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Posted in: Man arrested for snipping women's hair on trains See in context

35cm a snip! I call that being greedy.

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Posted in: Matt Damon defends being cast for 'Great Wall' See in context

Are the SJW still harping on about Damon being cast? Also didn't the director Zhang who is Chinese decide to cast Damon. Seems to be westerners are annoyed about this rather than the Chinese, even though his role is a European guy going to China to steal gunpowder.

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Posted in: Court upholds deportation order for Thai teenager born and raised in Japan See in context

Don't worry, we have variety shows, idols, "talents" and flavour of the month like Piko Taro to blindside all actual social and economic issues in Japan plc.

This results is not unexpected. What bothers me is:

Won’s mother had already left Japan after lower court judges said her son could win residency if she returned to Thailand.

So it was a blatant lie, "could" means no hope in hell in Japan judging from the verdict.

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Posted in: Abe admits peace treaty issue with Russia cannot be settled with one meeting See in context

So it is like a usual Japanese meeting where nothing gets decided until meeting #5 or #6.

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Posted in: Chiba dentist arrested for assaulting taxi driver after refusing to pay fare See in context

Inagaki was quoted by police as saying he doesn’t remember anything about the incident and that he has nothing to talk about.

Nothing to talk about, I am sure the cops are going to have a great time questioning him. Deplorable old drunk man using to classic excuse.

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Posted in: Trump Tower becomes 'Dump Tower' on Google Maps See in context

Drump Tower, very fitting indeed. Maybe it is related to how he looks.

I use apple maps. Much better product.

Apple maps is the equivalent of Windows Vista. Nobody uses it. What's next, using bing as a search engine!

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Posted in: High school baseball federation proposes letting girls participate in practice sessions at Koshien See in context

Good on the high school federation for finally putting through the proposal to the board, but the old farts at the Koshien board will probably make some stupid backward excuse to keep the status quo.

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Posted in: Murray ends season as No. 1 after beating Djokovic at ATP finals See in context

Well done Murray, great result to end the season as World No. 1.

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Posted in: Serial foot licker apprehended in Kyoto See in context

When I first read the title I though Resident Evil licker.

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Posted in: USJ stops rollercoaster partway through to remove one high school rider who broke the rules See in context

In Japan all the kids want to live their lives through their smartphone screens. They can't go to any kind of attraction or event without looking at them through their screens.

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Posted in: Microsoft aims at Apple with high-end PCs, 3D software See in context

People still thinking PCs are running Vista so they can make the same old virus jokes. God forbid a company other than apple try to corner the high end market for creative developers. Meanwhile Apple incrementally updates their stuff and people go nuts for them. Microsoft tries something different, people can't spit enough verbal diarrhoea at them.

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Posted in: 14-yr-old boy dies after being beaten by teens on Oct 10 See in context

Charged with assault, what a joke! Sometime I think it is best to take justice into your own hands.

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Posted in: Whalers in crosshairs at IWC meeting this week See in context

"For Science", could these brain dead Japanese whalers provide what all the years of scientific research has resulted in? All I hear is it is for scientific research? Well I guess it beats I was drunk.

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Posted in: Doll makers association protests to USJ for using Japanese dolls in their horror attraction See in context

Doll Makers Association, you couldn't make this kind of stuff up.

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Posted in: Teacher of disabled children arrested for hitting 10-year-old boy in face See in context

I hit the boy because his clumsiness annoyed me, Come one tough guy, is that the best excuse you got. I have had some clumsy students, but still I loved them all. This guy needs to be permanently banned from teaching and do some time for good measure.

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Posted in: Tricked into porn: Japanese actresses step out of the shadows See in context

Don't sign contracts from somebody who just approached you on the street, and if you do take the contract to a lawyer to get checked and verified so that it isn't some kind of false and overly convoluted worded contract to trick you. If the agency won't allow that then they are shady and that should sound the alarms.

And if you find you actually have to do porn then don't, break the contract. Would love to see that going to court, I bet these agencies won't even make it to court because they'll be named and shamed publicly. They just hope the fear tactics they use on the girls will stick.

