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Posted in: Okinawa marks 50 years of end to U.S. rule amid protests See in context

It’s true that the base is not needed on Okinawa. The only reason it’s there is to avoid the inevitable winter on the mainland. Absolutely no difference against China or anyone else if they move it all to Kyushu.

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Posted in: 10% suffer COVID-19 aftereffects 1 year after discharge from hospital: survey See in context

Nice and interesting study but the article leaves out many facts important for drawing any conclusions:

1) how many of the people in the study were vaccinated?

2) age distribution of the people and the people who suffered long term effects

If someone can read the original study we want to know.

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Posted in: Japan's child population falls for 41st year to record low See in context

Japan's estimated child population fell for the 41st straight year to a record low, government data showed Wednesday, as women are believed to have refrained from having children due to the expanding coronavirus pandemic.

Who comes up with this stuff?? Trying to make an excuse due to the pandemic in every news is just plain stupid. STOP. NOW

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Posted in: Relatives try to fulfill missing Hokkaido boat couple's marriage hopes See in context

DevinToday  06:51 am JST

I agree this is sad but very weird at the same time. Is there a financial benefit to this? I am comfused also as to "The marriage registration filed with the Kitami city government office was not accepted". Why would a government not accept a Marriage?

You have to do it in-person or via power of attorney, first one is not possible and the 2nd one was also not done unless they sign with the seals of the deceased which is a crime.

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Posted in: Man dies after standoff with police in Tokyo apartment See in context

WA4TKGToday  12:30 pm JST

Can someone who lives there say what area Ota is.

I don’t live in Ota but Janese news is saying 東京都大田区北糀谷 , nishikojiya.

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Posted in: Travelers crowd trains, airports as Golden Week holiday begins See in context

OTOH, I'm looking forward to doing lots of stuff after GW, after all the drones go back to work, and recreation sites, shops, cafes, and such aren't ridiculously crowded.

Love these comments about drones. If you have kids then you have no choice but to holiday when the schools have holidays. Nothing to do with ”drones”.

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Kamala Harris tested positive less than a month after her 4th shot and had to be isolated to keep her from passing on the virus to others.

4 shots !!! and still needs to isolate.

And even the protection against serious ilness is in doubt as most people dying or getting seriously sick already had 2-3 shots in the 80%+ vaccinated countries. It’s the time effect…

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Posted in: Over half of Japan's population has received booster shot: gov't See in context

They cherry pick some data and try to say boosters are effective in stemming infections and outbreak? What world these idiots live in? Sure, it helps FOR A MONTH. A month after the booster, your protection against infection drops to 16% ! (CDC) So sure, short term you might see lower infection rates but in the long run, NO EFFECT.

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Posted in: Average condo price in Tokyo area sets new high in fiscal 2021 See in context

Don’t forget that the house loan is deductable upto 1%/400,000en per year for 10-13 years. If you bought before fiscal 2022 that is. That alone saves you 4 million yen on taxes over 10 years. Also there is no property tax on the land, just the building part.

2 people making 10 million (ex. 4M and 6M) equals one person making 13 million due to higher taxes. Also if one person makes the 10M, you lose all the benefits like child allowance but the couple who make 4M+6M can collect 15000en per kid per month.

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Posted in: Kishida says no schedule yet for allowing entry of tourists See in context

Tokyo Gov. Yuriko Koike stressed at a press conference the importance of younger people getting vaccinated to "break the chain of infection.”

Koike-san, did you overwork yourself as you are spouting nonsense again. Maybe better to take a rest. How is it possible that these idiots still do not understand?!

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Posted in: Japan seeing signs of coronavirus resurgence, warns Kishida See in context

If the prime minister is so out of touch with science and reality, cannot blame your average Taro for wearing a mask outside. How can it be that he does not understand after more than 2 years in?

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Posted in: Death toll nears 6 million as pandemic enters its 3rd year See in context

Aly RustomToday  08:20 am JST

a lot of experts are saying the global death toll is around 10x higher than reported. IF that is true, we are looking at 50-60 million deaths worldwide. Similar to the Spanish Flu

No, a lot of experts are saying the death toll FROM corona is much less. If you die within a month of neing tested positive it is counted as corona death within the western standars. 25% of”corona” patients are hospitaized for something else but test positive so counted as “corona”.

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Posted in: Japan begins COVID-19 vaccination for children aged 5-11 See in context

His daughter, Konatsu, said "I'm glad I received a shot so that I will not spread infections."

The madness continues as there is no need to vaccinate kids with this vaccine. Who has lied to this young girl enough times to make her repeat a complete untrue fact in an interview?

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Posted in: Japan logs record low childbirths in 2021; deaths at postwar high See in context

Asiaman7Today  06:49 am JST

A total of 514,242 marriages were registered in 2021. Divorces totaled 187,854.

A 36.5% divorce rate — always surprising to realize that only a little more than 60% of committed couples in Japan are in relationships they consider to be tolerable.

That is not what the article says as pointed out. For a rough estimate, about 30% are not married so 125M*0.7=88M married people for a total of 44M couples. So divorce rate is 0.187854M/44M.

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Posted in: Japan to ease COVID border controls, entry quarantine from March See in context


Those reports show that being vaccinated reduces hospitalization and death in all cases, young and old. there is never a case of the risk being the same, or lower for unvaccinated.

