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Wesley comments

Posted in: Record 29.79 million found items reported to Japanese police in 2023 See in context


That's amazing! It really was kind of the hotel to let you stay there.

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Posted in: Holes poked in mesh screen barrier at popular Mount Fuji viewing spot See in context

Mark, great minds think alike.

Their 5000 year old culture still remains uncultured.

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Posted in: Lucas on 'Star Wars' critics, diversity, and sneaking into Cannes See in context

Diversity criticism

Lucas also batted off criticism of "Star Wars" for being too white and too male.

Those who whine about being too white and too male are seldom, if ever, the ones who are putting in the time, effort and money to produce their own films.

They can only whine and expect someone else to do all the work.

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Posted in: Japanese dog of 'Doge' meme fame dies See in context

Rest In Peace, sweet one.

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Posted in: SoftBank Corp to help call center workers by 'softening' angry customer calls with AI See in context

The problem is not AI.

The problem is the humans who PROGRAM the AI.

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Posted in: Saudi crown prince puts off Japan trip due to king's health See in context

This is an opportunity for Japan to score some diplomatic points; some Japanese delegates should visit the King as a show of concern.

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Posted in: As yakuza weaken, police focus shifts to unorganized crime hired via social media See in context

I feel the china-nese & vietnamese Triads pose more of a danger to Japanese society.

They have no code of conduct or honor like the Yaks.

The law should also go after the former two.

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Posted in: Japan to provide Philippines ¥64 bil for 5 more patrol ships See in context

OKuniyoshi Today 07:59 pm JST

Its no good. Typical American playbook. IE, you will do the fighting for me, you know? By proxy.

They would be no fighting if china would stop stealing other country's sea and land.

Typical china-nese greed.

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Posted in: Japan to provide Philippines ¥64 bil for 5 more patrol ships See in context

The "Made in Japan" patrol ships are actually very good.

There are pictures circulating on china-nese social media showing the damage that china-nese coast guard ships suffered when they tried to ram the Filipino 'Made In Japan' patrol ships.

China-nese on social media were asking why a china-nese ship that's bigger and (supposedly) more powerful had suffered multiple dents and holes when the smaller Filipino ships remain unscathed.

Answer: Made In Japan.

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Posted in: 'Evangelion' creator says there might be more Eva anime to come See in context

I don't get the hype.

The anime is dis-jointed and weird.

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Posted in: 'Flying car' makes Tokyo debut at international tech event See in context

I think Emergency Medical Services should look into this.

A Flying Medic Team might be able to get to people injured in areas that are not readily accessible by ambulances and fire engines.

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Posted in: Over 80,000 foreigners working at convenience stores in Japan See in context

Just search for a JT article called " Housing complexes becoming Japan's new Chinatowns"

And you'll see why your so-called "xenophobia" or "discrimination" against china-nese are not actually "xenophobia" or "discrimination" but simply disgust at the way they behave in their host country.

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Posted in: Over 80,000 foreigners working at convenience stores in Japan See in context

METATTOKYO Today 01:57 pm JST

Sadly, no, in fact, it's worse for residents.

Discrimination against Chinese people in Japan occurs toward both Chinese residents living in Japan and Chinese tourists visiting the country, although the nature and extent of discrimination may varies.

Chinese Residents:

Chinese individuals living in Japan face discrimination in various aspects of daily life, including employment, housing, social interactions, and access to services. They can encounter prejudices based on nationality or ethnicity, leading to unequal treatment or barriers to integration into Japanese society.

Chinese Tourists:

Chinese tourists visiting Japan also experience discrimination, usually in interactions with service providers, such as hotels, restaurants, or tourist attractions, where they often face stereotyping or negative attitudes based on their nationality.

Sorry, your victim card has been declined.

Being disgusted with selfish, arrogant and uncultured behavior by China-nese is NOT discrimination or xenophobic.

Think about it. Despite what the Japanese did during the war, they are STILL warmly welcomed in most parts of the world, particularly in Asia ( despite what the nationalistic media or chest-thumbing politicians of these countries say).

In contrast, thanks to the uncultured & unethical behavior of the china-nese, they are widely despised & distrusted throughout the world. The Japanese are not alone in this aspect. Taiwanese, S.Koreans and even Vietnamese don't trust or respect china-nese. Why? Because of their attitude and behavior.

It's not discrimination or xenophobic to point out uncultured behavior.

In order to be respected, one has to BEHAVE respectfully, particularly when you are in someone else's country.

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Posted in: Slovakia's populist prime minister shot multiple times in attempted assassination See in context

I'm surprised "tunnels" weren't blamed and calls for an airstrike on hospitals....which of course have "tunnels".

