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Just to correct some info above: housewives do not give husbands an auyomatic tax benefit even if they earn less than 1.3M. Two years ago income limits were set for the tax benefit, so only if the husband is not a high earner he will get a tax break for housewive.

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The houses depreciate in every country if they are not maintained. It’s normal to put in new roofing after 15 years, replace the windows, improve the heating system etc. But in Japan, nobody does any maintenance until they demolish the whole house to re-doit. But low mortgage rates allowed us also to double the space with lower monthly cost (including property taxes) than renting.

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The corona virus is already endemic everywhere on the globe like the influenza and many others. Everybody will get infected sooner or later, vaccine or no vaccine. Vaccine will keep you out of the hospital (for 6 months after the jab at least). Time to move this past us and continue living.

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People do not seem to understand that the corona virus is never going to go away, never. Look at “fully vaccinated” societies, Israel, Iceland, exploding with new cases. Vaccination does not stop the spread of the virus.

Please read it once more so you fully understand: vaccinations are not going to stop the spread of the virus.

We have to live with it until the end of days, lockdowns and vaccine passports are meaningless.

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InspectorGadgetToday  01:09 pm JST

*Me: **"I want to start a SIM only contract. I already have an unlocked phone compatible with your frequencies"*

This is not as simple as it seems, they are only protecting you and them.

As you might know, cell phones sold in different parts of the world support different frequency bands. For example, your brand new Non-iphone Japanese phone cannot get 4G in the US due to this. Also supported CA combinations are, in general, NOT in your phone from a different market.

So they are right to make sure that if it does not work, they cannot help you and are not liable for anything.

I bought a sim during last visit to the US and only 3G was possible due to the bands not supported. The phone was from the world’s biggest handset maker and popular model.

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Posted in: Japanese companies to be banned from locking cell phone SIM cards See in context

The NomadToday  12:24 pm JST

I see many people still don't know the full picture how phones work and what sort of locks they have. Japanese phone have both a phone lock and a SIM lock. AU use CDMA network which is not compatible with GSM. So if you buy a AU phone, unlock it you'll still not be able to use any carrier. You'll have to find a CDMA carrier in order to use the phone which means no SoftBank or Docomo as they are on GSM network. 

That is old, old information. GSM or CDMA has not been used for years anymore. The networks are still there but nobody uses them anymore with a modern cell phone.

The technology everyone is using is called WCDMA (3G) and LTE (4G) and all of the operators in Japan have them. As long as the frequency bands are supported by the phone, it will work just fine in any of the networks.

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Another crazy idea from these stupid, stupid leaders around the world. Latest data dropped the bottom out of all these “mandated vaccinations”. Vacinated people can still spread the virus! I repeat for the slow learners, Vaccinated people can still spread the virus!!

What is the point of these “vaccine passports” and related ideas??

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Some commentators do not seem to understand the excess death - concept. Nothing to do with testing or covid. Simply counting the average number of people that die monthly in the country. So you have historical data on how many people died for example in January 2015. Then you can compare this value to excess deaths in Jan 2019, Jan 2020, Jan 2021, etc. Some countries show a huge peak due to deaths from covid, others show almost no change from previous years.

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Posted in: Mother arrested after 1-year-old daughter, left in car, dies of heatstroke See in context

Three hour nap? Car running the whole time? Must have been extremely groggy after taking a nap as long as a half night’s sleep. Little kids never take naps that long. But if she shut the car temperature will rise super fast.

You must not have any kids. Our 1 year old naps 3 hours every day

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Posted in: China says WHO plan to audit labs in COVID origins probe 'arrogant' See in context

nishikatToday  07:33 am JST

There is no lab origin of the coronavirus. If so then where did the Delta variant come from? The lab as well? Move on!!

One of the funniest comments ever. The delta variant has nothing to do with the origin of the virus, it is a mutation of the virus. Does not say anything about the origin.

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People are missing the point of this ”new technology”. Tracking everything you buy and drive out competition by offering ”free for small business” and other cash-back perks that will not last. As soon as everybody is on board, they will hike up the prices with no alternatives.

This is the ”app” business model that enabled Uber, WeWork and others, with illegal money losing schemes never meant to make any money until the competition is gone.

Can’t wait for these ”apps” to be gone.

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We won't go broke even if we have to take a second vaccine. I spend more on masks last month alone!

Yes, agreed. Vaccine is a more good way to spend our taxpayer money than abenomasks.

Only problem is that they will never find enough people willing to take it to cover the population... (look at influenza shot participant ratio %).

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Burning BushToday  07:22 am JS

What !!!

Then why are billions in taxpayer money being funnelled to Big Pharma for these shots if we don't even know if they are even effective.

The one thing we do know is that already 23 people died in Norway right after receiving the shots.

This has been already explained in global news a long time ago. The vaccine only prevents 95% of the recipients from getting terminally ill.

It does NOT prevent infection or spreading. The best kind of vaccine for big pharma, need to keep buying forever.

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There really needs to be a serious push to try and change the ingrained group behaviour in this country. I know it's culture and all that, but there really is no need for so many people to eat lunch at the same time, or go on vacation during the same 4 day period etc.

You mean like in the US so that everybody vacations during Christmas, Labour day, Thanksgiving and around other public holidays crowding every place? Or like southern Europe, everybody off in August making going to anywhere difficult?

Yeah, Japan is so different...

