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Posted in: Asian, Asian-American heroes to power Marvel comics series See in context

Kids don't idolize super heros because of their color or race. They like them because of their super powers.

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Posted in: Asian, Asian-American heroes to power Marvel comics series See in context

This is dumb. So gimmicky and shallow.

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Posted in: Speculation rife over whether Abe will go ahead with sales tax hike See in context

In addition, consumers will be offered incentives if they pay using cashless methods, as Japan seeks to wean itself off paper money.

Dont give up your paper money. Once you do that the government can control every aspect of your life

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Posted in: S Korea to carefully review Japan arbitration call on wartime labor See in context

I can't believe the Japanese government even sent a letter. Just ignore these people. It's all just propaganda for South Koreans so they don't revolt against their own government.

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Posted in: Japan's economy expands for 2nd straight quarter See in context

If this is anywhere near true than Japan would be the world's number one economy if they didn't raise the tax to 8 percent.

(Protip: it's not)1

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Posted in: Japanese firms getting serious about food waste; households lag behind See in context

How are they gonna slash food waste at home?

I smell a tax scheme. Not fair for people who eat their left overs.

Come to think of it, leftovers is staple in Japanese family culture. Something seems off.

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Posted in: Japan lifts age restrictions on U.S. beef imports See in context

Still illegal to bring american Beef jerky into Japan? Asking for a friend.

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Posted in: Trump lifts tariffs on Mexico, Canada; delays auto tariffs See in context

Commentors should read the article before spewing your hate against America. The reasons for rolling back the tariffs are clearly stated and make sense.

Dont let your bias get the best of you.

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Posted in: Abe's ex-adviser opposes tax hike; fears economic crisis See in context

The first tax hike was a bad idea and so will a second one. If they didn't raise the rate to 8 percent before I think Japan would of turned to a booming economy.

Most companies still have not given raises to Japanese workers since the last tax hike; if they did it, the raise would not match their previous PP due to the hike.

One more hike and the arcades will be more empty, people will stop eating out businesses will go bust and the only way to sell products cheaper is to use food substitutes and smaller portions like last tax hike. The government is literally making Japanese food products and drinks crappier as they have done with beer; creating happoshu and 2dai beer.

Cut spending already.

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Posted in: Japan's child population falls for 38th year, hitting postwar low See in context

People dont have babies here because Japanese society forces parents to do so many extra activites; it's overbearing with ptas, kodomokais, local town maturis and cleaning duty, mothers are expected to sew all their kids clothes and makes special things for their kids and correct their kids homework and so on. They won't even leave you alone on Sundays or holidays. All these extra jobs makes parents stop at having one kid maybe two. I got 3 and we're busy all the time. Plus the non-baby sitting culture leaves no time for mom's and dads to even have a life. No government programs will fix

this problem, it's a societial problem. They make it really hard on themselves.

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Posted in: Trump says he did not raise election meddling with Putin in phone call See in context

The envy of the world!

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Posted in: Abe, Trudeau extol Pacific trade pact without U.S. See in context

Shimon Masada is on the money.

People are more concerned about how trump and the us relate to all this, when no one is actually discussing the deal itself or if it really is in their people's favor.

Even the article is written in a way with puns included and a "screw you America" attitude. The deal wasn't made in defiance to trump and America. It's ridiculous to even insinuate that. But they know people will support it if they give it an anti-trump color to it, instead of reporting on what are in these "free trade" agreements.

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Posted in: Abe, Trudeau extol Pacific trade pact without U.S. See in context

The President of the United States doesn't care because the top was a scam and an unfair trade deal for the US. The TPP creates a new entity that decides what free trade is not the sovereign nation. They can trumpet the deal all they want the USA is doing just fine without it; just look at recent economic statistics of the USA.

Have said that, I wish the best for Canada and Japan. I hope their economies grow a well and people of all nation's reap the benefits from capitalism. To the stars and beyond, Team Human!

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Posted in: Climate protests disrupt London's bustling financial hub See in context

1 nothing to do with Japan.

