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Posted in: Daughter of former SMAP star Takuya Kimura becomes a model in Japan See in context

Why is everyone so jealous? Were you all challenging a career in modeling and couldn't get it because your parents weren't cool enough?

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Posted in: Sales tax cut emerging as option as gov't battles coronavirus fallout See in context

If they are gonna do it, they better o it fast. The longer they hang the idea out the longer people will wait to buy things as they will think it might be cheaper in the future.

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Posted in: Police investigate man who wanted to 'spread' virus, after woman infected See in context

This is only get people to beg for more medical tyranny.

Wat a jerk

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Posted in: Japan's economy shrinks 7% in last quarter See in context

Funny how the article doesn't mention the sales tax hike as one of the factors brining the economy down last quarter. Pre-corona.

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Posted in: China reports rise in imported virus cases See in context

Great propaganda for the people of china. Not working for the rest of the world. China trying to blame everyone else for their own release of a bioweapon. Shut down all bvl4 facilities now. And stop buying from China. Tax breaks for companies that make products with all parts in Japan. I'm done with their pm 2.5 and holding the world's economy hostage. Down with China.

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Posted in: Japan reports first coronavirus death; 3 others, including doctor test positive See in context

Sunshine, exercise, good food, vitamins, drink enough water, get plenty of rest. Make sure you have enough food stock incase of a panic. Corona is here and we are all going to have to deal with it.

Just hope there is enough care for all the sick people next week and into the year.

Olympics is over. Possible Japans economy will collapse too. Too bad. I liked this place.

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Posted in: Japanese prosecutors hit back at Ghosn's '8 hours of questions' claim See in context


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Posted in: 'Hostage justice?' Japan fights back with an internet FAQ See in context

In Japan, it is the prosecutors who decide whether or not to bring an indictment. According to the most recent statistics, the indictment rate is 37% (a figure obtained by dividing the number of indicted persons by the total number of indicted persons and non-indicted persons in all suspected criminal cases). The “conviction rate of more than 99%” represents the proportion of convicted persons divided by the number of indicted persons, i.e. those within the 37% rate mentioned above.

 In order to avoid imposing an undue burden on innocent people for being involved in a trial, prosecutors, in practice, bring indictments only if there is a high probability of obtaining a conviction based on adequate evidence.

 It is therefore fair to assume that the high conviction rate is a reflection of such practices.

=Guilty until proven innocent.

This faq is a failed attempt at propaganda. How deep will they dig their hole?

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Posted in: 'Hostage justice?' Japan fights back with an internet FAQ See in context

When reading this faq, word comes to mind. わがまま。

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Posted in: 'Hostage justice?' Japan fights back with an internet FAQ See in context

The faq is like a fat person saying "you can't call me fat because that statement is not accurate"

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Posted in: Kagawa politicians want to set daily limit on how much time kids can spend playing video games See in context


Unfortunately prefectual governments have no authority over the center test. They can only choose where the location of the test. The Japanese system gives little power to the local governments. That's why they do wasteful stuff like this. Their only real job is land and street management and building useless buildings and statues, making sure they use all of their budget so Tokyo doesn't cut it the next year.

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Posted in: Kagawa politicians want to set daily limit on how much time kids can spend playing video games See in context

They have not authority over this. What a ridiculous waste of time.

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Posted in: Oct tax hike not sufficient to boost Japan finances See in context

High taxes and money moves slower, that 10 percent doesn't do much. Lower taxes and money moves faster causing people to spend more on consumption tax.

When people have more money in their pockets, it circulates more.

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Posted in: Japan's current account surplus rises 38% See in context


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Posted in: Japan's current account surplus rises 38% See in context

If imports fell more, doesn't mean it's an internal problem and people don't have as much exposible income because of the tax increase?

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Posted in: Gov't compiles ¥26 tril stimulus package to prop up economy See in context

These article are great. The socialist commenters start to embrace capitalism once they realize big government and more taxes historically lower living standards. Living through it.

