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Posted in: Vienna tops 'world's most liveable city' ranking; Osaka 3rd, Tokyo 7th See in context

smithinjapan: Nah, Osaka and Tokyo are miles safer than any other city on that list. Infrastructure is decades ahead; healthcare, education, public safety and utilities not even in the same league it's so far ahead. Terrorism fears in all those other cities as well as gun violence, mental health issues, political instability. Child safety far ahead. Life expectancy in a different decade. PISA results so far ahead you question the quality of those other countries.

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Posted in: Vienna tops 'world's most liveable city' ranking; Osaka 3rd, Tokyo 7th See in context

Congrats to Osaka and Tokyo, very well deserved!

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Posted in: Child statue in protective suit in Fukushima criticized See in context

Don't see any problems with the codpiece. If some people here are naturally drawn to the genital regions of statues of children, I think we have a much more serious problem than an admittedly average statue. Hopefully these types will be investigated

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Posted in: Japan's economy returns to black after first dip in two years See in context

More great economic news! The anti-Japan crew is having another miserable day haha. Loss after loss, day after day

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Posted in: Suzuki, Mazda, Yamaha Motor admit using fake vehicle emission data See in context

To be honest, Japanese companies could have 10 times as many scandals but I still consider Japanese products magnitudes higher quality than the rubbish from the US and other low quality producers. Not remotely fazed by this

@Liza: 100% agree here! Japanese products are still top 3 in the world even with all these supposed "scandals", as if most companies in the US, UK, etc. are sparkly clean rofl

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Posted in: Abe, U.N. chief agree to keep N Korea sanctions in place See in context

Good to see some are acting responsibly, as much as China, Russia, and the useful idiot want North Korea to get off scot free and threaten others with nukes.

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Posted in: S Korea to unveil monument for 'comfort women' on Aug 14 See in context

Nope South Korea, just nope

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Posted in: Japan wage growth hits 21-year high See in context

It's hilarious at the amount of venom and spite from some here to this incredible economic news, almost as if they wish to see the economy tank.. Obviously language teachers and other unskilled workers won't be seeing wage increases, they don't deserve it due to no value being contributed to the economy.

Value adders to the economy however are seeing large wage increases and are well deserved. It's time to stop coddling the low value workers

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Posted in: Japan, Russia agree to pursue denuclearization of N Korea See in context

Amusing how Russia gets so worked up about a bordering nation taking steps to protect themselves. Shows Russia can never be trusted. Good on Japan for taking steps to protect itself from its pathetic neighbours

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Posted in: Narita airport shuts one runway as plane enters wrong taxiway See in context

Not surprised Air Canada is causing issues and can't even follow simple directions.. They are a truly abysmal airline. Never, ever travelling with them again

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Posted in: UK's top envoy makes 'Japanese wife' gaffe in China See in context

He wishes his wife was Japanese, as most would

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Posted in: Japan booed as it advances on yellow cards despite losing to Poland 1-0 See in context

Well done to Japan! Once again achieving what no other Asian nation was able to!

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Posted in: Trump abandons Iran nuclear deal, to revive sanctions See in context

The biggest loser in all of this is North Korea. Their game is up now that they know they won't get a single inch of leeway with Trump. Game over for them

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Posted in: Abe seeks support for constitutional revision See in context

A very rational and reasonable request and will be achieved very soon. With the terrible, terrible neighbors that Japan has, this is a no-brainer

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Posted in: Indictment dropped against Tokio singer over alleged indecent act See in context

Yeah yeah, should we also lynch him while we're at it?

Glad to hear cooler heads prevailed here and the matter is now resolved. Thankfully those that are triggered by this have no influence on how the system is run here and never will

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Posted in: Outrage as WWII sex slave memorial removed in Manila See in context

Although Duterte is a fool, he is showing admirable practicality and realpolitik here. Well done to him for not falling for this political dead horse, constantly being beaten by the South Koreans. What an absolute non-issue

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Posted in: LDP lawmaker calls sexual harassment whistleblowing almost 'crime' See in context

I guess we will be seeing a lot more secret recordings being made public from now on.. No speech can be considered private anymore

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Posted in: In Japan, new rules may leave home-sharing industry out in the cold See in context

Well done on this rule! Long overdue and needed to combat terrible short term stayers

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Posted in: Immigration authorities prevented Turkish man with appendicitis from seeing doctor See in context

Yet they still come don't they? And our taxes are used to support them while they're here as well. Enough is enough

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Posted in: Senior SDF officer rants against opposition lawmaker on street See in context

Opposition: "You should resign for your underling's private comments which hurt my feelings!"

