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Posted in: Tochigi man arrested for shoplifting animals from hardware store to feed to his cat See in context

I never realized the price of lowly bag of cat food at the grocery store was a major spending decision that might lead one to shoplifting.

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Posted in: Neil Armstrong film accused of being unpatriotic See in context

In the words of the character, Deadpool, "Pump the hate brakes, Fox And Friends."

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Posted in: ANA reports around 300 cases of unruly behavior on flights in fiscal 2017 See in context

There should be a further implementation of warning signs in multiple languages. Learning from the most recent cases, airlines should continue to brush up their strategies to deal with these issues

Screw that. If someone decides to be an idiot or a criminal at over 10000 m, flight attendants need to bust-out the electric cattle prodder, aka - The Attitude Adjuster. All too often the majority of civilized folks have to endure the criminal behavior of a few, who seem to posses the mentality of crazed rabid-animals when in confined spaces.

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Posted in: Happy Halloween in September See in context

Valentines Day store propaganda should be out in a week or two.

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Posted in: Kono defends jump in expenses for chartered flights for FY2019 See in context

"My hope has been to use a dedicated airplane for the foreign minister's overseas travels but we are asking instead for a budgetary increase for chartered flights in view of fiscal restraints," Kono told reporters.

Good to see that this bureaucrat has standards. After all, flying in either business and first class subjects you to potential contact with the rest of the us grubby peasants.

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Posted in: U.S. to move ahead with Mexico trade pact, keep talking to Canada See in context

U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer said U.S. officials would resume talks with their Canadian counterparts next Wednesday with the aim of getting a deal all three nations could sign.

You have to be a really bad businessman to not see that Canada definately has the upper hand here, and it's its starting to flex its muscles. So naturally if you know you're holding a weak hand, you would start talking trash about your partners. Yeah, that always works.

Lighthizer is under significant pressure by Turnip to get Canada to sign NAFTA 2.0 as soon as possible, as President elect Obrador assumes power on December 1 of this year. If the tri-nation agreement isn't finalized by that time, the revised trade deal can potentially be dissolved and force a complete restart of the negotiations. That'll give Turnip enough time to figure out how to blame everyone else for another one of his messes he likes to create.

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Posted in: What do Japanese think about Trump’s 'I remember Pearl Harbor' comment? See in context

What do Japanese think about Trump’s 'I remember Pearl Harbor' comment?

Okay - that's a Friday Freebie - I'll grant a complimentary pass on that low hanging fruit.

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Posted in: USJ hotel’s horror-themed room is back, ensures customers won’t have a good night’s sleep See in context

Doesn't look that much worse than some Motel 6's I've seen in the US.

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Posted in: In Arizona, replacing McCain a political balancing act See in context

Arizona Rep. Martha McSally. But she is running for the Senate seat vacated by Sen. Jeff Flake, who, like McCain, outraged the state's conservative base for bucking Trump on immigration and other issues.

You might want to recheck that statement - I'm calling BS on that. Seriously, McSally has been one of Trump's most loyal Congressional lieutenants in the House of Representatives, even to the point of not even mentioning McCain's name on a huge military spending bill named after him just a couple of weeks ago (https://twitter.com/MeghanMcCain/status/1029962768860864512?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw) - only to have McSally use the "fake news" defense to claim that it wasn't true.

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Posted in: Japanese man expelled by North Korea arrives in China See in context

The state-run KCNA news said North Korea had expelled Tomoyuki Sugimoto on humanitarian grounds after detaining him...

Which is code for an "unwelcome guest" that's lacking in sufficient value to the North Koreans either: politically, economically, militarily, or just plain physically to work in the coal and/or uranium mines nearby Pyongsan or Pakchon.

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Posted in: American man arrested for urinating on another passenger on flight to Japan See in context

...four glasses of champagne and one cup of sake

Humph - lightweight - or one hell of a faker. Hate to see how that moron would react after drinking a single 350ml can of Steel Reserve 211 High Gravity.

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Posted in: Elon Musk says cutting back on work hours isn't an option See in context

Working 120-hour weeks doesn't leverage your unique qualities, it wastes them..

It also identifies some glaring inefficiencies in how one's business is run, if it really does require an individual to "contribute" 120 hours out of a possible 168 hours.

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Posted in: Aichi, Nagoya to co-host 2026 Asian Games in fall to avoid heat See in context

Aichi, Nagoya to co-host 2026 Asian Games in fall to avoid heat

I'd recommend Sapporo instead, at the rate we're going.

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Posted in: You really can't go wrong with cake, cream and strawberries See in context

If your berries aren't very sweet, use the higher amount of sugar in the filling.

Well that's a given if you're outside of Japan. The only thing that's not a given is the amount of sugar needed to compensate for the tartness, as I've found only Japanese strawberries being naturally sweet. Guess it's based upon a geographic area?

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Posted in: 'Queen of Soul' Aretha Franklin dies at 76 See in context

We on Earth were blessed with her presence, convictions, and voice - all a gift from The All Mighty. RIP.

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Posted in: We taste-test 7-Eleven’s new fusion cuisine: the Cheese Dak-galbi Burrito See in context

In short, if you’re already a burrito junkie this new offering from 7-Eleven is a great quick fix.

Given Okay, I'm really spoiled from consuming both old Pueblo and Sonoran cuisine from the old US Southwest (e.g. the Chimichanga) - but that photo was a total abomination of anything that resembled a burrito (yes I get it - it's a Japanese 7-11...so I need to calibrate my standards accordingly - understood).

