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Posted in: HP TouchPad top-selling tablet in U.S. after iPad: study See in context

using it right now to read the website and type this comment, I am very happy with this tablet. Just wish developers would stop looking at it as a "dead" tablet since so many own it.

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Posted in: Why do people talk, text and tweet at cinema? See in context

I hate people who do that. Geez, you paid good money to watch a movie, just like I did, so show some consideration jacka** and TURN OFF your phone. I seriously wish theaters would block signals while inside the movie room itself, if fricken parents want to text the babysitter they can go to the lobby and connect.

You go the movies to get out of your normal life, don't bring it in with you for the 1.5-2 hours you and everyone else paid for to escape it!

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Great legs or not, upon seeing that getup, any potential groom would run as far away as possible before the ceremony could get started!

Meh, I don't think so. Any guy running from her would probably be afraid to dare something wild. I think the outfit is cool. Matching one for the groom perchance?

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Posted in: Severed legs discovered in Niigata parking area See in context

Is it just me, or does it seem lately that the news in the past few weeks all involve cases with body parts either floating ashore, in the woods, mountains, and now parking lots. Crazy.

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Posted in: Police arrest wrong woman for supermarket theft See in context

so, Asian women beware? If all of you look too much alike you may be unjustly arrested for someone else s crime. Nice. Sorry, but sometimes it gets annoying when innocent people get blamed for something they did not do and what if something had happened where she had to spend some time in jail? What if they didn't catch that other lady, would she have been "prosecuted" to the full extent of that law? Imagine the embarrassment and the potential for losing her job (if she had one) and the family grief. Just kind of sad to hear these things.

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