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Posted in: Allure of Japan's powder snow a growing danger as more tourists ski backcountry See in context

There is no legal validity for any of these “signs”. Just like you can climb any mountain any time of the year, you can also ski down from any one of them anytime you want. Just make sure you don’t need help when doing so.

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Posted in: Gov't considering mask-free school graduation ceremonies See in context

JtsnoseToday  07:37 am JST

While the Covid is still around, it's better to be safe and wear masks . . . ? We don't want graduates to risk getting sick . . . .

Just look at the recent publications about the effectiveness of masking. Hint: it’s not. People are NOT wearing mask to prevent or reduce infections. They are wearing a mask to FEEL LIKE they are doing something.

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Posted in: Japan's foreign worker population hits record 1.82 million See in context

sakurasukiToday  07:40 am JST

Japan really need more that 5.5% increase


To keep wages low, immigration from poorer countries is the key. Japan does not have a labor shortage IF people resources are usedmore efficiently. Do we really need 4 guys directing pedestrian traffic when 2 guys are working?

Those foreign workers only earn less compare to Japanese, they still need to pay taxes and mandatory pension even most of them won't live in Japan that long until retirement. Pension services still can maintain they payment really need to thanks to this people.

You can request a refund of the tax payments when you leave, up to 5 years. So if you are here working short-term, that is the way to go.

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Posted in: Japan decides to ease medical rules on COVID-19 on May 8 See in context

NewgirlintownToday  07:53 am JST

Just remember that this is mainly for economic reasons. As an article by a respected journalist in today’s Guardian points out, the next time you get Covid it could permanently disable you

This is the exact fear mongering people tried already and it didn’t work. No, next time you get covid could not permanently disable you. It’s the same as saying eating the next grilled meat can give you cancer, or the next cigarette. Sure, technically true, but higher than 99.99 change nothing happens.

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Posted in: Some fear COVID downgrade may cause more infections See in context

MarkXToday  08:02 am JST

Have none of you who are cheering this decision noticed that 500 people a day are dying from this virus? I really hope that none of you contract it or any of your loved ones. If people want to mask, let them, if you don't that is your decision, but this virus has not gone away.

MarkX, you have it backwards. The record number of people dying is not because of COVID, it’s the ”measures” and inability to get regular treatment for 3 years /masking/using way too much disinfectsnt for chronic illnesses making the weak even weaker.

Your immunity stays strong only throuh regular exposure, when you have none for 3 years even the covid becomes deadly.

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Posted in: Some fear COVID downgrade may cause more infections See in context

Three and a half years too late

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Posted in: Japan to continue collecting expressway tolls almost indefinitely See in context

wallaceToday  02:28 pm JST

The highways should be toll-free on weekends.

Weekends and nights are half price, not free but less crazy price.

Many people commenting miss the point that the tolls are there so that people travelling alone/two people should use the shinkansen instead of a car. Remove the tolls and the trains would run empty.

Same as with the "corporate tax" of company paying for commuting. It's just really a tax on companies to fund public transit.

Both are actually good measures to keep people on the trains, otherwise it would be 24/7 gridlock like in big US cities.

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Posted in: Tokyo to make child care free for all 2nd children from October See in context

sakurasukiToday  07:25 am JST

Good luck in having and rising 2nd child or more with Japanese rigid paternity leave.

Japan has one of the most generous paternity leave in the world. People just don’t use it as they should for a number of odd reasons.

2nd child is already 1/2 price (until 3), but it can get very expensive depending on income. So this will help bring the monthly cost down.

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Posted in: Experts urge gov't to take gradual approach to COVID downgrade See in context

NewgirlintownToday  07:24 am JST

No mention of long covid.

Of course as there is no such thing, the studies about it were proven to use falsified/wrong data. It’s not any different to people for whom it takes several months to get rid of the influenza/flu.

The ”experts” in the panel are all 65+, most likely over 70 right?

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Posted in: Families in Tokyo to get ¥5,000 per child to address falling birthrate See in context

SvenToday  08:14 am JST

A few things that could really make a difference but won't happen:

Increase wages so mothers don't have to work in order for the family not to wallow in poverty.

Mandate more maternity leave for mothers.

Stop the scam with capitalists and petty bourgeois going to hostess bars and claiming it as a business expense so tax payers foot the bill. This would see 90% of hostess bars go out of business and a huge number of young women living a normal life with normal relationships.

Increase taxes on the richest 5% of the population to pay for it.

The richest 5% have no income from a job, it’s all capital gains so they pay almost no tax at all.

First thing should be to put all income on equal footing, otherwise those who already have amassed millions continue to gain exponential benefits compared to the people working.

Next step should be to have a maximum cap on dividends/executive pay vs average worker salary in the company.

Third, cut the subcontracting chains to a maximum of 2 steps. Otherwise the middle men eat all the money.

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Posted in: Japan to tighten COVID border controls for travelers from China See in context

This is another useless restriction that is not based on anything except fear mongering. It’s being implemented in several countries and has been widely criticized as having no scientific basis.

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Posted in: Japan logs record 7,688 COVID deaths for December See in context

Nothing to see here. The number just means 7688 people tested positive 0-30 days prior to dying. It does not say they died from covid, it does not say that they would not have died anyway, it does not say what was the underlying condition of the people who died. In essence, useless number.

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Posted in: Shibuya New Year’s Eve countdown event canceled for 3rd consecutive year See in context

Roy SophveasonToday  07:09 am JST

So, kindly remind us, what about that has changed since May 2020?

The restrictions were useless in 2020 as they are in 2022, so on that front not much has changed. Currently in Japan the influenza is more deadly than covid, even with the inflated “with covid” included. For 0-70 year olds, the risk is essentially still 0.