This burrito photo was totally lacking in every way - the flour tortilla lacking any crusty deep fried flakiness (obviously wasn't prepared with lard - yes, you can't cheap-out on that junk when cooking comfort food), the evident lack of seasoning in the sauce gives it the premonition that that's really one bland and flavorless burrito you're about to dig into, and the complete lack of any sharp cheddar cheese oozing away from the torn section shown, is a clear indication that this 7-11 burrito is no better any cheap $0.99 frozen Jose-Ole bean and cheese burrito sold from Walmart. Ugh.

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Posted in: Trump's trade beef with China may backfire on meat See in context

Trump's trade beef with China may backfire on meat

I have to wonder if Trump isn't suffering from jamais vu, whenever he gets into some business dealing with cuts of meat?

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Posted in: U.S. announces Space Force plan for 'next battlefield' See in context

Deputy Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan told reporters..."I would assume it's billions,"

You totally wish to the umpteenth degree. The moment your braindead self decided to created this boondoggle of an organization, that insane idea of it of "only" costing billions (of wasted tax payer dollars) went out the window in less than a microsecond.

the president directed the Pentagon to create a "separate but equal"...

Can't dunce-ski for a moment ever get away from both injecting historically charged racial connotations, and his personal obsession with abolishing the 14th Amendment? Obviously its a stretch to think the brainiac at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has ever heard of case Plessy v. Ferguson. Obviously it wasn't on one of those Saturday morning three-minute skits of "Schoolhouse Rock!" under the "America Rock" series, as to get the gist of what the concept is about.

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Posted in: China announces $60 bil of U.S. goods for U.S. tariff retaliation See in context

Sarah Huckabee Sanders countered by telling reporters Friday that "instead of retaliating, China should address longstanding concerns about its unfair trading practices."

Well...when you willingly and knowingly put your "things" in a vise; just for the all mighty dollar, you really can't complain too much when the Chinese decide to arbitrarily get the urge to tighten it up a notch or two when you're agreeing to making a buck or two out of it.

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Posted in: U.S. told to see sense as Mnuchin pushes for EU, China concessions See in context

"The president has made it very clear to me that he supports the Fed's independence," said Mnuchin.

You better shake that Magic 8-Ball again, as a "concentrate and ask again" response isn't all that positive.

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Posted in: Diet OKs law to allow up to 3 casino resorts See in context

To address concerns about addiction, the law limits local residents to three casino visits per week and 10 per month. Admission will be free for foreigners but a set price for residents in Japan.

Fantastic - so to combat destructive compulsive disorder behaviors, folks will now empowered by the government with gambling "less often" per week powers. Yeah, that usually works out just fine as you've got four other days in the week to make a recovery.

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Posted in: Auto industry urges Trump to hit brakes on proposed car tariffs See in context

Two scams that need to be pointed out and eliminated before we go on about tariffs -

Welch said the tariffs would push the average new-car payment to $611 a month from $533 a month (over 69 months on average).

So now it takes six years before you own a car. Wow. That's just nuts - $42,159 for a car after all is said and done, and some folks want a new one after month 48 or so, and roll over that debt to the next car loan (debt trap).

Get rid of the chicken tax (no that name isn't a joke) and those assoicated NAFTA provisions that's effectively protected US auto market from any foreign competition of light truck imports for well over 55 years.

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Posted in: Trump invites Putin to Washington See in context

He wants to be an idiot a second time?

It's a challenge this this guy for him not to be an idiot for just one day.

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Posted in: Japan loses Olympic swimming final tug-of-war with American TV networks See in context

The huge sums American broadcasters pay to televise the Olympics gives them a great deal of leverage when it comes to the timing of events.

Which unfortunately this is what the Olympics has been about for the last 40 or so years - money - not sportsmanship.

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Posted in: A private onsen bath with a karaoke machine See in context

I would've thought that electronics and a hot bath were historically a bad combination? Showing my age, but didn't Eddie Murphy did this skit on SNL as a James Brown's Celebrity Hot Tub skit, and didn't end well?


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Posted in: On eve of Russia summit, Trump calls EU foe See in context

John Bolton, Trump's national security adviser, said in an interview with ABC's "This Week" that the United States would not be looking for "deliverables" and that the meeting would be"unstructured," beginning with a one-on-one session between the two leaders.

Says the Yale chicken hawk draft-dodger graduate who has never missed an opportunity to stoke tensions between nation states (from his Trump House pulpit on Fox News) to prompt military intervention from the US. So far as long as it's not Bolton's and/or Trump's family that has to suffer or be inconvenienced from his actions or words, then it's not a problem he's going to be concerned about.

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Posted in: Pyramid scheme See in context

Slick - yeah a metal / glass mold is used. Apparently it's supposedly labor intensive, but the molded melons aren't ripe enough for consumption - more for ornamental decoration.


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Posted in: Trump plays golf in Scotland ahead of Putin summit See in context

I am confident that President Trump's meeting with Vladimir Putin will put America in a better place. I think it's very important that they meet.

And if not, Trump can then proceed ad nauseam on Twitter to blame: Obama, the Democrats, Hillary Clinton, Robert Mueller, Stormy Daniels, CNN, Jeff Bezos, your neighbor...

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Posted in: California judge orders U.S. gov't to pay costs of reuniting immigrant families See in context

A U.S. judge in California on Friday ordered President Donald Trump's administration to pay the costs of reuniting immigrant parents with children separated from them...

The only thing that Trump is great at is making an absolute mess, and leaving it to the US taxpayer clean it up. I guarantee he'd whistle a completely different tune if that judge ordered him to personally pay for that mess he made out of his pocket.

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Posted in: Trump vows 'great' trade deal with UK; has tea with queen See in context

Britain's Queen Elizabeth stands with U.S. President Donald Trump and his wife, Melania in the Grand Corridor

The trophy room. How appropriate.

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