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Posted in: Softbank sinks into loss on Internet service See in context

It's okay if you're not in the inaka.

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Posted in: Scientists ask: Is technology rewiring our brains? See in context

This seems kind of obvious. Interpersonal communication is not instinctual. Humans need to be socialized just like any other animal. You can reverse the effects of the isolation, but it takes the effort of face to face communication. Your brain isn't going to be "rewired."

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Posted in: Nintendo Wii sales in Japan top 7 million See in context

In nearly 3 years the 360 hasn't managed to break a million? You'd think that would be enough for Microsoft to pull it out of Japan...

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Posted in: Can Blu-ray save Christmas for Hollywood? See in context

Has it also not occurred to these people that consumers may be purchasing less physical discs in general, whether through iTunes or pirating?

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