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Posted in: Anti-NHK party accuses Japan’s public broadcaster of concealing 'car-sex adultery' See in context

This is an opportunity for car manufacturers to come up with new models that make it comfortable to have car sex. Perhaps it'll be a smart car that senses the mood and automatically dims the lights and puts on Barry White to create the mood. The Population ministry should sponsor it.

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Posted in: South Korea seeks US help in bitter trade spat with Japan See in context

Only when China is dominating Asia will Koreans and Japanese begin seeing sense

In a way, you are right. If china is stupid enough to try & dominate Asia, Japan and BOTH Koreas will join together to take down china. THAT's when Japan and Korea will become friends.

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Posted in: South Korea seeks US help in bitter trade spat with Japan See in context

Hachidori above is right.

NOW is the time for Japanese, Taiwanese and US companies to strike.

These countries should start making handphones, TVs, washing machines, and whatever that Korean companies are making and takeover the market, esp in Asia.

Taiwanese companies like HTC used to make beautiful handphone designs but were taken over by Samsung & LG (many times using Japanese chips and know-how). Sony's Xperia is every bit as good as the Korean ones. Just that they need to market it more.

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Posted in: West, Japan rebuke China at UN for detention of Uighurs See in context

Their country, their culture, their business.' Isn't this what you cry when somebody comments on Japanese issues?

Which Japanese issues consists of massive rounding up, jailing, torturing and brainwashing almost 2 million ethnic minorities the way china has done?

Do Japanese tear down mosques and churches like what china has done? Heck, if anything, Japan has even built prayer rooms at their airports for Muslims to pray. Japan even preserves ancient Christian churches as heritages. china only knows how to tear them down.

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Posted in: Colorful self-made billionaire H Ross Perot dies at 89 See in context

I respect this man for what he did for 'Nam POWs and their families....unlike that traitor Jane NotsoFondofher.

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Posted in: Japan rejects S Korean calls for scrapping of tech export curbs See in context

@ stepoutsidethebox

(Hynix and Samsung are the two largest memory makers in the entire world, both South Korean)

SK Hynix supplies parts to Huawei...the communist government's electronic spy arm. Who knows if Samsung are also in the game? Wouldn't be surprised, given how the big S.Korean companies are all "family owned".

So it's good that Japan doesn't supply chips to Hynix which would only end up in communist dictators' hands and would be used to spy on Japan, SK, US, and countless others..including their own people.

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Posted in: Japan rebuffs Seoul's calls to scrap export curbs See in context

The moves, which could hit tech giants Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix

SK Hynix supplies parts to Huawei. And Huawei has been accused of being the communist govt's electronic spy arm. So, good move on the part of the Japanese govt.

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Posted in: Murder suspect says he had no choice but to kill because of daily violence See in context

If the beatings were daily, then police should be able to see the bruises. In any case, it's his word against the deceased.

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Saw an NHK documentary about a 79 yo woman who was adamant about not giving up her license. She claimed that "driving is her life" and that she can still drive carefully....this despite the NHK footage showing her hands shaking visibly even while she was doing mundane tasks such as playing mahjong.

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Posted in: NTT opens research center in Silicon Valley See in context


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Posted in: NTT opens research center in Silicon Valley See in context

NNT should take measures to ensure that spies & hackers from a certain communist county don't try to steal the research work at it's new center.

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Posted in: Journalist Ito says she was 'desperate to protect' herself from rape See in context

Contrary to what some of you want to belief, it is actually very easy for a lying woman to accuse a man of sexual harassment or rape and get away with it. Just look at what is happening in the West (US, UK, etc).

Society automatically wants to believe the woman is a victim and that the "old boy network" is somehow trying to cover for each other. Actually the reverse is true, especially in Western countries. The law, the media and society in general, will go all out to believe her and demonize the man....even if there is solid evidence that she is a LIAR.

Japan doesn't want to fall into the same spiral.

And if you go to Ito's instagram page and look at some of her photos of herself, you might have a hard time thinking of her as a victim.

Despite what is being reported in the Western media or articles written by Westerners in Japan, there is a very real reason why many Japanese, even the women, have a hard time believing her.

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Posted in: 18-year-old girl’s body found in father's confectionery store refrigerator See in context

I wish misandrist people would stop automatically assuming that the father did something wrong sexually. This is a sexist and misandrist way of thinking.

Why not you think that the father found out that the girl's "part-time job" was selling her body and that the dad found out she had dishonored the family? Why didn't you automatically assume that?

