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Posted in: Russia holds events on disputed isles to mark 1945 victory over Japan See in context

The Russians had over 5,000,000 KIA's in WWII and were instrumental in defeating Hitler and Nazi German.

The Russians are not cowards.

The Northern Islands are basically useless, and uninhabitable.

I wish Japan would tell Russia to keep them.

Who would ever want to live there ?

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Posted in: Brazilian who fled Japan wanted over murder of wife, 3-year-old daughter See in context

Before the pandemic I used to be lucky enough to travel to Brasil a couple of times a year.

Brasil is known for vigilante justice, especially to those who harm or abuse children, or crianças.

Not sure if this person is related, but the Robson family owns a number of restaurants in Sao Paulo.

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Posted in: Olivia Newton-John to get state memorial in Australia See in context

That lovely smile, that sweet voice, and that courageous spirit will be missed.

Rest in peace, Olivia.

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Posted in: Judge: Kevin Spacey must pay $30 mil to 'House of Cards' makers See in context

I always enjoyed his work and was really surprised when I about the many allegations.

One of this victims was only 18 years old. That is going over the line.

And sort of sick.

The nice thing is we will probably never have to hear this name again.

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Posted in: Have you changed your summer holiday plans because of the surge in coronavirus cases in Japan this month? See in context

I had planned on going for "Obon" with my wife, and hang around till the September Sumo tournament or 秋場所。

But is seems like too much trouble to deal with so I am not going.

Wife, who is still going for Obon is relieved that I won't be "following" her to her "Inaka" for Obon. She says going home for Obon is a Mother-daughter" thing, and guys usually don't follow their wives.

So, yes I will be watching the Annual Koshien High School Baseball Tournament and the Sumo tournament from home here in Chicago.

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Posted in: Smith rallies to beat McIlroy at British Open for 1st major See in context

So happy for the Aussie to win his first major!

He sank some unbelievable putts on the final round.

Tough break for McIlroy, he came so close. Good luck in the PGA in August.

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Posted in: For readers who are married to Japanese persons, how much does your spouse know about Japan's actions before and during World War II? See in context

I try to avoid the subject or anything that would be remotely against Japan with my wife.

My late father-in-law former Japanese navy, was rescued by the U.S. Navy after they sunk the ship he was assigned to, and spent the rest of the war recuperating at a Naval hospital in Pearl Harbor.

When he gave me permission to marry his only daughter, he cited the humane treatment he had received as a prisoner of war from the Americans.

I regret that I did not talk more about the war to him when he was alive, but he never brought the subject up and I considered myself lucky to have been able to marry his daughter, so I just kept my mouth shut.

The only comments my wife has made was that she understood Hiroshima was necessary to end the war, but Nagasaki was too much and probably could have been avoided.

I served USMC (1967-70) and know that our guys have committed some inhumane acts too so we have never really discussed the matter.

Probably best to leave it that way.

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Posted in: Scientists map brain network linked to addiction See in context

If you want to read about the brain and addiction check out "Never Enough" by Judith Grisel.

It's an account of the neuroscience of addiction with an interesting personal account of her addiction to booze, pot, cocaine etc which she eventually kicked.

Some parts are pretty funny and is a good motivator if you are looking to sober up.

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Posted in: Thailand decriminalizes marijuana, but smoking discouraged See in context

"Prohibition is the trigger of crime" (Ian Fleming)

I live in a state where recreational pot and edibles are legal and I am kinda like "meh" when it comes to lighting up.

I enjoy an edible (5mg THC) once in a while on weekends and it's a nice way to relax but it really ain't that big of a deal.

I hope Thailand prospers financially from this decision and encourages other countries to follow suit.

Their police will be able to shift their attention to "real" criminals now.

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Posted in: Bogus deliveryman sexually assaults woman, steals her underwear See in context

By not calling rape what it is, they minimize the trauma the victim went through.

Just by the way they reported here in JT they make the rape seem like something less than it was.

This is pretty typical of how guys control the narrative here in Japan. Women don't have much of a say in what happens and how things are reported even when they are raped.

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Posted in: 59-year-old man arrested over murder of 84-year-old mother See in context

While murder does seem a bit extreme, there are probably two sides to this story.

Even though nagging parents can be very annoying, guys have got to learn to control their dark impulses.

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Posted in: Japanese etiquette lesson: Should you fold up your own futon when leaving a ryokan? See in context

For me it depends on how breakfast is served. If they serve it in your room, they will usually check to see if it's okay to serve breakfast. That is usually a cue to get up and put the futons away. Or that is how my wife and I have been doing it.

If breakfast is communal in a dining room then no, we usually leave the futons as they are and most of the time they are put away when we get back.

But, I am in ClanPsi's camp on this one I think this is basically a common sense or common courtesy thing.

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Posted in: Kishida says foreign tourists should follow Japan face mask rules See in context

I hate wearing the mask as much as the next guy, but you do get used to it after a while.

I do not wear it when no one is around if I am walking or when I am driving.

And pull it down below my nose whenever I can without getting dirty looks.

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Posted in: Do you think self-driving cars will eventually put millions of people out of work around the world? See in context

No, au contraire, it will create more jobs.

Jobs that don't even exist today.

