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Posted in: 'Ghost in the Shell' for beginners: Japanese film critic’s impressions of Hollywood film See in context

Sounds like it's good. We'll get the "Why is she played by a white person" remarks, I have no doubt, which is always funny if based on a cartoon, but oh well.

@Smith, you should see how annoyed Deathnote fans are by L being player a black actor in the latest Netflix live action. The SJW community was upset that Matt Damon was cast in the Chinese blockbuster the Wall, even though the it was Chinese produced and directed, people lost their minds about his casting. Now that the movie has passed and was below average to average at best, people didn't care anymore.

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Posted in: Man convicted of severing ballet teacher's thumb appeals jail sentence See in context

Extend the sentence, too short I'd say. If he has issues controlling his temper and rage, then what's stopping him from doing it in the future?

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Posted in: 23-year-old man arrested for beating 1-year-old son See in context

3 kids at 23 year! Dad of the year contender. If kids irritate you so much then don't go having 3 of them.

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Posted in: FEATURE: Falling childbirth rate changing Japan's cram school business See in context

I was shown an English based question from a previous year where students needed to fill the gaps in a passage by changing two words phrases into a single word with the same meaning. Half the words weren't even known to the students and never taught outside the scope of the textbook.

The only students that could answer were the ones that studied some English word phrase book or at juku.

The issue is partly the scope of the entrance exams where I think it is done on purpose as a business rather than just come helpful service. That is just sad.

I remember watching a TVs show a few months back where foreign professionals came to Japan and experienced seeing how their trade was applied in Japan. Some teachers from France and Germany came to see how private kindergartens and elementary schools in Japan operated. They were kind of shocked to see how much kids pressure those kids were put at such as young age, it was cruel. The principal stated it to prepare them for the next stage of entrance exams before they graduate. They cycle repeats in JHS, HS and Uni.

My wife never attended cram school, even though her folks are well off. She passed hers due to what was taught during her generation. I have worked with some phenomenal JETs and a few terrible ones, even the ones that can teach well cannot prepare their students fully for entrance exams because the circulum doesn't cover everything as if they divert from there will be problems.

The decline in the number of students getting is a good thing. The less the need for it besides special cases the better.

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Posted in: Toshiba's survival in doubt after reporting unaudited results See in context

Britlover, I agree with you with those working in the company as regular employees with families to support. Although he higher ups hardly tend to think about that seeing as how far and how late long the corruptions has gone on for. The only product I bought that was Toshiba was from its Qosmio laptop range in 2009, it had a high failure rate even after multiple part replacements. I kept clear from the brand since then.

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Posted in: Ivanka Trump to become official White House unpaid employee See in context

Soon you'll be able to buy rejected Noordstorm clothing from the White House website.

Trump probably doesn't even know what nepotism is at this point.

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Posted in: Samsung faces biggest test with Galaxy S8 launch See in context

AFP get it all wrong again... they love apple.... Galaxy NOTE 7 is NOT a Galaxy 7, it does NOT compete with the iPhone, it is a phablet (somewhere between a phone and tablet)... if anything it would be competing against the ipad mini. Even wikipedia says this!

no they haven't got it wrong. The "phablet" term is a silly invented term because of its initial size which has become normalized. Other companies soon copied its size offering both regular sizes and larger (phablet) sizes. But both are phones and compete in for the same market offering optional sizes.

The galaxy tab would be competing with the iPad mini.

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Posted in: Trump asks Congress to help find evidence Obama tapped his phones during campaign See in context

That is not how it works. You don't accuse someone of something without having the evidence to back up your allegations. Asking for evidence AFTER publicly stating Obama tapped his phone, but it's Trump, so these types of allegations are to be expected.

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Posted in: Trump blames Oscars chaos on show's political tone See in context

Any "chaos" that happened at the Oscars has no real world effects. The chaos and fear Trump promotes on the other hand.....

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Posted in: Publisher of some of Japan’s most popular anime suddenly restricts exports of its Blu-rays, DVDs See in context

I bet all file sharing and steaming sites are happy with the increased traffic. If you want to deny fans outside your region something they enjoy, don't feel like you are robbed when they go elsewhere to find what they are looking for and you lose out on sales.

Japan is lagging way behind in terms of distribution of popular media. Knowing there is a demand for goods , instead of stepping up their game they become tightfisted and go backwards.

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Posted in: Police officer arrested for filming up girl's skirt See in context

Is this some kind of untold initiation for J-cops? This happens far too often.

Just a casual day off and filming up some skirts.

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Posted in: Japanese killjoys wage war on Valentine's 'conspiracy' See in context

Sure it is all about commercialism, same can be said for any noted day. But these guys protesting are something special. They are making themselves out to be even more unattractive with their killjoy behavior. If they already think they have a disadvantage in the looks department, they've just shot themselves in the other foot regarding their character.

Can't wait for the stories to come out that some bitter guy bought out every other seat in a cinema so couples can't sit together again.

Once they get back home they can enjoy time with their waifu pillows.

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Posted in: Thai official arrested in Japan after taking 3 paintings from hotel See in context


The hotel could have just added the paintings to the ministers hotel bill. Instead of causing an international incident. Where is the common sense in that. This is just like arresting old people for theft The candy bar or whatever knick knack can be written off. Instead the old senile person is put through the wringer. and jailed.... Yes the minister was wrong and he will have to pay.....

Are you for real? If you don't want to cause an international incident then don't steal then think it's the hotel's fault. If he wanted them so badly why not ask the manager or staff where the hotel got it from. Nah, I m just going to put them in my bag because I am a high ranking official. Thieving toerag!

