supreme Court See in context

"My judicial philosophy is straightforward. A judge must be independent and must interpret the law, not make the law,"

Says the person who adamantly opposes a woman's right to choose their destiny. So much for that pesky 14th Amendment where all persons are created equal under the USA law, written nearly one and a half centuries ago...

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Posted in: Justin Bieber engaged to model Baldwin: reports See in context

He abruptly ended his global tour last year after more than 150 shows, explaining that he was trying to deal with his insecurities.

And this coming from a guy who now says he's ready to commit to marriage less than 12 months later, only after dating for one month? I suppose I should never underestimate (or preferably understand) the power of a BS Hollywood romance story.

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Posted in: Hyogo man arrested for backhanding cash register while verifying his age See in context

It’s a completely hollow gesture with the purpose of avoiding confrontation...

I totally get it that working with the public sucks, but this reads like this automated cash register was the end result of some passive-aggressive behavior that originated from lousy interactions between both the consumer and seller.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S., S Korea unite on N Korea; Pompeo brushes off 'gangster' claim See in context

That handshake photo with Pompeo perfectly articulates the Trump's administration Anti-Midas Touch to everything it claims to be easy - "who knew it could be this hard?"

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Posted in: Trump meets with U.S. Supreme Court contenders See in context

Democrats are both thinking two-dimensionally, and as if they are a victim about this issue. Sure, it's a pretty much a forgone conclusion that Trump will ramrod nominate some misogynistic corporatist flunkee as a Justice, but that doesn't mean the norms that Trump broke can't be further broken by someone else. Folks need to recognize that both Article III of the US Constitution and The Judiciary Act of 1789 allows Congress to decide how many Justices shall reside over the Supreme Court.

The number of Supreme Court Justices had increased to 10, but it wasn't until 1866 that Congress passed a law preventing (of all folks) Andrew Johnson from increasing the number to 11 or more. The number was eventually reduced to nine back in 1896, and has remained as since. So, if you want to play the stack-'em up / zero-sum game in the short term go ahead, just make sure you're fully aware that the rules can and will change to your disadvantage if you suddenly become the minority in power.

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Posted in: EU 'possibly as bad as China' on trade: Trump See in context

...But we don't protect ours and they protect theirs.

Bull**, wish he'd stop liying - but a pathological liar simply can't. Here's one farming industry that's gotten total protection** from everything - the sugar industry. The sugar industry in the USA has gotten a superb deal with the US Federal government that's nothing short of it being an industry that's a monopoly, with all of the aces that they've well played against the US taxpayer since 1789. Not cotton, grains, or even dairy have anywhere near the farming clout that sugar has in the US Government. US consumers has lost $2.4–$4 billion or roughly $10 per person in the USA to pay for sugar subsidies (http://www.aei.org/publication/analysis-of-the-us-sugar-program/).

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Posted in: Mattis trying to fix Asia relationships rattled by Trump one by one See in context

His predecessors never had to travel to the region to make that so clear.

Nor had Mattis' predecessors had a President such an unorthodox affinity for leaders with despotic tendencies, which makes these undesirable travels all the more warranted in the first place. In short - you reap what you sow.

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Posted in: Clear near beer is here - Japan’s new zero-alcohol, zero-color brew See in context

Despite being completely alcohol-free, All-Free All-Time is still stocked in the alcoholic drink section of the cooler

Why, is there not enough space available with the other clear sodas for it to fit in?

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Posted in: Trump wants those who 'invade' sent right back without appearing before judge See in context

Due process for aliens who illegally cross into your country? What section in the U.S. Constitution guarantees due process for aliens who illegally cross our borders?

Read the 14th Amendment of the Constitution - but if you don't have time for that, the USSC ruled in Zadvydas v. Davis (2001) that "due process" of the 14th Amendment applies to all aliens in the United States whose presence maybe or is "unlawful, involuntary or transitory." Also, the USSC ruled on Almeida-Sanchez v. United States (1973) that all criminal charge-related elements of the Constitution's amendments (the First, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and the 14th) are applicable to US aliens who are legal or illegally present in the country.

