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More power to Kei. ‘Hope his global fans increase.

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Posted in: Canada tariffs on U.S. goods from ketchup to lawn mowers begin See in context

No more import/export. Produce your own. How about that?

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Posted in: Gunman angry at Maryland newspaper kills five in targeted attack See in context

Gun attack in the U.S. repeatedly happen. Knife attack in Japan are also increasing...Individual stress kills. How to cure these stress disease?

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Manner matters! Once again,the japanese team proved to the world how well disciplined people they are over World Cup....Goodluck on your next match...Gambare Nippon!!!

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Posted in: Croatia advances to knockout stage after beating Argentina 3-0 See in context

it’s a messy game for messi.

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Posted in: Boarding now for a flight from Tokyo to Paris that never takes off See in context

zizou2016: if you are still young and physically able to fly, I suggest that you get yourself a real flight.

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Posted in: Nishikori wins ATP Tour comeback match in New York See in context

Go kei... Win two 250ATP then play 500 ATP next. 1000 Masters is waiting for you. Goodluck on all your matches.

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Posted in: Puma teams up with Hello Kitty in Japan for limited edition sneakers and sportswear See in context

Is it Made in Japan or somewhere else?

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Posted in: 13-year-old boy killed by train after jumping from platform in Tokyo See in context

What? What made this poor little boy end his life?

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Posted in: Under-fire elder Takanohana questioned at last by JSA See in context

Why can’t anyone give them an advice for making up?

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Posted in: Plummer brings on the charm in reshot 'All the Money in the World' See in context

I like C. Plummer since The Sound of Music. He also has a remarkable role in Somewhere In Time. I also like K. Spacey. American Beauty and Usual Suspects are my favorite from Spacey movies. They are both great actors and in the list of my favorites. Because of their name starring in a movie made me watch even their unpopular movies. Regardless of the scandal about Spacey, him or Plummer, I would definitely go watch All The Money In The World, it’s the movie title that attracts me.

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Posted in: Actress Kazuyo Matsui talks about husband’s affair; asks foreign media for support in YouTube video See in context

She was deeply hurt. She feels that she's the only wife in this world that was betrayed by husband and a bestfriend. I guess she doesn't have a true friend, or a family that she can talk with about her sad sad marital experience...

Kazuyo! just cry until the pain goes away.

forgive them... continue with your life, there's more for you... Calm down yourself, for your sake.

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With the invitation of my dear friend, I got the chance to watched this parade yesterday... It was majestic!

There was a huge crowd in Asakusa especially in NAKAMISE shopping street that are packed by festival goers, mix of foreigners and local tourists. One of the highlight in yesterdays' festival was the cart pulled by a number of men were performers played tradional festival music with their flutes and taiko drums. And one of the flutist is my friend's husband...Well done.

The festival will be until tomorrow, just check the Asakusa event calendar for the program.. have fun.

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Posted in: Coppola and 'Godfather' cast reunite at Tribeca Film Fest See in context

This article gave me an idea what to do this golden week... Watch movie marathon... God Father 1.2&3. I wonder if there will be God Father Part4... Andy Garcia as "The Last God Father"... can't wait for it...hmmm

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Posted in: Robert De Niro says Meryl Streep's Globe speech was 'great' See in context

America president elect Trump can be foolishly impersonated (like Alec Baldwin impersonates Trump in SNL)but the elect president can't foolishly impersonate a person. Is it fair? just asking....

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