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Posted in: 9-year-old girl beaten by man on way home from school in Yokosuka See in context

This is why I wouldn;t bring up my child in Japan - too many child predators whether it violence or sexual.

Why? Japan is quite safe regardless of these kinds of incidents. You make it sound that nutters only exist in Japan.

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Posted in: Man punches Don Quijote employee after being asked not to bring his dog into store See in context

Sound like he might need a leash.

He's like a little child that doesn't like being told the rules. I have met some over 50s with bad attitudes and think they know better than anyone younger than them, especially if they are 20 somethings.

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Posted in: 7-Eleven under fire for selling half-eaten Christmas cake to customer on Christmas Eve See in context

Seems like a simple honest mistake.

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Posted in: Personal computer sales fall for fifth year in a row See in context

Who needs a PC or laptop, when they can carry a smafo in their pocket?

Depends what you use a PC or laptop for? If it is nothing work related then probably.

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Posted in: Jolie, Pitt agree to settle divorce in private See in context

Oh god, how will YouTube cancerous channels like Drama Alert manage.

Good, keep it private.

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Posted in: 3 lessons on simplicity from Japanese moms See in context

Oh, puh-leeze. If having babies is so incredibly simplistic and "joy sparking" then why are people refusing to have the

Tessa, did you even read it? You completely missed what was said. It's not about having babies, it about being minimal when traveling around with a baby where Japanese moms have their babies strapped onto them using a harnes rather than a massive stroller when out and about.

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Posted in: Nintendo's mobile Mario game sets download record but pricing proves sticking point See in context

I don't think Nintendo want to devalue their IPs on mobile to 0.99c apps. Mobile gamers are used to paying nothing or 0.99c at most.

The complaints about the pricing it petty though. Whilst f2p gamers, especially in Japan have no qualms spending a lot on drawing premium characters and opening premium card packs -yet complain about buying the game after the first free 3 levels which gives you access to everything. Maybe if it wasn't a simple runner and more like an actual Mario platforming game then the criticism might of been less critical.

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Posted in: Food poisoning closes restaurant in luxury Bvlgari building in Ginza See in context

Japan has the best toilets in the world, but only about 60% wash their hands after use. Ever seen soap at a train station?

60%, that is a very generous figure. Every time at work and out in public, the amount of time I see people who never wash their hands after using the toilet is extremely high. Although most station toilets I have been do have soap dispensers, only a few I have noticed didn't have.

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Posted in: Super Mario Run: Price, connectivity missteps for Nintendo See in context

Most games on iOS are either free or priced at 0.99c. Anything higher than $4.99 is seemed as being greedy to most casual iOS gamers.

I think Nintendo banked that it is "Mario", and the name itself will sell.

Whilst I understand that Nintendo's most iconic IP is on the appstore for "free" then later at a premium buy-in price, with none of that f2p fluff, the price is simply too high for what those on the platform usually pay. Always requiring an online connection also doesn't help for a purely single player game.

In an interview with Mashables, Shigeru Miyamoto was asked about the always online, he simply stated that it was there to prevent piracy. The funny things is, there are so many hacks available for this game already. If feel that Nintendo is hurting themselves at this point.

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Posted in: Disney hits industry-first $7 billion at box office See in context

With Disney having the Marvel, Pixar and Star Wars brands, it will continue to make a massive amount money for a very long time.

Aren't people bored yet with all these diluted flavors from the original Star Wars Trilogy?

Obviously not! Don't you people get bored of shooting down what other people enjoy. Don't worry, there are at least 3 more films to come in 2017, 2018 and 2019. Enjoy.

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Posted in: Ronaldo hat-trick leads Real Madrid to Club World Cup title See in context

A great game overall, but the referee was a joke for not sending Ramos off. His hand was in his pocket about to give him a second yellow. Was Fifa holding his family ransom or something? Kashima played a good game and gave Real and real scare.

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Posted in: Collision See in context

Cracking game, end to end stuff. What a scare for Real though, 2-2 going into extra time. Kashima played really well, Ramos was lucky not to be sent off for a double yellow offense as well hitting the post at 2-2.

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Posted in: Woman cut by blade on train in Tokyo See in context

Hey as far as I can remember the trains in Tokyo are packed as hell. What makes her think somebody deliberately cut her with a blade?

Because people get off trains too. Unless people like having blades for corners on their bags, then this was targeted. If the trains are so packed then the creep wouldn't have the room to carryout the offense.

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Posted in: Trump singers See in context

There is something as trying to hard. At least with Piko Taro you know what you are getting even if it is one dimensional.

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Posted in: Police patrol red light districts to chase out gangs ahead of year-end See in context

How about arresting those punks! It is meaningless advice, just like government "urging" things rather than doing them. J-Cops are like the PCSO(community support officers) or as we call them plastic officers that do nothing.

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Posted in: The government hopes to get a casino bill passed in the Diet this month. Do you think casinos should be legalized in Japan? See in context

The fact that Japan already has gambling in many stupidly disguised forms, then they should just legalize it already. Pachinko, Horse Racing, Boat Racing, Bike Racing. etc. Even if they don't legalize these casinos, gambling will still exist.

If they do decide to go through with legalizing it then they should keep their numbers limited in low numbers rather than than having them in every corner of every town/city like pachinko palours as well has making it extremely difficult to obtain licenses. Although I bet some " friendly" money from the Yakuzas will fix that problem.

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Posted in: Apple blames external damage for flaming China iPhones See in context

Might as well just say anything with computer components can overheat, because it can. Adding "Apple" into that sentence is simply there to start an Apple vs Android war.

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