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Posted in: Data of over 8,000 at Mitsubishi Electric feared leaked in cyberattack See in context

A Chinese cybercrime group is suspected of carrying out the unauthorized access to personal computers and servers, a source close to the matter said

china-nese....again. And they wonder why the world doesn't like them.

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Posted in: Japan looks to protect intellectual property in wagyu beef cattle See in context

The move comes after an attempt to export fertilized wagyu beef cattle eggs and sperm to China came to light in 2018

Can't these PRC communists ever stop STEALING from Japan and US?

They've been cases of these people trying to steal high quality corn from the US too.

I say we arm Japanese farmers and train them them to shoot at whoever tries to steal Japanese Wagyu beef know-how.

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Posted in: Ghibli anime 'Whisper of the Heart' is getting a live-action sequel film See in context

Please don't let Hollyweird white-wash/diversify this.

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Posted in: Court defers ruling on fatal car accident after driver's remarks See in context

she wished the other vehicle involved in the accident had slowed down,

WHY THE HECK should the other driver slow down when he had the right of way and was no where near the victims? SHE should have slowed down and NOT turned right and waited until the other vehicle passed.


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Posted in: Moonstruck: Japanese billionaire's girlfriend applicants top 20,000 See in context

I don't want to say I told you so, but I TOLD YOU SO!

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Posted in: University of Tokyo fires associate professor over anti-Chinese Twitter posts See in context

Racism and conspiracy theory are the last refuges for morons

You are right. That is why the morons in the CCP are imprisoning and torturing thousands of Tibetans, Urgur Muslims and Fulongong members.

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Posted in: Japan sends 2 SDF planes, 70 personnel to help fight Australia fires See in context

Australia should also hire Russian fire-fighting aircraft. They have some of the largest water-carrying planes and helicopters.

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Posted in: University of Tokyo fires associate professor over anti-Chinese Twitter posts See in context

If he had been from PRC and had made similar comments against Japanese or Americans, he would have been lauded as a 'hero'.

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Posted in: University of Tokyo fires associate professor over anti-Chinese Twitter posts See in context

Osawa also wrote that the university is "controlled by the authoritarian Chinese Communist Party."

This is already happening in Australian universities.

"I will not bother to hold an interview if (I learn the applicant is) Chinese. I will eliminate the applicant in document screening," he tweeted,

Perhaps he's right. PRC communists are well known for stealing IP from hi-tech companies. Just ask the US.

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Posted in: SoftBank-funded hotel firm Oyo lays off 10% of India staff See in context

multiple allegations including bribery and pressure from Japanese backer SoftBank to cut costs

Indians and bribery? Say it ain't true. snigger

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Posted in: Taiwan 'already independent', president warns China See in context

This woman has more b***s than many of the male leaders in this world. Most of them have kowtowed to the CCP. Only she and her countrymen who voted for her, have the guts to stand up to communist dictators.

Go Taiwan!

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Posted in: Japanese billionaire Maezawa seeks girlfriend for SpaceX voyage See in context

Y'all can laugh and make fun of him all you want. That really won't stop women from lining up by the thousands to be his 'girlfriend' for the documentary and the space trip. And I dare say a number of them will be Western women. They too want their 15 mins of fame.....esp if a man is footing the bill.

Also, none of you will be condemning a woman billionaire if she had done the exact same thing and publicly advertises for a boyfriend.


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Posted in: Chinese-style makeup expresses the inner strength and confidence of a person and it feels new here. I think the concept of a 'cool woman' is becoming widespread in Japan nowadays. See in context

Chinese-style makeup expresses the inner strength and confidence of a person

Just don't confuse "inner strength" and "confidence" with "arrogance" and "self-entitlement".

One of the most enduring qualities of Japanese women is their humility and mindfulness of others' feelings. Please don't lose that.

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Posted in: Coming-of-Age Day ceremonies held across Japan See in context

In what has become an annual event in Miyagi, Iwate and Fukushima prefectures, which were hit by the March 11, 2011 disaster, ceremonies were tinged with sadness as young people remembered their friends who perished in the disaster. Some new adults posed for photos with portraits of deceased classmates. In other areas of Tohoku, parents of children who died and who would have been 20, attended with photos of their daughters wearing kimonos so they could be present in spirit. Some young adults, whose parents died in the disaster, brought photos of their parents to the ceremony

This is very heart-warming. Well done, Japanese youth!

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Posted in: China’s bid to challenge Boeing and Airbus falters See in context

The effort has attracted the attention of U.S. federal prosecutors, who in 2018 charged a group of Chinese intelligence officers, hackers and company insiders with breaking into the networks of 13 aerospace manufacturers around the world, including a company whose description matches CFM, in order to steal sensitive data that might help China build a jet engine. China has denied any involvement in hacking.

A china-made plane carrying hundreds of lives, including that of babies and children....made from stolen technology.

