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Posted in: Japan's youth Olympians told to keep low profile in China See in context

Statistically, how many Japanese tourists have been attacked or harassed while traveling in China, counting from 1980 till 2014? Less than 50.

During the same time frame, how many Chinese students and travlers fell victim to Japanese crimes? Over 500.

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Posted in: Japan's youth Olympians told to keep low profile in China See in context

Normally I don't get emotional when I read some anti-China news counts, realizing that this is a Japanese website anyway. This one is special. It is based on imagined scenarios and speculation. Between seemingly calm paragraphs are descriptions full of hatred and prejudice.

If Japan truly worry about the safety of your athlete, why are you still going? I am sure the games will still go on without much distractions? Would you please do China a favor? Cancel the trip, would you please ?

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Posted in: China uses D-Day anniversary to praise Germany, slam Japan See in context

Although I don't agree entirely with what Mr. Hong said about Japan, but he has a valid point - Japan has been trying to play as victims of WWII instead being straight.

At the end of the day, Japan has to pay for its dirty tricks. Finally, Mr. Hong shouldn't have mentioned Japan at all.

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Posted in: China declares national days for Nanjing Massacre, Japan defeat See in context

One thing I don't agree with the Chinese government is the way they deal with Japanese politicians. Instead of ignoring Japan they took it as a rival. They still haven't figured out that Washington.in controlling Tokyo.

Talk with U.S. directly in determining the fate of Japan.

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Posted in: Suga rejects claims Japan lurching toward militarism See in context

Suga, did John Kerry tell you to make the comment?

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Posted in: Hanyu gives Japan first men's figure skating gold See in context

Very impressive performance by Hanyu. He can easily be mistaken as a female in the U.S.

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Posted in: China, Japan open German front in diplomatic war See in context

@Kelly Olsen: Not once I heard any negative comments made by the Chinese President toward Japan. All I heard is Abe this and Abe that. Chinese media may have said anything, but it doesn't represent the official view. It is unfair and unethical journalism to make up stories based on personal favoritism.

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Posted in: Abe calls for summit with China See in context

I don't see any reason for Chinese leader to meet with this Japanese PM. Let him crying and whining, and ignore him. He is a lap dog of Washington anyway.

China, doing what you are doing - build the economy, strengthen ties with other countries, solve the pollution problems.

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Posted in: China, Japan slug it out in the world's press See in context

Japanese media, including JPToday, has historically been hostile to China using different tactics. They feed the Japanese public with fabricated stories, selectively pick personal comments to distort the facts, recycle American media reports whenever it falls in its favor, and plays victim games when international opinions turns against it.

It has remarkable success in the year gone. Only recently the world has opened eyes to find the truth.

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Posted in: China concerned at Japan's history textbook revisions See in context

How are Japanese to alter history book? Are they going to say Japan was a victim of WWII? ..LOL... Are they going to erase the fact that Japan didn't launch the Pearl Harbor attack? If so, i suppose to drop another boy on Tokyo.

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Posted in: Japanese WWII soldier who hid in Philippine jungle until 1974 dies See in context

This man makes me think how a human can be a fanatic, and how deeply people were brainwashed by the Japanese imperial cultural education. I can not believe the international criminal court didn't put him on the war criminal list, and hunt him down. Once again, we should thank America dropped the "fat boy"s stopped the madness.

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Posted in: Kishida calls for summits with China, S Korea See in context

The fact that Abe's approval rating has grown reflects Japanese public opinion has shifted to right, more aggressive internationally. This trend will continue as long as U.S. meddling in disputes among the three countries. Japan's diplomatic policy has never been consistent and independent, it boils down to how U.S. - China relation shifts. The current administration admitted that Japan plays as an extension of U.S. instead of an independent country. Why should China and S. Korea talk with Japan if the later considers itself a non-Asian entity? Wasting no time, both S. Korea and China should directly talk with Washington, Japan's master.

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Posted in: China plans joint military command system See in context

@kaimycahl: "Most intelligent Chinese or those who haven't been brainwashed are leaving or left China its those individuals like yourself who are stuck in a warped world or living in Japan with your hatred looking for a hand out or blaming another country for your lost gains. " I don't know if there is any Chinese looking for a hand out. I am a American and I have two sons in colleges in the U.S. But one thing I can assure you, if there is a real war between China and Japan, and if needed, I will have my two boys enlisted to fight for China.

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Posted in: China sends fighters to ID flights by U.S. and Japan See in context

At this particular junction, America welcomes a military conflicts between any countries in the Asia. The result is clear, arm sales going up, debt going down, and possibly a debt forfeiture. Anyway, it works to the interest of American people.

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Posted in: China sends fighters to ID flights by U.S. and Japan See in context

@Wulfe N. Straat You probaly can't afford an airline ticket at the moment and it will take you a few months to save for the cost. Just stay at home and wait for the social security check. You will be fine.

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Posted in: China criticizes 'self-deceiving' Japanese politicians See in context

The window of opportunity for Japan to secure the islands is closing, everyone sees it. With the current economic situation, the U.S. economy can not sustain a growing debt. U.S. would like to see an IMMEDIATE conflicts between China and Japan, thus to boost it's arms sales.

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Posted in: Abe says he is ready to be more assertive against China See in context

U.S. welcomes a war between Japan and China. We have a huge debt problem here and a war in Asia would certainly help. On the other hand, Japan must realize that it can't continue to rely on us to protect it. It must pay for the service provided by U.S. and forfeit any debt ( T. bills and bonds) outstanding.

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