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Posted in: Jesus Christ lived in Aomori - really? See in context

wikipedia. great source. one who hates jews couldn't have worshipped a jew. it's just logic.

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Posted in: Malaysia arrests 9 Christians for trying to convert Muslims See in context

JoeBigs at 05:46 AM JST - 16th July At the same time it does not give any religion the right to go door to door and nation to nation trying to convert the people. That is very insulting to the people of that nations faith. The ball swing both ways.

As a Catholic who used to live in a predominantly Catholic neighborhood, I faced almost daily bombardment of religious propaganda from Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons and Born-Again Christians trying to make me a "Christian" (as if I am not already). But I never felt offended nor slighted. Their persistence is an annoyance, not an imposition, which is easily addressed by two words from me, "I'm busy," or "Not interested," or just by not opening the door. So it's hard to understand that countries like Malaysia needs an actual law to discourage and criminalize proselytizing. It's an act of insecurity, as if there's something nasty about their native religion that they are trying to hide.

Yudaair, my friend, I congratulate you for your eloquence and intelligence. Far from an irrational fundamentalist, you have an understanding of other cultures and religions and it is obvious that you have high respect for them. That alone makes you a valuable member of this discussion. But you need to admit, that such ridiculous laws as the one subject of the article makes your country a backward one, in league with Apartheid S. Africa and Nazi Germany. A government that imposes such a rule has a siege mentality, the same mentality that leads terrorists to (wrongly) feel that Islam is under threat hence they have the right to kill innocent people in its name. #

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Posted in: Malaysia arrests 9 Christians for trying to convert Muslims See in context

Alphaape at 05:05 PM JST - 15th July

Too bad. And I thought Malaysia was a moderate Muslim nation. It is one thing to go around and try to force convert someone to your religion, which I am sad to say has happened to some people by both Christians and Muslims. But, to deny a person who wants to change their religons the right to do so to me seems a bit extreme.

Even if you look in Italy, home of the Roman Catholic church you don't have such measures in place. So much for the "religion of peace."

Yes, and in Rome (capital of Catholicism), there are Mosques. Now see if there are any churches in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. The answer is zilch, zero, none. A non-Muslim could not even step on that city.

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Posted in: Yakuza hard hit by economic downturn See in context

beware of d sarariman missing a finger....

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Posted in: Cheney backs Limbaugh over Powell See in context

Hey guys, you're wasting energy here. The propriety of Bush-Cheney's conduct in the War on Terror is not for US NOW to judge, but for history; years from now when the Long War has been won or lost or when the U.S. continues to thrive as a nation or has broken up, destroyed and defeated, when historians will pause and ponder, "maybe they should've/shouldn't've water-boarded those terrorists." But now, the discussion is pointless, since any side could be right or wrong without the benefit of hindsight. Kind of like debating in August 1945 whether it's correct to drop the Atom bombs in Japan. A leader just has to do what he thinks is right and if he's wrong, there's the mockery of the whole of human civilization as a reward. It's pointless to summon the founding fathers either, SezWho2, since I doubt if they had a stand on water-boarding or torture, at a time when Duels were considered honorable and slaves were regarded as only three-fifths of a man.

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Posted in: Science friction: Howard, Hanks examine faith vs science conflict See in context

So it's science and history over faith. Let's start by writing a book full of historical errors and sensationalizes everything from Jesus to the Opus Dei, both of whom actually are "BORING" if you disregard Brown. It's not about science or history or religion. This is just Brown and Hollywood trying to make a buck and liberals trying to push their agenda. Christianity is just an easy target because it is now a passive religion. That is why no Brown book nor a Howard movie about a certain Prophet of a certain MidEast religion is forthcoming anytime soon.

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Posted in: Angels & Demons See in context

Referring to the backlash from the Vatican and religious fundamentalists over the film version of Dan Brown’s book, Howard says the world needs both faith and science. Both he and Hanks urged everyone not to accept at face value rigid dogma from governments and religions, but use their intellect to question everything.

Yeah. Sloppy historical research, sensationalisms and inaccuracies all over the Da Vinci Code are the way to go. DVC by the way is an "intellectual" novel. What Liberal BS! Read Umberto Eco instead.

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Posted in: Iran leader's comments on Israel spark Western walkout at U.N. meeting See in context

When will the Arabs and Persians realize that they lost the War for Palestine and just move on? How do they think the whole Middle East became Muslim in the first place, by people being nice and converting everyone to Islam with a smile? The Middle East became Muslim because of War, the same reason why Palestine became Israel today. If we use the whole Muslim argument about "historical claims" etc., then Istanbul should be Christian Constantinople again, and so should Damascus, Baghdad and a whole lot of other areas there. California and Texas should be part of Mexico. Afghanistan should be Buddhist, etc. Get over it. As for Ahmadinejad, he's no different from Borat, only the latter is a lot more fun.

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Posted in: 93-year-old man 1st person to be certified as survivor of both A-bombings See in context

That must have been a really ruined week in August 1945. But what upsets me is that the guy survived TWO atomic bombs in 3 days during his 20s and he gets compensated only when he is 93? What's the money for, his retirement in his 120s?

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