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Nihon ToraToday  05:51 pm JST

Wouldn't be too surprised if Omicron turns out to be about as deadly or even less than the seasonal flu on a case-by-case basis among vaccinated people. 

This data is available from some European countries already and Omicron is about half as deadly as the average seasonal flu, regardless of vaccination status. With the infections still high but hospitalizations down, the final ”deadliness” will go down even more after all the data is tallied.

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Is reporting under 30% efficiency against infection vs Omicron after just 2 months. You cannot keep jabbing the whole population every few months, it is not sustainable.

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In countries with high vaccination rate, hospitalizations of vaccinated people are overtaking unvaccinated ones. This is just a number game so it’s nothing special and no need to panic. (There are a lot more vaccinated people than unvaccinated people)

Finland is reporting

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3RENSHOToday  06:53 pm JST

"The surge will be huge and end fast probably in a month or so."

Your source, please...?

As evident in countries in Europe where Omicron seems to have peaked.

Omicron doesn’t care if you have 2 or 3 shots, you will all get it.

Vaccination is still important for people in the high risk groups!

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It seems there are a lot of confused people here commenting that lack basic understanding.

1) vaccine does not prevent infection

2) vaccine does not prevent infection

3) vaccine does not prevent infection

Please read them until you understand. Taking a vaccine has NOTHING to do with “protecting grandparents or relatives”.

Also to the people fear mongering, please read the stats. For kids, 0.003% chance of anything serious.

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virusrexToday  07:06 am JS

If vaccinating lowers their risk then yes, there is. Death is not the only negative effect from COVID, and many children are at a much higher risk from the infection. Children are vaccinated already against diseases that kill zero children, COVID would not be anything different

For kids, the possible side effects outweigh any potential reduction of risk.

According to just recently published article in a scientific journal, “booster” protection against infection is 0-20% after just 2 months. The vaccine does nothing to stop the spread and will never stop this pandemic.

It should only be used for high risk people to prevent death, it is not a tool for curbing infections.

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Yes, for kids it’s a no-brainer definitely, leave them kids alone. There is no need to vaccinate children.

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DisillusionedToday  08:19 am JST

For the majority of people Omicron is less severe. But, don't kid yourself, it is not a common cold and it will still put you on your back for a month. Many people still end up in hospital, some in the ICU and there have been a handful of deaths attributed to Omicron. It should not be taken any more lightly than the previous strains. The fact that it is more infectious should be enough to wake people up. Keep your mask on and avoid crowds where possible.

This is the fear mongering also you seem to have believed. Check the median age of people who died of covid? 84-86 years old depending on the country.

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didouToday  11:17 am JST

Investing in real estate is too risky in Japan and most of the time not profitable, ending in money loss. I would rather do it in my own country.

First off, everybody needs to live somewhere. So either pay rent which leaves you with nothing or you pay off a mortgage that is usually less per month than the rent. If you sell it in 10-20 years, you end up with more money than if you just paid rent for 10-20 year period. If for example you buy for 50 million and sell for 45-55, you made money because you saved the rent for 10-20 years.

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The run to the bottom has reached the train services as well. Use the pandemic as an excuse to cut the service to make more profit. These service cuts will never be undone and the service will continue to be cut in the coming years.

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It’s excellent news that the idiot “2%” target is not reached. Rising prices are never a good thing, not for the Taro anyway. Inflation also does not bring real growth, just because the numbers are bigger does not mean there was any producivity increase.

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ZorotoToday  07:48 am JS

So she broke the quarantine. She should be immediately fined and deported. That's what they would do to her in Singapore.

She is Japanese so cannot be deported and the guarrantine is just a recommendation. If she was a foreigner it would mean 3 days in a government designated facility.

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StrangerlandToday  12:58 pm JST

I'll have as many as I need. I get the flu shot every year. If that's what it takes for Covid, ok. Not a hard decision at all.

Why are you taking the flu shots?

Anyway, just look at the facts. If you are not old, chances for survival is close to 100%.“Tell that to someone who died” is often the idiot comment heard. If you are old, your future is 6 feet under anyway so take the shot or don’t, it’s your own decision.

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Before Corona you could see the police stopping foreigners weekly at or near big train stations. I was also ready to open my bags several times but have always been waved through.

The message advised U.S. citizens to carry proof of immigration status and request consular notification if detained.

As foreigners they are required by law to carry either their passport or residence card, so there should be no need to “advise” this.

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up 0.4 percent in 20 years through 2020

This was not a problem when the price of cup noodles stayd the same for 27 years among other items. It became a problem when things started to get more and more expensive for every day life. When inflation goes up, wages can never keep up with the price of goods, anywhere in the world. Inflation is not good for the consumer, it’s making everyone more poor (except the people and corporations with massive amount of debt).

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No, the vaccines do not help at all in stopping the pandemic. That is clear to everyone already. Meaningless to mandate them.

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kiwiboyToday  11:37

I've lived in Japan for 13-14 years and taken many busses in Tokyo, Nagano, Niigata, Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe, Akashi, Nagoya and Okinawa and I've never seen a bus where you get off from the back door (other than the free airport terminal shuttle buses, that is)

Every bus in Tokyo for example, exit is from the rear and not allowed from the front.

