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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic venue shaping up as world's costliest stadium See in context

Hmmmmm, are they sure it will be ready in time for the Olympics ? Me don't think sooooooop.

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Posted in: Emmitt Smith, Flo Rida out of Miss USA; Macy's dumps Trump See in context

He's a racist ! Let's call him for what he is... He still think that Onama is from Africa and born there.

D.T. has a one dimensional mind.

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Posted in: What do you think about online dating sites? See in context


Is the worst dating website to meet women

1) every time I meet someone, the lady doesn't have cash to pay for the meal. I have an answer to that ! Meet at a coffee shop !

Dean & Deluca or Starbucks or whatever coffee shop

Much cheaper and less of a chance of you paying her coffee

If we have intercourse or French kissing then I will pay for the meal...

2) if a woman eat faster than you or has dirty habits she will have more dirty habits when you go to her house.

3) hot women never clean their room ! If they are super hot they have a messy room with dirty underwear all over the place and bras. They make you wait outside...

4) her friends are hotter than her ! For so,e reason this always happens to me when I date a weirdo or fat chick ! Sad but this story happens quite frequently

5) never date anybody from match.com I have meet prostitutes, pay to play girls, weirdos, fat women who scoff their food down like a dog eating a milk bone and your about to grab the bone.

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Posted in: Transport ministry, train operators discuss security measures See in context

There are always sickos to ruin a good thing. Do they have a photo of what this guy looked like ?

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Posted in: Good grooming See in context

The man is obviously checking his temperature in the back.

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Posted in: New Olympics minister faces host of thorny issues See in context

They better start building now ! ! I want some hotdogs and pretzels...

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Posted in: New law aimed at curbing bicycle traffic violations, accidents goes into effect See in context

Also high schoolers and JHS kids riding three abreast !

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Posted in: 'Avengers' + 'Star Wars' = big year for Disney See in context

Saw Avengers 2

Will not spoil it but it wasn't all that !

Not that exciting

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Posted in: 'Fast and Furious' may signal America's speeding decline See in context

Saw the movie

Part Crap Part Cool Part Crap again.

Only part I liked was 15 minutes at the end of the movie...

The song no the movie went well together.

I don't know if I can watch another movie...l this movie was toooooooooooo over the top for me.

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Posted in: Philippines, Japan hold historic naval drills in flashpoint waters See in context

Great ! Good to show presence ! But that will not stop the jugganaut !

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Posted in: 2 school girls hyperventilate while being shown IS documentary See in context

Long time ago in America, KKK a domestic terrorist organization used to hang Black Americans for fun and have a BBQ and party at the town square. They have photos of this - kids, women and men having a good ole' time.

Watching black people burn on the wooden cross or hanging tree and than attend church on Sundays.....

Public Beheadings is common in the middle east. Sometimes kids will kick the severed head around and etc. laughing and joking.

I think it should be shown in schools also the kids parents should sign waivers and etc. If their kid has the stomach for it.

But it should be shown how brutal war can be. War & Terrorism is brutal....

People kill people in creative ways.... Hopefully one day, the human race will be more humane....

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Posted in: Leonard Nimoy, famous as Mr Spock on 'Star Trek,' dies at 83 See in context

Great actor !!!!

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Posted in: Abe criticizes hate speech See in context

Sad !!! Kids shouldn't see that. But adults tend to act like kids. Very wild.

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Posted in: 2 Japanese men arrested at Bangkok airport for wildlife smuggling See in context

All for the money

Sick people

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Posted in: Why do so many native English speakers (mainly Americans) wrongly use "loose" instead of "lose?" See in context

What ? I speak perfectly well, America's Best. Hahaha !

English is used differently in English speaking countries. Just like other languages. Example Spain - Mexico, Puerto Rico, Columbia, Venezula, Dominican Republic, and Philippines. Comparing Spain and other spanish speaking countries. The language is drastically taught different with some similarities.

China - Japan, Taiwain, Hong Kong and other countries that use Chinese characters.