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Posted in: White House handling of U.S.-Japan trade deal angers Democrats See in context

They can complain all they want. They gave that power to be apart of trade deals a while ago.

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Posted in: Pelosi says Trump’s Ukraine actions amount to ‘bribery’ See in context

Really going for broke.

Bunch of repeaters.

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Posted in: Public hearings in Trump impeachment probe set to begin See in context


Joe Biden threatened to withhold US funding if the Ukraine government didn't fire the prosecutor that was investigating his son. The prosecutor was fired


Joe bidens son, Hunter biden never attended a board meeting once when head of the ukraining energy company though he received thousands of dollars.

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Posted in: Public hearings in Trump impeachment probe set to begin See in context


I was only responding to ptownsend s comment about campaign financing. And you go on this Hillary tangent. The Dems lost because the super delegate s disenfranchised the Democratic voter and chose unwisely. And this year your choices are very weak. You can't run on hate trump with no policy points. It didn't work here for the hate Abe strategy either. This is why this impeachment is going on. It was going on from seating the delegates to purging any pro trump policy maker to supporters to the muller thing. It's like you never stops screaming since you lost.

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Posted in: Japan offers explanation of 'rising sun' flag in Korean See in context

Remember when Japan changed all the buddhist sun power symbols on maps that represented temples, well....

Double standards.

Why couldn't Japan explain that the symbol had nothing to do with the third Reich?

If anything the flag of the empire of Japan has much more impact than a Buddhist sun symbol, at least for Asian.

Saying that, I don't endores any of this banning symbols nonsense.

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Posted in: Firms say Oct tax hike impact milder than 2014 increase See in context


Restaurants have become expensive. The small local restaurant culture will disappear. Only major chains what can buy in bulk and keep prices down will be able to survive.

I went out to my one of my local places and the beers were smaller and everyone's bill was so high. I can't afford to spend that much just for a night out.

It's pretty sad but I think the young generation will be partying at home more. And more staff are going to be reluctant to go to nomikais.

Japan really messed up the one thing that made it great. Their restaurants!

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Posted in: Firms say Oct tax hike impact milder than 2014 increase See in context

Fake news. Just wait till next month when there is no rugby cup and Japanese people realize their wallets have shrinked.

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Posted in: Abe pushes for serious debate on constitution as Diet session begins See in context

Great news. I hope Japan can get it's army back. China has basically became 1930s Japan. They need to be put back in their place.

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Posted in: Women treated as eye candy in films even when they play leaders, finds study See in context

So men in those comic book movies not? What's wrong with appreciating the female or male body. We are all human.

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Posted in: Japan says China bigger threat than nuclear-armed N Korea See in context

Japan needs an army to balance the power in this region


Hong Kong, Taiwan, Uyghurs, Tibet along with many other nations would strongly disagree with you.

China is not interested in your idealisms.

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Posted in: South Korea calls for ban of 'rising sun' flag at 2020 Olympics See in context

Im not gonna lie. It's a way cooler looking flag than the one they get now. And I do think tshirts with the design look cool.

Germany wanted an ethno state, where Japan wanted to unite Asian under their rule. So it's a bit different.

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Posted in: Japan-S Korea spat an economic lose-lose for both countries See in context

So much fake news. Japan blocked export on dangerous materials to South Korea because they're internal controls on those substances were not being monitored and being sold on the black market. The ww2 crap is Korea's excuse for their incompetence. It's like equivalent to calling someone a racist when you don't agree with them; it's defamation and only used to keep their population inline, a propaganda tool to keep the Korean people from rising against their corrupt government by the constant raising of ghost of the past. It's all so tiresome.

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Posted in: U.S. labels China a currency manipulator; China halts U.S. farm purchases See in context

Article missing important point: China wanted to renegotiate the deal that they already agreed upon.

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Posted in: Moon calls for 'peace economy' with N Korea; slams Japan See in context

I hope it happens. Japan will have to grow some, build an army and become competitive in the tech market.

Japan will also have to play nice to get access to that new nk market. You know the USA wants it. Good play moon. Even though I can't stand you, it's a good move. Shake it up.

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