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Multiculturalism just doesn't work. It is just a destruction of identity of the host country. Looking at politics in Europe most of countries saw a rise of far-right politicians is recent years. France, Swiss, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Netherlands...and more are coming. I do not think it is about racism toward foreigners but more about anger and lost of patience. I agree that Japan should never embrace multiculturalism, never, it is a poison. For example I lived 2 years in France to study, it was really painfull, suburbs of Paris full of muslims and are like a bomb that exploses on a regular basis. Their women want to go to pool with a burkini (burqa + bikini), want everyfood to be labeled "halal", want more and more mosque but would not accept a church in Saudi Arabia. Women who wears skirts are labeled "prostitutes" by their kids, there is also a lot of homophobia among them. There are some places where police left and never send patrol cars. A lot of doctors also left some places. There a lot of violence toward male obstetricians when it comes to giving birth they always want a female for obstetrician. Muslims not foreigners are causing problems.

What my french friends did not understand is why they want to live in western countries but with their own rules. Most of them left terrible places plagued by islam ruling everything but as soon as they get to Europe they start the same mistakes that brought war and destructions in their countries. They do not want to be part of the society like european migrants, they want to change everything to suit their opinion. I think far-right will continue to rise in Europe.

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