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Posted in: Japanese firms must address human rights in supply chains: UNDP director See in context

Maybe the UN can stop picking on Japan and actually have the guts to say something about a place where humans rights are violated on a daily basis.

Like china iphone factories.

They actually have bars and nets in their factory windows to prevent people from committing suicide by jumping out.

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Posted in: Pop culture portrayals of Japanese and Korean heroes make for interesting contrast See in context

Some analysts have suggested that Koreans' flocking to recent films and books which foster strongly negative feelings about Japan may be a form of blame-shifting over such difficulties as the crowd stampede that resulted in 151 deaths in Seoul's Itaewon district last October, or the nation's present economic doldrums

So what's new?

Everytime something goes wrong in Korea, they will distract their masses by shifting the attention towards anti-Japanese sentiments.

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Posted in: Man gets life in prison for murder of Vietnamese woman last year See in context

It wasn't pre-meditated murder. More like a spur of the moment thing. Wrong nevertheless.

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Posted in: U.N. member states urge Japan to improve treatment of migrants, asylum seekers See in context

When there are many countries with so much land and resources, why is Japan, a mountainous island with limited resources, strained healthcare system and over-crowded cities, expected to take in refugees?

I dare say Japan is doing a better job than say, S.Korea. But you don't see the UN saying anything about them.

And the UN is now a joke.

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Posted in: China says political trust with Russia has deepened See in context

The Russians are not fools. They will never trust their puppet.

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Posted in: Who are the best new artists? Check TikTok See in context

Tik Tok, the ccp's SPY software.

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Posted in: Record 94% of Japanese 'do not feel friendly' toward Russia: survey See in context

I think, not just the Japanese, but all over the world, people trust the china-nese less than they trust Russians.

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Posted in: Starbucks misses sales, revenue estimates as China falters See in context

Overpriced drain water. More about the image than the coffee itself.

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Posted in: Chinese balloon soars across U.S.; Blinken scraps Beijing trip See in context

Just wondering; if instead of shooting it down and risk having it crash, is it possible to have someone from a helicopter shoot it with a harpoon with a rope attached to it, snag it, then lower it down as the chopper slowly descends?

Could even use a unmanned drone helicopter to reduce the risk of harm to humans.

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Posted in: Record 94% of Japanese 'do not feel friendly' toward Russia: survey See in context

If china can invade Tibet, kill and torture nuns and monks and call it "liberation" and the rest of the world does nothing about it, then the word "incursion" shouldn't bother people either.

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Posted in: 'Setsubun' bean-throwing festival held across Japan See in context

I demand that the next UN conflict results in delegates throwing beans at each other.

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Posted in: Japan, China agree to hold talks 'at all levels' to improve ties See in context

No matter how many of these "talks" you have with china, don't EVER trust them.

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Posted in: Ex-UK leader Truss to urge tougher China stance in Tokyo meeting See in context

As foreign secretary she was outspoken in criticizing China, advocating stronger ties between democracies so they can counter China and Russia more effectively. She had suggested that the U.K. should work with its allies to ensure Taiwan could defend itself against Chinese military aggression.

Her successor, current British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, has rejected “grand rhetoric” against China and wants a more “pragmatic” relationship with Beijing. While he has called China's growing authoritarianism a “systemic challenge," he stopped short of describing China as a threat to British security and said the U.K. and its allies needed to engage Beijing in diplomacy.

Failure or not, I guess she has bigger b**ls than Rishi in calling out the communist dictatorship.

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Posted in: Hong Kong woos tourists with 500,000 free air tickets and vouchers See in context

So what's to do and see in HK these days?

china soldiers and para-military disguised as HK policemen beating up & torturing pro-democracy HKers

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Posted in: NATO chief stresses Indo-Pacific partnership in Keio University speech See in context

M3M3M3Today 06:26 pm JST

"We are more than ready to further strengthen and expand the partnership with countries in this region," he added.

They want to turn Japan into a staging ground for a future war with China. Have no illusions about this.

In a future war with china, Japan will be sucked in no matter what they do or how much they want to avoid it. So NATO & Japan might as well be pro-active rather than passive.

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Posted in: NATO chief stresses Indo-Pacific partnership in Keio University speech See in context

BlacklabelToday 04:58 pm JST

"the idea China doesn't matter for NATO doesn't work."

what part of the North Atlantic is China again?

The part of china that keeps supplying missiles to N. Korea to fire at Japan.

And the part that supplies hacker army to make it look like state-sponsored hacking cases came from N. Korea.

Also, the part that disguises its soldiers and para-military as Hong Kong police in order to beat up and torture pro-democracy Hong Kongers.

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Posted in: Outgoing Russian ambassador blames Japan for strained relations See in context

Good riddance!

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Posted in: Japan unveils strategy for domestic production of advanced chips See in context

They should also focus on catching & executing china-nese spies who will undoubtedly try to steal the chip tech from Japan.

Also, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, beef up your cybersecurity to prevent IP theft of that chip technology.

Hire Ukrainians hackers & cyber-security experts if you have too.

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Posted in: Japan given infamous 'fossil' award at climate change conference See in context

So these people flew to Eqypt in their fuel-burning, exhaust producing, private jets?

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Posted in: As yen tumbles, gadget-loving Japan goes for secondhand iPhones See in context

If Sony and Kyocera were smart, they'd exploit this opportunity to "buy Japanese" and go on an advertising blitz to hawk brand new Japanese phones for less than the cost of a 2nd hand used iPhone.

I still feel that the Sony Xperia is a great phone. Just doesn't have the marketing clout ( or the accessories like attractive phone covers/pouches) as the fruit phone.

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Posted in: Woman dies after falling out of moving car; driver arrested See in context

Also, he turned himself in only after all the alcohol left his system.

In other words, only after he had realized what had happened.

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Posted in: Twitter's blue check: Vital verification or status symbol? See in context

Kelly McBride, an expert on journalism ethics

journalism ethics. An oxymoron.

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Posted in: Pro shogi player loses game for not wearing face mask See in context

He should have been given a warning, not outright be made to lose the game.

This is too cruel.

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Posted in: S Korea scrambles 80 fighter jets after tracking 180 N Korean warplanes See in context

Were the N.Koreans following Xinnie the Pooh's orders? ie, start a war while he's away licking the German's boots?

That way, it'll look as if he had nothing to do with it.

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Posted in: Australia sees spike in cyberattacks from criminals and states See in context

NSA monitors people.

china's cyber-lapdogs outright steal other people's work.

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Posted in: Xi tells Scholz China, Germany should step up cooperation in turbulent times See in context

The warmongers in America and the UK must really hate this photo

At least the US & UK go to war where people know how to fight back. Unlike china which only knows how to attack, torture and kill unarmed Tibetian nuns, monks and Hong Kong & Tiananmen students.

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Posted in: China's economic growth picks up but weak amid shutdowns See in context

And yet people, including many chinanese, would rather put their trust in American companies than chinanese ones, especially, the ccp-linked ones.

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Posted in: Literature finds unlikely social media partner in TikTok See in context

Ah yes, Tiktok- the CCP's spy & brainwashing machine.

Will they allow their citizens to read books like "Seven Years in Tibet" and other books about the Tiananmen Massacre?

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Posted in: Review: Does 'Halloween Ends' finally mean it's over? See in context

From the picture above, which one is Jamie Lee Curtis? It's hard to tell.

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Posted in: Woman arrested over murder of man she lived with See in context

I really hope she gets punished and thrown in jail like the filthy criminal that she is. Or maybe the death sentence.

Murderers should not go unpunished.

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