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Posted in: Taxi driver arrested for running over pigeon See in context

Again, I ask, is there no real crime to solve in Tokyo? No robberies? Sexual assaults? Thieves? If someone has time to investigate pigeons, it means over-funding.

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Posted in: 'Wonka' movie holds remnants of novel's racist past See in context

This article shows exactly what is wrong with today and this endless wokeism. Sometimes a chocolate factory is just a factory.

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Posted in: U.S. chip curbs trip up China's AI-hungry tech giants See in context

dagonToday  07:21 am JST


He argued that China's lack of data privacy protection will allow them to trawl more data to feed hungry GLLM, giving them an advantage.

LLM is not AI and never will be. It’s just a fancy text parser, so no matter how much data you feed it it will never have any intelligence. It will never know the difference between a fact and fiction, science and science fiction, etc. Same was admitted by the OpenAI CEO before he was sacked.

Something else is needed to bring in the intelligence, which is NOT related at all to which words appear near what words and how often.

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Posted in: TikTok and Meta challenge Europe's new rules that crack down on digital giants See in context

sakurasukiToday  07:21 am JST

Current innovation from Europe just making news rules and shows the world to make big tech a criminal. While having no actual innovation in place that can be used for the rest to the world.

Google paying Apple and others to make their search default, how do you fight that with any innovation you might have? Big companies buying out their competition and integrating them into theirs? How do you fight that with innovation?

It’s about TRYING to level the playing field so that INNOVATION can win instead of the big monopoly with endless supply of cash.

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Posted in: YouTuber arrested for allegedly slandering woman in unblurred video See in context

Only in Japan, arrested for a silly youtube video. Again the question is, is there not any real crime to solve and prosecute?

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Posted in: Japan household spending falls 2.8% in September as wages slide See in context

Of course, wage increases NEVER keep up with inflation, in any country.

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Posted in: Weak yen forces Japan to shrink historic military spending plan See in context

Those hoping for increase in the interest rates, please remember that the current driver of inflation in Europe and US is mainly the interest rates. Japan is facing 10% inflation alread, hit the economy with 2% rates and the amount of lost jobs would be staggering.

People never win in an inflationary situation.

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Posted in: Fukushima nuclear plant starts 3rd release of treated radioactive wastewater into sea See in context

“Fukushima nuclear plant” does not start anything. This is just a ruse to divert the attention away from TEPCO. Title should be changed.

Anyway, it’s the only sensible thing they can do, treat it, dilute it and release it.

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Posted in: Japan to extend gasoline, energy subsidies through April See in context

Massive wealth transfer from tax payers to the richest (oil) companies in the world. Nobody in their right mind would do it this way. It all fallls into their pockets.

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Posted in: Europe looking to fight flood of Chinese electric vehicles See in context

ThubanToday  06:42 am JST

 looking to fight flood of Chinese electric vehicles

Err.... so you want "eco-conscious" consumers to have lower selection and pay higher prices.

That is not the point. Point is protecting European jobs as the EVs from China are made at staggering losses covered by the Chinese government. It’s the same way companies have tried to take over markets for ever, flood the market with stuff made at a loss to drive out competition. After that hike up prices.

PayPay is another such example.

Anyway, agree with the ”eco-conscious” as there is nothing green about EVs.

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Posted in: Kabuki actor Ennosuke admits to helping parents to commit suicide See in context

They are believing his story? That is a double murder, no way it can be three year sentence? Or even suspended. Should be life and/or the death penalty.

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Posted in: Olympic president Thomas Bach urged by IOC members to extend term limit and seek 4 more years See in context

Corruption runs rampant so for sure he is “loyal to the olympic charter”. If he wasn’t, he would reform the whole organization.

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Posted in: Japan lagging world in introducing livestock welfare standards See in context

According to Kenichi Takeda, an associate professor of animal behavior at the Faculty of Agriculture of Shinshu University, it is common to raise large numbers of livestock in cramped spaces in Japan. This is part of the reason why meat and dairy products are able to be sold at relatively low prices.

Another “professor” .. where in Japan can you buy dairy products and meat at relatively low price? The prices are ridiculous even with the cramped space, with “animal welfare” it would go into the highway robbery - category.

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Posted in: Japan quiet on possible yen-buying market intervention See in context

ChabbawangaToday  12:57 pm JST

150-147 is a plunge ?!

You clearly know nothing about forex

Nothing to do with Forex. If the price of milk goes from 150 to 147, the price does not plunge. Just calculate the change as a % and you can see for yourself.

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Posted in: Japan quiet on possible yen-buying market intervention See in context

A whole single yen per dollar plunge, nice intervention! /s

A nice “plunge” indeed, who comes up with these articles? 150-147 is a plunge ?!

