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Posted in: Iraqi sues Japan for refusing refugee status See in context

I wonder why doesn't want to go to other Muslim friendly countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Middle-east, etc.

Why Japan?

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Posted in: Amazon rolls out machines that pack orders and replace jobs See in context

The plan, previously unreported, shows how Amazon is pushing to reduce labor and boost profits

So Jeff Bozo can become even more richer...while paying his employees less...by having less employees.

So now, less families are able to earn a living. Sigh.

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Posted in: 2 teenagers hit, killed by train in apparent suicide in Saga See in context

In cases like these, the authorities should look at their cellphone messages, chats, etc to see if they can find out WHAT caused them to take their own lives....and then take steps to prevent further such tragedies.

My condolences to the parents.

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Posted in: Suspected groper arrested after jumping onto train tracks and fleeing from station See in context

Time to push for more Men Only & Women Only train compartments.

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Posted in: Japanese man jailed in Ecuador for trying to smuggle out insects See in context

And yet Ecuador allows drug pushers in their country to roam free.

2 years merely for some bugs?? Some people actually PAY others to remove bugs from their homes.

I agree with nandakandamanda ; there's more to this story than meets the eye. I wonder who paid off Ecuadorian officials to have a Japanese man jailed?

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Posted in: 76-year-old woman stabbed while walking home; suspect turns herself in See in context

If I kill someone maybe I will get help. Unemployed, 36 depressed and at the end of her tether. So sad to hear these types of stories of desolation and desperation

You would not feel as compassionate if it was your own mother who was stabbed for absolutely no reason and the killer was a 36 year old man...even if he was "unemployed, depressed and at the end of his tether". And you would not be as sad to hear of his story of desolation and desperation.

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Posted in: Sweden reopens rape probe against Assange See in context

The reason why the original "rape" allegations were dropped against him was because even a feminist country like Sweden had to admit that those 2 women had CONSENSUAL sex with him during some conference. These "rape" allegations are politically motivated and have nothing to do with actual sex crimes.

But that's not what the mainstream media, --- often bragging about how they are just trying to help humanity by finding out the "truth" -- wants you to know.

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Posted in: Japan calls on ADB to reduce loans to China See in context

Swap capitalist for communist, and your statement is still true

It's even worse when it's capitalism disguised as communism...particularly when you are the world's 2nd largest economy but still need to beg for hand-outs from other countries...while somehow having the money to build fake islands in other people's waters, money to imprison & torture thousands of moslems and tibetians and build weapons of mass destruction in order to threaten smaller neighboring countries.

So the ADB should stop giving money to them. They don't need it.

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Posted in: Japan calls on ADB to reduce loans to China See in context

$1.2 billion divided by 1.2 billion people equals 3 quarters of a rice ball per person per year according to @zichi

The problem is that despite being a "communist" country, some of the 1.2 Billion people take more than their share of the $1.2billion. They do not care about their fellow countrymen.

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Posted in: Rocket launched by start-up firm reaches outer space for first time See in context

They should expand their business so that more Japanese engineers and scientists can be employed. Creating job opportunities is a good thing for the economy.

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Posted in: Virtual model imma to pose in fashion magazine with real models, advertising makeup brand See in context

Man, I thought AI was going to replace humans but now it seems even CGI is doing that! lol!

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Posted in: Car plows into Yoshinoya restaurant in Nara Pref; driver flees See in context

I'm glad no one was killed. And I wish a speedy recovery for the injured man & woman.

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Posted in: Japan to develop 1st defense use computer virus against cyberattacks See in context

It plans to increase the number of personnel in its cyberspace unit to 220 from 150, compared with 6,200 in the United States, 7,000 in North Korea and 130,000 in China, according to the ministry

What? Only 220 people? In a nation of over 126 million people.....many of them new graduates who are actively looking for a job? Give THEM the job.

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Posted in: Japan to develop 1st defense use computer virus against cyberattacks See in context

They already made a mistake in announcing this. Now Japan's enemies will work on a counter-attack.

This is the kind of thing that should not be announced because it concerns a nation's security.

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Posted in: Emperor Naruhito pledges to work as symbol of the nation See in context

Congrats! Let's hope Japan has a very bright future from now on.

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Posted in: Gov't to set guideline for preventing tech leaks from universities See in context

The Japanese government will set by the end of March next year

WHAT??? An entire year? By then, tons of tech leaks would have occurred thanks to hackers. For a technologically advanced nation, they sure move slow.

C'mon Japan, you gotta move faster than this!

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Posted in: Be wary of robot emotions; 'simulated love is never love' See in context

simulated love is never love

Simulated love from a robot is still better than human hatred and abuse.

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Posted in: Japan appeal after Ito, Hayata lose controversial final See in context

As usual, china has bought these countries.

but she wouldn't even look at the video

Because she knew she was wrong and didn't have the guts to admit it.

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Posted in: Securing the 5G future - what's the issue? See in context

That is The Five Eyes is an alliance in which the US tells these nations what to do, in which the US controls the commerce and foreign policy of its lap dogs. Australia still thinks that by kowtowing to the US it will be made Pacific Deputy Marshall

Mate, you got your facts wrong. It's china that tries to control others and uses force & torture to do so ( eg Hong Kong book publishers, Tibet, etc).

The US is not perfect but people would rather trust the US than china. It is better to kowtow to them then to the communists.

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Posted in: Securing the 5G future - what's the issue? See in context

Theresa has sold out England to the china-nese a long time ago.

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Posted in: Japanese university plans experiment to grow human organs in pigs See in context

Well done, Japanese scientists! I hope it's a success.

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Posted in: Japanese sports bodies seek to stamp out bullying by coaches See in context

The Koreans coaches do the same to their athletes. That's why Korean athletes are also more disciplined too.

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Posted in: Japanese sports bodies seek to stamp out bullying by coaches See in context

chinese coaches bully their athletes...and that's why their athletes are gold medal winners. The coaches are 'god' to the athletes and instill discipline in them.

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Posted in: Bond 25 launches in Jamaica; Rami Malek to play villain See in context

I miss the days of Sean Connery and Roger Moore as Bond. As Matt above mentioned, these 2 had the correct combo of "humour mixed in with the style, panache and action".

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Posted in: Ken Watanabe to star in Japanese remake of ‘The Fugitive’ See in context


Who is going to play the "Tommy Lee Jones" character?!

My recommendation: Beat Takashi with his poker-face & quiet aura of menace & intelligence.

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Posted in: Ken Watanabe to star in Japanese remake of ‘The Fugitive’ See in context

He is a quality actor. They chose the right man for the job. He was awesome in The Last Samurai.

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Posted in: U.S.-chartered ship to join deep-sea F-35A search See in context

The Van Gogh specialist ship is ported out of Sinagpor

Hmmm...and that country has close links to china

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