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Posted in: King coal rules for power utilities in Japan See in context

People want to eat their cake and have it too. Japan needs energy. If you live in Japan your going to have to settle for coal or nuclear. It's just the way it is until green energies (if ever) become more viable.

Also the government is changing the law for the solar panel energy mandatory buying for electric companies because it's forcing the electric companies to raise prices on people who can't afford the panels. So these schemes to make people go green usually end up hurting the people financially. And people will need the money especially with the sales tax increase.

Coal is the reasonable answer for Japan atm and their coal power plants are much more cleaner than China or India. Maybe people should demand those countries add scrubbers to their coal power plants rather than obsessing on co2. We can prove the pollution coming from those plants are cancer causing and unhealthy at least.

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Posted in: Ratio of women in parliament brought into focus in Japan's election See in context

Can't people just run on policy rather than what they got between their legs?

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Posted in: Calls for boycott of Japan grow in S Korea as labor row simmers See in context

I agree with thepersoniamnow. Looks too flashing and few people. Staged for sure.

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Posted in: Abe says no need to raise sales tax beyond 10% for decade See in context

I believe the debate was whether or not to raise it to 10 percent in October. Not about 10 years.

Japanese politicians trying to change the debate. Funny thing is, it usually works.

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Posted in: Hoping to boost spending, Japan tries to sell shoppers on cashless purchases See in context

This is news propaganda. I don't buy it. (pun intended)

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Posted in: Japanese companies' inflation expectations stagnate See in context

Can these article please stop blaming everything on the US and China. Inflation has been stagnent and economy flat for decades.

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Posted in: TOEIC drops out of Japan's new university entrance exam See in context

This is the result of Japanese bureaucracy love for paperwork and long drawn out application procedures. Good on TOEIC for not standing for it.

I teach University professors to doctors and they all say the same thing. The government paperwork increases and changes all the time and it becomes half of their job to satisfy the system.

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Posted in: Uighur leader urges G20 pressure to end China's 'genocide' See in context

PTownsend. Interesting concept of culture DNA. Mao killed over 60 million people who would rejected the communist dictatorial rule. Maybe he was able to alter Chinese dna by the mass death. Not only the the Chinese people been under rule of some faction for thousands of years.

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Posted in: Trump jokes to Putin: 'Don't meddle in the election, please' See in context

This is not really a key issue, as the media would like everyone to think it is. As an American I just want to see peace an prosperity between the two nations, but the Democrat media keeps this narrative going and as it continues the IQ of the nation goes down.

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Posted in: Man who shared NZ mosque shooting video gets 21 months in prison See in context

Your either for free speech or against free speech. I watched the video. I did not think it was awesome. By the logic the nz courts the video of the JFK assassination should be banned. If someone said that video was awesome should they be jailed? Free speech is not sometimes yes but sometimes no.

I guess American ideas are not for everyone.

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Posted in: X Japan’s Yoshiki apologizes for having dinner with Jackie Chan See in context

Im pretty sure Jacki Chan wouldn't be able to step foot in China if he was out spoken against the Chinese government. Anyway he's just and actor, their opinions should be held with a grain of salt.

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Posted in: G20 to tackle ocean plastic waste as petrochemical producers expand in Asia See in context

Tackling plastic pollution became more of a global priority after China, which had been accepting a hefty chunk of the world's waste, banned imports at the start of 2018.

For once China does the right thing.

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Posted in: G20 to tackle ocean plastic waste as petrochemical producers expand in Asia See in context

Japan definitely uses way too much plastic in their packaging. It's a bit of a racket and half the time I feel like I'm paying more for the plastic than the product. Every snack here is wrapped in plastic placed on a plastic tray and wrapped and plastic again. Even the fruit is wrapped in it. It's over the top.

And I also have a suspicion that it's causing the stomach cancer to rise in this country. Everyone eats out of plastic bentous plastic bottles plastic snack packs, plastic is used to keep things organized; Good luck finding a glass pitcher in this country.

I could do with less of it.

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Posted in: Gov't rejects ¥20 mil savings estimate for those living to 95 See in context

60 to 95. Wow that's a long time to be sitting on welfare. I don't mind if they change retirement to 65. I'll be working till I die.

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Posted in: 22-month-old girl dies after being hit by car driven by father See in context

Im starting to wonder if there are more car accidents recently or they're just being reported more in main stream news. Is there an agenda afloat?

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Posted in: Singer Ayumi Hamasaki criticized by fans for 'inappropriate' Instagram picture See in context

Why am I reading this?

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Posted in: Japan to ban free plastic bags at stores to fight marine pollution See in context

Its just another scam to make more money. Cheapos

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Posted in: Japan to ban free plastic bags at stores to fight marine pollution See in context

This is dumb because it's not even Japan dumping plastic in the ocean. It's other countries


Its the same thing with reducing carbon admissions for "climate change". China spews dirty coal into the air; we get all this pm2.5 cancer causing pollution but no one talks about it.

Instead of banning bags Japan needs to point the finger at China more. And start doing some diplomacy to get China to put some regulations on the pollution. It's not fair.

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Posted in: Ex-top farm ministry official says Kawasaki attack prompted his murder of son See in context

Terrible. His own son.

This man's generation created this hikikomori types by being too over protecting. Now Japan has a generation of selfish self centered mentally unstable adult children.

Dont let your kids be a lazy parasite. Kick them out of the house. And why put up with an abusive son who leeches off you.

Its called tough love.

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Posted in: China says trade war 'has not made America great again' See in context

Sounds more like a temper tantrum to me.

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Posted in: Calbee to extend potato chips best-before use date by 2 months See in context

Calbee has accredited its products’ prolonged shelf life to improvements in the manufacturing process and the cooking oil used in frying potato chips

Is that a nice way to say there's more preservatives and chemicals in it??

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Posted in: Japan's factory output rebounds, but retail sales slow as trade war risks grow See in context

Its only up because of Huawei. They are order chips as much as possible to stock up before the ban starts in July. After that production will drop.

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Posted in: Trump's red carpet visit gives Japan respite on trade, but pressure stays See in context

This was a great visit and I'm so glad America and Japan have such a great relationship. Makes me proud!

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Posted in: Abe says he is outraged over stabbing rampage See in context

Paradox box is probably right. The police must have had a record of this guy's behavior. You don't just go from 0 to 10 out of no where.

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Posted in: Abe says he is outraged over stabbing rampage See in context

Yaburu. You can't blame the economy and job opportunities on this. This guy was a maniac and needed to be in an asylum. He was mentally Ill.

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Posted in: Sputtering economy creates uncertainty over Abe's tax hike plan See in context

Disillusion is right. Olympics was a terrible idea and will cost everyone dearly.

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Posted in: Sputtering economy creates uncertainty over Abe's tax hike plan See in context

I wish they would stop blaming it on the USA and China. Japans economy has been on halt since the 90s and has never changed. It ridiculous. Plus they probably did it to themselves when they first implemented the sales tax for the first time. If they never added a sales tax maybe the economy would of been number 1.

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Posted in: 16 schoolgirls, 2 adults stabbed in rampage in Kawasaki; 1 child, 1 man dead See in context

more mental hospitals please. It's not the knife that attacked the children but the mind behind the knife.

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Posted in: Asian, Asian-American heroes to power Marvel comics series See in context

Kids don't idolize super heros because of their color or race. They like them because of their super powers.

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Posted in: Asian, Asian-American heroes to power Marvel comics series See in context

This is dumb. So gimmicky and shallow.

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