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Posted in: Gov't urges Tokyo host, hostess clubs to act to stem coronavirus spikes See in context

Jacek AdamczykToday  06:54 am JST

Divinda, you really think people will intentionally contract corona for a one time payment of 100,000? You must think very lowly of them. 

It would not even cover their apartment rental fee for a month...

Where do you think people live? Single young people do not live in places with rent 10man. For a family of 3-4 you can rent for 10-11man. 1LDK goes for 4-7man.

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zichiToday  05:09 pm JST

With an increase in rain and humidity comes an increase in black mold. Already today, washed the black off the walls in the toilet and the doors on 1F corridor. Got fans going.

2/3 air conditioners running 24/7 removing humiditity keeps the kabi away.

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Posted in: Japan's household spending drops at record pace as virus hits economy See in context

Also here in very central Tokyo no sign of the 100,000, ward office says another 3-4 weeks as nobody knows.

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Posted in: Road rage driver threatens commuter with a sickle as incidents increase across Japan See in context

These “incidents” on TV only capture one side. Did the nurse really cut him off dangerously and got away with it? We don’t know.

if someone is driving too close behind you on the packed highway, what can you do? Flash braking lights, slow down a bit have no effect on these tailgating idiots.

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Many people complaining about bicycles going against the flow of traffic, but that is because most one way roads have “自転車を除く” sign at the entrance. So it’s ok to go against the traffic according to the designer (STUPID).

Also the happiest country in the world changed that rule according to Japanese way and allowing bicycles both ways on one way...

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Posted in: No. of newborns in Japan falls to lowest on record in 2019 See in context

noriahojanenToday  09:54 am JST

By prefecture, southernmost Okinawa recorded the highest total fertility rate at 1.82 and was the only one of the country's 47 prefectures to see more births than deaths.

Trying to look at a bright sight.... I wonder what are behind Okinawa's relatively high fertility rate, a consistent pattern over years and deviating from the nationwide average. Perhaps solutions can be learned from it.

There is nothing special, it is the poorest prefecture in Japan. It’s the same everywhere, wealth and education means less kids as women have more avenues to pursue.

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Fujikyu is open and went today with the family. Absolutely the best time ever to go there. No people, 0 minute queue to any ride. Social distancing no need as there were 10 people in the park.

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long a period. But you also cannot just let a large number of your population die off, as that too will have consequences down the line

A large number of population does not die, the panic is caused by the misguided information from WHO and the notoriously flawed study from UK. Even in the US, the due to the polluted air, obesity, if the estimated 130,000 die that is still 130000/330000000 0.04%.

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Posted in: Many Japanese defy appeals to stay home to curb virus See in context

Many good comments here. I also think tight indoor locations should close, pachinko, small bars, etc. Also supermarkets could easily enforce the number of customers inside to block the crowding seen everywhere.

But if there is a park/beach/rec area outside where you can walk or drive to in your own car, taking your family there poses zero risk. Just keep your distance to the other families. UV is said to be effective in killing the virus, so isn’t it good to go out on a sunny day?

So this bashing of people who go out is crazy, bash the companies who still insist 9am sitting on your desk. Shame them on public TV

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Posted in: Many Japanese defy appeals to stay home to curb virus See in context

Someone please provide a fact, should be easy to find?

How many people in the whole world have caught the corona virus while

1) running outdoors

2) hiking on the mountains

3) playing in the park

4) playing any outdoor sports like soccer etc?

So requesting people to stay home makes no sense. Why home only on weekends? Why 8pm close? How it helps compared to 9pm or 6pm?

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Posted in: Coronavirus outbreak sparks harassment at workplaces in Japan See in context

Dr. TheopolisToday  06:49 am JST

I’ve told several people at my work to wear a mask and/or don’t touch their face with unwashed hands when seeing them do it.

I kinda yelled at one dude for sneezing with no mask and not even trying to cover his mouth.

If that is discrimination then sue me!!

Why are you wearing a mask? Latest study indicates cloth mask does more harm than no mask. Instead, get your affairs in order. If it is time to go, it is time to go. You are much, much more likely to die from a myriad of other causes so do not let fear guide your life. Live!

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Posted in: Coronavirus outbreak sparks harassment at workplaces in Japan See in context

gogogoToday  11:18 am JST

Whats with the down votes, clearly the woman having lunch together were not social distancing... take this stuff seriously please!

Maybe you should do a little bit of reading about social distancing and what it means. It does not mean you cannot have lunch with someone.