Because you are sexist.

We may never know the REAL reason. So stop speculating. Just say a quiet prayer for the souls to rest in peace.

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Posted in: Journalist Ito says she was 'desperate to protect' herself from rape See in context

Lalo above wrote some very good points. Good work. In Japan, many things are pre-meditated and very carefully planned. Nothing is what it seems.

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Posted in: Flood-hit city copes with thefts targeting disaster victims See in context

If people there are stealing out of desperation, then clearly the authorities are not doing enough to support the victims.

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Posted in: Tech entrepreneurs seek to shatter stereotypes about women in farming See in context

There was no stereotype. Both men & women have been farming since the dawn of civilization.

Some people like to look for things that aren't there.

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Posted in: Journalist Ito says she was 'desperate to protect' herself from rape See in context

If she really was a victim, then he should be jailed. But if HE was a victim of false accusation, then she should be jailed.

I wonder if the security footage in the hotel & the lift helped the prosecutors in their decision to drop the case.

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Posted in: Man arrested for stealing ¥50 million from elderly woman’s home See in context

Because of recent cyber thefts, the elderly don't trust electronic money/ payment methods. They feel having cash is safer. The recent 7-11 mobile hack case is one such case. You can't even buy groceries / basic necessities without the worry of having your money stolen electronically.

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Posted in: 7-Eleven mobile payment users lose ¥55 million by unauthorized access See in context

Come to think of it, I wonder if this "system" was outsourced through multiple vendors...

Good point. Maybe these vendors need to veto the nationality of their programmers.

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Posted in: Elderly couple perish in Hokkaido house fire See in context

Tragic. May their souls rest in peace.

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Posted in: 7-Eleven mobile payment users lose ¥55 million by unauthorized access See in context


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Posted in: Malaysia arrests 3 Japanese cosplayers in festival raid See in context

If only the Malaysian police were as efficient when it comes to arresting the numerous, car thieves, snatch thieves, drug dealers and secret society members in their country.....instead of arresting innocent cosplayers.

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Posted in: Report: Apple to shift assembly of Mac Pro from U.S. to China See in context

Are you agreeing with Trump that products should be made in America??

Are you siding with communist dictatorships like china which uses child labor, forced labor, tricks young students into giving up their education and into long work hours in factories which have iron bars in the windows to prevent workers from jumping to their deaths because of the beatings, over-work and under-pay?

Are you ok with the money that china makes from American products? The same money that is used to kill, torture and rape Tibetian nuns, Urgur muslims, cut out & sell internal organs of Falungong members?

And it's not only Trump that wants products made in America. The rest of the world also wants toys for our kids that doesn't have poisonous paint.

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Posted in: Scientists take a peek behind those sad puppy dog eyes See in context

This is a deadly weapon that dogs have developed. I always melt when a dog looks at me with those eyes!

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Posted in: Pilot vertigo likely cause of F-35A jet crash See in context

It lost contact about 30 minutes after taking off from Misawa Air Base with three other aircraft.

If they were in formation, why didn't the other 3 pilots report the location. Why the long search?

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Posted in: Pilot vertigo likely cause of F-35A jet crash See in context

Rest In Peace, sir.

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Posted in: 71-year-old arrested over threat to attack 'noisy' kindergarteners See in context

Could this be the reason for that former politician's son finally snapping? The one who was recently stabbed by the father? The son had previously complained about noise from a nearby elementary school.

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Posted in: Singer Ayumi Hamasaki criticized by fans for 'inappropriate' Instagram picture See in context

So it seems clear that she won’t be deleting it any time soon

Not that clear actually. If she values her fans ( and some non-fans), she just might delete it & apologize...knowing Japanese celebrities.

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Posted in: Man, woman killed after their car goes off cliff during police chase See in context

she knew he was a volatile, unstable and immature momma's boy; and yet she got into the car with him

Some women can't resist bad boys. For all we know, she could have been subconsciously encouraging him...and secretly enjoyed the thrill of the police chase.

. .

. .

. .

. .

. .

You're not the only one who can make assumptions without knowing the whole story.....

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Posted in: Record amount of stimulants seized in Shizuoka; 7 Chinese men arrested See in context

I also wonder why the (presumably Japanese) distributors were not arrested

Why do we all presume the distributors are Japanese and not the hundreds of chinese in Japan?

Do you think if Japanese drug dealers were arrested in china, the chinese distributors will also be punished?

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