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Posted in: Police appeal for help over unsolved 2000 murder of 17-year-old boy See in context

This is so sad.

It's hard to believe that the police have an eye witness to the crime and yet have not been able to solve this murder. It seems as if they really do not care if they solve this.

If the victim was the son of a politician or someone "important" or "influential" you can bet they would have not stopped until the caught the guilty parties.

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Posted in: If you are an employee of a company, educational institution or organization, do you like your job? See in context

I love the weekends, but come Sunday evening, I am anxious to get back to work on Monday.

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka launching her own sports agency: report See in context

What a clever and gutsy business decision. I wish her all the best.

I would not be surprised if her agency passes IMG in the near future.

Being a four-time GS winner and have been the highest paid female athlete for a number of years are credentials that should attract a lot of new talent.

She will serve as the "kanban" for her agency, let her employees do all the work, and concentrate on playing tennis.

I would love to see her win at least one more GS.

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Posted in: Takeshi gets lifetime achievement award at Italy film festival See in context

I've always liked his work, both as an actor and a director.

That smile of his in "Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence" is unforgettable.

So glad to see that he is receiving the recognition he deserves.

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Posted in: 17-year-old boy arrested over sexual assault of junior high school girl See in context

Cram schools or "Juku" in Japanese are basically, "schools after school" that many students attend to prepare or "cram" for entrance exams.

They usually specialize in a particular subject, as in English, math etc, or a specific examination. (University, High school etc...)

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Posted in: Russia to halt peace treaty talks with Japan over sanctions See in context

Russia can keep the islands along with the rest of their rusty, non-producing 3rd-rate country.

John McCain was right: Russia is nothing more than a gas station. Putin is a bully that can cause a lot of trouble, but that's about it. He's on his way out.

I remember that for years we lived in fear of the image of the strength of the Soviet Union, then one day we learned that it had been all a mirage.  

Russia is weaker now than ever. 

The brave Ukrainians are proving that.

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Posted in: Should Russians be barred from participating in international sports events and tournaments due to Russia's invasion of Ukraine? See in context

International sporting events are for civilized countries that recognize the rule of law and respects each other's right to co-exist. Russian people elected Putin.

It is their responsibility to un-elect or get rid of him.

Till then all Russians should be banned from participating in international sporting events with other civilized countries.

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Posted in: Generally speaking, what do you think is the best way for parents to teach their young children the difference between right and wrong? See in context

"Spare the rod spoil the child."

Beatings always worked for me.

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Posted in: Original 'Godzilla' actor Akira Takarada dies at 87 See in context

I met Takarada san when I had short gig with Toho working as a production assistant, (interpreter) for an American choreographer.

Toho was producing the musical "Sweet Charity" and the choreographer and his wife were in Japan to help with the production.

During a lunch break Takarada san once invited a couple of us lowly PA's out for a bowl of "Gyudon", asked us how we were getting on, and chatted with us as if we were his colleagues.

Takarada san was an extraordinarily talented actor, who wore his success lightly and was kind to all he came in contact with.

May he rest in peace.

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Posted in: Americans in Japanese prison for helping Ghosn escape seek to go home See in context

I would love to see them both get released, especially the Dad.

They have done more than enough time to repay society.

No Japanese citizens were harmed by their crime. They have shown sufficient remorse and should be released for time served.

The Japanese criminal justice system would gain a lot of good will and show the world they are not as bad as we all know they are.

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Posted in: Signaling a shift, 'Drive My Car' rides into the Oscars See in context

I saw it and really enjoyed it.

It is a bit long, but if you stream it at home it's no big deal.

On an emotional level it reminds me of Yojiro Takita's "Departures" which won an Oscar in 2008 for Best Foreign Film.

It's well-written and if you understand Japanese I think you may really enjoy it.

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Posted in: Former KAT-TUN singer Koki Tanaka arrested for drug possession See in context

That is a minuscule amount. I hope he has a good lawyer and keeps his mouth shut.

It seems the police are a bit overzealous from time to time.

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Posted in: Japan backs U.S anti-extremism efforts after IS leader's death See in context

This is a publicity stunt by Joe Biden.

I am glad that Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurayshi is gone, and will no longer terrorize and indiscriminately slaughter innocent men, women and children (mostly Muslim).

I am also grateful to the U.S. military members who risked their lives during this mission.

Since this mission was conducted in Syria it seems as if it was also conducted to annoy Assad and one of this main supporters, Vladimir Putin. The timing was interesting.

(It would be nice if Joe Biden was as secretive after the raid as he was before. ISIS would know who did it. Not necessary to announce it publicly, unless it were a publicity stunt meant to annoy Assad and Putin.)

It may be payback karma for ISIS but the 七回忌 for murdered Japanese journalist Kenji Goto was last week.

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Posted in: If you could go back in a time machine to observe any three events in history, which three would you choose? See in context

Go back to when my parents were in their 20's and interact with them for one day. Kinda like Michael J. Fox did in "Back to the Future."

I would like to have been in Paris on VE Day on or around May 8th 1945.

Any bar in the United States on December 5th, 1933.

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Posted in: Despite reports, Tom Brady hasn't made up mind about retiring See in context

Wow, good for Japan Today !

You guys just scooped the NY Times in announcing this !

They are still saying he's only considering retiring.

Good job!

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