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Posted in: Nissan Chairman Ghosn arrested over financial law violation See in context

Well done to the whistleblower who exposed this fraud, thankfully we won't ever know his identity. This is a warning to all the super rich and powerful that they aren't above the law

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Posted in: AI robots may lend hand in Japan's English classes See in context

Are we supposed to feel sorry for the Japanese and foreign "English teachers" who are woefully unqualified to teach and who have had decades to teach English to Japanese students with abysmal results?

No, no one feels sorry for them. As the article itself says, the kids feel more comfortable with robots, which says a lot about the quality of the "English teachers" here. Replace them all and see how it goes, it can't be any worse than it already is

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Posted in: Japan sees 1st drop in visitors in over 5 years in Sept See in context

Hopefully this means that tourism has peaked in Japan. Already it is becoming quite unbearable with the current number of tourists. One only has to look at Paris or Rome to see what happens when tourism runs amok

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Posted in: Abe sends ritual offering to Yasukuni Shrine See in context

Good to see PM Abe doing his duty. He would truly be a fool not to send an offering

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Posted in: Myanmar defends Suu Kyi's silence over jailed reporters See in context

It's surreal how much a monster she's turned out to be.. She herself who relied so heavily on coverage by foreign and independent media while she was arrested for decades, is now turning around and paying back the gratitude by brutally stamping them out. There is definitely no way back for her now. She's done

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Posted in: U.N. body urges lasting Japan solution to 'comfort women' issue See in context

Now even the UN is pretending that the irreversible agreement between South Korea and Japan a few years ago doesn't exist. The UN has just set an appalling and shameful precedent and all nations across the world should follow the UN's lead and break any and all signed international agreements like Trump did with Iran

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Posted in: We will keep a close eye on anti-whaling groups and maintain security. See in context

Very good to hear the anti-whalers or anti-dolphiners or whatever are being treated as possible terrorists. Any disruption whatsoever to the locals' lives should be met with full prosecution and jail. Enough is enough

@Hallowed: Agreed, the anti-whalers can whinge and complain all they want, but as soon as they disrupt real people in their lives or their jobs, they should be considered terrorists and taken down as they are acting towards a political and ideological cause and goal.

Thankfully they aren't brave enough to act for real change though

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Posted in: Self-driving taxi with paying passengers tested in Tokyo in world first See in context

About time we start seeing autonomous cars on the roads. Even if they are still early in development, I would say they are already dozens of times safer than humans, who should be nowhere near cars.

Thankfully this is just around the corner and we won't see irrational and emotional humans behind the wheel soon

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Posted in: Trump cites woman murdered by illegal alien at West Virginia rally See in context

Well this illegal just made the lives of all illegals in America much more difficult..

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Posted in: AI robots to help teach English in 500 classrooms next year See in context

This will bring a lot of competition to the English language learning industry and will heavily drive down costs I assume.

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Posted in: Japanese firms reluctant to hire unskilled foreign laborers: poll See in context

It's good to see Japan have a rational and sensible approach to potential immigration. Unskilled immigration for the sake of virtue signaling is thankfully unacceptable in Japan and will remain so. Skilled workers and value-adders only

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Posted in: Venezuela slams Kono's remarks as interference See in context

Japan is not wrong here, in what they say, but the nation is sorely lacking in HOW it says and does things, which is why it is so far behind in diplomacy

Yeah exactly! Why can't Japan be better at diplomacy like America's Trump, UK's BoJo, Canada's Freeland, or any other comparable morons? What a hilariously silly comment

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Posted in: Emperor expresses deep remorse; Abe vows never to repeat horrors of war See in context

Glad to see Japan working towards peace, unlike almost any other nation on Earth. By far the most peaceful country in the world at the moment, very well done

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Posted in: S Korea marks first 'comfort women' day See in context

Boohoo, no one cares Korea

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Posted in: Abe sends ritual offering to Yasukuni Shrine on World War II surrender anniversary See in context

Good to hear a big turnout to honour Japan's soldiers. although Abe should really be going in person

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Posted in: Chinese man files suit over harassment at immigration center See in context

What next, he'll probably sue because his feelings were hurt too. Don't do the crime if you can't do the time

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Posted in: Vienna tops 'world's most liveable city' ranking; Osaka 3rd, Tokyo 7th See in context

smithinjapan: Nah, Osaka and Tokyo are miles safer than any other city on that list. Infrastructure is decades ahead; healthcare, education, public safety and utilities not even in the same league it's so far ahead. Terrorism fears in all those other cities as well as gun violence, mental health issues, political instability. Child safety far ahead. Life expectancy in a different decade. PISA results so far ahead you question the quality of those other countries.

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Posted in: Vienna tops 'world's most liveable city' ranking; Osaka 3rd, Tokyo 7th See in context

Congrats to Osaka and Tokyo, very well deserved!

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Posted in: Child statue in protective suit in Fukushima criticized See in context

Don't see any problems with the codpiece. If some people here are naturally drawn to the genital regions of statues of children, I think we have a much more serious problem than an admittedly average statue. Hopefully these types will be investigated

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Posted in: Japan's economy returns to black after first dip in two years See in context

More great economic news! The anti-Japan crew is having another miserable day haha. Loss after loss, day after day

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Posted in: Suzuki, Mazda, Yamaha Motor admit using fake vehicle emission data See in context

To be honest, Japanese companies could have 10 times as many scandals but I still consider Japanese products magnitudes higher quality than the rubbish from the US and other low quality producers. Not remotely fazed by this

@Liza: 100% agree here! Japanese products are still top 3 in the world even with all these supposed "scandals", as if most companies in the US, UK, etc. are sparkly clean rofl

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Posted in: Abe, U.N. chief agree to keep N Korea sanctions in place See in context

Good to see some are acting responsibly, as much as China, Russia, and the useful idiot want North Korea to get off scot free and threaten others with nukes.

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Posted in: S Korea to unveil monument for 'comfort women' on Aug 14 See in context

Nope South Korea, just nope

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Posted in: Japan wage growth hits 21-year high See in context

It's hilarious at the amount of venom and spite from some here to this incredible economic news, almost as if they wish to see the economy tank.. Obviously language teachers and other unskilled workers won't be seeing wage increases, they don't deserve it due to no value being contributed to the economy.

Value adders to the economy however are seeing large wage increases and are well deserved. It's time to stop coddling the low value workers

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Posted in: Japan, Russia agree to pursue denuclearization of N Korea See in context

Amusing how Russia gets so worked up about a bordering nation taking steps to protect themselves. Shows Russia can never be trusted. Good on Japan for taking steps to protect itself from its pathetic neighbours

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Posted in: Narita airport shuts one runway as plane enters wrong taxiway See in context

Not surprised Air Canada is causing issues and can't even follow simple directions.. They are a truly abysmal airline. Never, ever travelling with them again

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Posted in: UK's top envoy makes 'Japanese wife' gaffe in China See in context

He wishes his wife was Japanese, as most would

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Posted in: Japan booed as it advances on yellow cards despite losing to Poland 1-0 See in context

Well done to Japan! Once again achieving what no other Asian nation was able to!

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Posted in: Trump abandons Iran nuclear deal, to revive sanctions See in context

The biggest loser in all of this is North Korea. Their game is up now that they know they won't get a single inch of leeway with Trump. Game over for them

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Posted in: Abe seeks support for constitutional revision See in context

A very rational and reasonable request and will be achieved very soon. With the terrible, terrible neighbors that Japan has, this is a no-brainer

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