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Posted in: Top court upholds ruling in favor of Japan's ban on dual nationality See in context

LindsayToday  07:06 am JST

They can cite whatever legal mumbo jumbo they like but this all about the pension scam. I was told I had to choose nationalities for my kids before they were 12 because they couldn’t be part of the pension with dual nationality.

You were told by whom? And you didn’t do any fact checking before action?

No, you don’t need to do that at 12. Also I want to know why you would tell anyone if your kid has 2 or 3 different nationalities. There is no place for this information in any form so it would be interesting to know how.

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Posted in: Japan hometown tax changes mean donors face reductions in gift sizes See in context

This system is crazy. For 2000 yen you can get a lot of free stuff. The higher your salary is, the more of these free gifts you can get.

Of course I have used it as it would be stupid NOT to get the free (2000en) stuff.

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Posted in: Japanese scientists find microplastics are present in clouds See in context

kurisupisuToday  09:00 am JST

As we all need food for sustenance and have to purchase it and bring it home then how simple it is to be part of the solution by reusing plastic bags or by switching to a cloth bag.

In a word, no. This will do nothing to reduce plastic production. Also where you will put the trash? That’s right, in a plastic bag.

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Posted in: Japan looks to promote electronic visas as inbound tourism recovers See in context

theResidentToday  08:25 am JST

This is referring to visas other than than tourist visas.

No, this article specifically states that it is about inbound tourism. You cannot apply online any other visa type.

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Posted in: Japan labor market set for change as huge worker shortage looms See in context

Mr KiplingToday  09:06 am JST

Japan's tax system is designed for father to work in a big company and mother to stay home in a house they have bought. Women are encouraged to become full time housewives. 

This is not the case. Only one person working and getting 12M a year vs 2 people getting 6M a year, the latter wins in every aspect due to the taxation and system that only head pf house hold counts when doling our child support or other benefits. The former is basically in a hole and has leas take home pay and gets zero benefits.

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Posted in: All trips for public schools in Tokyo's Minato Ward to take place abroad See in context

There's no other way to improve different cultures and improving language except by sending students to school trips using subsidy?

Minato is the richest city in Japan, with average salary for its citizens at over 12M. They have more money than they can ever dream to use, so why not use some of it for children?

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Posted in: Gov't support for COVID-19 treatment in Japan to be reduced from October See in context

”They” say a lot of things that make no sense and are not true. Do not live in fear.

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Posted in: Kishida revamps cabinet; record-tying 5 women appointed ministers See in context

It’s another geriatric cabinet. There should me mandatory retirement age set at 60 like for normal japanese people. Why do they have to keep on leeching and leeching?

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Posted in: London's contentious clean air zone extends to entire city See in context

Idiots fighting for climate change by punishing the poorest. News flash, the population of the earth is expanding so fast that nothing they do in London will affect anything in the global scale.

Prevents deaths? Like lockdowns and masks? News flash, nobody lives forever.

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Posted in: Meta faces backlash over Canada news block as wildfires rage See in context

If you rely on ”social media” for news or ”what is real or not”, means you are already doomed. Why on earth would anyone do that?

All the news outlets in Canada have their websites that provide you with all the information you need about the fires.

Social media is entertainment! Trolls and what not.

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Posted in: Pacific island sea levels rising faster than global average, WMO says See in context

EFDToday  03:31 pm JST

Multiple meters? Where would the water come from? Maybe learning basic science first would be a start.

The Ice sheets of Greenland. The Ice currently trapped on the continent of Antarctica. 

ANY land-based ice sheet that melts (as Greenland's is doing now at an alarming rate) is going to put more water into the oceans. More water in the same basin is going to cause the water level to rise. 

Melting of all ice in the world would not increase sea level by multiple meters. There is not enough water for that to happen.

You were saying something about learning basic science?

Please check how much ice there is estimated to be in the whole world. Then check how big the body of water is and how much is needed to increase global sea level by even 1m.

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Posted in: Pacific island sea levels rising faster than global average, WMO says See in context

EFDToday  02:56 pm JST

4 mm SO FAR. Sea levels could rise by multiple meters over a relatively short period of time. 

Jesus, how thick does one have to be to have one's head this obtuse regarding science and physics?

Multiple meters? Where would the water come from? Maybe learning basic science first would be a start.

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Posted in: Japanese economic growth for April-June smashes expectations See in context

Of course it shows growth due to the high inflation. Selling less for higher price produces higher gdp as it is not inflation adjusted.

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Posted in: Ex-lawmaker, YouTuber GaaSyy faces new intimidation charge See in context

Again, arrest warrant for “intimidating”? For real? These cop have no real crime to solve?

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Posted in: Woman in Japan dies of Oz virus in world 1st; possibly tick-borne See in context

Fear mongering starting? Nothing in the article points to the Oz virus as the cause of death.

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