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Posted in: Bus driver chases down groper who targeted 18-year-old girl on his vehicle See in context

As with most busses in Japan, passengers exit via the door at the front of the vehicle

On most busses you exit from the rear, enter from the front. I don’t know of any bus where you exit from the front.

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Posted in: Japan applies tougher quarantine rules to India, Greece, Romania, 4 U.S. states See in context

Immigration does not need to know which states people have visited, it is based on the origin of the flight like before. People from Germany were subject to stricter guarrantine, but if you flied from Copenhagen no problem. So take a train and then fly. Useless but so it is.

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didouToday  10:54 am JST

Kobayashi posted he had been infected with the coronavirus in June

Late report or infected for a second time ?

Infected 2nd time, all while having 2 jabs of the vaccine. It’s just a reminder to everyone that the vaccine does not stop this pandemic. It will pass through every single person in the world, jabbed or not.

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qazwsxToday  02:53 pm JST

Variants arise when the virus jumps from person to person. Unvaccinated people are much more likely to spread it to other unvaccinated. 

That is not true, as explained already many times and reported in scientific medical journals. If A is infected and vaccinated and B is infected, there is NO DIFFERENCE in the transmission ratio between A and B.

Sven AsaiToday  06:07 pm JST

The only option is to extinguish the viruses with a real lockdown and quasi military management as a response to that biological warfare. 

That is crazy talk. The only option is to forget the craziness and let it run its course. Every single person in the world will be infected sooner or later, no exceptions.

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> YubaruToday  07:44 am JST

Right...when the delta variant was identified as coming from India, travelers from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh were stopped from entering any number of countries, and no one called it a "punishment"

It's called due diligence and taking proper precautions!

And what good did “travel ban” from those countries do? Delta swept the world regardless, so it was useless and pointless to limit any flights from India and surrounding areas.

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Border closures and stopping flights does nothing to prevent the virus from spreading, already proven for 2 years and still the madness continues.

The new variant is already everywhere, it’s too late now.

Closing it now for a few months - vaccine efficiency down on most elders and the vulnerable early next year (6months passed) - more death and restrictions.

It’s time to lift the head out frmom the bush and let the virus run the course it will run.

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HiroToday  07:14 am JST

I feel more secure if they actually post at least 1 police officer inside the trains and not just within the station itself. 

Officers are on the trains as well. This morning I saw a couple of police officers on the Tokaido (Ueno-Tokyo) line train I used.

There are a lot of police officers in Japan so it’s good to put them into use.

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Posted in: LDP to make new lawmakers donate ¥1 mil transportation allowance See in context

And remember that this is tax free... 12 million on top of 12-22 million salary, and it’s not the only allowance they get.

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MickeliciousToday  11:05 am JST

What's this obsession with growth? 

Change the paradigm, people!

It’s the same as obsession with inflation, “it’s good for the economy”. Producing 100 units of goods at $100 becomes producing 100 units at $102 and suddenly it’s called “economy is growing”. Japan’s “lost dedaces” were the best times for people - prices going down instead of up.

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There is no such thing as ”fully vaccinated”, and it does not make any difference if it is 75% or 85%. Already shown in EVERY country that hit a high vaccination rate that the delta surged. Europe is well vaccinated but worse than last year same time.

Think about it, how can the situation be worst ever if 70-80% of people have been vaccinated vs nobody vaccinated?

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Mr KiplingToday  07:53 am JST

I was shocked to learn just how many families live on less than 9.6 million. Only about 8% will be denied the cash due to having a too high sala

This ”primary” earner is completely wrong. If one parent makes 10 million and one parent is at home, no support. If both parents earn 8M (16M combined), they get the support.

Also if two parents make 5M each, their 1) take home pay is bigger than 1x10M (progressive tax), 2) they can get full 15000/kid/month when other family nothing, 3) the family with 1x10M pays double the nursery fees, etc.

it should be per household limit.

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Posted in: Ruling coalition agrees on ¥100,000 cash handouts, vouchers for those aged 18 and younger See in context

klausdorthToday  07:55 am JST

A 9.6 million cap? Now this is a joke!

I mean, you would already make Yen 800.000 every month.

If this isn't enough money to live a lavish life.

There is nothing lavish about 9.6M salary. If you are making 1M a month, you are paying already 300k in taxes and pension payments. So the lavish 1M becomes not-so-lavish 700k. Then you pay the mortgage, 150k a month nursery fee for 2 kids, gas, electricity, food on the table, phone bills and most of it is already gone.

also 1M a month will block you from receiving the jidouteate for kids from next year, when others collect 3man a month for 2 kids. Also house-wife brings no tax benefit with that salary so it’s lose-lose-lose...

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Posted in: 3 Japan PM hopefuls urge elderly to stay on job for pension system See in context

Just to correct some info above: housewives do not give husbands an auyomatic tax benefit even if they earn less than 1.3M. Two years ago income limits were set for the tax benefit, so only if the husband is not a high earner he will get a tax break for housewive.

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