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Posted in: Japan's QAnon members convicted of trespassing at COVID vaccination sites See in context

Fighto!Today  05:32 pm JST

Really good news these dropkicks now have a permanent criminal record. The best employment they can now hope for are cash in hand day laboring jobs. 

In the real world, how do you think this will affect their job hunting? As the employer has no way of knowing, it is not asked and there is no mention of anything related to that in the employment contract. Now, public jobs they can mostly forget.

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Posted in: Japanese gov't wants to give people an extra ¥80,000 to have babies See in context

French food, hairdressers, and manicurists. This will bump up the average cost. I didn't think it would be nearly 500,000 yen though. Many women give birth in general hospitals and they are basic with no pampering, but way more medical support in case of complications.

The out of pocket cost is highly dependant on the income of the parent whose medical insurance is used, many people don’t know it. It’s best to use the insurance of the lower earner to minimize payment. Also if c-section is used, it’s covered as a medical procedure, giving birth the other way is not.

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Posted in: Kishida negative about gov't bonds to finance defense spending hike See in context

Japan’s inflation is 75% above target. It used to have low inflation before the crazy money printing policies commenced.

This has nothing to do with money printing, inflation would be higher if the interest rates go up (As you know it is part of the inflation measurement). This inflation cycle is a direct result of all the failed corona policies around the world in 2020. It was predicted already then but leaders didn’t listen but went with the mass hysteria.

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Posted in: Yakuza may be blocked from using all expressways in Japan within the decade See in context

Sounds again like no thinking and people who write these stories offer no critical thinking whatsoever. It does not matter whose ETC card you use, contract or no contract. The card is not tied to a person or a car.

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Posted in: Ex-Keidanren chief Sakakibara becomes Japanese baseball commissioner See in context

At 79 what can he possible offer to baseball? Or any other company or board he supposedly “leads”?

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Posted in: Japan beats Spain 2-1 to advance to last 16 at World Cup See in context

The ball was in and the SAME discussion always need to have with people when playing soccer and futsal: the whole ball needs to cross the line. Every single time people shoud ”out!” When it’s not out. The balls in WC are also equipped with inside sensor so that they know if it has crossed the goal line. Same technology will tell you that ball was in play, Ronald’s hair didn’t touch the ball, etc..

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Posted in: S Korea orders truckers in cement industry back to jobs See in context

The South Korean government didn’t think this through. Anyway they are not going to work so how does 30 days of license suspension help? Let them suspend all then who will mixthe cement? Idiots

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Posted in: Moriyasu defends decision-making after Japan's loss to Costa Rica showing See in context

The comments here are spot on and the mistakes by Japanese coach are unacceptable. You go with the best to the 2nd game and if it is 2-0, 3-0 you start changing. Then third came is meaningless and you can rest whoever you want.

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Posted in: China's daily COVID cases highest since pandemic began See in context

China is in for a rude awakening ss they haven’t even had the first wave due to the stupid lockdowns and failed policies. Countries with least restrictions have fared the best, and countries with strict restrictions are just delaying and making the ”pandemic” longer and longer.

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Posted in: Luxury hotel chain Dorchester to open in Japan's highest building in 2028 See in context

that the walk to Marunouchi is not a nice one, and neither is to Ginza with cheap duty-free shops catering to Chinese tourists one after the other.

People staying in this chain don’t walk

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Posted in: Shionogi's oral COVID drug given emergency approval in Japan See in context

fatigue -- in the final phase of the trials showed the drug shortened symptoms from eight days to seven days.

So a pill that does basically nothing, for what cost? Who will pay for this? It should be paid by those who want to take it.

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Posted in: Osaka man arrested for taking online job recruitment test for money See in context

The police also referred the student's case to prosecutors Tuesday over the unauthorized creation and sharing of confidential digital information.

If the persons for who he took the tests authorized him to use their information, it is not unauthorized creation. There isn’t and cannot be any law that you cannot share your login/personal information with anyone you like. For money or for no money.

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Posted in: Uber Eats delivery worker arrested for smearing curry on apartment door of customer who gave him low rating See in context

Is that really an arrestable offence? Seems some cops have too much time on their hands to waste it on this. How about solving some actual crime?

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Posted in: Japan inflation hits four-decade high in October See in context

RakurakuToday  04:57 pm JST

Kuroda does everything he can to have higher!*

What do you think will happen to the inflation IF Kuroda increased the rates? Yes, inflation would go even higher. So that is not a solution, just like it is not working anywhere else in the world except to bring more inflation as costs go up. Who do you think will pay the higher cost?

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Posted in: 4-year-old boy falls to his death from 10th-floor apartment in Aomori Prefecture See in context

Never leave a young kid alone. Not to take trash, not to go to combini, never. We would never take the garbage down in such a situation. Take it the next morning when leaving WITH the kid. Even houses have balconies and roof balconies that kids can climb over and fall IF you don’t child proof it.

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Posted in: Kuroda says he has no desire to be reappointed BOJ governor See in context

Desert TortoiseToday  08:09 am JST

As I explained above, the increased inflation is temporary due to pandemic and war driven disruptions in manufacturing and transportation. 

The inflation is not due to the pandemic but due to the failed efforts of goverments around the world: useless lockdowns followed by giving away free money to people who cannot spend it. Already in 2020 it was warned by ”experts” that it will create runaway inflation.

Also, contrary to popular text books about deflation, deflation is the best friend of the population. 30 years of no price increases is heaven. With inflation regular worker always loses as wages NEVER keep up.

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Posted in: Yahoo! Japan won’t let anyone post comments without providing a phone number See in context

There are free services on the Internet that let you receive sms from these services. You can use them to avoid giving your own mumber. So useless to require it.

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