Chinese characters - are taught, used and pronounced slightly different from the original language from China.

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Posted in: Body of naked 13-year-old boy found on riverbank in Kawasaki See in context

Need more information from police and family.

Sick individual or individuals need to be captured.

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Posted in: The No. 1 thing that foreign men find 'not so kawaii' about Japanese women See in context

Selfie photos and showing them to me.

1 is enough but having a constant bombardment of selfies is annoying. " Really how many selfies do you need ? "

You know what annoys me the most ! It is women taking to many selfies of themselves to the point I " quit " facebook and other membership sites.

I can't go out with a woman who takes over 10 self portraits a day. Can't be her boyfriend anymore. It's annoying.

I am talking about all women above the age of 21, of course they act like they are 14 or something.

And I had women's photos with the puckered lips. I am really tired of that crap.

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Posted in: Japanese high school girls on mobiles 7 hours a day: survey See in context

You know what annoys me the most ! it I s women taking to many selfies of themselves to the point I " quit " facebook and other membership sites.

I can't go out with a woman who takes over 10 self portraits a day. Can't be her boyfriend anymore. It's annoying.

I am talking about all women above the age of 21, of course they act like they are 14 or something.

And I had women's photos with the puckered lips. I am regally tired of that crap.

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Posted in: The most annoying people you’ll meet at a Japanese fitness gym See in context

The gyms in China must be worse. Very funny comments. In the locker room lots and lots of people like staring at my boo jangles.

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Posted in: Man accosts woman walking home and steals her underwear See in context

Was he Japanese ?

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Posted in: The high-end prostitutes used to close business deals See in context

“In some Arab countries, a businessman who doesn’t have a girl in his bedroom will refuse to sign a contract,” he said.


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Posted in: Romney departure resets 2016 Republican field See in context

Great news...

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Posted in: Abe wants SDF to be allowed to rescue Japanese citizens in danger See in context

A lot of video game experts and military strategists giving their expert opinions... I will be sure to watch you guys give expert advice on t.v. ( not ). Alot of armchair military advisors... Where did you guys get your training from ? West Point or Mos Burgers ? Please guys stop giving military advice.

The " Best Tactic " of all to save Japanese people's lives is to not go abroad in a war torn country. If they do they must sign a waiver. I would just advise ALL Japanese citizens if your planning any visit to a war torn country please remember you could be held hostage and die. Don't expect the random to be paid and " have a happy ending like some action movie.

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Posted in: Katy Perry dazzles at Super Bowl halftime show See in context

She's a babe !!! Great performance !

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Posted in: Do you agree with the Japanese government's decision to provide $200 million in non-military humanitarian aid for those displaced by conflict in the Middle East? See in context

No I disagree. Give money to your own people. Money doesn't buy anything. Shoving money into a country doesn't solve anything. Look it Africa. Shoving money and aid doesn't make people do anything over there because they are to dependent on aid.

Do not give money, food or aid. Actually, share intelligence with other countries. Set up a joint military task force with other foreign nations battling these terrorists.

Do not send Japanese special forces there if they do not speak English well or another foreign language.

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Posted in: Working with global community only way to fight terrorism: Abe See in context

" worse come to worst my people come first "

Only thing tactically they could have done or did was to pass the intelligence to the U.S. Government.

Going where for an rescue ? Go to where ? It's not like the gave their home address.

Only thing to insure your people will not die is to not go there.

Don't go there, don't cross the border illegally which both Japanese men did.

I stand by my comment 100%

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Posted in: From Mickey Mouse to Star Wars: The force is with Disney See in context

And Disney Theme Park tickets keep rising

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Posted in: Harrison Ford broke leg, not ankle, on 'Star Wars' set See in context

I will miss Yoda

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Posted in: American man arrested over theft of car with children in back seat See in context

Seems to me h e left a jokingly message inside the car.

It is not his real name. Rad Dude Thompson

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Posted in: 40 absent from school after outbreak of illness See in context

Hmmmm looks like school lunch Yummmy

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