Yes, going from, for example, 0.003% to 0.001% is of course a reduction but both are essentially zero in the big picture. If you are under 65 with no underlying medical conditions, risk of dying from corona is 0%. Also inflating the death numbers is the fact that if you went to the hospital for a heart transplant and died, it is counted as “covid death” if the person tested positive regardless of any actual causality.

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Posted in: Kishida says Japan will consider easing COVID border controls See in context

Zeram1Today  05:25 pm JST

Hmm, with only 11% of the total population being boosted and current output at Jgov vax sites in Tokyo is 5000/day, Tokyo with a population of 14 million, means that Omi will become endemic in how many days? Weeks? Years?

The booster has nothing to do with ending the pandemic. Israel already gave 4 to a lot of people and they are in the worst situation ever. CDC didn’t allow the vaccine to younger kids as it didn’t have enough effect.

Omicron will rub its course regardless of vaccines or boosters.

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Posted in: Japan's COVID-19 death toll tops 20,000 See in context

If you go to the hospital for any operation and test positive for corona, you are counted in corona patients and if you die, counted as ”corona death” even if the death had nothing to do with it. More than 25% of ”corona” patients went to the hospital for other reasons so corona was just a secondary thing.

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Posted in: Gov't panel recommends kids wear face masks at daycares See in context

Another panel with clueless idiots. They should have said stop the mask nonsense for kids as it is detrimental to their development and useless in preventing anything.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 17,631 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 81,811 See in context

How can you imagine that Tokyo has only 20 severe when the rest of the country has almost 700 ?

Like the person above tried to explain, Tokyo is counting differently from the rest of the country.

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Posted in: England lifts COVID restrictions as Omicron threat recedes See in context

ZorotoToday  10:29 am JST

The UK is averaging 270 deaths per day from COVID-19 which is not decreasing.

And how many deaths per day from liver diseases? Alcohol? Cancer? Normal flu? Obesity? Just to put it into perspective. You would not expect those deaths to go down either so why would you expect covid deathd to go to zero? The virus will never go away so the number of dead will never go to 0.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 9,468 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 50,030 See in context

Those who can, enjoy life to the fullest as you will never get the time back hiding at home. Time to stop the fear mongering and enjoy life.

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Posted in: 3rd vaccination starts for Japanese athletes ahead of Beijing Games See in context

The Beijing Winter Games playbook, which outlines infection prevention measures, says the organizing bodies "strongly encourage games participants to receive a booster shot."

Third shot is not an infection prevention measure. In Denmark and Finland where statistics are available, already more double vaccinated people in intensive care than not vaccinated. How’s that for an ”infection prevention measure”.

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Posted in: Japan looks to expand COVID quasi-emergency to Tokyo, 10 other prefectures See in context

The quasi-something will be meaningless. Give the vulnerable another jab and get on with the living. No need to go to the hospital with minor or no symptoms. Stay home if you are afraid. Stop the nonsense.

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Posted in: Japan marks 2 years since first COVID-19 case confirmed See in context

Elvis is hereToday  07:56 am JST

its not my generalisation, the stats say the main ICU patients are unjabbed.

Main ICU patients are over 80 year olds with underlying conditions and have been jabbed at leas once. Fixed it for you.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 4,051 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 22,045 See in context

Nihon ToraToday  05:51 pm JST

Wouldn't be too surprised if Omicron turns out to be about as deadly or even less than the seasonal flu on a case-by-case basis among vaccinated people. 

This data is available from some European countries already and Omicron is about half as deadly as the average seasonal flu, regardless of vaccination status. With the infections still high but hospitalizations down, the final ”deadliness” will go down even more after all the data is tallied.

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Posted in: COVID vaccination requests at work pose worry in Japan's booster push See in context

Is reporting under 30% efficiency against infection vs Omicron after just 2 months. You cannot keep jabbing the whole population every few months, it is not sustainable.

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Posted in: COVID vaccination requests at work pose worry in Japan's booster push See in context

In countries with high vaccination rate, hospitalizations of vaccinated people are overtaking unvaccinated ones. This is just a number game so it’s nothing special and no need to panic. (There are a lot more vaccinated people than unvaccinated people)

Finland is reporting

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Posted in: Okinawa reports 1,759 new coronavirus cases; 1,224 in Tokyo See in context

3RENSHOToday  06:53 pm JST

"The surge will be huge and end fast probably in a month or so."

Your source, please...?

As evident in countries in Europe where Omicron seems to have peaked.

Omicron doesn’t care if you have 2 or 3 shots, you will all get it.

Vaccination is still important for people in the high risk groups!

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Posted in: Japanese parents weigh pros, cons of having their children vaccinated See in context

It seems there are a lot of confused people here commenting that lack basic understanding.

1) vaccine does not prevent infection

2) vaccine does not prevent infection

3) vaccine does not prevent infection

Please read them until you understand. Taking a vaccine has NOTHING to do with “protecting grandparents or relatives”.

Also to the people fear mongering, please read the stats. For kids, 0.003% chance of anything serious.

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Posted in: Japanese parents weigh pros, cons of having their children vaccinated See in context

virusrexToday  07:06 am JS

If vaccinating lowers their risk then yes, there is. Death is not the only negative effect from COVID, and many children are at a much higher risk from the infection. Children are vaccinated already against diseases that kill zero children, COVID would not be anything different

For kids, the possible side effects outweigh any potential reduction of risk.

According to just recently published article in a scientific journal, “booster” protection against infection is 0-20% after just 2 months. The vaccine does nothing to stop the spread and will never stop this pandemic.

It should only be used for high risk people to prevent death, it is not a tool for curbing infections.

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