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Posted in: Over 80,000 foreigners working at convenience stores in Japan See in context

PTownsend Today 07:21 am JST

individuals from countries such as China, Vietnam, and Nepal.

If life is so great in 'economic powerhouse' China, why are Chinese individuals opting to leave their homeland to work minimum pay jobs here? Maybe something about feeling they have more freedom in Japan? Maybe access to better seafood?

Or they're spies or military cells waiting to be activated by the CCP?

If it were me, I'd replace them with workers from Thailand, Bhutan, Nepal, etc.

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Posted in: Around 68,000 elderly die alone in Japan annually: police See in context

Perhaps those living alone can be encouraged to keep a pet or take in one from the animal shelters?

I've heard that those who keep pets tend to live longer because they know they have someone who depends on them.

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Posted in: Apparent human bones found in southwestern Japan steel plant See in context

Good grief! The poor man. RIP.

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Posted in: KDDI to deploy drones at 1,000 Japan locations to aid disaster relief See in context

It's a good idea. But let's take it a step further:

Once a drone locates survivors, make the drone drop supplies like emergency rations, water, blankets, etc. More importantly, it has to drop a beacon/locator.

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Posted in: More than a thousand protest outside German Tesla factory See in context

Fighto! Today 08:23 pm JST

Why aren't they protesting the china-nese EVs that have infested so many countries,

Half the world's Tesla's "infesting" many countries are made in China.

That explains why they keep catching fire or crashing unexplainably.

Made in china.

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Posted in: More than a thousand protest outside German Tesla factory See in context

1glenn Today 07:06 pm JST

Doesn't make any sense. Protesting because the plant is too small would make more sense.

The idea is to make Tesla look bad while their communist competitors from the east swoop in with orders for their home-made death machines which have a remotely operated kill switch and can also spy on you by remotely turning on the car microphone.

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Posted in: More than a thousand protest outside German Tesla factory See in context

These "protestors".....are they on the CCP's payroll?

Why aren't they protesting the china-nese EVs that have infested so many countries, despite reports of them catching fire and being remotely controlled by the cyber army?

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Posted in: South Korea stresses need for fair treatment for Line chat app operator Naver See in context

Friction over Naver’s 50% stake in LY, a venture with Japan's SoftBank, surfaced after a major security breach at Naver’s cloud computing servers last year

Perhaps both the Koreans and the Japanese should join forces and go after the china-nese state sponsored cyber-terrorists...... instead of fighting with each other ( which is exactly the divide and conquer tactic that communist scum are hoping for).

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Posted in: When Mother's Day isn't a joyful holiday, there are ways to cope See in context

I value Fathers as much as Mothers.

BOTH are important.......despite what misandrists say.

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Posted in: Barrier at popular vantage point for viewing Mount Fuji going up See in context

I must confess, in the above picture, it wasn't the mountain that I was looking at..... ahem

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Posted in: 66-year-old man arrested for stealing woman’s clothes from her house See in context

The poor guy was probably just cold and wanted some warmer clothing.

And he chose women's clothing because women are always complaining about the cold.


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Posted in: Star K-pop producer causes online stir after lashing out at industry bosses See in context

Just because Min criticised HYBE's leadership, "it doesn't mean she is free from the rotten issues of this industry", Choi wrote on X.

"She cannot become the underdog simply because she is fighting with the management, especially after having gained astronomical benefits from within it."


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Posted in: Three 18-year-old men killed after car goes off road into rice field in Tokushima Prefecture See in context

Rest In Peace to the 3 young men.

A speedy recovery for the lucky survivor. He will need counseling and lots of support so that he doesn't suffer from survivor's guilt or depression.

Looking at the wreck, it looks almost as if a heavy beam fell right in the middle of the car.

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Posted in: Japanese 'sugar baby' gets 9 years for scamming men out of ¥155 mil See in context

That's what I like about Japan. They don't give two hoots if you're a woman:

You do the crime, you do the time.

Had this been a feminist-infested Western country, she would have gotten away with no jail and no punishment.

In fact, she probably would have been rewarded for her crimes with a book deal and multiple talk-show appearances.

Meanwhile, dozens of Western men are rotting away in jail because of mere accusations by women and no actual proof of any wrongdoing.

Kudos to the Japanese courts for meting out justice!

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Posted in: Why you should add Onishi Shake Mousse to your emergency kit See in context

Good tip! Thanks!

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Posted in: Thousands evacuated as Indonesia volcano erupts, causing tsunami threat See in context

Man, that photo really looks like some Hollywood stuff. Scary.

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