Defense Minister: "Haha Nope"

End of story

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Posted in: Iceland company to resume commercial hunting of fin whales See in context

Great to hear that Fin will be back on the menu in restaurants in Japan soon! Will definitely sample this delicacy

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Posted in: Abe sticks to denials as scandal doubts keep swirling See in context

Denied, once again.

No evidence, once again.

No connection, once again.

Haha the opposition aren't even competent in opposition, let alone the fantasy of ever holding power. They have set themselves back another decade after this farce and well deserved too

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Posted in: Scandal clouds darken for Japan's Abe ahead of Trump summit See in context

Day after day after day we hear about this absolute garbage from the opposition or whoever. Even after a year there has been no smoking gun to prove upper involvement from Abe yet the farce on calling me to resign continues.

These claims are permanently discredited in my view and the overly emotional types who would convict on no evidence are doing themselves no favours here and thankfully don't have positions of influence in society.

This is beginning to resemble the #MeToo witch hunt in America where these overly emotional and idealistic types throw pesky annoyances like due process, facts, and evidence out the window, likely for personal attention and virtue signalling points

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Posted in: Opposition steps up calls for Abe's wife to testify at Diet over land deal See in context

Another day, another desperate attempt by the opposition at clutching at straws. One good thing that has come from this "scandal" is that we now know the opposition is wholly unfit to govern any time in the near future. They are one-dimensional and running around clueless

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Posted in: Sagawa says he got no instructions from Abe or Aso to alter land sale documents See in context

I think this supposed "issue" is over now. Until of course the bitter ones of society can find something else to get upset over. I'm guessing next will be anti-whaling or animal rights or voting rights for foreigners or some other silliness

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Posted in: Japan seeks additional preconditions for U.S.-N Korea summit See in context

Well if North Korea is allowed to keep their medium range ballistic missiles which puts Japan in range, then there should be no opposition to Japan developing a massive nuclear ballistic missile arsenal that can wipe out all of North Korea in 10 minutes

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Posted in: Protestors demand Abe resign over scandal See in context

I guess we can all be glad they can't vote

Haha, well played

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Posted in: Some women selling nude selfies online for easy money See in context

I agree. But what Aly is talking about is the fact to show girls who are still minors, or even children sometimes, in bikini and in sexy poses. Not against the law, just like beauty pageant for children or idol groups for that matter, but I understand his indignation.

I saw an idol's group concert before, and seeing grown up men screaming at the top of their lung the name of a 13 year old dancing on a stage was more disturbing than any explicitly sexual images I have ever seen.

No, it is not illegal so therefore it is an invalid argument of someone who just wants to push their so called "morals" onto the rest of society, most likely due to personal bitterness and vindictiveness. No one is forcing anyone to look at anything so if you are unable to keep yourself from looking at magazines in combinis, there are more serious problems to be worried about.

Also, no one is forcing you to go to an idol concert either

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Posted in: Some women selling nude selfies online for easy money See in context

Funny how they can arrest her for that but no problem when you have teens and preteens in skimpy bikini pictures being sold in conbinis.

There's a big difference between "pornographic self-images" to girls in bikinis. If you equate the two as equivalent, do you feel uncomfortable when you go to the beach and think that you are looking at porn? Do you prefer women covering up, like in veils?

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Posted in: Japan would lose voice of fiscal prudence if scandal brings down Aso See in context

But you can't really back that up with anything, can you.

Did you even bother reading the Reuters article? It lays out a very thorough argument there to which I have seen no counter argument so far besides emotional diatribes against "the LDP" or nameless "cronies" for numerous unknown and unsubstantiated claims and theories based on no evidence, further discrediting your position. In fact, so flimsy is the argument on your side, I don't even consider it valid and I think can be dismissed out of hand.

So even if he was actually involved or just criminally negligent in overseeing what senior bureaucrats in his ministry were doing, just forget about the whole thing, eh?

If? Jesus, are we going into hypotheticals now are we?

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