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Posted in: Ibaraki man arrested for dangerous driving after hitting 4 people, including 2 kids See in context

Whitepocky, apparently you think there were no roads in the U.S. until the introduction of automobiles in the late 1800's. On the contrary, roads have been there since the 1600's that allowed horse and cart access within the cities. Japan just decided not to use the "block" system of access where the U.S. did.

On the contrary, I was just stating that younger nations like the US and Australia took advantage of the fact that they could PLAN their cities, unlike older nations in Europe and Asia where many towns and cities grew unorganised over a longer period of time!!

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Posted in: Nissan unveils new Skyline Crossover with enhanced parking technology See in context

The Around View Monitor system (standard on 370GT Type P/370GT FOUR Type P) includes a new Parking Guide function, which assists the driver when parking by providing a “birds-eye view” of the vehicle to help the driver see the vehicle, parking lines and obstacles. The Parking Guide can tell the driver where to begin backing in and steering with a birds-eye view and audio cues.

Is this to satisfy the copious amount of shit drivers out there who can't manage such a mundane thing as park the frigging car!!

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Posted in: Ibaraki man arrested for dangerous driving after hitting 4 people, including 2 kids See in context

this is another example of why sidewalks are a real good idea.

Your argument that 'sidewalks', a necessity in Japan, should be built in favour of other projects shows your lack of understanding for historic nations like that of Japan. Unlike the US, where the block system is prevalent, Japan, as a nation was formed much before the car. Cities here, like in Europe, that were constructed hundreds if not thousands of years ago, had to adapt to the introduction of the car. The states, on the other hand did not. For this reason, it is not always possible to add pavements to some roads.

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Posted in: NHK announcer finds herself in a big new world See in context

Anybody watching NHK news would be led to believe that Japan was the only country on earth. If she wants to learn more about world affairs, I'd say she'd do well to go abroad and not rely on NHK news - you'll end up thinking that the Japanese are single-handedly propping up the major league in USA, and that no foreign sportsmen are worthy of any mention in any sport.

Ironically, America finds itself in the same boat.

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Posted in: Nissan to mass produce electric cars in 2012 See in context

This Ghosn guy says "gonna" a lot.

I hardly think that a well educated CEO will be spouting the words 'gonna' into his speeches. As bastardised English goes, that is up there with the worst. Perhaps he should go to one of the English schools for a brush up, help them out too. Though I suspect that what they teach there would make it even worse!!

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Posted in: Kusanagi returns to showbiz after arrest See in context

In Japan, misbehaving celebrities voluntarily stop working, sometimes for years if the scandal is serious, because they are expected to be role models in a conformist and reserved society

I haven't laughed so much in a few days. Not since Manyoo lost the champions league final to Barca. Is this why we have so many bumbling idiots in today's society.

Besides, I thought parents were supposed to be role models. All these so called squeaky clean artists, read morons, are about as much use as a chocolate fireguard!!

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Posted in: Mazda adds new features to RX-8 See in context

Thats cheap

Like most of the RX series, part aren't cheap. I remember my dad telling a guy who had an RX-7, an exhaust system cost several hundred pounds more than a regular one. The guy fell over aghast at the price.

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Posted in: Yuko Ogura See in context

God damn annoying squeaky voice this girl has.

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Posted in: American consul general in Okinawa doused with coffee See in context

That is assault. Irrespective of your views regarding such issues, people are not supposed to go around assaulting diplomats, whether they are Americans, Japanese or Martians for that matter. This guy should be taken down the cells and hit with every charge possible. The US Consulate/US Embassy should also apply all necessary pressure to insure that this case both comes to trial and the suspect is dealt with harshly if found guilty.

One rule for one, another for everybody else. If the yanks want to preach about the moral high ground then they need to act upon it themselves first!!! The next time some US military personnel is up for committing a more heinous crime in Japan, will the US consulate/Embassy apply the same pressure for a fair trial. I don't think so!

