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Posted in: Japan OKs saliva-based tests for coronavirus detection; 34 new cases reported in Tokyo See in context

Great news, this will give a better picture of how many people all up were infected at one point in their life.

I predict close to 100,00 in Japan, but 50 million each for Europe and North America. What an historic disaster for those regions, especially with comically incompetent leadership

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Posted in: Japan may re-open borders to travelers from Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, NZ See in context

Too soon, we won't have a travel bubble in NZ with Australia for months, one with Japan won't happen until at least end of the year..

Travel with Europe and the North America (including Canada and Mexico) won't happen for at least a year judging by the catastrophe unfolding in those places and how badly the numbers are being fudged over there

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Posted in: Tests show 11 people who died last month were infected with coronavirus: media See in context

@savethegaijin: Weird, my friends in America say that everyone is out and about without a care in the world and that there are even gun-toting protesters screaming and threatening to be allowed to get back to work. Whereas my friends in Japan all say the streets are deserted and most shops are closed. It's so weird how peoples' random anecdotes based on no evidence conflict with other peoples' random anecdotes and only serve to fit the point they are trying to make!

I guess we have to solve this impasse by looking at the pure cold data. 10k+ cases in Japan over 3 months compared to 800k+ in America in the space of one month. Oh dear..

Here in NZ and also Aus pretty much all restaurants are open but only do take out or delivery. So I guess that makes NZ and Aus as bad as the Japan from your anecdotal story by your logic. That's an even bigger yikes!

Anyway, we're all suffering here and there will be a reckoning once this all dies down, that much is guaranteed. I'm off now, take care.

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Posted in: Tests show 11 people who died last month were infected with coronavirus: media See in context

@savethegaijin: TF you on about. Yeah yeah Japan hasn't done anything but even then the ineptitude is not on any similar magnitude as the Europeans and Yanks. Maybe lucky if Japan escapes with a mild outbreak, but the facts are Europe and America gave themselves a giant outbreak through incompetence. Thinking they did a good job is silliness matching their level of incompetence and should require a brain check.

But of course you wouldn't say that, would you... can't imagine why.

No idea what on Earth you're on about mate. That's a big yikes! Good day

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Posted in: Abe sends ritual offering to Yasukuni shrine See in context

Good on the PM. He would be a true fool in not honouring the courageous war dead of Japan.

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Posted in: Tests show 11 people who died last month were infected with coronavirus: media See in context

@savethegaijin: Not once did I refer to virus victims as "dogs", in fact you said that, likely a poor attempt trying to mislead and confuse deliberately. Very poor form and unbelievable.

I pointed out that the uncountable and shocking numbers of the dead in these disease ridden countries are being buried there like dogs (read: the action of burial, not the victims).

Regarding what Tokyo would do if crematoria were overwhelmed with the dead, I wouldn't be able to tell you neither would you as we're both not qualified on topics like this. Leave it to the experts and grown ups. All we can look at is Europe and America where their performance and incompetence has been a historic disgrace and will not ever be forgotten.

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Posted in: Tests show 11 people who died last month were infected with coronavirus: media See in context

11, that's not bad compared to hundreds of thousands each in the US and Europe where people are buried in mass pits like dogs. In the most disease ridden countries in Europe the number of deaths over the annual mean not attributed to the virus are far, far higher than normal, meaning probably in a year or two we will see that the number of deaths are double or triple higher than what we've been told by these incompetent governments.

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Posted in: New Zealand PM, ministers take pay cut as virus hits economy See in context

Trump? Trudeau? Macron? Absolutely disgusting they haven't taken the cut either, know exactly where these morons stand. And 20%? Are you kidding me? Millions jobless and she takes 20%!? What a greedy girl.. That's why we're voting her out!

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Posted in: Americans from virus-hit cruise ship head home by chartered plane See in context

Well they'll be going back to the US, but they'll be quarantined for another 14 days, whereas if they were not infected they would have disembarked the ship on Wednesday. I do hope this information was told to all these face-mask wearers who's 2 week ordeal will begin anew..

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Posted in: Canada to evacuate passengers from virus-hit cruise ship See in context

The quarantine period on the cruise ship ends on Wednesday, where anyone not infected will be allowed to disembark. Instead, if you're Canadian and not infected, you will be repatriated and quarantined for another 14 days. Furthermore if you are infected, you will be left there.

I bet the Canadians on board are head over heels with that! Well done Canada lol..

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Posted in: Japan resists U.S. pressure on FX in trade talks ahead of Abe-Trump summit See in context

Yeah right, have we forgotten the Plaza Accords already?