I'd rather trust a B737 Max.

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Posted in: Facebook defies China headwinds with new ad sales push See in context

So, the typical prc tactic ......

"Facebook is committed to becoming the best marketing platform for Chinese companies going abroad," Facebook wrote in Chinese on local social network WeChat in November.

Bytedance, the parent company of social media sensation TikTok, used Facebook's advertising tools to do exactly that.

In late 2018, the company surged app-install ads on Facebook's ad network, becoming its biggest Chinese customer as it grew TikTok's footprint, a former Facebook employee said.

It cut back drastically in 2019, to nearly nothing, according to previously unreported data from research company Sensor Tower. One source said TikTok calculated it had reached most people likely to use the app, so it shifted to building an ads business to compete against Facebook's.

A TikTok spokesman confirmed the trend, saying the company"significantly scaled back spending and refined its ad strategy, resulting in an increased return on investment and stickiness among new users.

Attract Western tech know-how by pretending to be big spenders, steal the Westerners' know-how, then pull the rug from underneath them. Then proceed to copy and use cheaper version to compete with Westerners.


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Posted in: China’s bid to challenge Boeing and Airbus falters See in context

as the Chinese government can direct its own airlines to buy the jet

"Direct"? Another word for "force" its own airlines to buy the jet.

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Posted in: Connected cars moving targets for hackers See in context

I say being back the 1964 Oldsmobile 442

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Posted in: Foreign firms wary as China launches investment law See in context

Accustomed to unfulfilled promises from the Chinese government, foreign businesses are keeping a wary eye on a nascent law aimed at addressing their long-standing grievances about unfair treatment in the world's second largest economy

YES! Finally people are waking up to the bait-and-switch lies of the CCP.

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Posted in: Japan to develop app detecting forged residence cards for foreigners See in context

More extreme measures on the foreigners

Not ordinary foreigners. Illegal foreigners. There's a difference. If foreigners feel that these are "extreme measures", than they should do more for Japan by whistleblowing those people that they already know are here illegally.

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Posted in: Japan to develop app detecting forged residence cards for foreigners See in context

The government earmarked some 130 million yen in its extra budget for the current fiscal year for development costs. ..The agency has already made public the specifications for devices to read data on the cards' IC chips, but few companies have introduced scanning devices due to the difficulty of developing them on their own.

Just don't outsource this to non-Japanese companies or Japanese companies that have ties to foreign countries that are well known for cyber-hacking, stealing and forgery.

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Posted in: Trial opens for man accused of killing 19 at home for disabled See in context

Trial? What for? Hang him.

I cannot imagine the devastation that the family members of the victims must be going through.

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Posted in: Japan corporate culture remains obstacle to expansion of telework See in context

I predict things will change quickly once the pre-bubble male managers begin to retire en masse

Yet, male managers are not credited with the pre-bubble SUCCESS of corporate Japan.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for attempted murder after slashing tourist in Osaka shop See in context

...female Chinese tourist ....."I didn’t like the attitude of the woman who I spoke to......”

There's your reason, right there. The prc china-nese women have the trait of pissing off everyone (even other Chinese) no matter where they go.

From my observation, they are loud, demanding, unreasonable ( esp when it comes to shopping), cut queues, don't apologize after bumping into others and tend to slap the sales counter table top while demanding something.

Can't blame the Japanese woman for reacting. And not surprised that Hong Kong women refer to them as "locusts"

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Posted in: Why housewives refuse to visit their in-laws during holidays See in context

They never mention how much a son-in-law has to spend on the wife's parents, siblings, cousins, etc. Driving them around, petrol cost, food cost, entertainment cost, etc....

And I don't just mean Japan.

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Posted in: Is work more important to Japanese salarymen than their girlfriends? Survey investigates See in context

Even before I clicked on the link, I already knew ....from the way the title is phrased .....that it just had to be written by a Westerner

Is work more important to Japanese salarymen than their girlfriends?

Is a salaryman's salary more important to Japanese women than quality time with their boyfriends?

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Posted in: Tesla delivers first batch of China-made cars See in context

But Tesla's China venture is wholly owned by the U.S. company, and Tesla's decision to invest in Shanghai has been rewarded with preferential treatment.

You can bet Tesla's tech know-how has already been passed on to prc competitors. prc's usual cheap tactic: Invite high tech foreign firms by dangling monetary incentives, proceed to steal their know-how, shamelessly copy, and then sell at cheaper prices....forcing the foreign companies to close shop.

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Posted in: AI finding role as matchmaker See in context

AI finding role as matchmaker

Only a matter of time before "AI finding role as divorce lawyer"

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Posted in: Police find human remains in boat believed to have come from N Korea See in context

Biological warfare? Better wear HAZMAT suits when examining those bodies.

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Posted in: China, South Korea look to improve ties with Beijing summit See in context

So, the enemy of your enemy is your friend.

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