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I'm absolutely loving the comments about how all these keitai games are crap. It's too bad Gree can't hear you over all that money they're currently rolling around in. The 'fall from grace', as it were, is that Japan used to be the undisputed king of games, world-wide. Now we have legendary publishers like Square-Enix and Capcom apparently struggling to put out games with the same global appeal. To be fair, most US games don't do that well here; however if you consider that the domestic market is only going to continue to get smaller, Japanese developers and publishers need to make a choice: who to serve, and how? For publicly traded companies, focusing on only the Japanese market may not be an option because your shareholders expect a certain (and likely unrealistic) level of annual growth. It would follow then, that Japanese game makers need to get a grip on what audiences outside of Japan want. For Gree however, well from what I can tell they are looking abroad, but the devs making games for them are likely going to run into similar problems -in terms of both western tastes and platforms.

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