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Posted in: Hard-rock maid band BAND-MAID to start world tour in 2 weeks See in context

So another flavour of the month pseudo manufactured "rock" band.

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Posted in: Lotte chairman appears before prosecutors in corruption probe See in context

Since I knew that Lotte is a corean company and not 'clean', I always check before buying products in Japan, that it is NOT Lotte. Same for softbank. This corean lead company should be boycotted. I wonder how many money gets lost for Japan trough offical tax reduction and illegal activities. This question poses also for Lotte.

Nothing new when it comes to corporations not paying the taxes they should. Amazon, Apple and Google to name a few. I don't think Lotte would be any different. "Creative Accounting".

You might want to take that chip off your shoulder about it being a Korean company, as if Japan is 100% honest&clean Inc.

"Insert well known Japanese car manufacturer here" outright lying about their emissions.

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Posted in: Koike tells Tokyo gov't employees to finish work by 8 p.m. See in context

8pm, it's a start. How about 6pm next?

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Posted in: Fukushima teacher tapes students’ mouths shut for talking during class See in context

pfffff, 10% salary cut for 3 months.

If I had come home and said to my dad that I had my mouth duct taped for talking and disrupting the class whilst the teacher was talking, he would of said good, if it you do it again I'll punished you myself. Different time and era, you pretty much sneeze near kids these days, some monster parents will be there to fill a complaint.

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Posted in: New film shows Beatlemania strain on Fab Four See in context

Sorry, but you could not be more wrong. The Beatles were about song-writing. Their songs have withstood the test of time and are great, no matter who plays or sings them.

An opinion can't be wrong. It is what it is....an opinion, regardless if fanboys disagree or disagree.

The Beatles in Japan are either used by over 50 school teachers to let students sing easy English songs (even though students would prefer One-D or Taylor Swift)and certain elderly groups at karaoke clubs. I understand their popularity but fans don't have to get defensive if other don't like their music or think they weren't so great.

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Posted in: Man arrested for trying to film up woman's skirt with smartphone See in context

But he remembers that he was "drunk" but didn't remember the incident.

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Posted in: So sorry See in context

we are sorry......we got caughtすみません.

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Posted in: Actress Takahata apologizes over son’s arrest on rape charge See in context

Only in Japan would-6 you get a famous mother coming out to make a televised public statement over her son's appalling and abhorrent crime. We know HE did it and yet the press hound her like dogs on heat. She has nothing to apologize for. Her son has and then thrown in prison.

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Posted in: China urges Japan to be 'constructive' at G20 summit See in context

How about both be constructive? What China means is, listen to us and do as we say. Or visa versa!

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Posted in: Father arrested for fatally stabbing 12-year-old son in Nagoya See in context

"accidentally", come on, that is a new low in J-excuses.

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Posted in: Mother arrested after 4 children found dead in home See in context

And yet after killing all 4 of her kids, she failed at killing herself and still lives. It is probably going to be the same excuse, "I was anxious about their future or ability to raise them".

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Posted in: Let's make Tokyo best Games ever, says Abe See in context

Good ole Abe, he likes to urge.... but never really implements, unless for personal interest. For public matters he urges.

It better be one of the best, seeing as how much money it is costing and scandals at the back of it. But I don't think Beijing will be topped in terms of spectacle. Can't wait to see how much the inflated tickets will see for? London Olympic ticket system was a joke, based off a lottery system. Rio has empty seats during many event. Let's see what Japan can deliver.

And please god, no cringe worthy idols for the opening ceremony.

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Posted in: Trailer for 'Metal Gear Survive' looks like the death of the video game franchise as we know it See in context

It died as soon as Kojima left and Konami announced a pachinko game. They are going to milk the franchise regardless. Konami doesn't give a damn about their IPs. Look at what happened to Suikoden, Castlevania, Silent Hill(even cancelling the positively hyped P.T). All dead!

They want to make as much money as possible whilst spending as little as possible.

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Posted in: Nadal, Wawrinka, Nishikori crash out in Cincinnati Masters See in context

If anyone just looked at the full ATP schedule you can see just how many tournaments there are throughout the year and how busy these tennis players are.

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