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Posted in: Trump wants those who 'invade' sent right back without appearing before judge See in context

Funny how fear is always used as an excuse for surrendering our rights and liberties, or taking them away from folks who we think aren't as worthy of them as the majority, all in the name of "protection." On the night of September 4, 2003, news correspondent Ted Koppel on the talk show "Nightline" in his closing statement, nailed it about the dangers of the PATRIOT act, where fear was used as a weapon by the government to justify taking away civil rights from certain suspected folks prior to a trial. Granted, this topic isn't about government overreach as it pertained to privacy back in 2003; nonetheless, it is still a government overreach with respect to due process of law today, which is another fundamental Constitutional law that must be adhered to.

Here's Koppel closing statement. True as it was back in 2003 as it is today about protecting civil rights:

The men who drafted our Constitution, who framed our civil rights and protected our various freedoms under the law would, I suspect, retch at some of the bone headed, self-serving misinterpretations of their intentions that are so often used these days to undermine the very freedoms they pretend to safeguard. The miracle of American law is not that it protects popular speech, or the privacy of the powerful, or the homes of the privileged, but rather, that the least among us, those with the fewest defenses, those suspected of the worst crimes, the most despised in our midst, are presumed innocent until proven guilty. That remains as revolutionary a concept now as it was in the 1780s. It makes protecting the nation against terrorism excruciatingly difficult, but we cannot arbitrarily suspend the rights of one category of suspects without endangering all the others.

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Posted in: Joint session: Pot found growing at lawmakers' building See in context

The story is kinda lacking in some details, but has enough catch words to just keep it interesting. Unless those buds on them plants were sticky, you ain't going to get high off of blazing up some ditch weed - it's just hemp that has very little THC or CBD to give you the needed effect.

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Posted in: Trump says N Korean 'total denuclearization' started; officials see no new moves See in context

In the cabinet meeting, Trump acknowledged that "things can change."

You mean much like Trump's version of reality, or those wild conspiracy theories that pop into his skull on a moments notice?

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Posted in: U.S. military may house immigrant children; Melania's jacket causes stir on border visit See in context


And yet folks were ironically checking if this was indeed a fake media story as Trump always harps about.

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Posted in: As outrage grows over children, Trump says he will not let U.S. become 'migrant camp' See in context

The Trump administration now accepts that child abuse is an acceptable immigration tactic to utilize in the name of law enforcement and border security. I'm all for enforcing the laws in the books, and punishing those who willfully choose to violate those laws, but call it out this move for what this is - cowardliness - or in my neck of the woods - a straight-up chicken**** maneuver.

Simply put, whenever a hostage situation is viewed as an acceptable tactic to achieve an administrative objective, it demonstrates complete lack of any strategic thinking, and simply a total lack of b*lls to man-up and admit you don't have a clue as to what to do. This is beyond the pale and isn't defensible. As Truman said about being the President that, "...the buck stops here". You killed the cow, now you have to eat it.

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Posted in: Cup Noodle releases new Rare Species Mystery Meat flavor See in context

Cup Noodle releases new Rare Species Mystery Meat flavor

BTW, it's not exactly a term of endearment, as most folks unfortunately call it Spam.

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Posted in: Palestinians say U.S. peace efforts 'doomed to fail' See in context

Palestinians say U.S. peace efforts 'doomed to fail'

A little harsh, but alright. So Kushner has said that Palestinians who protested against the US are a cause of the problems and not part of the solution. So far the only "solutions" Kushner seems to have pursuing is by playing both a proxy war of a collation of Sunni states (i.e. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Bahrain) with Israel against Shiite states who collaborate with the Palestinians, and by using checkbook diplomacy as a carrot to entice the Palestinians to give up their claim to Jerusalem.

Greenblatt, who's formal career was being a real estate lawyer and an owner of a cappuccino coffee company - both of which are the sought after credentials to qualify an international peace negotiator in the Trump administration. Strangely, Greenblatt is actually in favor of a two-state solution between Israel and Palestine; however, he bizarrely thinks that the illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank are somehow irrelevant to starting a peace process with the Palestinians.

All in all, when you're sending in these two clueless masters of disaster to negotiate a fragile peace deal when they seem to not know what the Israelis or the US want; let alone what the Palestinians want, what could possibly go wrong?

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