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Posted in: Stop shoplifting See in context

Japanese Teenagers especially 20 year olds -- are doing most of these crimes.

I think you will find a large proportion of shoplifters are the OAP's. They are renowned for purchasing a few items and slipping something else in their bag. It has been highlighted on TV many times. They generally get away with a slap on the wrist for their crimes.

As for the posters, how is this supposed to prevent shoplifting is anyone's guess. Did they have a few thousand yen to burn before the end of the fiscal year I wonder.

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Posted in: BeeTV See in context

Is the girl on the left one of those new robots. (Bar the big hands)

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Posted in: Man held for punching 50-yr-old woman on Saitama train over playing games on cell phone See in context

The article doesn't say he had been arrested at that point. It's easy to imagine the koban crowded with the punk, the lady and the station staff all yelling at once and the duty officer trying to get a coherent story out of it all, when the punk loses it again and hits out. It is not standard practice to handcuff anyone and everyone who walks into the koban. Maybe the duty officer should have tasered everyone to shut them up while he took statements.

Might I add Cleo that your responses over the last few months is that of a rationale, well grounded person. Keep it up

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Posted in: Man held for punching 50-yr-old woman on Saitama train over playing games on cell phone See in context

This is what happens when a whole society doesn't teach the difference between "RIGHT" AND "WRONG." You end up with punks like this, who probably had a completely expense paid university tuition and apart by mom and dad... Sadder yet, will grow up to be 55 year old punks, an accident waiting to happen... Oh... little Jun-chan... You need some more money so you can buy a PS3..? You need rent money...? Don't worry mommy and daddy will give it to you... The more you learn about Japan, the less you like it..... What a country..

Kind of reminds me of the US! However they just punch you in the face here, in the states you'd probably get knifed/shot.

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Posted in: Why I’m bullish on Japan See in context

Almost none of today's hi-tech innovations have come from Japan: personal computers, the Internet, e-mail, the Web, cell phones, e-commerce, IPods, digital-music download services, they were all invented in the U.S. and elsewhere.

JeffLee, you seem to trumpet on about how the US gave us all these great products and how Japan of today gives us no hi-tech innovations. Of all the things you listed I seem to remember that most were invented elsewhere many generations ago. I also seem to remember that Sony's walkman when it was released back in the seventies was the greatest innovation of it's time allowing you to carry music in your pocket. Without the Japanese invention there would be no iPod. Of interest, the web you are using right now was developed in Switzerland by a Brit. Where would your e-commerce, digital download services be without the web!

In a very un-American way, the Japanese go about their business prudently, developing and innovating the things we take for granted on a day-to-day basis. Considering over one million hybrid vehicles have been sold in the US now, I'm sure Japan will be satisfied it is doing just fine with their low-tech innovations.

It's worth noting that Japan doesn't have a SIlicon valley of it's own because unlike the US, whose native tongue ENGLISH so happens to be the worlds lingua franca, can't compete. They also don't spend the fortunes America does on it's military where some of your innovations like the internet derived from.

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Posted in: More companies pressuring employees to buy their products See in context

Maybe just me but, the old adage of 'if you make a quality product, people will buy it' seems to have vanished for the electonics giants. For a while Sony had the market sewn up and I included bought a 32" TV w/DVD player and the surround sound system some 9yrs ago. Nowadays, I wouldn't touch anything made by Sony. GO figure why!!!

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Posted in: Anger mounts in Europe over job cuts, exec bonuses See in context

There is a very large difference between having a legal (contractual) right to a bonus & a moral right. Many of the people receiving these bonuses are at the same time watching their fellow workers lose their jobs & yet see nothing wrong in taking their cheques.

I can think of a few execs. whose personality may suggest they would have compassion with their fellow man/woman, but unfortunately the majority of these people have no morals and are just greedy.

