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Posted in: FSA steps up scrutiny of banks to fight dirty money See in context

Probably a lot of shifty money transfers abound including politicians. The recent Moritomo Gakuen scandal reeks of suspect political money "transfers."

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Posted in: Japanese high school students fail to meet English proficiency target See in context

It's the economy, stupid! No, seriously. Why do other Asian countries seem to do better at English than Japan? Why are Kyoto Obaachan shop owners suddenly studying and speaking more English? Money and the promise of profit. I met a man with an 8th grade education in Indonesia who spoke nearly perfect English. Why? Because he felt he needed to learn to get a good job in the service industry. Until the Japanese youth are encouraged to embrace English (i.e. people stop saying English is too hard for Japanese to learn - BS!), when there's demonstrable proof that learning and using English WILL get you a better job with better pay, the Japanese will continue to just shrug their collective shoulders and implement yet another textbook, workshop, way of team teaching, etc.

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Posted in: 40% of young Japanese single adults are virgins: poll See in context

I think it has a lot to do with shame and economics. The genders are often separated to an extent in schools. Maintaining a good reputation is paramount to all Japanese, particularly women. If a woman has a bad rep or even sometimes, not a virgin, some may find it hard to get married. As for the men, there's a huge amount of pressure on them to provide for a family as the nostalgic dream of married life is still alive and well in many minds of Japanese women: A house, car, 1-2 kids, juku, sports, vacations, etc. For a young man in today's stagnant job market, NO WAY! That's why, I feel, there are so many so called, "herbivore" men. It's hard enough to keep your head afloat single, navigating the P/T フリター lifestyle. And of course, with the Internet, one's needs can be taken care of with relative ease and then it's back to the video games or all-you-can-eat dessert buffet!

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Posted in: Pair black beans with sweet potatoes for a glorious salad See in context

Sounds awesome!

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Posted in: Man arrested for killing 16-year-old girl in Yokohama guesthouse See in context

@sensei258 The answer to why she was dating someone old enough to be her father is in your statement.

She wanted a new Louis Vuitton bag for compensated dating him, he said no, she threatened to tell, he killed her.

Blah Blah don't blame the victim but WTF was doing dating a guy old enough to be her father?

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Posted in: How come Japan has never demanded an official apology from any U.S. government for the dropping of atomic bombs on two of its cities? In fact, why don't Japanese hate America for dropping the bombs? See in context

The fire bombings of Tokyo killed more people and were just as horrific. No memorial or slight mention of those events.

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Posted in: Two 8-year-old boys drown after falling into lake at Gifu golf course See in context

They need to look at the design of the man-made lake. Are the banks too steep to crawl out? That could've been the problem. A water hazard on a golf course should just be deep enough for the ball to fall in for a score penalty, not a fatality.

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Posted in: Prosecutors indict vagina artist on obscenity charges See in context

Kanamara Matsuri? Google it.

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Posted in: Hashimoto cancels trip to U.S. See in context

Despite what cynics will say, he serves at the behest of the people. He won't step down but could be forced out if enough people demanded it. However, I haven't seen any outrage by the Japanese people, in particular women. So, he'll continue to serve the great people of Osaka and may one day ascend to a higher office.

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Posted in: Beta males rejoice! 77% of women say geeky 'otaku' A-OK See in context

It's just a numbers game. The few Alpha males pick the few Alpha females leaving the larger percentage of women to fight over the scraps.

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Posted in: Kirin opens flagship beer hall in Tokyo until July 31 See in context

Kirin is good beer. Good luck with this new venture! I wish it were easier to buy and drink foreign beer here as it is everywhere else in the world (outside of Tokyo and the larger cities).

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Posted in: Japanese role in French Pacific outpost recognised at last See in context

Japanese love to play the victim role, but hate to apologize for those they victimized. It didn't happen, see? It's not in the history books.

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Posted in: Shinzo Abe: Comeback kid with conservative agenda See in context

Good campaigner (read: deliverer of party sound bites), terrible leader.

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Posted in: Sex counselor seeks explanations for waning co-ed promiscuity See in context

This just in, Japan's birth rates plunges yet again and the total decimation of the Japanese race has been pushed up to 2042, 50 years earlier than previously expected! Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow!

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Posted in: Japanese husband and Nissan go all out to give wife anniversary surprise of a lifetime See in context

She's very lucky to have him as a husband. He seems super cool! That took a lot for him, or anyone, to pull that off and to join in at the end and dance along with everyone with a beaming smile! The parents also seem very jolly, not as reserved as you might expect from Japanese! The end was awesome, the photo sent to her keitai. The wife's response was typical of Japanese, pretending surprise all the way up to the end and beyond, "Why is everyone here? Why are you doing this?" God, just be happy and say so! She'll probably scold her husband later for embarrassing her in public. My J-wife's like that, every time I've planned a surprise, she goes stone cold emotionally. Just can't seem to handle the well of emotions that come up. I've stopped 'cause it's no fun anymore.

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Posted in: NHK announcer Morimoto arrested for groping woman in train See in context

Ever since the false accusation story that happened just a few years ago where a young woman and male counterpart planned and accused a father and working man of chikan, where he spent some time in prison before she confessed, I've followed the advice of how to avoid this:

Keep both hands up on the straps, face away from women if possible. If men would put themselves in women's shoes every now and then and wonder what it must be like to be stalked, gawked, preyed upon, followed, etc. they might get an idea of how unsettling and sometimes scary living like that can be. They might take extra measures to quietly reassure women that they're safe. For example, avoid following to close behind a woman, particularly going up stairs or switch sides of the stairwell or sidewalk, pass or slow down so she doesn't feel she's being followed/stalked. Call it ridiculous, but I've done the above exercise and didn't like how it made me feel.