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Posted in: Confirmed new coronavirus infections in Japan now 1,528, including cruise ship cases See in context

> Ah_soToday  08:13 am JST

Dead people are not being tested, just given 'pneumonia' as the reason. That's why the figures are so low.


If an elderly person dies in a retirement home or a hospital, no autopsy is performed and corona is not tested post-mortem. If people die at home, then it depends on the circumstances if anything is checked or not. So there is no way to tell how many people died because of corona virus. Only people who were tested before they died count in the tally.

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Posted in: Ghosn seen on security camera leaving Tokyo home alone on Dec 29 See in context

It sure looks like the people commenting have not travelled inside Japan?

You do not need your resident card or a passport to travel inside Japan. All you need is a boarding pass, ID is not asked at airports or for the Shinkansen. I travel for work weekly and never had to present anything.

It is only required if you check-in to a hotel.

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Posted in: Turkey detains 7, including 4 pilots over Ghosn's escape through Istanbul See in context

LagunaToday  06:45 pm JST

But multiple passports from a same country? - a "spare" passport? How did that come about?

As some people already replied above as well, many countries, including the US, let people have multiple passports when it is required. For example, you are applying for a visa to a country so you have to send your passport to their embassy but you are also travelling at the same time while the visa is being processed.

Also, you can always apply for a new passport at your embassy and say your previous passport was lost and they will issue you a new one. Nothing fishy and being used by travellers all over the world then their belongins get lost or stolen.

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Posted in: Brazilian man sues Japanese gov't for injuries at immigration center See in context

This guy must be an idiot.

"Although I asked the officials to explain why it was necessary for me to be transferred, they persistently said such explanations were unnecessary," Kussunoki said.

"I don't understand why they had to physically restrain me, when all they needed to do is explain," he said.

No, they don't need to explain anything to you, why he thinks anyone owes him any explanation??

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Posted in: Record 832 foreigners in Japan lose residency status in 2018 See in context

afanofjapanToday  09:17 am JST

Norman, once you are married to a Japanese spouse, and especially if you have children, you can apply for permanent residency (which reminds me, i should do that!)

You don't need to be married to a Japanese or have a children to be eligible for permanent resident. If you are highly skilled and get enough points (salary,education,language ability, ...) you can get PR after only a year in Japan. Anyway if you plan to stay, you should apply. It takes quite a bit of time to be processed (6+ months)

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Posted in: Coming-of-Age Day ceremonies held across Japan See in context

rom the article, it seems they continue to act like children! In the U.S. 18 year old men can join the army and go fight the Taliban in Afghanistan. In Japan they are still children...and act like it.

I love it how always these same commentators come with these comments. There is nothing more naive in the world than US college students. Act like adults in the US even at 20? You must be joking.

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Posted in: Gov't to go ahead with sales tax hike in Oct 2019 See in context

@klausdorthToday  12:39 pm JST

Maybe you should see what people in other countries have to pay.

Example hospital. Once again (sorry that I quote this country again) in Germany people have to pay Euro 5 (max Euro 10) per day. Children up to 18 years of age are FREE! What does it look like in Japan? If I'm not all wrong you (or we) have to pay 30% of the bill out of your (our) own pocket. But maybe that's just a minor difference or "fake facts"?

You do know that children in japan get completely free health care, right? Even the medicine is all free regardless of your income. In many high tax countries in Europe, parents still have to pay the medicine.

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Posted in: Opposition parties grill Abe in first leaders' Diet debate in 18 months See in context

MarkXToday  07:07 am JST

Welcome to the world of Japanese democracy where the leader of the government only gets questioned by other leaders once every 18 months. No wonder Shinzo is always smiling. If he had to answer monthly about all the scandals his government has been suspected of, it might be a different story.

How many times a year does Trump get questioned by the opposition law makers in the US? That is right, he doesn't.

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Posted in: Japan beats unified Korean team 4-1 in women's ice hockey See in context

robert maesFeb. 14  11:33 pm JST

I fully understand the SK coach was mad with the NK coach for taking out the goalie , with 2 goals behind and 2 minutes to play that is madness, you only do that when you are one goal down. 

You obviously don't understand ice hockey with a comment like that. You can and people have successfully taken the goalie out with 4 goals down and ended up winning the game! It does not matter at all if you lose by 2 goals or 3 goals. Of course you take out the goalie to get a power play.

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Posted in: Japan's average adult height declining for those born in 1980 or later See in context

This is a global trend has nothing to do with Japanese doctors. Check the NCD Risk Factor Collaboration from the US which shows that average male height in the US stopped increasing for those born after 1980.