I have to say it won't be long before somebody takes the life of an exec in outrage of what is occurring. I invisage a rebellion in some of the European countries against this and the damage caused to Sir Fred Godwin's property, dare he call himself a SIR anymore, will increase over time.

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Posted in: Japan celebrates WBC win See in context

I don't know much about baseball, and in all honesty don't really care, but it smacks of poor organisation how two teams can meet each other 4 times in a single tournament!!!

baseball sucks.. but its probably the closest thing japan will get to a "world title" in the forseeable future

Very true. However, Japanese athletes in general have great athleticism, yet lack the natural skills to make it to the top of any sport.

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Posted in: Mexico puts $2 million bounty on top drug lords See in context

We need a wall between us and the creeping narco-state that used to be Mexico.

Supply and Demand. All the rich college boys in the states funding the cartel is it not??

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Posted in: Mitsubishi UFJ to cut 1,000 jobs, shut 50 branches See in context

nanotechnology - Unfortunately, a lot of the people in charge of making such decisions don't think logically.

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempted murder after pushing woman off platform at Tokyo station See in context

I think there is a higher percentage of RETARDS to normal people here in Japan.

Harsh comment. I think there are a lot of disturbed people here in Japan. The problem is is that they blend into society so easily and so you wouldn't know until they 'flip' that there a few bricks short of a wall!

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempted murder after pushing woman off platform at Tokyo station See in context

he had failed an employment exam and that the world did not need him

scumbag. Life is not a given, you have to work for it. There are many people who started lower in life than most Japanese and still rise to the top. Must we live our lives continuously looking over our shoulders for morons like Ota because he/she didn't get what they wanted.

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Posted in: Outrage grows over millions in AIG bonuses See in context

AIG has contractual agreement with those who are receiving bonuses. If you were one of those who had a contract, I am sure you would make sure you get it too.

Isn't that the source of the problem. They have sold us all down the river so they can get their fat cat bonuses. The whole system lacks any credible accountability on the behalf of those who were in it for their own personal gratification. I think we can safely say that everyone requires insurance, however I think a revolt by the general public is coming closer by the day. To have your taxes raised in order to bail out these conglomerates, and then watch as they throw champagne at each other in the way of bonuses is just taking the biscuit.

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Posted in: 4-day school week gains momentum in U.S. amid recession See in context

Money and education should have no relevance to each other. Education shouldn`t be a business.

This is America. Money means everything....

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Posted in: Toyota's U.S. hybrid sales surpass million mark See in context

Toyota bang on about the hybrids to satisfy the green community, however if you were to look at the technology in European diesel engines they can match if not better the hybrid models for mileage. I mean 740mile range on a 10 gallon tank (VW Polo bluemotion) is impressive.

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Posted in: Pregnant actress Megumi Okina to marry 'ordinary' businessman See in context

Pregnant actress Megumi Okina to marry 'ordinary' businessman

How could this be. Some so called 'tarento' is above us mere mortals!! pfff.... Headline should read 'Businessman marries pushy wannabe'.

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Posted in: WBC a big hit with TV viewers in Japan See in context

Very successful I must say. Didn't even know the WBC was on air!!

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Posted in: Work-life balance more important than ever See in context

Quite simple really. 'Work to Live' not 'Live to Work'

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Posted in: Asashoryu makes his modeling debut in Shibuya Girls Collection See in context

Surely doesn't need the money, so why did he stoop so low.

thrilled about 20,000 fans ranging in age from girls in their early teens to their 20s.

Thumbs up for the articulate writing skills.

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Posted in: Y20 million stolen from pachinko parlor in Saitama See in context

Inside Job!!

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Posted in: Half and haafu See in context

Take it on the chin and move on with your life. My wife, Japanese native, and son would get more hassle in the UK than they do here. A supposed multi-cultural society. If you really care what everybody thinks or says at/about you you wouldn't get anywhere in life. For those who wish to discriminate, let 'em. It will make them real up-tight when fail to acknowledge it.

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