2 looks like a crowd of about 10 people

3 they should protest in Beijing. Pollution from their coming to Japan is getting unbearable

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Posted in: Japan's 10-day break to fete new emperor may breathe life into economy See in context

I didn't want this holiday because I knew I'll just waste money.

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Posted in: Convenience stores want you to be honest and request to pay higher sales tax rate See in context

I hate government.

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Posted in: U.S. to sanction 5 nations, including Japan, if they import Iranian oil See in context

Or Japan can reduce it's tax on gas which is nearly 50% of the total price.

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Posted in: Consumption tax hike may be delayed depending on June data: PM aide See in context

Cut spending, cut government jobs, cut sales tax. You'll get workers for the private market and inflation. 2 things Japan needs.

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Posted in: Half of foreigners in Tokyo have experienced discrimination: survey See in context

Zichi. That's the real Japan. There's sometimes some renters that might be jerks but you don't need to shop with them. There are plenty of others that are willing to take your money.

This article is such a non issue it makes me made that they are trying to stir something up.

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Posted in: OECD says Japan's consumption tax rate should be more than doubled See in context

Just because an organization has an acronym, it does not mean they know what they are talking about.

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Posted in: Lower house OKs free preschool education bill See in context

Japan is doomed. Everything can't be free. Way too much social welfare going out.

And just as I suspected. They say the need to raise sales tax because of the pension system and debt but they didn't even get the money yet and their already making new programs to speed the supposed increase in revenue. They just can't stop spending money.

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Posted in: S Korean media criticize use of industrialist's image on new Japanese banknote See in context

Why is this news? Korea is always complaining about everything Japan does. It's akin to saying the sky is blue. 無視!

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Posted in: Pair of mangoes goes for record ¥500,000 at season's first auction See in context

Tis is what happens when you're rich and give your wife your salary.

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Posted in: Mueller submits Trump-Russia inquiry report to U.S. attorney general See in context

Man it's really interesting to see all the commenters that kept citing the Mueller report committee coming out and the end trump. Maybe there's a chance for you guys to realize trump was right, no collusion; witch hunt?

Maybe you can all calm down a bit on the bias Japan today.

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Posted in: Trump slammed for silence on white supremacist threat See in context

This terrorist is getting exactly what he wanted. The left projecting his actions on to trump and trump supporters when actually in his manifesto he's an eco fascist and wanted this terrorist attack to cause civil unrest and more violence.

Please stop projecting terrorist garbage on to the president of the United States. Really shameful.

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Posted in: Japan exports fall for 3rd straight month on waning external demand See in context

@tokyo-engr the money from the tax increase will just be used to inflate Japan's debt as they add more social programs and build more useless stuff. The problem is the spending; not the amount of rev they get from sales taxes. They won't use that tax for the pensioners. They just use that talking point to get the pensioners on their side. Even though they will be having to pay more for goods.

They need to cut all welfare programs and cut all money to every prefecture by at least 10 percent. The prefecture s always use that money to build useless buildings that no one asked for that require useless staff that are taken out of the real work force. Cutting these public jobs would also fix the labor shortage problem.

3rd would be to actually reduce the tax so people have more money to spend and than the government would get their inflation that they wanted for so long.

I don't understand why these politicians don't understand these concepts. Maybe because they live in a bubble.

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Posted in: Gov’t plans to use facial recognition system to help prevent gambling addiction See in context

Pachinko parlors already use facial recognition to game it's users for years.

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Posted in: Trump says he would be 'very disappointed' in Kim if reports about N Korea launch site true See in context

I glad the president can question America's intelligence agencies. They lied plenty of times to get us into war. Like wmds and babies in incubators thrown on the floor and the gulf of Tonkin. Just to name a few.

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Posted in: Japan looks to allow NHK to start simultaneous online streaming See in context

If you have no antenna they can't collect.

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Posted in: Trump's ex-fixer Cohen to give new Russia details to Congress See in context

This guy is just trying to get an easier sentence.

So much hate from the comment section as always, but it doesn't matter half of you don't vote and the other half can't even vote.

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