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Posted in: Life Fitness Japan See in context

Tokyo, schmokyo! For those of us who live in inaka...I pay 2250/month for a tiny room with one universal machine and three treadmills. The hours are not as convenient as a city gym (10 - 12:30; 1:30 - 9), but I make due. Also houses an "Olympic" size pool which I use 1x/week for an xtra 520 yen. I miss gyms back home (The U.S. for me), open 24h (or at least 6 a.m. - 11 p.m.), affordable, with machines and free weights galore. When I tell people that I would get a swim in at 6 a.m. before work, they don't believe me. AND, my membership back home was subsidized by my employer to promote healthy living. So, I only paid UD$10/month! (Planet Fitness)

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Posted in: Japanese teen gets 6 months for marijuana use in Bali See in context


I think young people should watch Midnight Express before travelling abroad.

Agreed. Good movie. In that movie, he was actively trying to smuggle kilos of hash. Another good movie based on a true story is Return to Paradise which took place in Indonesia. The tourist was busted for drugs he and his fiends bought for personal use. Tragic story.

I was offered drugs in Bali by a friendly sort and said, no thanks. I've heard that natives will sell it to you and then turn you in for a reward or out of hatred of foreigners.

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Posted in: Schoolboy with MLB designs upsets Japan baseball establishment See in context

“This could lead to the hollowing out of Japanese professional baseball,”

A few players out of hundreds is not a drain. There are still a lot of talented baseball players left in Japan.

the youngster needed time to develop his talents

...and this can only be done in Japan? What?!

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Posted in: 'Free Pussy Riot' written in blood above murdered women See in context

No, I severely doubt supporters of these women would murder an elderly woman and then use her blood to write a message. That's diabolic! Much more plausible is Putin's agents did it in an attempt to sway public (and international )opinion against the jailed women. No other words other than diabolic.

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Posted in: 20,000 sign online petition for flight upgrade for Nadeshiko Japan See in context

Here's the logical thing to do, and the first thing I would do as a male: give up my seat to the ladies. Without hesitation.

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Posted in: Woodford agrees to out-of-court settlement with Olympus See in context

Olympus said Woodford was sacked because the 30-year company veteran failed to understand its management style and Japanese culture.

Is one of Japan's favorite excuses. You just don't understand Japanese culture. You're not Japanese. You lived overseas for one year and are therefore no longer 100% Japanese.

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Posted in: Chocolate Cookie Crumble Frappuccino with White Chocolate Pudding See in context

Anyone notice the metabolic creep happening in Japanese? Compared to 10 years ago, they're getting plumper. In another 10, with heavy caloric offerings like the one highlighted in this article, they'll look like present-day US of A.

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Posted in: Korean idol enrages Japanese netizens by eating instant noodles from the pot See in context

As I read this, I'm listening to the people around me slurp their coffees, teas and food. The men will eat too fast and occasionally have to suck in air to cool the hot food. Some will engage in conversation, their mouths full of food, kernels of rice jettisoning out as they do. I guess it's a cultural thing.

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Posted in: Six things that foreigners feel are overpriced in Japan See in context

A six pack of Asahi Super Dry in the U.S. IN BOTTLES!! ~ $8. Here in Japan, 1140 yen (~US$14.25). In fact, most competitor beers are priced the same here. Price fixin'?!! Overpriced? Yes. This is the domestic market and NO, I don't feel like I get superior service when I pick up the six pack up off the shelf in the supermarket. I switched to Asahi Clear a long time ago. Same taste. Same buzz. Half the cost.

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Posted in: American father wins custody of daughter taken to Japan See in context

I'm sure they cut a deal with the Inoue family: (To the grandparents): Return the child according to the court's custody ruling and we'll send your daughter home to Japan. The more you delay, the longer she stays in detention. And, if you haven't read anything on immigration detention in the U.S., some people are held a looooooonnng time before anything is resolved. A very gray area in the justice system. I'm happy about this case. I'm glad the computer system alerted immigration officials when she entered the U.S. I can understand why she felt she needed to maintain her U.S. residency status. Once it's lost, you can't reapply for 10 years (my wife was also concerned about this). She rolled the dice and got caught. I'm sure the daughter will adjust eventually. If he's a decent physician, he'll have enough resources to make her a comfortable, nurturing home. Hopefully there's an extended family nearby for additional support.

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Posted in: Olympus scandal indirectly linked to yakuza: report See in context

Of course other Japanese companies, both large and small are cooking books. First of all, it's an international trend to stay competitive, keep the shareholders happy and keep getting overpaid. The ONLY reason Olympus got caught and we're reading about this is because Woodford blew the whistle. AND, he was in a position to be able to supply records to outside, international agencies, like the FBI. I also agree that he is not safe here in Japan. Let's not forget the former Nagasaki mayor who got shot point blank from behind not too long ago.

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Posted in: Pachinko: Japan's lifesaver or time waster? See in context

All the cars parked at our local pachinko parlor(s) are old and run-down. Tell you something about how much money you can make playing? If a nice car does pull in, it's probably the thief, I mean owner.

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Posted in: Australian foreign minister fights for his Vegemite in U.S. See in context

My vote's for Marmite as well. Yummy!

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Posted in: Yuko Ogura loses legal fight to block publication of photobook See in context

@smithonjapan, it's, "you reap what you sow."

Unless you wanted to say, "You rip what you sew!" (^-^)/

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