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Posted in: First criminal 'revenge porn' case involving messaging app Line emerges in Japan See in context

So, Line is to blame? Its just a medium. He could have sent pics through Whats app, Skype, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

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Posted in: Abe sends offering to Yasukuni shrine, but has no plans to visit See in context

I am sick and tired of Japan's "made in his capacity as a private person" rhetoric. This is the prime minister. Upon election the elected person should know that his or her actions will never truly be private. Would it be OK for Obama, upon setting foot in Japan, to say "Japan should pay for bombing Pearl Harbor but that's only my opinion"? No! Regardless of one's personal believes the leader of a nation should always understand the consequences of their actions and how it will effect surrounding nations.

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Posted in: Virginia vote on Sea of Japan hands victory to South Koreans See in context

That will teach the Japanese to stop threatening Government officials.

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Posted in: N Korea calls Abe 'Asian Hitler' See in context

What do you mean "denounced". Is this article implicating that Abe is currently any better than Hitler?

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Posted in: Campaigners rally in Tokyo against dolphin hunting See in context

Why would anyone want to eat dolphins? They are packed with mercury, and notoriously expensive to keep as sea creature attractions. Oh and all that in humane to animal stuff.

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Posted in: Davos 'boys' club' hears call for gender quotas See in context

I welcome this quota crap, partially because I am sick and tired of women blaming men for everything wrong in the world.

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