This time it's with Trump at the helm. Only a truly foolish dupe would support Trump's demands here

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Posted in: Ghosn says in video statement he is innocent and a victim of backstabbing See in context

Yeah yeah, conspiracies around every corner right? Let me guess, the Earth is flat and the moon landing was faked too right? He really isn't helping himself here

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Posted in: UK unveils plans to hold social media bosses liable for harmful content See in context

A very poor and disturbing decision by the UK, similar to what has come out of Australia and New Zealand in recent weeks. How on Earth do you propose FB and YT to monitor every single piece of content? Algorithms can only go so far as people are creative when reporting this sort of content once it has been banned once. Also, what are the time periods for these companies to remove content? Should FB hire 1 million additional employees and put them into the red to check every piece of content that gets reported?

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Posted in: Banned from internet or not? Does Ghosn's tweet violate bail terms? See in context

Sounds pretty clear that he broke his bail conditions. If his wife facilitated it, then she's in trouble too!

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Posted in: Renault probes gift from Versailles chateau linked to Ghosn's wedding See in context

B,b,but he saved Nissan and he's caught up in a grand conspiracy theory! Yeah right, now we find out he's been gifted French monarchical parties at the Versailles like a king. This criminal is exactly where he should be.

Well done Japan! It only took the goofy French half a year more to come to the same conclusion

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Posted in: Japan's stance on Venezuela remains vague See in context

So Japan is the same as Ireland, South Korea, Norway, India, Switzerland, New Zealand, Italy, the EU, and the UN in not fully committing to recognition? Sounds perfectly reasonable and practical and glad this position has been taken by Japan. One must think clearly before supporting Trump's agenda

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Posted in: Osaka reaches Australian Open final, closing in on world No. 1 ranking See in context

@kohakuebisu: Agreed! She handled herself well when Serena disgraced herself permanently in front of the world by throwing a tantrum in the US Opens. Her reputation stained forever and cannot be unseen

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Posted in: Osaka to face Pliskova in semifinal at Australian Open See in context

Surprised Serena didn't throw another tantrum and claim sexism again after losing, good on her for maturing!

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Posted in: Tokyo court denies Ghosn's latest bail request See in context

Nope! You're done Carlos

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Posted in: Ghosn again asks for bail; promises not to flee, pay for security guards See in context

Yeah right, promise not to flee just like he promised not to steal and commit egregious crimes? He's a bad liar, those ropes suit him better

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Posted in: Bangladeshi asylum seeker's handcuffed hospital visit sparks debate See in context

What debate is there that this sparked? He is a flight risk so needs to be restrained. Just like Ghosn

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Posted in: Chinese ambassador warns Canada to stop rallying allies See in context

Agreed, Canada seems to be screwing up constantly lately. Their hollow virtue signalling is tiresome and fake

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Posted in: Ghosn admits he signed papers on post-retirement pay; Saikawa also questioned See in context

Good to know that even a CEO is not above the law in Japan. Hopefully this will come to the West one day, but there's no chance of that

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Posted in: 69 foreign technical interns died in Japan between 2015 and 2017: Justice Ministry See in context

So these foreign interns have a lower death rate than native Japanese and far higher wages and technical opportunities than in their home countries, and they're complaining?

This is a good way to create heavy resentment towards these visitors and they should be careful about creating a backash against them as we are seeing everywhere around the world

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Posted in: Nissan Chairman Ghosn arrested over financial law violation See in context

Well done to the whistleblower who exposed this fraud, thankfully we won't ever know his identity. This is a warning to all the super rich and powerful that they aren't above the law

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Posted in: AI robots may lend hand in Japan's English classes See in context

Are we supposed to feel sorry for the Japanese and foreign "English teachers" who are woefully unqualified to teach and who have had decades to teach English to Japanese students with abysmal results?

No, no one feels sorry for them. As the article itself says, the kids feel more comfortable with robots, which says a lot about the quality of the "English teachers" here. Replace them all and see how it goes, it can't be any worse than it already is

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Posted in: Japan sees 1st drop in visitors in over 5 years in Sept See in context

Hopefully this means that tourism has peaked in Japan. Already it is becoming quite unbearable with the current number of tourists. One only has to look at Paris or Rome to see what happens when tourism runs amok

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Posted in: Abe sends ritual offering to Yasukuni Shrine See in context

Good to see PM Abe doing his duty. He would truly be a fool not to send an offering

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Posted in: Myanmar defends Suu Kyi's silence over jailed reporters See in context

It's surreal how much a monster she's turned out to be.. She herself who relied so heavily on coverage by foreign and independent media while she was arrested for decades, is now turning around and paying back the gratitude by brutally stamping them out. There is definitely no way back for her now. She's done

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Posted in: U.N. body urges lasting Japan solution to 'comfort women' issue See in context

Now even the UN is pretending that the irreversible agreement between South Korea and Japan a few years ago doesn't exist. The UN has just set an appalling and shameful precedent and all nations across the world should follow the UN's lead and break any and all signed international agreements like Trump did with Iran

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