So what happened around that time that is causing people not to grow taller anymore? I have no idea.

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Posted in: 430 passengers spend night aboard train trapped by heavy snow in Niigata See in context

The main question is, WHY did they stay inside the train all night??? It was 300 meters from the station! WALK!

The same crazy stuff happens on Japanese Highways as well during snow storms. People just sit in their cars doing nothing, waiting for someone to come to the rescue and freeze to death in the worst case.

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Posted in: Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Mizuho consider big cutbacks in branches, staff See in context

DisillusionedToday  10:11 am JST

Really? I'm afraid you are wrong! Very wrong! Try getting money out of a Post Office account after midnight. You can't! Then, try getting money out of any account between Christmas and New Year. You can't do that either! Japan does not have 24/7 ATM service! Look it up before you cast aspersions.

! You can't withdraw money from many of the banks after midnight and the closest thing Japan has to 'direct debit' is flipping SUICA card.

I don't know which country you live in but does not sound like Japan to me. At least in Kanto region, none of the above are true! (Note: if your Post Office account is not working, CHANGE YOUR BANK!)

I can withdraw money from my bank account at anytime, it is never closed. After midnight, New Years, Golden Week, anytime OK without any fees. I can also do the same overseas without any fees. On top of that, I have gotten a debit card for the wife and she uses it all the time and it works exactly the same way as debit cards in my own country. So at least I cannot understand at all what you are complaining about,

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Posted in: Hikers advised to get insurance against mountaineering accidents See in context

Every weekend I see thousands swarming all over the mountains (including myself) and for those who prepare correctly I suspect the amount of accidents is very low. The ones I hear about seem to be mostly older people who take unnecessary risks.

I agree with this one. But one basic problem the Japanese have, is that their plans are never flexible. They decide 6 months before where they will go not taking into account the weather. Why do the Daikiretto in heavy rain or in thunderstorm? There is simply no need! Take another route and come back another week or next year. The mountain will still be there. You don't get bonus points for enduring bad weather.

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Posted in: Opposition lawmaker Yamao quits party over extramarital affair report See in context

BintaroToday  08:32 am JST

Private matters should stay private.

Yes. And Becky is back just as strong as before. It shows the hypocrisy of this kind of story.

Becky is back? Back where? At least not on TV.

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Posted in: M4.9 quake hits Tokyo area; no tsunami warning See in context

Why the people who are commenting are not reading the article?

bogvaToday  11:03 am JST

It was shindo 3 actually.

That is mentioned in the article.

It was a quite a bit of rumbler in northern Chiba, but I didn't think it was nearly a 5.

Because it was M4.9, shindou 3 as stated in the article.

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Posted in: 6,000 around Atsugi base to sue gov't for noise pollution next month See in context

If you aren't prepared to live with the noise of flights, don't move near a base or on a flight path. It really is THAT simple. I currently live on a flight path, I work on the same flight path and I personally enjoy seeing the planes. I have heard neighbours complain about it - the airport is a good 20 kms from my house. Silly to complain about it when those who moved here could have checked it out before moving. Those living in a town that has no only Americans but also the JSDF have zero reason to complain. The only sympathy I would have for someone is if they moved to the area BEFORE the base was built. Don't want the noise? Don't live near a base or a on flight path. Not that easy? Actually, yes, it is

That is a not a good advice. You do know that the Government has approved a new approach plan for aircraft for Haneda as well? Allowing low-flying planes to go over dense residential areas in Shinagawa, Meguro, Shinjuku, etc. Everyone should move?

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Posted in: Record 35,000 foreign students need Japanese language training See in context

They do, however, have a point. It is one of the harder language speak and, especially, cultures to read.

Many people don't agree on the assessment that it is hard to speak. There is a very strong correlation between the pronunciation and the spelling making it easy to pick up. You can also learn it without reading a single kana or kanji, by romaji only. But sure, for Westerners the kanji can be an obstacle many people choose not to climb.

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Posted in: Young people mount campaign to raise minimum wage, end poverty See in context

Who thinks that it will help? Just look at the "Happiest people in the world" countries up north. Everything is so expensive that people still live in relative poverty, even if they have free healthcare and free education.

But there is an easy solution to all these problems which is always overlooked due to banks and big money pressure. Take away the ability to make money from the banks and put it back at the hands of the government. There is no need to take debt to cover all the expenses. Debt is made up because of man made law which CAN be changed, if there is willingness.

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