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okyoJoeToday  06:34 am JST

It's now almost been 10months since I've been out with friends or colleges sociably to bars or pubs. Why do others struggle so hard with self restraint.

and we have lived normally for a year, going out with family when we want. Why do others struggle so hard to understand that live your life, not in fear and let other’s live too.

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YubaruToday  07:38 am JST

It's not a matter of the elderly NOT being able to travel, it's just they can't use the "Go To" money when they do!

They can still use it if they want, it is only a request and there is no need to provide correct identification when you use it.

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Posted in: Man, woman jump to their deaths from Tokyo apartment building See in context

WA4TKGToday  04:48 pm JST

Sumida-Ku...Kita Senju ?

No, that is Adachi-ku.

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Posted in: Gov't urges Tokyo host, hostess clubs to act to stem coronavirus spikes See in context

Jacek AdamczykToday  06:54 am JST

Divinda, you really think people will intentionally contract corona for a one time payment of 100,000? You must think very lowly of them. 

It would not even cover their apartment rental fee for a month...

Where do you think people live? Single young people do not live in places with rent 10man. For a family of 3-4 you can rent for 10-11man. 1LDK goes for 4-7man.

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zichiToday  05:09 pm JST

With an increase in rain and humidity comes an increase in black mold. Already today, washed the black off the walls in the toilet and the doors on 1F corridor. Got fans going.

2/3 air conditioners running 24/7 removing humiditity keeps the kabi away.

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Posted in: Japan's household spending drops at record pace as virus hits economy See in context

Also here in very central Tokyo no sign of the 100,000, ward office says another 3-4 weeks as nobody knows.

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Posted in: Road rage driver threatens commuter with a sickle as incidents increase across Japan See in context

These “incidents” on TV only capture one side. Did the nurse really cut him off dangerously and got away with it? We don’t know.

if someone is driving too close behind you on the packed highway, what can you do? Flash braking lights, slow down a bit have no effect on these tailgating idiots.

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Many people complaining about bicycles going against the flow of traffic, but that is because most one way roads have “自転車を除く” sign at the entrance. So it’s ok to go against the traffic according to the designer (STUPID).

Also the happiest country in the world changed that rule according to Japanese way and allowing bicycles both ways on one way...

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noriahojanenToday  09:54 am JST

By prefecture, southernmost Okinawa recorded the highest total fertility rate at 1.82 and was the only one of the country's 47 prefectures to see more births than deaths.

Trying to look at a bright sight.... I wonder what are behind Okinawa's relatively high fertility rate, a consistent pattern over years and deviating from the nationwide average. Perhaps solutions can be learned from it.

There is nothing special, it is the poorest prefecture in Japan. It’s the same everywhere, wealth and education means less kids as women have more avenues to pursue.

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Fujikyu is open and went today with the family. Absolutely the best time ever to go there. No people, 0 minute queue to any ride. Social distancing no need as there were 10 people in the park.

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Posted in: Workers, parents feel strain as state of emergency extended See in context

long a period. But you also cannot just let a large number of your population die off, as that too will have consequences down the line

A large number of population does not die, the panic is caused by the misguided information from WHO and the notoriously flawed study from UK. Even in the US, the due to the polluted air, obesity, if the estimated 130,000 die that is still 130000/330000000 0.04%.

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Posted in: Many Japanese defy appeals to stay home to curb virus See in context

Many good comments here. I also think tight indoor locations should close, pachinko, small bars, etc. Also supermarkets could easily enforce the number of customers inside to block the crowding seen everywhere.

But if there is a park/beach/rec area outside where you can walk or drive to in your own car, taking your family there poses zero risk. Just keep your distance to the other families. UV is said to be effective in killing the virus, so isn’t it good to go out on a sunny day?

So this bashing of people who go out is crazy, bash the companies who still insist 9am sitting on your desk. Shame them on public TV

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Someone please provide a fact, should be easy to find?

How many people in the whole world have caught the corona virus while

1) running outdoors

2) hiking on the mountains

3) playing in the park

4) playing any outdoor sports like soccer etc?

So requesting people to stay home makes no sense. Why home only on weekends? Why 8pm close? How it helps compared to 9pm or 6pm?

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Dr. TheopolisToday  06:49 am JST

I’ve told several people at my work to wear a mask and/or don’t touch their face with unwashed hands when seeing them do it.

I kinda yelled at one dude for sneezing with no mask and not even trying to cover his mouth.

If that is discrimination then sue me!!

Why are you wearing a mask? Latest study indicates cloth mask does more harm than no mask. Instead, get your affairs in order. If it is time to go, it is time to go. You are much, much more likely to die from a myriad of other causes so do not let fear guide your life. Live!

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gogogoToday  11:18 am JST

Whats with the down votes, clearly the woman having lunch together were not social distancing... take this stuff seriously please!

Maybe you should do a little bit of reading about social distancing and what it means. It does not mean you cannot have lunch with someone.

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Posted in: Confirmed new coronavirus infections in Japan now 1,528, including cruise ship cases See in context

> Ah_soToday  08:13 am JST

Dead people are not being tested, just given 'pneumonia' as the reason. That's why the figures are so low.


If an elderly person dies in a retirement home or a hospital, no autopsy is performed and corona is not tested post-mortem. If people die at home, then it depends on the circumstances if anything is checked or not. So there is no way to tell how many people died because of corona virus. Only people who were tested before they died count in the tally.

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